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Please don’t tell me Danny Sheridan’s story has legs.

This is lame at best and troubling at worst (at least if you’re an Auburn fan).

Auburn head coach Gene Chizik declined comment Tuesday when asked about Sheridan’s allegations.

Luper, the Tigers’ recruiting coordinator, declined comment Wednesday, said the Tigers staff is following its recruiting plan.”We’ve got our commitments, and we have a strategy to keep those guys,” Luper said. “We’re not going to elaborate on any of it, and we’re definitely not going to answer any accusations.”

Luper and Taylor have attended Auburn High School games over the last several weeks to see their sons play for the school, which is the same team as Tigers’ commitment Reuben Foster.

“Obviously, we can’t comment on any accusations, but I can tell you this,” Taylor said. “We have a plan in place for recruiting. We stick to that plan, and what this coaching staff is focused on, outside of recruiting, is winning a football game.”

Hunh?  “Obviously, we can’t comment on any accusations?”  Jeez, guys, it’s not like we’re talking about the FBI here.  It’s Danny Freakin’ Sheridan.  Nobody at Auburn had any trouble denying the Cam rumors – and that was with the NCAA sniffing around.  But Trooper can’t say Sheridan’s FOS?

I guess that’s an invitation for the media to spend time following the two assistants around to see if they’re off the recruiting trail.  They’re the ones sporting the backwards caps, fellas, so they shouldn’t be that hard to spot.



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Trivia of the day

Georgia’s defeat of Florida on Saturday stands as the highest-ranked team to fall to a Richt-coached Georgia club since he became coach in 2001.


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Cognitive dissonance

I swear, I can’t make sense out of this:

“If we’re in there, I’d like just to take the 25-yard line,” Richt said. “I’d be very happy with that. There are some circumstances. If it’s just a low line driver and there’s no hang time maybe. That’s when there’s a little bit of gray area sometimes.”

Mitchell is eighth in the SEC in kick return yardage at 21.8-yards per return. His long is 48…

“Malcolm hits it up in there pretty good,” Richt said. “He’s got good speed and good burst and he’s pretty brave. I think he does a good job there, too.”  [Emphasis added.]

Think about that for a minute.  On average, every time Mitchell fields a kickoff behind the goal line, Georgia is giving up yardage.  Richt knows this.  And would prefer that not happen.  But Mitchell’s doing a good job there.  (If you’re looking for a silver lining, it’s that he’s returned fewer kickoffs than any of the other conference leaders.)

Malcolm is the Roy McAvoy of Georgia kickoff returns.  And Richt is his Molly.


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