“Some breathing room at last for the Bulldogs…”

Ah, what the hell – here’s the official highlight clip from this year’s Cocktail Party.

It’s missing the final Florida turnover, but I don’t hate it.



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  1. “All success is shared. Failure is the sole responsibility of the leader.”


  2. calder

    Senator there is a 7 minute version of this video in HD on Georgia’s website. The link can be found below the video if viewed from youtube’s page.


  3. Turd Ferguson

    That sack by Rambo came on the most perfectly timed blitz I’ve ever seen. I was just sure that either he or Jarvis would get called offside.

    And the broadcast picked up a great shot of Driskel’s face immediately after the sack. He stood up and looked around like, “There has to be a penalty, right? There’s no way that was legit.” And it’s hard to blame him, really. One second, you’re taking the snap. And then literally the next second, you’re being tackled by a DB.

    I really hope we play that aggressively throughout the rest of the season.


    • Rambo timed it perfectly. But I’m not so sure about Jarvis.


      • Heathbar09

        Jarvis was offsides. But I think the ref’s were pre-occupied with Rambo coming fast. It is hard to focus on the line when you see a guy running full speed to the ball before the snap. I think Rambo’s perfectly timed blitz saved JJ from being called offsides..


      • Macallanlover

        I thought they were going to call JJ but felt he had it perfect and wasn’t offsides. It was so close I looked at the official to see if he was reaching. Have to look at it again but it was like a perfectly timed pass breakup/hit, it was split second and usually goes against the defense.


      • BenG

        I watched that play on my DVR, frame-by-frame, and was surprised to find that Jarvis did not appear to be offsides. He was as close as you can get, though.


  4. James Stephenson

    How did they miss that facemask


  5. Sneaky Short

    Dont know if this has been discussed yet. If UGA goes on to have an even more special season, isnt MM’s catch this generation’s Lindsay Scott moment? Granted UGA wasnt behind and there was plenty of clock left.


    • Russ

      Great play, but not even close. Michael Johnson’s catch at Auburn in ’02? That’s “Run, Lindsay” territory.


      • Comin' Down The Track

        Verron Haynes, too, but it’s already got its Hobnail Boot.


        • Scott

          And not as big as David Pollack’s interception/TD against SC in 2002. I don’t even think it is as big as the two 4th down TD catches against UF from last year’s game.

          Nor as big as Michael Johnson’s td catch in the back of the endzone against Auburn in 2002 with only 1:23 remaining in the game. Without that catch, we don’t win our first SEC title in 20 years.

          Mikey Henderson made a big td catch in overtime against Alabama and Nick Saban for the win in 2007.

          Belue to Amp Arnold against GT in 1979 was huge. Considered one of the greatest games ever.


  6. matt b

    Where’s Gator Mikey?


  7. Dawg19

    I just noticed that it was a Gator wearing “#15” that got beat for the last Georgia touchdown. Small retribution but it made me smile a bit…:-)