Dabo, does this comment make my head look fat?

Honestly, I don’t get why the likes of Dan Wetzel are so worked up over Steve Spurrier’s backhanded compliment to Dabo Swinney for the latter’s kind remarks about Marcus Lattimore.  That’s how Spurrier’s been wired his whole life.

Besides, for once it gave Swinney the opportunity to have the last word, and he took it with a flourish.

“People just need to kind of back of the ledge,” Swinney said. “Personally, I really think he was trying to pay me a compliment. I think…I think. I know it was kind of a roundabout way of getting there, it would be kind of like me telling me wife that I think you should wear this dress, this dress looks great on you, you don’t look nearly as fat in that dress. So it was kind of a roundabout way, but I take it as a compliment.”

He’s right.  If it’s not in the context of a loss after a game, the OBC doesn’t do gracious well.  Chalk it up to being lost in translation and move on, folks.


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37 responses to “Dabo, does this comment make my head look fat?

  1. FitzDawg

    I bet Dabo is in trouble with his wife now though…

  2. TennesseeDawg

    The comment was the typical Spurrier douchebaggery we’ve come to expect.

  3. Swinney, what a class act! SOS will never grow up. Pride: “the alpha gave gifts of self; Affirmed the man agreed, Not knowing it was a cosmic coup that welcomed wraiths of need.” The first of the seven deadly seductions.

  4. Rick

    That has to be the most tone-deaf thing I’ve seen Spurrier say. What was he thinking?

    For my part, if we lose to USC in 2014 on a last second touchdown by Marcus Lattimore, it will be the least sad I have ever been about a UGA loss.

  5. Boz

    Senator – I couldn’t agree more. Listening to video clip, SOS was simply trying to lighten the mood from that of a funeral – and the only comic relief he knows is snark. I live in the SC upstate a the fever pitch this has reached is rediculous. I lost a lot of respect for Dabo with his ‘tweet ‘dat rant last year, but I just got a lot back with his back off the ledge comments. I hate SOS as much as the next guy, but I just don’t see the huge deal everyone has made over this situation.

    In the other hand, it does make 11/24 a little more interesting now… CU losing to the cocks 3 in a row is the same as Us losing to Tech 3 in a row… Panic mode has been engaged.

    • PerlDawg

      I also live in the Upstate. I was pissed about Spurrier’s flippant remarks before Dabo said anything. Spurrier downplayed the injury and said it was not as bad as what was being said on the internet. Spurrier is a tool.

  6. Spurrier is an a$$ who can’t help it. He’s a poor loser, and unfortunately for those around him, he’s also a poor winner.

    • Hackerdog

      Exactly. I don’t see it as Spurrier trying to pay a compliment. I just see it as Spurrier being Spurrier. He’s an asshole. He’s comfortable being an asshole. People who really want him to be something else are going to be forever disappointed. The man ain’t changing.

  7. paul

    I am with you. How is that different from anything else Spurrier has said in the last, well, twenty or thirty years? It’s vintage OBC. Why would we expect anything different? Move along. Nothing to see here.

  8. Turd Ferguson

    I don’t know. It might be one thing if someone had asked Spurrier directly, “Hey, what did you think of the comments from the Clemson coach?” and then he launched into, “You mean that school that used to beat us …” Then I’d say that his response was just vintage, classless Spurrier. But apparently, this comment of his was (more or less) planned. He walked to the podium with the intention to use even *this* circumstance as an opportunity to say something like that.

    From my perspective, that’s a new low.

    • We can count of SOS for this kind of smack. IMO he’s just royally pissed because we beat Florida.

      • Brian Dawg

        I agree-he will be in a bad mood until the UGA game next year. And if they lose, look out…He just knew they had the division wrapped up after they beat the Dawgs this year. Then they dropped two in a row….Here’s looking forward to continuing to restore the natural order a little more by beating USCe next season. Stay classy Steve….

        • Cojones

          How about we make him stay classy next year. I’m proud of Richt not taking the bait and lowering himself to Spurrier’s level throughout and before the season. It’s another reason to embrace Richt above all other coaches.

  9. Saying “that’s just Spurrier” is not really an excuse any more (not that it ever was). Don’t think for a moment that he doesn’t look for moments to be an ass. He’s that calculating.

  10. Maine Dog

    Did he really say, “…like me telling me wife…”? Make that, SIR Dabo Swinney, 5th Earl of Clemsonton.

  11. It surprises me that you’re surprised by anything Wetzel says.

  12. Debby Balcer

    I live in upstate SC too and am “blessed” by hearing Spurrier’s comments ad nauseum. This was supposed to be a rally for Lattimore and Spurrier tried to take the spotlight with his commments. Lattimore’s father actually later commented about how he apreciated Swinney’s comments.

  13. Comin' Down The Track

    The Scorpion and The Frog

  14. Gravidy

    Far be it from me to agree with Dan Wetzel as a matter of practice, but I’m with him on this one. What I don’t understand is the reverse attitude. We’re all supposed to say, “well, that’s just Spurrier” and be fine with it. Why are we supposed to excuse the millionth transgression just because there were 999,999 before it? That makes it worse, not better.

  15. Russ

    Spurrier’s an ass. Saying he’s always been an ass doesn’t excuse him.

    • I wasn’t excusing him. I don’t understand why folks are worked up about it, though. Par for the course…

      • Russ

        fair enough. I guess your point is this is along the lines of “Dog bites man” in terms of headlines.

          • Cojones

            All of his UGA comments about players being suspended should be used by the players this summer to start the season in midseason form by practicing their heads off for SC as our first SEC game. Make it into bulletin board postings and swear revenge if you want to shut him up.

            Deep down you know he’s gotta be chafin’ about our FU win and his demise in the East after running the show briefly for several weeks. That should provide the warmth needed to take us through cold nights and until we get through with his butt next year.

  16. fred

    And you wonder why he couldn’t get into Augusta National?

  17. Macallanlover

    I am one of those, perhaps singularly in the Bulldog nation, who found SOS to be misunderstood, and a better person than anyne would ever believe from his public personna. But over his 7 years at SC, I feel he has totally lost it. Perhaps those who feel he has been an ass all along are right, if so, I misjudged him. But I can definitely say the positives I saw in him during the twenty+ years I have known him have all disappeared. He is a bitter, old man who has become obsessed with his failure to do what he went to SC to accomplish. His ego has overcome his good sense and Stevehas become what he once told me Holtz was in Columbia, a little man who thinks everything about him is bigger than the program. Must be contagious in that office Steve, should have changed chairs.

    • Comin' Down The Track

      I can agree with your thought process on that, Mac. When he went to the NFL, I missed him. Now, I can’t recall what it was I missed.

    • ZeroPointZero

      Am I the only one that thinks SOS is just bitter that ML got hurt again? These kids are pawns in a game of chess. His best player just got hurt. He doesn’t care as much about what this means to ML as what it means to him. Not saying he doesn’t care at all about ML, it’s just second to his main goal, the glory of winning. Thus he believed Dabo’s words to be disingenuous since he wouldn’t think that way.

  18. CarolinaDawg

    I think Spencer Hall’s reaction to Dan Wetzel’s piece may have been a little too much. Back away from the ledge…..