Observations from the end zone, real juice style

I had an interesting vantage point for this game – back corner of the end zone, one section over from the band, second row from the field.  In other words, Malcolm Mitchell’s touchdown ran away from me, but Jarvis Jones’ game saving play happened right in front of me.

You attend games like this and you remember that no matter how good hi-def TV gets, no matter how convenient the bathroom is and regardless of how comfortable the armchair may turn out to be, there is no substitute for being there.

And there is still nothing more beautiful to behold than the sea of blue from the seats abandoned by Gator fans in the last minute of a Georgia win.

I was going to post my predictions for the game, but waited too long Saturday morning and lost coverage.  It was probably for the best, as I only batted about .500 – whiffed on Georgia using the pass to set up the run and my fear that the offensive line wouldn’t hold up, got the Florida special teams superiority and Jarvis Jones’ return making a big difference right.  Anyway, on to the bullet points:

  • Was this game chippy?  Chippy?  Yeah, when you’ve got coaches being restrained in pre-game warmups, you can say that.  The jawing seemed like it never stopped.
  • Note to SEC offensive coordinators:  when Jarvis Jones pronounces himself ready to go, be afraid.  Be very, very afraid.
  • Jordan Jenkins isn’t going to be something.  He already is.
  • Best thing I saw from my vantage point was the Bacarri Rambo blitz up the middle that led to a sack.  Florida’s line parted like the Red Sea (caused, by some extent, by a reaction to Jarvis Jones starting his rush perhaps a wee bit early).
  • The stats may not show it, but Mike Bobo deserves a lot of credit.  He learned from the South Carolina debacle and used plenty of max-protect to preserve his offensive linemen.  He had to nurse a quarterback through a very shaky first half and figure out what to do about a receiving corps that couldn’t hang on to the ball at times in the second half.  He stuck with the run as long as he could.  And at crunch time he found the alignment and play that the Florida secondary was vulnerable to.
  • And, boy, how beautiful was that screen pass to Gurley?
  • Speaking of whom, that’s what an SEC running back looks like.  Almost thirty carries without a fumble.  And that last big run was the final dagger in Florida’s heart.
  • Grantham redeemed himself as well.  His blitzes were creative and effective.  He managed the defensive line depth as well as could be expected.  His troops looked prepared.  The defense did a beautiful job defending the wildcat, as well as controlling the Gator running game.  He accomplished what he set out to do, which was to make the Florida offense one-dimensional.
  • Did Murray have a subpar game?  Well, he certainly had a horrid first half.  And it’s hard to figure out why it went so wrong, because he started out well.  Then his mechanics deserted him and he locked into receivers.  The first interception should never have been thrown where it was.  The second was a late reaction to the back coming open.  And the third may have been the worst ball I’ve ever seen Murray throw in a game.  But he didn’t turn the ball over in the second half.  Then crunch time came and he made the plays he had to make, often with the blitz in his face.
  • Happily, I was wrong about the offensive line.  Those guys played their collective asses off.  They opened some huge holes in the first half in the running game, and, as a result, Gurley was the first 100-yard rusher the Florida defense allowed this season.  Murray wasn’t sacked.  I’ll take it.
  • If you had told me before the game that Murray would throw three interceptions in the first half, that Georgia would rack up huge penalty numbers, that Florida’s kickers would outshine Georgia’s and that the Dawgs couldn’t convert third downs to save their lives, I would have sworn it would have been a long day.  That’s how good the defense played.
  • The Rambo interception was beautiful.  You could see it coming as soon as Driskel made the mistake of throwing the ball across his body instead of out-of-bounds (at least Murray had enough sense to throw the ball away in a similar situation).
  • Who was offsides on the onside kick?
  • Zander Ogletree, pass receiver.
  • That was Big John Jenkins’ best game of the season.  He actually forced the Florida offensive line into a weird alignment on an obvious passing play to make sure they could get two blockers on him.
  • It seemed like Malcolm Mitchell made the entire Gator secondary miss him on that touchdown catch… well, except for Josh Evans who was busy blitzing Murray.
  • There simply aren’t enough superlatives to describe Jarvis Jones’ day.  My two favorite moments came when Florida was forced to use a time out because Jones was set in coverage and the Gators weren’t prepared for it and on his second fumble recovery when he was signalling success before he’d even finished the play.
  • I didn’t get Muschamp going for it on fourth down, not with the kicker and punter he had.
  • The crucial fumble aside, Jordan Reed is a hoss.  Georgia really couldn’t find anyone who could cover him consistently.  That being said, he does have a habit of going airborne to get that extra yard and Jarvis made him pay for that.
  • Somebody needs to educate the scoreboard operator on the difference between the result of a touchback in college and a touchback in the NFL.  That was embarrassing.

Okay, so where’s that Shawn Williams plaque going?


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  1. gastr1

    I can’t remember ever watching a football game that was more brawl-like, more downright nasty, than this one. Feel free to add your comparisons.

    • The first quarter felt like the most intensive quarter of football I’ve ever witnessed at a Cocktail Party – on both sides. Although I thought Georgia got the better of it.

      • gastr1

        No doubt. Shawn Williams breaking that dude’s arm in half on the 4th down sweep set a very nasty tone.

        • Scorpio Jones, III

          Yep, that set some kind of tone no amount of smack talking could possibly replicate…although I am sure Shawn Williams had no intention of that outcome.

          • William

            SJIII, isn’t it time to start worrying about The Rebel Black Bears? Eeh Gads man! Get your hat on straight! If The Jarvis isn’t resting on his laurels, neither should we! Strap them down men!

        • Russ

          The guy’s arm was broken? Sorry to hear that. I don’t mind players getting shaken up and leaving the game (that’s football) but hate to see players seriously hurt on either side.

          That said, my favorite kharma moment was on the same play when the Gator lineman gave the Dawg lineman a cheapshot….right into the knee of the other Gator lineman. Even the announcers called out the Gator lineman for that.

        • Marshall

          I’ve reviewed the Shawn Williams tackle about a dozen times. I know that everyone gets how big a play it was, but has anyone who has seen it multiple times been able to figure out how in God’s green earth he did it? How did he close in that fast? Also, the Florida player had the ball within inches of the first down when he made that otherworldly, superhuman one-armed tackle…I just still haven’t been able to figure it out. Amazing!

          • Lakatos Intolerant

            Jordan Reed had an opportunity (and has the skill and physique) to make that an EASY first down…could have even been a big gainer if the gets to the edge. Instead of using his enormous frame and athleticism to block Williams, Jordan sort of half-heartedly dives at Shawn’s knees. Shawn manages to dodge the block attempt (for the most part), collect his balance and make a b-line toward the Gator ball carrier. The tackle speaks for itself – forward momentum was stopped abruptly when Williams made contact. Didn’t look pretty for the Florida kid based on the way his arm was positioned under him, but that was one hell of a play and a tone-setter for sure. Based on the outcome, I’m guessing Mr. Reed would like a do-over on that play. And one other.

      • Bulldog Joe

        The 2007 game started the same way.

      • fuelk2

        I said yesterday on the dawgvent that I thought this was the most physical game we’d had since 2003 at Baton Rouge.

        • Silver Creek Dawg

          I was at that game.

          That was a meatgrinder there. I sat in the LSU family section (boy, did I get some strange looks there) and they were all talking about how sore everybody was going to be for the next week.

      • Ginny

        When the first quarter was over, I distinctly remember finding it hard to believe that only one quarter had passed. So much had happened that it felt like an entire game. That Shawn Williams hit was terrifying. I believe his draft stock may have increased.

      • They call me "Dances With Cammel Toe"

        I agree… this felt like the real deal. Intense on tv and I can only imagine what it was like in stadium. The pushing and shoving. Grantham ready to come off the side lines. And the best part… we didn’t back down. You want some of us… you got it you slimy lizards.

  2. gastr1

    Both Richt and Bob mentioned that Murray was holding onto the ball too long in the first half. That seems reasonable; certainly that first interception, too, was thrown into a ton of defenders that would be caused by holding it too long/locking onto the receiver.

    I keep thinking plays like the clutch pass to MM for the score will help him get past his big-game issues. A man can dream.

    • gastr1

      “Richt and Bobo”

    • Hackerdog

      That first interception was just horrible. There were 5 receivers out on the play and 4 of them were reasonably open. He threw it into quadruple coverage to the only guy that didn’t even have a sliver of daylight between him and Murray.

    • What fresh hell is this?

      Granted, Murray played poorly most of the game, but I thought Bobo was partly to blame for neglecting the 1st down pass and making him throw on obvious passing downs far too much.

      • Hackerdog

        I don’t know how you blame Bobo. In the first half, the run was working. And with your QB throwing as many interceptions as he did completions, I sure as hell wouldn’t be calling for more passes. Frankly, I’m amazed at the insistence of Richt and Bobo to go back to Murray in the second half. I would have been tempted to go two tight ends, full house backfield and just run every play.

        • Cojones

          This is the second taste of honesty that I’ve read from the MM QBers. To confess that you would have been wrong is a great accolade for your critical blogging ability. It just doesn’t smack of ego like so many do.

  3. GaskillDawg

    What did the scoreboard operator do? I watched it at home and CBS didn’t show it

    • Showed every touchback being returned to the 20-yard line. And then misjudged the yardage accordingly for a play or two afterwards.

      • The stadium announcer was also awful. He called the Shawn Williams tackle play a first down for Florida, despite the chains already being set up for Georgia’s first down play. The scoreboard operator also had a lot of trouble keeping up with down and distance. I had to watch the chains to see what down it was.

  4. Southern Dawg

    That offsides call on the onside kick was a PWG flag. I’m surprised its not in the lexicon here. It means “Playing while Georgia.” They are flags that are thrown for merely being UGA and trying to win a football game. And we know SEC refs can’t allow that.it was instituted after “The celebration” and was first called after the infamous AJ Green touchdown penalty against LSU.

    It’s the same thing that was called on the fake punt shift when Malcolm Mitchell took the end around against Kentucky and was called back for PWG and some kind of illegal formation.

    • Russ

      Agreed, plus CBS never even covered the play. Danielson was prattling on about something when the onside kick was going on, and they just missed it. Then they just gave a cursory replay and said “yep..offsides”. I didn’t see it.

      Could’ve been a big play, and nice call by Richt. By the PWG flag stopped that.

    • Hogbody Spradlin

      I saw the player at the top of the TV screen offside. That would be the player closest to the sideline on the kicker’s left. Somebody get a replay and check me out. I’ve got bifocal eyes.

    • ChicagoDawg

      Not that it matters, as I don’t believe in the concept of “make-up calls”, but GA may have got a break on the Rambo stunt where Jarvis seemingly was off sides.

      The Rambo blitz was as perfectly timed as you will ever see and he was exceedingly lucky. He was on a dead sprint and if Driskell delays the snap for even a half of a second Rambo is offsides. It was a beautiful play and the type of timing/breaks you need in a game like that.

      • Ubiquitous GA Alum

        Rambo timed the playclock … Driskell called for the snap with it on 1 so had he delayed it it would have been delay of game.

      • fuelk2

        I was in the endzone behind the play, and I don’t remember seeing many prettier plays than that one. In some way, it reminded me of BMac’s punt block against LSU in 2005, which I had a similar view of. You knew you were going to be happy a long time before the play actually happened.

    • Macallanlover

      While I don’t subscribe to a conspirarcy theory on officiating, we also lost a critical onside kick in last season’s SC game in Athens. Combined with this Saturday’s call, it is very odd. The one in 2011 was pure nit-picky, 4-5 inches…maybe. Will look at the replay for this year’s but will take eveyone’s word for it. I feel offsides could be called on most kickoffs but it simply isn’t nit-picked to death. I would like to see the specific time the flag was thrown because if was after it was an obvious on-side kick, Steve Shaw needs to explain the difference in the rules. Crappy to see the uneven enforcement of rules in this league, for all teams.

      • fuelk2

        There actually is a reason. You get a bit of leeway if you kick the ball down the field (maybe a yard or so). If the officials see an onside kick, though, they’ll drop the flag if you were at all offside.

        • Macallanlover

          But that is my point, it is a decision made after the infraction based on “circumstances” , and is a deliberately different application of the rule. I don’t know if that is communicated to teams/coaches. It was miniscule in both cases, and I don’t think it impacted the possession.

    • Governor Milledge

      At the stadium, it didn’t look offsides, but re-watching on CBS it seemed that the inside guy (Valvas?) next to the kicker was the off one by about a half of a yard.

      • Hackerdog

        I slowed it down on my DVR a couple of times. When the kicker’s foot met the ball, the UGA player closest to the ball, on the side we kicked to, was leaning across the line of scrimmage, but his feet were not across. I think that is a technical violation, but officials rarely call offsides unless a player is stepping across the line before the ball is kicked.

    • Then the excessive celebration penalty on Gurley on the first score was of the same variety. I always find it ironic when we get those against UF since Tebow could have basically been called for one after every first down when he was there.

    • Dboy

      Yea, throw the Gurley excessive celebration after his touchdown Saturday into the PWG category. It is amazing, the SEC refs still remember UGA rushing the field in 2007. No other team in the country would have gotten a personal foul for Gurleys celebration or the AJ Green one that cost us the LSU game.

      • Macallanlover

        Actually, I think they do flag all opposing teams for doing the chomp, but not Florida, unless it is done in a player’s face. Again, a different application/interpretation of the same rule.

        • Chopdawg

          Ridiculous rule, anyhow. “Excessive celebration?” Is that like having too much fun?

        • Dboy

          Just a poor interpretation. The entire stadium is gator chomping at UF’s competition… But it is excessive and a personal foul when the opposition does it back. Awesome logic refs

  5. Everybody is running from WLOCP toward ‘war for the oar’, which is painful in its stupidity. http://www.alligator.org/news/student_government/article_d6ba002a-1d8e-11e2-a031-0019bb2963f4.html

    • Aside from the Oar being the supidest trophy in all of sport, at some point identifying the game as a “war” will be identified as insensitive and not PC. They should preemptively call it the Jarvis Jones Just Whooped Your Ass Memorial… at least that’s what it’s been the last two years.

      • BMan

        That made me spit Coke Zero,

      • IWanaBDaveGrohl

        There are far worse trophies. Cincy and Louisville played Friday for The Keg of Nails (???). And Iowa has an annual game with either Minnesota or Wisconsin for the Floyd of Rosedale…which is a bronze pig.

  6. William

    Murray looked a little jumpy at times, but his switch went on in the 4th (and that’s when you want your QB to take over anyway). He threw that TD to Mitchell with the Safety blitzing right in his face (and ps he put it in just the perfect spot too). Yeah, his first half sucked, but his second half was gutsy. Also, how many times did he check into a run play that helped spring Gurley for some of those runs? It seemed he checked into quite a few of them. That’s also good QB’ing folks. BTW, Jarvis Jones is officially my man crush. Dude had his best game (does he actually own part of the Gators team at this point?) and immediately after the game started talking about Ole Miss. God bless him!

  7. BCDawg97

    Valvas was the most possible for the offside – he was next to the kicker on his left.

    • That’s who was called, but he was not offsides. I screen-capped it off the TV. It was a typical SEC call.

    • jryuuu

      @ the 1:49:54 mark. judge for yourselves.

      if he is, it’s by the tip of his toes…..

      • Cojones

        At 1:49:53 the kicker’s toe is contacting the ball, but the player has just stepped right at the tee-up line. No offsides!

        • Hackerdog

          I think the technical interpretation of the rule is that a player leaning over the plane of the line of scrimmage is offsides. However, I have seen one official write that it is rarely called that way. For practical purposes, they require a player to be stepping across the line.

  8. Scorpio Jones, III

    Sorry, just can’t pass this up: I thought the players’ attitude on the Georgia side reflected the demeanor of our head coach perfectly. Dull, disinterested and standing immobile on the sidelines planning retirement.

    That Malcom Mitchell left Mr. Purifoy searching the grass for his jock strap is particularly fitting on a day when many things fit well.

    You gotta wonder what the Florida players thought they would gain by continuing to be chippy in the face of Georgia’s defense.

    Mr. Jones offering a hand up to Jordan Reed was just one great athlete to another.

    Anybody, especially any of us, who makes fun of Reed being in tears after the game is more used to X-Box than real life.

    In my preparations for the biggest game in the history of Georgia football this week, with Ole Miss, I have come to realize that Florida accepted three turnovers from us and could only score nine points.

    I also would like to put in a word for God, who sent the winds which negated a lot of the Gators’ special teams specialness.

    The thing about last week’s game is that it was last week. Ole Miss is this week.

    • William

      + 1,000. So sayeth The Jarvis, and so it shall be!

      • Cojones

        Worth added emphasis to repeat that the D stopped 3 tds dead in their tracks in the first half (and bailed the O out) and not allowing the points was tantamount to winning the game. Their STOPS! were special in this game and will always be remembered.

        Gurley , on the first TD gave the chomp and the double garrot sign afterwards with ferocity that struck fear into their spirit and Jarvis simply poked the ball out from a sure TD to snatch their game heart out and grind it into the field mire. Good O to start and D to finish. I’ll remember the symbolism forever. The old farts thank you for putting UGA football back where it belongs – feared and tough.

    • ChicagoDawg

      Anybody making fun Reed for crying on the sidelines is a complete jackass and truly never has “been in the arena.” No doubt it was better for him to be crying than anyone in red, but it is the kind of passion you want to see out of players no matter whose side they are on and I could not help but to feel for him. It also underscores the fact that no one wants to win more than the guys (i.e. Chuckie Mullins, Darryl Stingley, Marcus Lattimore, et al) who literally risk life and limb for our entertainment indulgences.

      • JC

        I must have a black soul and a heart three times too small because I relish Gator tears. I actually LOVE them and want a screen cap on Reed for my desktop (yes, I played competitive sports so don’t go there). I want to collect all the tears into a tub and bathe in them Ann Bathory style.

        Cry, Gators, Cry. It’s going to take LOTS more tears to make up for the last two decades…and to fill my tub of hate.

        • ChicagoDawg

          Yeah, my critique was more aimed at the “he’s a pussy” crowd to the extent there are any of those. Obviously, better them than our guys, as I stated.

        • Russ

          I gotta agree with JC. Save the tears for the locker room.

        • Hackerdog

          I guess I’m in the middle. My heart did go out to Reed for being the victim of another absolutely sick play by Jarvis Jones. I didn’t enjoy seeing him cry. However, I do get a perverse sense of pleasure from seeing this.

      • Dawgfan Will

        I feel for the guy; that was exactly the kind of thing that would normally happen to our side in this game.

        But, on the upside, every time a Gator cries, an angel gets its wings.

          • Sj III
            My complaint isn’t that these kid’s passions are so high that the tears flow,I agree that it seems natural to me ,but why does CBS see fit to focus in on them. Seems semi-perverse to me. Get the camera the hell out of the kid’s face.
            Also ,it wasn’t that windy at the game only occasional gust and not that strong.

            • Scorpio Jones, III

              It is all about selling toilet paper, tires and Toyotas, Joe…tears, wounds, calamity sells….that’s why CBS or any other network is all over the tears, plus, the play was the short story of the game.

              Not to Joe, especially, but what I am really saying is that if you want to have a discussion with Jordan Reed about his public display of giving a shit, I am sure the U of F athletic department folks can help set that up for you.

              Can I watch?

      • Keese

        Watching Gator players tear up on the sidelines NEVER get’s old….I will NEVER feel sorry!!!! EVER!!!

  9. paul

    Saturday we finally saw the defense we thought we had all year.

  10. Senator,

    Go to 1:45:00 of http://youtu.be/k0zvI3bV9Wc and you’ll get Danielson’s breakdown of Rambo’s endzone INT followed quickly by the onside kick. Looks like it was Tree that was offside at the top of the screen.

    Also, more details on this please:

    “Somebody needs to educate the scoreboard operator on the difference between the result of a touchback in college and a touchback in the NFL. That was embarrassing.”

    • Scoreboard continually showed the ball being returned to the 20 via touchback. And to make things worse, based the down-and-distance on the next play or two on that as well. In other words, if on first down a team ran the ball from the 25 to the 29, the scoreboard operator showed it as facing a second-and-one.

      I think at one point, the scoreboard awarded somebody a first down on a play that wound up being third-and-four.

    • Cojones

      I stopped it at toe contact (1:46:19) and it does not look like anyone is offsides.

  11. TCD

    On tv it was obvious that Murray had a deer in headlights look throughout the entire first half. In the second half, he stepped up and his numbers would have looked a lot better had he not had 3 easy drops.

    • WF dawg

      Right, without those drops Murray’s second half numbers would have looked a lot better. He showed a lot of resiliency in spite of that in the 4th.

  12. charlottedawg

    i thought for sure Jarvis was going to get called for offsides on the Rambo blitz. Overall a cocktail party we probably would not have won in years past but we pulled it out. Awesome game.

    • Nate Dawg

      I’m with you in the past years, I thought for sure we would lose 12-10 without giving up a td. But we didn’t…and man it feels good!!!!

      Never let the Shawn Williams 4th down stop be forgotten. Never!

    • Russ

      Yep, I think we caught a break there. I’ll certainly take it.

      I’ll also say that Muschamp’s demeanor has got to have a negative affect on the refs. Which is fine by me, of course. Seems like it’s finally overshadowed the 2007 “stomp” in the refs’ minds.

      • BMan

        I agree 100% about Muschamp and the refs. He isn’t doing UF any favors with his antics. He berates them for things that aren’t even judgment calls, but more things that are the fault of his players (false start, illegal shift, etc.). All that being said, I’m happy for UF to get a raw deal from the refs every now and then. Because, you know, screw Florida.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          FU has also been the beneficiary of plenty of calls over the years. For years everybody, UGA included, had to beat FU and the refs, too. See Arkansas v. Florida, 2009. A prime example.

  13. Irishdawg

    I’m going to assume Florida has the best pass defense we’ll see all year, right (unless we play Alabama)? I’m sure that had something to do with Murray’s troubles. On just about anybody else, our receivers get open much more consistently and Murray gets rid of the ball faster. Our guys have got to catch the ones that hit them in the goddam gloves, however. Artie Lynch has looked like an All American until the last 2 games, he’s got to get back to form.

    • Joe Schmoe

      The issue was that Murray was not working through his progressions and generally not having his head in the game.
      > He forced his first INT into triple coverage with two wide open check down receivers in front of him.
      > When he threw the ball over Marlon Brown’s head in the end zone right before his 2nd INT, he had TK wide open in the flat for at least 5 yards which would have allowed us to run the ball on 2nd down rather than throwing it which led to the INT
      > Not to mention him not managing the play clock leading us to get 1 delay of game penalty and Richt having to burn a timeout to prevent another one
      > Then him throwing the ball once he had crossed the line of scrimmage on another play
      I appreciate his guts on the last TD drive and making the plays in crunch time, but man did Murray make this game a lot closer than it should have been. What I couldn’t understand is that he really wasn’t under pressure the entire day which might have explained all of the above. I just keep waiting for him to get to the point where he doesn’t lose his mind in big games.

      • adam

        If Murray hadn’t been having so much trouble, we would’ve killed them. Dude needs to figure out how to relax. Maybe convert to Zen Buddhism.

        • W Cobb Dawg

          Agree. AM had an awful 1st half, and most of the 2nd half was nothing to write home about – although I felt the O line played their best game of the year and Gurley was stout. Only the hurculean, superhuman effort by Jarvis and the rest of the D kept this game from being a loss.

      • Macallanlover

        Good observation about the tight coverage affecting the timing on throws, and likely building frustration. I am baffled about the throw into triple coverage, even though the INT was a deflection, that was a big mistake. I think the 3rd INT got away from Murray but might have been the result of having already had two defelctions picked, he meant to go high just got oo high. The INT in the Redzone was just a throw behind Woot. He made the right decision and a better throw might have been a TD. The deflection kept the ball up like a volleyball team looking for a smash. I was surprised he didn’t throw to TK near the goaline just before that INT, he had to be in his vision and Marlon was well covered. Florida has better DBs than I thought. That pass over the LOS was pretty close, not a big mistake to me. I do wish he would run more often to keep the CBs and LBs honest.

        I still have a lot of confidence in AM and couldn’t be happier for him getting his 2nd win against his home state school. As everyone has noted, he stepped up when he had to in the 4th and deserves to have our support.

      • Dawgfan Will

        Next year, I am simply going to resign myself to the fact that Murray will most likely be a bundle of nerves to begin the game again, but will right the ship before it’s too late and contribute to the win. I still love the kid, and I’ll be sad to see him go after next season.

      • Dub

        Agree 10000000% Murray chokes every big game, this time the defense just happened to bail him out for once. We lose this game and we’re all calling for Murray’s head. You’re crazy if you think this kid can play 4 qrts of mistake free/no turnover football against Bama in Atlanta.

        • Hackerdog

          To be fair, while Murray didn’t play well last year against LSU, it was the receivers’ drops and the lack of a running game that were bigger problems for the offense.

          • Russ

            Agreed about LSU game. Murray would have been much more relaxed in the second half if we’d started out up 14-0 or 21-0 like we should’ve been.

        • Dawgfan Will

          Of course he can’t, but he wouldn’t necessarily have to; Bama’s offense hasn’t really seen a good defense this season.. Murray may start slow against the Gators, but he has come through in the second half for two years now.

          • Macallanlover

            Exactly, he is 2-0-1 in three starts. Not exactly a bumbler to me. And while he makes more mistakes than normal against them, they are better than the average defense. Good hitters bat below their season average against top pitchers, QBs will have more problems when there are better DBs on our receivers. I saw very little separation from our receivers Saturday, tip your hat to the FU defensive backs. I liked seeing AM get off the first half deck and respond like he did in the 2nd half. He threw it better, didn’t let his frustration get the best of him.

  14. Gravidy

    “Who was offsides on the onside kick?”

    Nobody. No. Damn. Body.
    I watched it on my DVR five times frame-by-frame, and all 22 Bulldog feet were on or behind the 35 yard line when toe met leather.

  15. TheLifeOfReilly

    Could we appoint Shawn Williams to a position on the coaching staff? Because he did something that none of the coaches have been able to do, motivate the team so that they were ready from the start and were able to last to the end.

    • Russ

      Mark May gave the first helmet sticker to a Dawg on Saturday night ESPN. He said it would be easy to give it to Jarvis Jones, but he was giving the sticker to Shawn Williams for calling out his defense and getting the team fired up to play like they should have.

  16. UFTimmy

    It was my second cocktail party, first was last year. So you’re welcome in advance.

    As you said, though, even with the loss, there’s nothing like seeing an intense football game in person. Most of your fans acquitted themselves well, even after the game, and considering the frustration within the fan base concerning this game, that’s saying a lot.

    I always knew Jordan Reed jumping when he shouldn’t have would cost us a game, I just didn’t figure it would be this heart breaking when it happened.

    Oh well, anyone watching the team knew we weren’t as good as our record and resume indicated, and I would have take our current situation in a heart beat at the beginning of the season.

    Good game! See you next year.

    • William

      That was pure class sir. We look forward to seeing you guys too.

    • Hogbody Spradlin

      Nice of ya Timmy. I confess I haven’t been as nice around Alligator Army. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

      • Cojones

        Even better, Tim, your comments and the UGA fans comments coincide as to it being a good, well-fought game and not a “sloppy” game like the announcers were Dawgpoling it to be. Yours and Mike’s comments have been welcome for the reasons you both have shown. Good sports, one and all. This game was deserving of that.

  17. Hogbody Spradlin

    How are we gonna get Corrine Brown to memorialize Shawn Williams in Congress?

  18. Hogbody Spradlin

    ALERT, ALERT: Ole Miss has put a blot on good seasons before. In 75 they were one of 2 regular season losses. In 76 they were the only regular season loss, the week after we shut out Alabama.

    I’ll probably repeat this throughout the week as reminder.

    In 76 they had us stymied all game. We punted deep into their territory. Butch Box (one tough cookie) absolutely buried the receiver. They flagged him of course. Post game film, at 16 frames per second, had him hitting the guy 2 frames early. That fine of an edge.

    • William

      Somebody get SJIII and tell him to bring bourbon and his hats!!

    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Ask Bobo about his knee….no shit folks, Ole Miss is a good football team, if Shawn Williams needs to make speech, then get at it early.

      • paul

        Heck, I started worrying about Ole Miss and even Auburn about five minutes after the cocktail party ended. Auburn has nothing left to play for this season except beating Alabama and Georgia. They would love to ruin the season for somebody else.

    • Russ

      I’m right there with you, Hogbody. The 76 loss was a killer. Ole Miss can move the ball, and if our defense reverts, we’ll be in a shootout.

      Then, I fully expect Auburn’s best game of the year.

  19. Bevo

    Great summary of a great game!

    The defense was sublime.

  20. I was sitting in the 2nd row around the 15 yard line in front of the UGA cheerleaders. Malcolm’s Miracle happened right in front of us. Seemed like he was close enough for us to slap him five as he went by and broke two more tackles. What a thrill.

  21. Dante

    Mitchell’s TD catch was beautiful. I love seeing defenses get burned on big blitzes. I remember seeing 6 defenders lined up at Georgia’s corners and I could just see Gary Oldman’s character from The Professional shouting, “Bring me everyone. EVERYONE!!!” Florida rolled the dice and lost big.

  22. Ed Kilgore

    I’m sure the game was much more intense live, but my wife and I watched it in a faux-British pub in Half Moon Bay, California, with the audio off and nobody but us paying attention, and it was the most nerve-wracking game I can recall. The waitress got into the habit of stopping by and saying “Are you okay?” and she wasn’t talking about our food and drink.

    One small note from the TV coverage: CBS replayed the cold-eyed-killer discussion Boom had with his penalized player repeatedly, even in slo-mo. I hope every recruit’s family got a good look at it. Grantham’s in-your-face moment with Bowman later looked almost loving–or at least rational–by comparison.

  23. JCB

    I am very glad you lunatics are posting a bit more sanely this week, as opposed to the lunacy on these boards after the USC game.

    • Dante

      I don’t think in most cases it was outright lunacy. It was just frustration directed at a team we knew could play better. I think the best advice then is still the best advice now as far as the overall health of our program: Wait until the end of the season.

      But for now, I’m really enjoying a Georgia win, a brutal defensive performance, and seeing the other side wet their pants in Jacksonville for once.

  24. adam

    Senator, sounds like you were several rows in front of me but in the same area. We may very well have crossed paths at a game at some point and yet, total anonymity. Ah, the internet,

  25. Brian Dawg

    CMR postgame comments-(when asked what he had to say about his team’s performance) “Well…we’re not soft.”

  26. ScoutDawg

    Do we need to get a plaque for the Rude and the Bleak for co-player of the game? You have to think THAT ad had some motivational factor.

  27. Beer Money

    In this heated of a game, how did neither of the coaches (particularly Boom), not get even a sideline warning for yelling at the referees, much less a personal foul? Richt was all over them when Sailors came out with a bloody nose (presumably from yet another Gator cheap shot). But seriously, everybody else on the field got one Saturday. I seriously thought Muschamp’s ears were going to start smoking on the now infamous close-up of his profanity-laced tirade.

    And speaking of tirades, looks like Richt has (maybe) lossened the reigns on Grantham. He was an absolute wildman on the sideline Saturday. Devin Bowman caught the worst of it from the camera’s view.

    • paul

      According to the announcers, each sideline did, in fact, receive a warning although I don’t think it was about abusing the referees. According to uncle Vern they were told if they didn’t reign in their players ejections would be forthcoming.

    • Comin' Down The Track

      I’m fairly certain I read CMR’s lips to the referee (maybe on that Sailors play, I dunno… Guiness, plus whisky shots yields mixed up memories) to say, “You’re losing control of this game.”

  28. bulldogbry

    There was a Cornelius Washington sighting. He shoved that O-lineman back into Driskell and cause an errant throw. I thought he was going to plant them both with one push.

  29. Dub

    Helluva game and all but does anyone believe that Murray can beat an Alabama in the SEC title? Even if the defense plays a perfect game one mistake can cost us against Bama and Murray is usually good for at least a couple. Go Dawgs

    • Macallanlover

      Yes, I beleive he can lead us to a win, and I support having him to lead the effort. He is a helluva a QB and a DGD. I would rather have him than Bama’s QB at the helm of our offense. Way to wallow in sorrow though.

      Murray, like all successful QBs, makes mistakes. Peyton had 3 INTs in one half earlier this season I recall, but Denver is sticking with him. Farve surivived a few INTs over his career. You might want to check AM’s stats, I think you might find his winning percentage to be damned good, and his TD pass record may stand forever with almost a year and a half to go. He may make the mistakes you don’t think he is entitled to, but he will get his ass back off the canvas and fight when the bell rings again.

      • Bevo

        How do you make a drama queen icon with these little smiley faces?

        • Macallanlover

          I think a talking steer from the Great State of Texas is enough drama for most of us, emoticons flying, or not.

      • Thank you. He’s already beaten Fl twice and gotten us to Atl (almost) twice. Stafford never did (and I loved Matthew). Give the kid a little credit for being a tough SOB who works his tail off and does things the right way. He made some not great decisions but he still hit his guys through the tight coverage (except that one, ugh). If they would have just caught those throws, you’d being talking about them today. He needs some help out there too sometimes. He’s not Elway or Cam, but as an elite SEC team, we shouldn’t need that. He’s a DGD.

    • Dawgfan Will

      Actually, I do. The key is whether the defense could hold Bama’s offense long enough for Murray to get in a rhythm, which could take anywhere from one snap to 3 1/2 quarters, based on previous experience.🙂

    • James Stephenson

      Hey Dub, who is the Last QB to beat Florida twice, not named Murray? Heck almost beat them three straight times.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      I do believe it, just like I believed the Dawgs could beat Florida.

  30. nashvegasdawg

    The JJ strip reminded me of the 1991 UGA-Clemson game. I think it was the first night game I ever went to at Georgia. The game was tied 3-3 at the end of the first quarter, when Clemson’s running back broke a big run and ran 50 yards. There wasn’t anyone in front of him, and would have scored a TD except Mike Jones ran him down and stripped the ball. The stadium erupted.

    • Coach Bobby Finstock

      Yeah, that was a great night, nashvegasdawg. Dawgs turned it on after Mike Jones’s play.

    • Bobby

      I think Knowshon did something similar against Tech in 2007. If I remember correctly. It was a fumble or interception or something; Knowshon ran the Tech defender down and stripped the ball on the 5 yrd line or something.

    • Darrron Rovelll

      For me that was the single greatest sports day ever … Braves clinched the ’91 Division championship in the afternoon and UGA beat a favored Clemson in Sanford.

    • I remember that play as if it were yesterday. Also that evening in Athens, Nirvana played at the 40 Watt.

  31. NC Dawg

    Now it’s a two-week season. Win the next two Saturdays, and we’re playing Alabama for a spot in the national championship game.

    • The984

      Don’t count out Southern or Tech. We’d have to beat them too.

      • NC Dawg

        You’re right. One should never get overconfident, based on our earlier performances, but Tech and Southern should be relatively less difficult. Ole Miss is a big hurdle.

      • Merk

        On the upside we will get an extra week to prep for Tech, as Southern runs a similar offense. This could let us look ahead on Tech week a bit, instead of spending all week prepping for that retarded a** offense.

        • hell, Southern runs their option better than Tech does,they’ve got a better A-back and a quicker QB. I’m not sure about this but their DB’s maybe better than Techs’. I want to go all Oregon on Tech’s ass.

          • Will (the other one)

            Yep. If the defense plays like they did last weekend the rest of the year (and for all their issues against the run, they’ve been remarkably good at defending option runs all season) we could help usher the Chiz and Johnson out the door.
            Also, if we really show up for the remaining games instead of half-efforting it, we could get some valuable rest time for the starters while Bama still has some tough games with TAMU and LSU left.

  32. Will Trane's Greatest Hits, 10/22/12

    Need to read gatorcountry blog. “This is a new gator…a new SEC…Gators are punishers physically and mentally…have the same mindset as Bama and LSU…Carolina is close…Tennessee used to be there…Georgia has never been there”. Only two teams to beat…Georgia and FSU for the 12-0 season and a shot at Bama.
    I’d say Boom and company can not wait to cross the St John’s River and jog up to the Dome to claim the SEC and a BCS title. Just a matter of time for them.
    Apparently they feel very good and confident about themselves.

  33. Well done, Senator. Go Dawgs.

  34. Comin' Down The Track

    Got a text right after that play. “Shawn Williams. Walkin’ the walk.”

  35. Bobby

    The best Gator tears of all time.

  36. Ed Kilgore

    As for the rest of the season….Yes, next Saturday could be tricky. If, on the other hand, the Dawgs can’t get a win in the smoking ruins of The Barn, it will be insanely discouraging. At one point earlier in the year, I worried that the Auburn team could wind up playing Georgia to save its coaching staff, but I’m not exactly getting the sense that matters to them any more.

  37. Scorpio Jones, III

    OK Boys and girls….CBS has picked Georgia-Ole Miss for the 3:30 slot. This is the only time the Ole Miss-Georgia game has been broadcast in the slot.

    You know what that means, the TV Weasels are thinking they will get to see us get knocked off…..

    Shawn, could I have a word this afternoon, at your convenience?

    Don’t get soft.

  38. DawgPhan

    beating florida also seems to be good for the comment section.

    everyone best bring their A game this weekend. Go Dawgs!

  39. PTC DAWG

    I sat in 148 on the aisle. Great seats, enjoyed watching the skirts in the student area. The couple of Dawgs I saw coming up the stairs puking, I could have done without. Some moron behind us poured about a fifth of cheap bourbon out all over my Son’s GF. IF you can’t handle your liquor, stay at home. Also, what is up with people leaving their seats constantly in the middle of plays. Some folks need to figure this out.

    That said, it was hands down the hardest hitting game I have ever seen.

    And a lot of the chippiness was caused by the way it got started before the teams ever took the field. That Florida Coach that pushed our players has no business coaching at this level. He was an instigator from the start.

    All in all, great win.

    • PTC, I know that this only proves I have a strange way of viewing the world but how did you know that it was “cheap bourbon” did you lick it off her or did you suck it out of her sweater? You don’t go to the WLOCP and sit in the student section and than complain about getting bourbon spilled on you. Hell ,I threw a full bourbon into the air after Appleby to Washington and no one said shit.

  40. Scott

    Have you guys listened to the radio call of the Malcolm Mitchell TD? That was probably the best non-Munson call ever.

    I found it on youtube:

  41. SouthGa Dawg

    As I enter this at 5:10pm, I praise the Georgia Defense and Coach Grantham. That game was the definition of “intensity.” Wow. That is why the game is played and why we watch. It does bother me that the national media downplayed Georgia, harped on the UF turnovers (not that UGA caused those turnovers), and generally made fun of how sloppy the game was. Those of us who witnessed it know this was a beautiful 4 hours. Wow…again

    • 69Dawg

      Had it been the great Alabama v LSU it would have been described as a Defensive game of the ages. It just got Dawggraded.

  42. Bob

    You would think that the City of Jacksonville, with all the money Georgia pours into the place, could fix that damn PA system. What a joke. Couldn’t understand a word and they knew it because they put closed caption on the scoreboard.

  43. Will (the other one)

    My favorite Grantham adjustment for the game, which I hope continues as the season goes on: getting Jarvis Jones and Jordan Jenkins on the field at the same time.
    Suddenly we were getting serious push against a good Oline after getting very little the past few weeks.

  44. Shawn Williams tirade should be put in a plaque like that of teabag, for every coach and UGA player to read before all games in the future particularly if Richt cannot find enough to motivate his players.

  45. Jim from Duluth

    I also had second row seats (I was in Sec. 101, apparently on the other side of the Redcoats from where you were). The intensity of this game really hits being that close to the action. And it is easy to see how fiery our D was the whole game from that level.