I got ‘yer game day thread right here.

I’ll be heading up to Athens shortly, but wanted to leave y’all with a place for grumbling/praising today.

I’ve got mixed feelings – not about Georgia winning, but about how pretty the win will be.  Ole Miss has been terrific (7-1) against the spread this season.  And there’s no way Georgia comes out and plays with the same emotional intensity we saw on display last weekend.

That being said, there are factors that push me in the other direction.  For one, Mississippi’s defense isn’t bad, but it isn’t Florida’s, either.  And there’s a faint voice in the back of my head reminding me that the 2007 team used the Florida game as a jumping off point to roll through the back end of that season, and maybe today is a chance to prove that lightning can strike twice.

It’s probably heretical on my part to suggest it, but today isn’t as much about recapturing the emotion of Jacksonville as it is playing smartly and under control.  It wasn’t just that the defense was fired up last week – players communicated with each other well and played good assignment football.  Ole Miss’ fast paced offense will challenge that.  As for Georgia’s offense, can Aaron Murray get his groove back and do a good job with his mechanics and reads?

In the end, it wouldn’t surprise me if the Dawgs march out to a comfortable lead and then reel things in, much as Alabama did against the Rebels.  Or the defense could take a step back and look like it did against Tennessee and Kentucky, in which case it’ll be more of a track meet.  Either way, I think the final score comes up just a notch under the spread.

One other note:  it’s Michael Adams’ last Homecoming.  For those going to the game, don’t forget to give him the send off he deserves.


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66 responses to “I got ‘yer game day thread right here.

  1. TennesseeDawg

    To hell with Adams!!!

  2. W Cobb Dawg

    Tell CMR not to defer when we win the coin toss – just want to see the surprised look on everyone’s faces.

  3. MT Dawg

    Happy Homecoming! Go Dawgs.
    I feel comfortable in a Dawgs win today. I am busying myself rooting for/against other teams for the Dawgs advantage. Big, big day (but then again, what Saturday isnt’t?)

  4. Silver Creek Dawg

    OT here, but does anyone else think Florida is still feeling the effects of last week? They look lost offensively against Mizzou.

  5. Turd Ferguson

    Just win.

    I promise I won’t complain, even if it’s uglier than last week.

    Just win these next two, Dawgs.

  6. Lrgk9

    Hey Adams, Nah Nah Naah Nah, Hey Hey HEY – GOODBYE !

  7. Still concerned about the carry over from last week.
    Hope you are right, Senator.

  8. Rebar

    I’m pretty sure our other JJ has something to prove; he’s starting today opposite Jarvis. I think the defense will raise hell.

  9. Scott

    James Franklin’s stats don’t look so good since he joined the SEC. He was awful today.

    He rushed for 683 yards against Big 12 conference opponents in 2011. This year, he has 83 rushing yards against SEC opponents.

    He had 14 td passes in Big 12 games. He has 2 passing td’s in SEC games.

    He rushed for 11 td in Big 12 games, he has 0 zero rushing TD’s in SEC games.

    He passed for 2039 yards in Big 12 games. He has 669 yards in SEC games.

    • Russ

      And yet, he was one completion away from sending the game to OT at the swamp. Would’ve loved to have seen it, but then it would have just Dawgraded our victory last week even that much more.

  10. Cosmic Dawg

    I think you’re going to see this Dawgs squad exactly where you want a team to be. Alert, prepared, and tough, not too high and not too low. I think we’re going to take this one 40-23.

  11. Scott

    Dooley as 3 minutes to rally UT against Troy. Tenn trailing 46-41. Troy has 669 total yards so far.

  12. Murray has to quit wiping his hands on his towel before he passes.

  13. And gurley is responsible for 2/3 sacks so far. Not a great start.

  14. lrgk9

    Theus is responsible for one of those. Theus didn’t block outside or inside – missed both UM players and then backedup so dang fast he cut Gurley off.

    But dang – Murray has got his head somewhere else other than in this game.
    Too much thinking on offense – lets run it, roll it out and then run it some more.

  15. Scott

    Can we please recruit a new kicker?

  16. lrgk9

    Arrgh, They are clearly out coaching us.

  17. CASH

    Wow, what a surprise. We are making OLE MISS seem like Oregon. The O-Line looks like crap and they have run the screen pass for positive yardage about 6 times. Please do not crap the bed again UGA.

  18. lrgk9

    Faaake ! TD

  19. Scott

    That fake by Murray on 3rd and 1. We did that same play for a TD against Auburn about 10 years ago. That was an FSU staple when Richt was OC. there. I haven’t see us run that as much since Bobo became OC.

    • That was a pretty fake by Murray but I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone do it as well as David Greene. On the additional bright side for Murray he finally put the right touch on that pass to Gurley out of the backfield..hit him in stride for once.

  20. Scott

    BTW, that Marlon Brown trot pisses me off. He almost got caught. I hate seeing players do that.

  21. I love that play more than I love fried food.

  22. lrgk9

    Nice play by Brandon !

  23. Wallace is a baller. “Ballah” as the kids say.

  24. Andre Risons broadcast is better than these guys.

    • Four turnovers in 60 seconds. That is some sloppy football.

    • Russ

      Nah, I disagree. I was pleasantly surprised to hear Tim Brando. Fully thought we’d have to “enjoy” Craig Bolerjack (whatever that is). Of course, Steve Beurlein is like a fish out of water broadcasting an SEC game. I don’t think he knew Archie Manning played football.

  25. Cosmic Dawg


  26. lrgk9

    Too much – 4 turnovers in under a minute. Sheesh

  27. lrgk9

    Toss Sweep Baby !

  28. lrgk9

    Theus can’t block his shadow

  29. lrgk9

    Safety watched the tape of Florida where Murray threw it down the middle – this time, lo and behold – Murray throws it to the outside.
    Whew !

  30. gastr1

    Increasingly I feel the problem is not Aaron Murray. The problem is that when Bennett went down we lost our only WR that can catch the ball in traffic. It’s really caused problems with 3rd down conversions as well as affected Murray’s confidence.

    What can you do for a mid-range passing game when you have no one that can catch the ball unless they’re wide open?

  31. lrgk9

    Brown, Mcgowan, Mitchell – WOW jest WOW

  32. lrgk9

    GArrison Smith is playing really well

  33. lrgk9

    Da Fullback ! Trickeration chuckle

  34. See what happens when you give the fullback the ball?

  35. lrgk9

    RUGA is certainly enjoying his naps

  36. Oh good. So even this crappy broadcast tean can explain how we give away our qb sneaks. Didn’t even take Danielson to figure it out. This stuff infuriates me.

  37. lrgk9

    They are just setting Auburn and Alabama up doan ya know?

  38. Cosmic Dawg

    Well, the announcer asked AM an excellent question – was this our most complete game of the season? I have to say yes, this and Vandy. Yes, Ole Miss is who we thought they were, but I saw a Georgia team in Q2 – Q4 that has a puncher’s chance in the SECCG.

    The fumbles were uncharacteristic of our tailbacks, and except for that, the controlled but aggressive team we reminded me of tonight, dare I say it , has an away game starting in a few minutes.

    I think J Jones may be playing hurt.

  39. Scott

    A classic David Greene play fake.

  40. Regarding the “run the ball” post Senator, Gurley called it right.

    But as I’ve complained about ad nauseum, he could do so much more. First play from scrimmage – wide toss to Todd for 21 yards. Then they pitched it to him exactly one more time the rest of the game.

    The guy’s a Cadillac RB. But I question whether he’ll stay healthy running between the tackles for 3-4 years.