Don’t get even. Get mad.

It’s the meme of the week.

“It seems like someone has to say something to give us some kind of spark to play hard,” Bulldogs senior cornerback Sanders Commings said. “Now the SEC East is on the line, and I think we realize we need to take our game to the next level. It shouldn’t have to happen like it has, but for some reason that’s just the way it’s been this year. Last year we played hard every game.”

In Georgia’s three most impressive showings — a 41-20 win at Missouri on Sept. 8, a 48-3 humbling of Vanderbilt on Sept. 22 and last week’s 17-9 upset of Florida in Jacksonville — the Bulldogs entered with the proverbial chip on their shoulder.

With Missouri, it was Tigers defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson describing Georgia’s brand of play as “old-man football.” With Vanderbilt, it was the combative encounter after last year’s matchup involving Bulldogs defensive coordinator Todd Grantham and Commodores head coach James Franklin. And with Florida, it was Georgia senior safety Shawn Williams calling out the Bulldogs for being soft and pointing out how certain inside linebackers should be playing more than others.

“Playing for something or playing to prove somebody wrong is an easy motivator for anybody in anything you do,” senior linebacker Christian Robinson said…

Time to do your civic duty, peeps.  Please take the time to drop a few choice insults in the comments section.  Remember, it’s for a good cause.

Personally, I think it’s a shame that a bunch of guys who play like old, soft men had to use their coach’s blowup with another coach as a motivational stone (I’ll forever be in your debt for that phrase, Charles Grant).  GATA!



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45 responses to “Don’t get even. Get mad.

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Hey Bulldog players, Blutarsky thinks you’re a bunch of wusses! Yeah, him, that guy right over there.


  2. timphd

    These guys are a bunch of old soft men who play old man football. They are the most underachieving group in the country. If they hadn’t played such a soft schedule they would be 4 and 4 right now. The QB can’t beat a decent team and the head coach is too loyal to a OC who doesn’t know how to call a game.

    How’s that for a start?


  3. Normaltown Mike

    I’ll go egg one of their houses today.

    Does anybody around here do criminal law?


  4. CrawforDawg

    And don’t forget, UGA didn’t win last weeks game, Florida lost it.


  5. charlottedawg

    who’s emailing this stuff to butts mehre? time is of the essence.


  6. sniffer

    Spurrier is pulling for Ole Miss, but he thinks it will close, if you ask his opinion.


  7. Macallanlover

    I have never understood athletes “taking whole games/plays off”” when there are only a dozen games to play in a sport where you workout or practice almost year round to play. I get that it is tough to be “on” in baseball with a 162 game schedule, but don’t get it in football with at least a week between games. That is one of the reasons I think poor performance is generally on the players. No way that coaches don’t prepare, and remind players, about the danger of letdowns.

    Pride and wanting to show friends/family/fans/scouts what ya got should be easy to pump up that many times for the big stage these guys play on. It happens to every team and, along with the reverse where guys play over their heads, contribute to the “any given Saturday” syndrome that makes CFB so head-scratchingly wonderful. but depressing at the same time. Here is to hoping last Saturday inspires a 2007 type sprint to the finish, would love to see a 2012 SEC flag flying next year over Sanford.


    • Hogbody Spradlin

      Mac, the simple fact is that with all you say, these guys are still bonehead teenaged boys.


      • Macallanlover

        I know but it is so hard to relate to. If they didn’t have to spend 300 days practicing or working out it might be more understandable. But preparing so long for so few “releases” makes me think I would be like a bull trying to get out of the chute when I hit the field before a packed house of fans. Forget tht I might impress a scout and earn a spectacular living playing a game. But, as you say, they are blinded by youth and it does happen to all teams at the strangest times. Still hoping that taste of success last week will carry-over for the remainder of this year. We have slacked off enough for one season.


    • Beer Money

      I had one tremendous football coach tell our team back in HS that when you narrow down the average amount of time the average starter is on the field and active during a play, it comes out to somewhere between 2-5 total minutes given that the clock is running for a good deal of the time that action is not going on, (also depending on how long the offense keeps the ball, turnovers, 3 and outs, penalties, etc.) It really put things in perspective. How can any football player not go as hard as they possibly can for 2-5 total minutes? This isn’t soccer or basketball where players are moving the entire time the ball is in play and the clock is running.

      2-5 minutes apiece of the hardest, smartest, nastiest football you can play boys. That’s all we want to see.


  8. ChicagoDawg

    Does anyone give these slapdicks a chance for getting back to Atlanta and if they do would it not be a curb stomp?


  9. Slaw Dawg

    Hey, you, YOU, yeah, YOU, Jarvis Jones! Yeah, you with the dreads! Lissen up! Bo Wallace is taller than you, faster than you, meaner than you, thinks your dreads look sissy, gets a helluva lot more ______ than you do, is absolutely 1000% looking forward to hurling footballs over your head to his wide receivers all day and passionately wants to deny you a Dec 1 trip to Atlanta. And on top of that, get this: HE IS A QUARTERBACK!

    This message provided as a public service.


  10. Dubyadee

    These guys don’t play hard, they don’t hit hard, they don’t run hard. They get all upset when someone calls them soft, but if that’s what it takes to make them want to hit someone, then they really are soft–in the head and in the heart. If their so tough, why can’t they go out and play tough without having their manhood challenged. Why can’t they go out and hit somebody without having such a chip on their shoulder that they jaw themselves into a 15 yard penalty. Oh wait, I know the answer–because they’re not tough–they’re SOFT. Like a MF’n pillow.


    • Cojones

      Boy, have I been screwed up. I thought “soft” referred to another part of their anatomy other than head and heart. What these guys need is a viagra enema start on their hardon before hitting the field.

      Phi phi KA. Any other Pikes here to show them the way?


  11. paul

    Just show them this interview between Verne Lundquist and Loran Smith. When CBS took SEC games national, Verne was ecstatic. “I love football and I love the SEC,” he says. He is not reluctant to identify the place he enjoys most. “No question,” he says. “It is Athens, Georgia, and Sanford Stadium. How we love working a game between those famous hedges. We love the town, we love the ambience and the feel. We love the people. It is just a great place to spend a fall Saturday afternoon. The campus is so beautiful and charming, and the people at Georgia are so accommodating.” Then he winked, “You guys need to win more often so we can come to Athens more often.”

    There you have it “You guys need to win more often so we can come to Athens more often.” Uncle Verne is pulling for you, but he doesn’t think you win often enough. It’s almost a classic Spurrier like backhanded compliment. Love Athens. Love Sanford. Y’all need to win so we can visit.


  12. Heathbar09

    Who cares if you guys win? You won’t beat Bama in the Dome anyways. And you’ll lose the bowl game. Just lay down against Ole Miss. It’ll be less embarrassing.


  13. Pat Dye

    Georgia is not man enough to beat Mississippi.


  14. Bulldog Joe

    Now our team is telling us that “Our team. Our time. No regrets.” is just a pile of bullshit.


    • Macallanlover

      One regret, still could be this team’s time. Make it happen guys. Bama fans have been laughing at you all season. Just sayin’.


  15. TheLifeOfReilly

    Mark Richt has lost control of being able to motivate his team


  16. HVL Dawg

    If we don’t win Saturday this will be our third losing season in a row!


  17. King Jericho

    The defense is still soft. Jarvis Jones carried the team on Saturday and hopefully he’ll do it again or we’re done. Ole Miss is too fast and sophisticated on offense for our defense to be able to keep up. They’re just slow and dumb and gave up a ton of yards to Kentucky. Combination of Florida playing bad and Jarvis Jones prevented the defense from getting exposed again. I expect the worst on Saturday and know I’ll be proven right. Also, I was accidentally copied on a group email from the Ole Miss offense that referenced each member of the Georgia’s defense’s mamas in a negative light.


  18. TennesseeDawg

    Why bother? Georgia won’t stand a chance against Bama anyway. Georgia’s chicken shart defense can’t contain Ole Miss much less Aladamnbama.


  19. /insert obligatory Skeptic Dawg rant about how it’s ridiculous that after 12 years Mark Richt can’t properly motivate a team without gimmicks


  20. Skeeter

    This Bulldog team is made up of bunch of cotton-headed ninny muggins!


  21. AusDawg85

    Interesting find on YouTube…the Senator Sunday morning beach side after the WLOCP contemplating how to motivate the Dawgs this week.


  22. DC Dawg

    Cornelius Washington has a silly name. Jon Jenkins is a big baby. Alec Ogle tree runs like a girl. Shawn Williams smells like poo. The entire O-line has the collective IQ of Forrest Gump. Aaron Murray’s listens to ABBA during warmup. Mike Gilliard is SOFT.

    Please don’t hurt me for saying that.


  23. Cojones

    The comments here today have furnished plenty of humor that will keep this old fart laughing until after the game. Thanks to all of you and to Bluto who i warming up his steam machine and poppin’ a few bleeder valves getting ready for Hole MIss.


  24. SouthGa Dawg

    Hey boys, don’t be listening to your little fat girlfriends. You know they are saying how good you are after beating UF. Hey just go look at the SC film when your little fat girlfriends start talking about how good you are…


  25. Coastal Dawg

    As Pulpwood would say, “Georgia’s defense? Shit, they’re just a bunch of ….”


  26. Scorpio Jones,III

    It is gratifying , after a period of time, that worrying about Ole Miss is no longer a solitary mission.