In light of my observations in yesterday’s post about how Georgia celebrated its latest Cocktail Party win, I found this Artie Lynch comment timely:

“It was definitely a big moment for us and Coach Richt,” said junior tight end Arthur Lynch, who signed with Georgia out of Dartmouth, Mass. “We all see Coach Richt as a father figure. College football is a monopoly that we live in. It is driven by money – you can spin it how you want; NCAA this, NCAA that, TV deals, power conferences – that’s that’s the world we live in. That being said, I don’t know many other coaches in college football who are as kind and loyal to their morals like he is. His base foundation, whether it’s his faith, his honesty or just basic human qualities, you can’t find anybody better than Coach Richt.”

That’s the sound of somebody who’s wise beyond his years.  Maybe he should start blogging.


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  1. gastr1

    If Mark Richt could win a national championship he would become a hero among heroes in college football for those reasons. Who else at the top is even close to being that ethical? The sport desperately needs a figure like him.

    • Normaltown Mike

      Maybe he’s our Tom Osborne. People bagged on him for years til he won those Nattie’s in the 90’s (and pistol whipped UT and UF while doing it).

  2. Tom

    The Senator stated:
    “That’s the sound of somebody who’s wise beyond his years. Maybe he should start blogging.”

    An oxymoron.

    • Cut on your sarcasm detector, brother.😉

    • Cojones

      It sounds as if he already is beyond his years, especially if he is up-to-date on the NCAA politics and the money chase. It appears that he may already be blogging on those issues and reading sites like gtp for info. Who knows? Kinda shoots at the naysayer comments that the kids don’t read the stuff, so why worry?

  3. The love that this team has for Mark Richt and the blind devotion that the defensive team has for Todd Grantham make the wins sweeter for the players and the losses that much more devastating. That makes it so much more compelling to me as a fan. Watching the team the past two or three years as these bonds have tightened has really been a fun experience.

    • SRhoades14

      This needs to be the headlining passage of any brochure, or info packet sent to the parents of UGA’s recruiting targets. Any parent that remotely cares about the influential development of their children while in college, would HEAVILY push UGA as their child’s decision. Especially the fact that it is coming from a player, that has not just been there for a short time to learn CMR’s character, but long enough to see how Coach Richt’s character and moral resolve stands above all others, and never falters or declines.

      • Tronan

        I strongly suspect it is one of UGA’s biggest selling points to prospective players. It’s ultimately up to the recruit and his family to determine if they value something else (like Trooper Taylor cash payments) more.

        • Normaltown Mike

          That’s a hard sell to a kid though. I’d think long and hard about playing at Awbern if I collected enough cash.

        • Macallanlover

          Many criticize CMR’s faith and Boy Scout approach to life but forget how many recruiting battles have been won by Mom’s, Grandma’s, etc. influence of whom they want to entrust their child to at this point in their life. Yeah, Trooper is no competitor for that. We can’t get everyone we want, and TT will appeal to many, but Mark Richt is so much more of an asset than he is given credit for. “horribly ill-informed feedback” indeed. I really hope he players/staff understand how truly strange these folks are, and that they only represent the worst among us. Fight on boys, another SEC title is in reach. Lynch=DGD.

          • Normaltown Mike

            One has to be careful referencing a “Boy Scout approach” now-a-days.

            Sad to say as I have many fond memories of my days in Troop 173.

  4. Gravidy

    My favorite line from that linked article:

    “Players are bombarded with instant and usually horribly ill-informed feedback about the job they or their coaches are doing.”

    Right off the bat, I had a chuckle over the fact that the line appeared in a blog. So there’s that. But the source doesn’t make the statement any less true.

  5. Debby Balcer

    Loved the article and the quote. Coach Richt’s character is a big asset to our program.

  6. El Dawgo in El Paso

    All the more reason to get behind a coach whose walk matches his talk.

  7. W Cobb Dawg

    It would be unusual for anyone to question CMR’s character. Most complaints revolve around discipline, preparation, various decisions, and/or motivation. I think everyone respects him as a decent man. But Lynch isn’t the kind of kid who causes CMR and UGA headaches with suspensions, either. The big question was whether CMR would ever win a big game again. Thankfully, he’s answered that question with a giant exclamation point. If CMR can carry that win & momentum for the rest of this season he could definitely have an mnc to call his own.

  8. Russ

    The best part about this comment is that it comes from a kid from the northeast that obviously didn’t grow up a Dawg fan.