Friday morning buffet

Mangia, mangia.

  • Gary Danielson really doesn’t want to see Notre Dame in the national title game.
  • On the other hand, the rest of the BCS bowls are positively giddy over Notre Dame’s prospects.
  • The offensive genius gets defensive.
  • This blows me away – of the 38 coaches who originally recruited Robert Marve, who starts this Saturday for Purdue, only two are still with the same school today.
  • Cool piece on a guy who may be the most obscure influential offensive mind in college football right now.
  • Once expected to be the offensive line’s sixth man, Watts Dantzler couldn’t even beat out a walk-on to make the travel squad for the Florida game.
  • Here you go, worry warts:  “Ole Miss probably couldn’t have picked a better time to face Georgia.”
  • Just shoot me.  Also, this(h/t Puffdawg)


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12 responses to “Friday morning buffet

  1. KornDawg

    LUSFReek, that wasn’t right. It was a bad deal.It will forever be in the mind of Urban Meyer and in the mind of his football team. He’ll handle it and it’s going to be a big deal. You may possibly be banned to seat 37F.


  2. TennesseeDawg

    I’m with Gary


  3. AthensHomerDawg

    “Offensive coordinator Mike Bobo said Tuesday that there is a weekly competition on the offensive line, and Dantzler just didn’t do well enough. the Bulldogs took 10 linemen to the game, including walk-on Preston Mobley.”
    Wonder how this would play out in little Nicky’s world.


  4. Babs Jansen

    The comments section on the Paul Johnson interview floors me (yeah, I know…AJC comments section=cesspool of humanity). If Richt was making those sorts of comments about a loss, any loss, not just an entire season and a half in the tank, he would have been crucified as not getting it, having lost control, etc. etc. etc. Tech fans? They’re glad he’s defending himself. He really knows what he’s doing. Give him some time!!!!! It’s the Bizarro World of college football.


  5. The other Doug

    GT should hire a defensive minded HC and Bob Stitt as their OC. He is smart, innovative, and can recruit at the School of Mines.


  6. Normaltown Mike

    Didn’t realize Marve was still kicking around CFB.

    What next, is somebody gonna tell me Andre Zellner has signed with the Dawgs again?


  7. Nate Dawg

    Anybody else think the Urb is a little bit of a brain-washing asshole over Camilla Bell’s boyfriend? I mean asshole sure, but it’s like he’s got the power over him. A little disturbing and strange to me…
    All that OSU love has gotta piss off the flaurda fans, right? Man, that’s too bad…


  8. So…. Paul Johnson does realize that his job is more than just getting his team a lead in the 4th quarter, right? He’s crowing about being ahead in all five of his ACC games so far. Congratulations, Coach, but you lost three of those. You’ve only won three games all year.

    And I don’t think you managed to get ahead in the 4th quarter of the games where your team got its collective ass waxed by BYU and… MIDDLE TENNESSEE STATE. At. Home.

    So, congratulations on getting those 4th quarter leads. Please, feel fre to get one against Maryland on Saturday, so long as you plan on losing it.


  9. Marshall

    Really enjoyed the piece on Stitt. I remember that play in the Orange Bowl and CDH talking about it afterwords. It does seem like there’s this 6 degrees of Hal Mumme out there…