First thoughts on Ole Miss

It’s worth noting that the Rebel Black Bears aren’t dreadful, and I mean that as a sincere compliment.  Everybody – and I mean everybody – expected Mississippi to be the SEC’s worst team this season.  I think I posted something in the preseason about the RBBs needing to get a win or two in September because it was hard to see when they’d get one afterwards, and yet here they are with two conference wins under their belts and a legitimate shot at making a bowl game.  That ain’t bad.

However, a little perspective is in order here.  Ole Miss hasn’t beaten a team with a winning record, although it had a chance to do so with Texas A&M.  It’s been pesky more than threatening against better opponents (check out the defensive split stats against teams with winning and losing records).  Although you have to admire any approach that gets under Saban’s skin the way Freeze’s offense did.

If there’s a danger for Georgia this Saturday, I don’t think it’s so much about coming out flat – although Seth Emerson’s column about emotion is worth a read, I think the crowd and the national broadcast will help combat that – as it is about maintaining patience on both sides of the ball.  Ole Miss is going to get some yardage and some points, most likely, but it’s important for Georgia’s defenders to play good assignment football and to be as opportunistic as they were against Florida.  As David Ching notes about quarterback Bo Wallace,

Wallace is fifth in the SEC in total offense at 239 yards per game, but he has also made his share of mistakes in his first season as the Rebels’ starting quarterback — as evidenced by his 10-9 touchdown-interception ratio. The Bulldogs need to rein him in as a runner like they did against Florida’s Jeff Driskel and pressure him into errors that will make a victory easier to achieve.

Defensively, Ole Miss, which has some talent, but is both young and a little on the smallish side, seems tailor-made for what Mike Bobo likes to call:  pound ’em hard with Gurley, Marshall and the running game and use that to set up play action.  The good thing here is that Bobo showed in the Florida game that he knows he’s got a good enough horse to ride with his freshmen running backs to stay with them.

If you want to talk about the psychology of the game, I think Ching gets this right:

Ole Miss is a program that is only learning how to win under a new coaching staff. The Bulldogs need to break their will early in this game. Alabama jumped out to a 27-6 halftime lead and was able to cruise to a win, but Texas A&M fell behind in Oxford and had to battle back in the fourth quarter to win. The Rebels are capable of winning this game if Georgia doesn’t come to play.


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  1. The -Cocktail Party- … er, War for the Oar’s over, boys. Time to get angry at Ole Miss and beat ‘Da Bears.

    • gastr1

      I think we’re very fortunate this is a home game. Home night game would be even better, but as it is, the crowd should be pretty amped up.

  2. You think Michael Orr will be there for moral support?

    • gastr1

      He’s waiting for you to spell his name correctly.

      • I am sorry, have an editor for most of my writings. Must admit, I do not know how his name is spelled

        • Cojones

          Using favorite nonwords/puns in the same breath: Irregardless, we could sing “Michael Oar Your Boat Ashore” or spell his name Oher and Oher and Oher until we get the pedantists off our ass. The best way is to pun them to death.

          Good pun, Joy. Write it like you feel it. Smoke’em if you Got’em!

          • Cojones

            Watch your Blind Side, Dear.

          • You are sooo cool! )

            On Wed, Oct 31, 2012 at 2:19 PM, Get The Picture wrote:

            > ** > Cojones commented: “Using favorite nonwords/puns in the same breath: > Irregardless, we could sing “Michael Oar Your Boat Ashore” or spell his > name Oher and Oher and Oher until we get the pedantists off our ass. The > best way is to pun them to death. Good pun, Joy. Write it ” >

          • toggle

            Not to be too pedantic, but it’s “pedants.” Sorry, couldn’t resist …

            Cojones, you and I must have occupied much of the same Sanford Stadium space back in the day, and we have the same long view of things. I am glad to call you mi compadre!

  3. William

    I have been trying to bring this to light for a few days now. Da Bears are a pretty good team. You can’t give a KY effort and expect to win this one. It has to mirror a lot of what went right against FU for there to be a W at the end of the trail. Scorp! Help me out here! What do we know about their Long Snappa? Does their QB really have wheels, or is he just Stafford light?

  4. Metal Steel Chair

    Well, as much as we all hope that the WLOCP win gets the defense (and the team as a whole) back on a 2011-type World Domination Tour, let’s reel in our hubris a bit.

    “However, a little perspective is in order here.  Ole Miss hasn’t beaten a team with a winning record…”

    Kind Senator, the same could be said of US before last Saturday.

    I’m just sayin. 7-1 is a tremendous accomplishment, but – aside from the Vandy game – we haven’t really put together the kind of complete effort that record would indicate. Ole Miss looks pretty dang good to me Let’s hold off from offending the football gods with any pre-Cackalacky-style postings just yet.

    • “However, a little perspective is in order here. Ole Miss hasn’t beaten a team with a winning record…”

      Kind Senator, the same could be said of US before last Saturday.

      Well, gosh, then that’s a little different, no?

      I get the any-given-Saturday aspect of football, but this offending the gods stuff is getting a little silly.

      • We’re a better football program, a better team, and we have better players. There… I said it. There’s a reason the lines opened in Vegas at 17 1/2 that has nothing to do with upsetting the football gods. Worrying that the team may come out flat is one thing, but there is absolutely NO reason this year’s Georgia team should lose to this year’s version of the Rebel Black Bears on homecoming. None, whatsoever.

      • Metal Steel Chair

        Fine. Screw the football gods. We are certainly the better team, on paper and on turf, and should win on Saturday.

        But we ain’t Bama. (Yet.). And snark like “The Rebel Black Bears aren’t dreadful” and “if there’s a danger for Georgia on Saturday…” just reeks with entitlement not due a fan base with our recent history in big games.

        The team isn’t talking smack about the path to the SECCG. Why should you? (Leave that to Jeff Schultz.). We just haven’t earned it yet, baby.

        • You need to go back and read my first paragraph again if you think I was being snarky.

          As for what’s due, when’s the last time Georgia lost to an inferior opponent in a regular season game? Not played ugly and won, but actually lost? You have to go back to the 2010 season for that.

          This team has its share of warts and bad habits, Lord knows. But losing to some school it shouldn’t hasn’t been one of those lately.

          • Metal Steel Chair

            That’s the reason for your confidence? That we may have played fugly in most of our wins against plainly inferior teams, but, gosh, we haven’t yet lost one? Good luck with that line of reasoning.

            I am thrilled with the win over this year’s (good but not great) Gators squad. We all needed that. But I’m not gonna be caught looking ahead. As for me, I’m happy hanging with the Dooley/Munson disciples like Scorpio, who don’t talk smack until the last game is won.

            • Charles

              A “good but not great Gators squad” with wins against two top-10 teams? Sigh. Let the “Dawgrading” begin.

              You’d have to strain pretty hard to find smack talking, or for that matter, “snark” in the Senator’s post.

            • What smack are you talking about?

              You honestly expect me to post that I’m deeply afraid Georgia will lose this Saturday, when I’m not?

              BTW, that “good but not great” Gator squad was ranked second in the country. Nice spin, brother.

              • Mayor of Dawgtown

                If the Gators win the rest of their games, including the bowl, they will probably finish in the top 5 in the final poll, too.

            • D.N. Nation

              Florida may be “good but not great” from an aesthetic perspective, but they were #2 at the end of October, with wins over two top-10 BCS teams. Which, you know, is two more than Alabama has.

            • Cosmic Dawg

              I think you may want to re-read the Senator’s original post, MSC. I think you brought your own concerns and pasted them on top of something that wasn’t there.


              “That we may have played fugly in most of our wins against plainly inferior teams, but, gosh, we haven’t yet lost one? Good luck with that line of reasoning.”

              Here’s the deal – I can get critical that we haven’t always played up to our potential or beat enough good teams over the last few year. I think that’s a legit stat and a legit concern, and something the team and coaches have to wear.

              However, it’s not fair to CMR to say, well, TN, Auburn, Tech, etc are having down years in their program, and that’s why you’ve been beating them. Because CMR has kept UGA from *becoming* those teams. So yeah, he gets credit for the fact that in 10+ years we’ve NEVER had downswings anywhere close to what those programs are experiencing.

              In years like last year, where CMR’s Dawgs are not competitive against the class of the league, you can hardly brush off the fact that we still beat 80% of the league. So yes, that “reasoning” is very sound, and it is often overlooked that for most of his tenure and for the last 14 months or so, CMR has gone about 16-0 or whatever against teams Georgia was really favored against. That is hard to do, and he deserves credit for it – these Dawgs may not pull off a lot of upsets, but they aren’t often upset, either.

              • Metal Steel Chair

                Dang – – I’m usually more lurker than poster, and didn’t mean to strike such a nerve. (Especially with Bluto, who is so touchy on the subject he made assumptions as to gender.) Cosmic may be right regarding my putting comments on something that was not intended in the original post. But I suggest we all re-read the string. (I did, and you’re right – – what was posted wasn’t smack. Poor choice of words on my part.)

                I am sticking to my original point, which regarded the dangers of looking past or not giving due credit to Ole Miss. I believe the “First Thoughts” post does just that. So sue me. OM is 2-2 in the SEC (with a road win that was pretty surprising) and their hurry-up made Saban cry. If we (team or fans) don’t maintain focus on the immediate objective, things can happen. Bad things. Gamecock-type bad things. I am certainly guilty of being Munsonesque when it comes to this style of approaching games, but I don’t see the downside to remaining cautious for now. Truth be told, where others see the final four regular season games as gimmes toward a date in Atlanta, I see four potential trap games against longtime rivals for whom derailing a UGA shot at the top would be a dream come true.

                I’m also sticking to my point that the Gators are a good, not great team. Of course, I only see two great teams on this last day of October: Bama and Oregon, and neither has been much tested yet. We (UGA) have been tested – – three times (I include the Mizzou game because of the unique circumstances) and are 2-1. That’s good, not great too. But this team still CAN be great – – one game at a time. It’s certainly the most talented offensive/defensive combo I can recall in Athens in many moons. Jacksonville was a terrific start.

                How my expression of worry got turned into supposed incrimination of CMR, I don’t know. He has long been and remains (along with Jarvis) the cheese, pickle, onion and mustard on the steamily delicious Krystal burger that is my Dawg fandom.

                • You want to be a blind pessimist, be my guest.

                  Just don’t tell me there’s something deficient about my opinion if I don’t share your worldview. Or expect some pushback from me if you do, brother/sister.😉

                  By the way, what’s the downside if fans “don’t maintain focus on the immediate objective”?

                  • Don’t mess with the Senator!

                    • Metal Steel Chair


                      Senator: What you call “blind pessimism,” I happen to call a pretty reasonable belief in not counting my chickens before they are hatched. When they do hatch, I love ’em as much as you do (believe it or not). But when they don’t, I’m not so upset about eating omelettes that I call for the chef’s head. (Not that you do that, but many here do.)

                      As to “the downside if fans ‘don’t maintain focus on the immediate objective’”, nothing at all, I suppose. It’s a big Dawg world. Who cares what fans do or think? Unless of course, they happen to read your post and disagree with you. (Smiley face.)

                    • At the risk of entering beat the dead horse country, it’s not that I question your devotion to Georgia football, it’s that I think it’s a little silly to call something like this “a pretty reasonable belief”:

                      Truth be told, where others see the final four regular season games as gimmes toward a date in Atlanta, I see four potential trap games against longtime rivals for whom derailing a UGA shot at the top would be a dream come true.

                      First off, Ole Miss and Georgia Southern aren’t rivals, longtime or otherwise. But besides that, the former hasn’t beaten the Dawgs since Tuberville was coaching there and the latter never has. Add to that an Auburn team that’s a Hail Mary against a Sun Belt team away from being 0-8 and a Georgia Tech squad that’s beaten Richt once in 12 years and it’s not exactly a Murderers’ Row Georgia will navigate between now and season’s end. You’ll have to excuse me if I express a little confidence in Georgia’s chances over the next four weeks.

                      Again, I get the any-given-Saturday aspect of college football. And I’ve no problem with your need to appease whatever football gods you worship. Just don’t insist that if I don’t attend the same church I’m being less reasonable than you.😉

                • Macallanlover

                  Metal, lost in all the overdone chippiness directed at you was a very solid point. We have the yellow jersey on now and will be an “enhanced” target for most of our remaining games. Everybody wants to be the giant-slayer, and that makes them dangerous regardless of the talent comparison. But, I still like being on top. Let them bring it, our guys know what their goal was from the start. And now it sits right in front of them.

                  • What exactly makes the chippiness overdone in your mind, Mac?

                    • Macallanlover

                      I simply felt his original post wasn’t so unreasonable to get sharp responses. With recognition that everyone has different ways of dealing with caution or confidence for unplayed games, it is fair to say this team has only played solidly on both sides of the ball and with emotion in 2 of our 8 games. Now that we have a ranking that inspires a chance for a great memory for the weaker teams, we have to accept we will get the best effort from all the remaining teams.

                      You acknowledge the “any given Saturday” truism; add the closeness of Auburn’s play at home against LSU earlier this season, and the unorthodox Ole Miss offense and expressing some concern is fair. Not saying that you dismissed it, only that everyone knows what we are capable of but we have 4-5 WTF games already. The team needs to know it only takes one more to spoil what they have going. I think we win them all, but can easily accept why these two conference games need to have caution flags posted. Too much riding on them. I am glad the Ole Miss game is at home, we spent a lot of emotion last week and may need a boost in the 2nd half.

                    • The original comment misstated what I wrote, as MSC eventually acknowledged. How would you have responded to that?

                      BTW, go back and read the last line of that Ching quote that I agreed with.

                  • Reach out guys and take it. Nothing better than being on top!

                • Cosmic Dawg

                  Hi MSC,
                  I think you ought to keep posting and not just be a lurker. I agree with you that we need to keep our intensity up this week, and I do think a lot of the writers don’t give Ole Miss *quite* enough credit. That said, I still don’t think they’re there yet, and I still think UGA handles this one reasonably handily.

                  By the way, I didn’t think you were being anti-CMR, I was trying to point out that the line of reasoning is this – regardless of how ugly we play against some inferior teams, we do beat them, and we tend to beat them every time. I’ll roughly define an “inferior team” as one that Vegas says we’re supposed to beat by, say, 8 or so points or more. So there is a real trend and a statistical reason to think we’ll beat Ole Miss this weekend beyond just the spread, so it’s not quite right to say “good luck with that one”.

                  And from there I was just pointing out how CMR doesn’t get credit for the fact that for the last 18 or 20 or so games (since UCF) Georgia has not lost to a team it was supposed to beat, and that’s not something we ought to take for granted – but you never hear that stat. Did not meant to pin that POV on you.

                  • Metal Steel Chair

                    Appreciate it, Coz. But this (very) dead horse has learned its lesson. From now on, I’ll head over to Isakson’s blog if I crave exchanges with a thin-skinned Senator.

                    • Oh, please. This whole tempest in a teapot started because you misconstrued what I wrote. And when I pointed that out to you, you chose to double down. It was only after I and others continued to correct you that you backed off. Parenthetically. And with a passive-aggressive suggestion that everyone ought to go back and re-read what was written.

                      From there, you expressed an opinion that disagreed with mine. That’s fine. I in turn expressed an opinion that disagreed with yours. The end result is that I’m thin-skinned while you’ve emerged with your virtue intact. Well played.

                      I like a free-wheeling comments section. You’re free to express your opinion. I don’t censor folks for having their say, even if – especially if – it’s in disagreement with me. I’m not sure why you equate a robust discussion with thin skin, but that’s your business. All I can tell you is that you are more than welcome to state your case here. Just be prepared to defend yourself when people disagree. If that’s too much trouble, well, then say hi to Johnny for me.😉

                    • Cosmic Dawg

                      I thought the original post was very moderate, and you sort of took it someplace it didn’t need to go…I was kind of trying to help you ratchet it down a little…but…oh, well.

  5. Macallanlover

    Agree, Ole Miss has the type of offense that has always given us fits so it could be an ugly win. Defense will have to be disciplined or we will see some drives extended on 3rd and longs. Those aggravate me the most. I do think the defense has to be enjoying their new-found fame and will play better the rest of the way, Saturday’s defensive performance was very impressive and some of our young pups grew up.

    The plan to pound the ball is a solid one against a smallish defense but Bobo still needs to take whatever they give us, regardless of the advance plan. Kentucky stacked the box and got a heavy dose of AM, same could be the right way to attack the Rebels if they leave that door ajar. If we do find a power running approach is best, I still don’t see why Boo isn’t a part of that plan. He could be part of a three-headed running attack where each RB has a different skill set and should be utilized, imo. I am as excited as anyone about the two freshmen but I favor using all our weapons. If we see a Bama/LSU front in Atlanta, he may be the best option in situations.

    Speaking of Atlanta, Scorp, have you checked the ticket prices for the SECCG on StubHub? Saw a range of $49 through $32K, guess FU fans haven’t turned theirs loose yet.

  6. Nate Dawg

    Scorp, I’m scared to death, just so u know, but Go Dawgs!
    Senator – to change subject here – u know Neil Young just dropped a new album right?

  7. Rebar

    I’m a little concerned about our defense in this game against Mississippi’s offense. Even in the Florida ass whipping, our defense was caught looking to the sidelines trying to get in formation. Can’t have that kind of confusion against this offense,

  8. Slaw Dawg

    This is a good, strong and rising Rebel team, I am concerned that their QB and receivers will be kinda UTish on us, and do not expect the same level of intensity as the Cocktail Bowl. But a quick check reminds me that we followed our last three Gator victories with easy wins. Granted, 2 of those were OOC cupcakes, but one was Ky, which often gives us fits (killed ’em in ’04), so there’s no compelling evidence of a post Gator win drop off, at least in the Richt era (I will NOT revisit what happened in ’97).

    So this Dawgfan guesses this: our D will play better than UT-SC-KY, not as well as vs. UF, but it won’t matter too much because our O will be on, on, on. Ole Miss will get some points, but we may double ’em up.

  9. Will Trane

    The Rebs are not the kind of team you want to be playing at this time of the season for the Dawgs. CMR was not happy about Tuesday’s practice. Freeze and staff are very good. Some preason guys picked them not to be much of a factor. Guess they were not smart or they are slowly realizing the Rebs are very productive [think that is the word CMR used]. Their offense can move the ball. Their QB really does not care about his completions to interceptions ratio. Neither do their coaches in that offense. The reason he runs the show is his ability to move the chains, create downs and space, and put points on the board.
    Maybe their D is not Florida. But let’s go back to the UF game and revisit the O. 4 times in that game the Dawgs started downs inside the Gators 45 and 3 of those times inside the 26. 10 points and 6 turnovers from the boys from Florida. Florida’s D played very well against the Dawgs offense. Carolina played better. And UK, well they made it very interesting.
    So I offer this question, where in hell is the Dawgs offense, lately? If the Rebs jump out to a 10- 17 point range on the Dawgs D, well, they are going to be in a shot-out with them. Not good. Can not get behind and play from behind. Neither can you get out front, coast, and let them get back in the game where they are a play or two from winning. Why? Well, their QB has the skills and mindset to win. Do not care what their record has been. They were 3-3, but now have two wins in a row. They are comfortable in their offense. 8 games in and they have confidence in their O…big time.
    This is not a game about controlling your destiny. It is about coming out lights out and hard from the get go.
    Control the clock, chains, and scoreboard from 15:00 to 00:00 of each period. Win each period!!!!

    • Cojones

      We needed that post in that manner, Will. Chirping how good we are can get us right back into Stupidville. And Ole miss is not the team to be doing that with this year. They play for the full 4 qtrs as they do at the start. Of course, some people couldn’t understand those same feelings I had for the last game we played Miss St. They always seemed to have a halfback who could put over a hundred on us every game.

      Don’t forget that Grantham charmed us into believing that the D has a hand on things beginning with the letdown with Buffalo. Then it was the same player-unheeded words every game until FU. Some of us are still worried when we think automatic win. They haven’t seemed so automatic to me this year when we play underexcited.

    • So I offer this question, where in hell is the Dawgs offense, lately?

      They put up 500+ yards of offense against Kentucky. “Lately”? I do not think that word means what you think it means, Will.

      • Will (the other one)

        500+ yards is nice and all, but less so when it’s less than 30 points on the scoreboard.
        (Though on the other hand, Kentucky’s DLine was bigger than the one the Dawgs get Saturday. If they attack the Ole Miss front 7 with the intensity they did against Florida, Gurley, Marshall, and Malcome could all have big days.

        • That’ll happen when you don’t get any short fields. Georgia’s TD drives were 97, 75, 62 and 89 yards.

          Those yards look pretty good to me.

          • Merk

            Of course if we put up 75, but never drove the ball more then 30 yards they would be bitching about not being able to sustain drives. There is no pleasing most. The bItching never stops.

  10. W Cobb Dawg

    I believe the D will play well for the rest of the season. Shawn Williams struck a nerve, and it would be strange if he and CTG were to stay complacent if we backslid.

  11. Russ

    Why should we worry about Ole Miss? The site already has highlights of our win over Ole Miss on “Inside Georgia Football”.

  12. DAWGiAM

    “If there’s a danger for Georgia this Saturday, I don’t think it’s so much about coming out flat…, I think the crowd and the national broadcast will help combat that”
    That didn’t help with SC. Despite Richts denial, the team came out flat for the biggest game of the year (at that point) with all eyes watching. On paper the Dawgs win going away – and I hope they do. But it feels like the team thinks the season is over already.

    • Did I miss something, or was SCAR at Columbia and shown on ESPN?

      • DAWGiAM

        You missed my point. I wasn’t saying the situations were identical. I was saying I am not confident they will be up as the SC game was much bigger hype-wise than this game and they were flat (debatable apparently). AND ESPN is not exactly CSS. Or did I miss your point.

        • I think you missed mine. I’m saying the home crowd and being on the 3:30 CBS game will get the guys’ blood flowing.

          • Cosmic Dawg

            Agree with the home crowd advantage, but hard to agree that having a national audience can be counted on to get our kids’ attention – ie the South Carolina game was surely a higher profile affair than this Saturday, regardless of time or network.

            • I’m not sure why the SC game is in the discussion here. I was speaking of a 3:30 start on CBS, versus, say, a 12:20 start on the SEC Network or a 7:30 start on ESPN2.

              • Cosmic Dawg

                I get you, but it works either way…just saying so far this year TV has not seemed to make a difference in their emotion… but then how do you measure that? TV follows the big game story, and so do emotions…except SC they were even-tempered and SC was amped. FL a different story and an outlier…they would have been jacked for that in a sandlot with no TV at all.

                Interestingly, I think this team will find its ideal intensity this weekend – a half notch below the FL penalty level – and stays there at an Alabama level intensity – high but even – the rest of the year. I actually think these Dawgs can
                win out…

    • KCDawg

      The crowd in Columbia wasn’t THEIR crowd, it was the ‘Cocks. Big difference. I really have no idea whether we came out flat or if we were just shell shocked from the combination of the WB crazies and the fact that we got behind so quickly. I worry as much as Scorp, so I am certainly not saying that our Dawgs will come out as fired up as we’d like. But I also see no reason the ascert that “the team thinks the season is already over.”

  13. SRhoades14

    Tree and Herrera are on notice…

    Driskel makes his living running for the edge. Wallace likes to take off up the middle. That is where running quarterback have had the most success against us. We have to hold them attacking the middle!

  14. stoopnagle

    You know what, commentariat? It’s supposed to be fun.

    • THANK YOU. Jesus. It doesn’t matter if the fans expect a blowout or not. It matters if the players do. As for the rest of us, it’s not like the amount of attention that we pay to the next opponent during the week matters one iota. Lighten up, Francises.

  15. SouthGa Dawg

    Ole Miss will be ready to play. Georgia has got to come out with a nice opening drive and TD and a possible defensive turnover early to put this game away quickly. I’ve said before that our guys have a tendency to be front-runners and we also don’t have the best home favorite record (as far as covering) over the past several years. Nothing this week will match the intensity of last week, but some hard-nosed hitting and defensive turnovers should favor the Dawgs. Ole Miss is a finesse team under Mr. Freeze, but if you knock ’em around, they will quit. GATA!

  16. Always Someone Else's Fault

    I think Georgia turned a corner last weekend. Seriously. The only people who are going to argue that point are the ones who would argue that the program never needed to turn a corner in the first place, which… whatever. If you’re in that camp, we agree to disagree.

    I am betting on domination Saturday. Hostile domination.

  17. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Not wanting to get ahead of the Ole Miss game….well, maybe I do…but there is a scenario similar to last year (with Bama and LSU) where UGA and Florida could wind up playing each other in this year’s BCSNCG. If Georgia wins out (including beating Bama in the SECCG) and Florida wins out, and Bama beats LSU (dropping LSU to 2 losses and therefor below both UGA and Florida), and Oregon loses to USC and/or Oregon State, plus Notre Dame loses to USC, as well as Kansas State loses to Okie State or in the Big 12 Championship game, then UGA finishes the season at # 1 and Florida finishes at #2. I know that is a lot but some of the above is bound to happen. Oregon hasn’t really played anyone good yet. K-State hasn’t really either (we now know that WV and Oklahoma were pretenders, not contenders). The teams that ND beat were thought to be good when they played ND, but now have been exposed (Michigan, Michigan State, etc.). The key for UGA is to win all its regular season games and then beat Bama in the SECCG. Do that and we’re in–plus the possible opponent is…Florida. Now THAT would be a big game.

  18. Really Nice.

    I take umbridge with the part about Bobo Pounding Gurley to set up the pass. I pray that we see that situation play out while Todd Gurley is still in college. I hold little hope for that, however, because Bobo (and Richt) uses the pass to set up the run. With a back like Gurley using the pass to set up the run is a travesty.

    Todd Gurley could be Jarvis Jones on offense. The difference is Grantham knows how to use his studs and Bobo, clearly does not. I am not an ‘I blame Bobo guy’ but Gurley would be in the Heisman running in Alabama’s offense. That kid is a beast and we could be taking better advantage. I find myself begging Bobo to give it to Gurley aloud…much to the chagrin of my wife.

  19. Uglydawg

    Sorry to change the subject a little, but I’m very paranoid about the officiating at this game. If Georgia is dominating UM and there’s no question about the outcome, the refs will “let it be”, But if it’s close and the refs see a chance to screw Georgia,……well, let history be your guide. Esp. the history in the UGA/LSU series…
    I admit I have a unrealistic fear, a paranoia about this. But with the gators in such need of a Dawg loss, I fear for fairness or the lack of it.
    Let the record show that I don’t trust the SEC officials.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Your fear is reality based. Does anybody know which crew of officials has been assigned to work the Ole Miss-UGA game?