Mark Richt lost control of the second quarter.

Man, what was that – four turnovers on six plays?

The offense was ten seconds away from being booed off the field at the end of the first half when Murray uncorked one of the best passes of his career.

The defense is back, by the way.


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  1. Dawgaholic

    CMR says they visit other coaches in the offseason for ideas. Did not know they visited Les Miles to work on clock management.

  2. Yes they are! That Notre Dame vs Pitt game was unbelievable! Don’t hate me for this: RAH, rah Fighting Irishman, we know you are bound to win!

    • Russ

      I hate Notre Dame. The best day of my football life was win Tech tied Notre Dame to put us at #1, and neither one of them actually won the game.

      • Russ

        Oh, and to channel my inner Lewis Grizzard, I wouldn’t pull for Notre Dame with 3 engines out on the team plane.

        • Sorry Russ, I was a Cheerleader for five years here in an Atlanta High School and we were the Fighting Irish. I know all the words to the Fight Song and Alma Mater. Also, I have a little dance to each one. My Mother had lunch with Lewis at least once a week. He autographed all his books to me through her. I did not know he said that, but God rest his precious soul.

            • Russ

              Oh, and your HS Fighting Irish are fine. Just don’t care for the ones in South Bend. If they weren’t so lucky today, we’d move up 2 BCS spots tomorrow.

            • O’Keefe Fighting Irish. We were the last graduating class before Tech bought the building.

              • Cojones

                In my early grade school and all the way through high school, that was our fight song. This from a conservative part of Sowega who hated yankees more than UGA hates Auburn.

                We would innocently arise as one in the auditorium and sing our alma mater at the tops of our little lungs, ignorant of the fact that we were paying homage to a yankee school and there wasn’t a Catholic Church to be found for many miles in all directions. I look back and chuckle that we sang along with children of KKK-active families who someday would nearly croak when their ignorance was transformed as to that song that their families also sang at basketball games..

                I still remember all the words. And the world was more innocent.

          • My daughter plays volleyball for the jackets, but I sure as hell don’t root for those guys on the flats. Just sayin’

          • Uglydawg

            Joy..I love you but I hate the Irish.
            If you watched any of that game and compared it to the Bama/LSU game, the difference in talent, speed, intensity, etc. are stark. I don’t believe ND could beat the top or middle teams in the SEC.
            And..if Lewis said it, it’s Red and Black!

  3. Ausdawg85

    I thought we fired Mark Richt?!

    And I blame Bobo for using just about every play we’ve been asking about all season. David Green is smiling somewhere.

    • Cojones

      Certainly smiling about his trademark fake with his back to the O-line play that Aaron used.

      • uga70

        I’ve been hoping Aaron would learn and master that fake, that David did so well, for 2 years. It’s close to being perfect but Aaron was close to being sacked too. David’s fake was so believable and nonchalant that he always seemed to have plenty of time to casually turn around and make a throw anywhere on the field he wanted to.

  4. Sandfly, GA

    Eleven shades of David Greene.

  5. I believe you made that final comment last week, Sir.

    I thought Tree was loafing for the first quarter and a half, but eventually the whole defense categorically kicked ass.

  6. dudetheplayer

    Tough to complain about that one. Yes, a sloppy and hungover first half, but the boys really delivered in the second half. If we’re gonna play “half football”, I’d much rather it be in the second.

    Call me crazy, but I say we have a shot in the SEC Championship and maybe even (dare I say it) an outside shot at the MNC. Am I drinking to much kool-aid?

    We’re gonna beat the shit out of Auburn.

    • Russ

      I’m already worrying about Auburn. You know it will make their season to beat us.

      • Careful Brad

        No it won’t.

        • Ben

          I think we’re second fiddle to Alabama in Auburn’s mind. I live in Alabama, and all the Auburn fans can’t understand my disdain for their team.

          • Charles

            Show them footage of Nick Fairley spearing our freshman quarterback and maybe they’ll get a sense of it. Maybe…

            • Cojones

              My sense of it won’t be over until we kick their ass good back in their stadium, this week AND next year. Last year’s game took care of nearly half of my angst, but it requires more. Sic’em Dawgs!

              • uga70

                And I think, if we win, it will even or one up our overall W/L record against them. Something that has always ticked me off for some, i.e., that they led our W/L record.

                • Macallanlover

                  Me too. I believe next week will even it up. That leaves only TN that is an every year rival with an edge over UGA in the series. Really want to get that one straightened out, we should never have gotten behind those clowns in football. The 90s killed us, and 2-3 pure giveaways on the 00s have us still down (2 behind I believe).

  7. Dawgwood

    Jarvis is king, but Rambo has been giving it 100% these last two games. Love watching him play.

  8. Debby Balcer

    It was an amazing game and I have no voice.

  9. tbia

    Was it just me or did it seem like once we got out of the “scripted first 15 plays”, our offense was pretty damn good.

    The booing was very much the clock management.

    • Russ

      Yeah, even the announcers knew the crowd was booing the clock mgt and generally agreed with them.

    • Scott

      That snap count on the play just before the TD seemed to last 30 seconds.

    • Chopdawg

      I totally don’t understand fans who’d boo their one-loss, Top-5-ranked college football team, in the second quarter of a huge game, a single week after one of the biggest wins in recent history.

      • HobnailedBoots

        We were booing the clock management by the coaching staff. Which was atrocious. Everybody and their grandmother was shouting for them to take a timeout.

        • Cojones

          I detest booing at a college game, but last night’s collective brain stroke deserved it.

          I confess that I thought the clock should have stopped to move the chains when we completed the first down pass, but it didn’t. What was with that? I half expected that the clock would be reset, but felt someone should call timeout and bitch at least. Truly, it was like deer in the headlights.

  10. hodgie

    Senator, I guess that no huddle stuff wasn’t to unfair for our boys today?

  11. Matt b

    Any word on Marlon? It would be a huge loss if its as serious as it seems.

  12. Scott

    CBSAtlanta keeps running promos of this “investigative” hit piece on Jim Donnan. The clip they keep airing for the promo is really obnoxious with a tabloid feel, one where the reporter gets in Donnan’s face and asks a “gotcha” question. I will make sure to change the channel to another station before it airs.

  13. ZeroPointZero

    Tree’s safety was a thing of beauty. Only word I can think of was Manhandled.

  14. gastr1

    Mettenberger looking good tonight. Alabama can be had!

  15. Scott

    We need Bama to win this game to have any shot of leapfrogging teams ahead of us.

    • Cosmic Dawg

      It doesn’t look like we’re going to find out. Even if Alabama holds them, they’re built for comfort, not speed, they’ll have a hard time making their way down the field…but Kansas State looks for real to me. Oregon…seriously, ought to be ranked about #10. Notre Dame has worked their way through a reasonably difficult schedule undefeated, and deserves to be top 5 or 6, as much as I hate to admit it.

      But I think we’re just watching the #1 and #2 teams in the country beat the snot out of each other again, regardless of their records.

    • gastr1

      I’m not sure that leapfrogging will be all that necessary. Oregon and Notre Dame could very well lose yet. That would make it us, Kansas State, Alabama, and LSU. And we’d leapfrog Alabama upon beating LSU in Atlanta.

  16. Cosmic Dawg

    LSU are such a bunch of dirtbags…I like CLM but the rest of ’em…not so much. Especially Mettenberger. That cell phone thing – are you kidding me? THAT’S what you’re thinking about right now?

  17. Merk

    Wonder if Bama fans will blame the bye-week placement if they lose…

  18. Cosmic Dawg

    hoo-boy. HOORAY!!

    • gastr1

      Really the best outcome for us….Alabama looks somewhat mortal –especially the defense–but still wins.

      • Scott

        Its a good outcome for our BCS title aspirations, but now its a tougher road for an SEC title. I am sure the Vegas point spread will be much larger with Bama in the game versus LSU.

  19. Scott

    How many times did LSU falter in field goal range? 2 Missed FG, failed fake FG, going for it on 4th down and failing. LSU could have won the game easily.

    • gastr1

      I can’t recall the last time I saw a wildcat package that was successful. Why do some teams keep throwing it out there?

      • Hackerdog

        I think it was the right call. If you’re going to run a tailback in the A gap, why waste time with an extra exchange using a QB. Hike it directly to the TB. Their line just couldn’t get a push.

        • TCD

          But he was under center. He had no momentum and that’s a long way for a QB sneak.

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            I agree TCD. If they were going to run the Wildcat in that situation they should have been in the shotgun and had a wideout run across the formation at the snap so at least some of the DBs were forced to cover the end run and not be allowed to clog up all possible holes in the LOS. The way LSU did it had no chance of success.

        • Scott

          And he bobbled the snap for a split second, which is no surprise since he probably does not get many reps.

  20. IWanaBDaveGrohl

    Senator, it was 4 turnovers in 5 plays. Marshall fumble, Ole Miss fumble, Gurley run, Gurley fumble, Ole Miss pick

  21. Always Someone Else's Fault

    I had a hard time deciphering what coverages Alabama was running against LSU, given CBS camera angles, but they gave Mett some really easy throws, especially on 3rd down. I can see Murray finding a lot of holes in that zone.

    • Hackerdog

      What amazes me is that Mett looked like it was a spring game out there. I just worry that the Murray we’ll see is the USC/1st half of UF person who couldn’t make a single throw, regardless of how easy it was.

      BTW, some of those throws that Mett made were awesome. He lived up to the hype in that game.

    • BMan

      Not sure about the ability of our O-line to protect as well as LSU’s.

    • Dboy

      True ASEF, but what about our Oline play makes you think Murray would have time to make those throws against Alabama’s DL / blitz

      • Cojones

        It’s Bama’s O line that won that game last night. They will be hard for our D to get an upper hand on. LSU’s O line was shown up by FU, so Bama’s ability to get to Mett should not have been that tough.

        If we play Bama, their O line will again be the key to the game. If we can get to McCarron, then there is a good chance the game could be played on an equal footing. It then would come down who can do the best under intense pressure and I will bet on Murray.

        • Hackerdog

          McCarron wasn’t under that much pressure. His receivers were just covered well. That is, until LSU decided to stop covering the receivers on the final drive. I’m amazed that strategy didn’t work.

  22. Erskine

    Was Saban kidding with you?

  23. Russ

    Gosh, how bad is Kentucky?

  24. lrgk9

    Kentucky is bad. But imo – they are better than Ole Miss was last yrar. Joker Phillips is a great guy, a regular Mark Richt, but w/o the wins and w/o the QBs. If KY catches you on the right Saturday – they will give you fits.

    BTW – am definitely going to watch some of the UT – Vandy game.

    Fo the very first time I am encouraged that Murray may actually – FINALLY – after all this time, undergoing a little bit of growth. He floated several passes – even a screen pass, didn’t throw into triple coverage late over the middle, rolled out some, and on the pass to Woot turned the ball over and dropped it down the chute. If he can learn to feather the ball and drop it down the chute – that will finally complete the puzzle.

  25. Russ

    Oh, and how bad is New Mexico State? Giving up 41 to Auburn?

    • gastr1

      There are some schools where the depth of bad is virtually unfathomable. Most of those schools seem to reside in Colorado, NM, and Idaho.

  26. Personnel management query:

    Why on earth did CMR leave so many of the first string players on the field when the game was so clearly in the bag? It would have been a shameful pity had we lost someone to injury on a meaningless play.

    I’ll hang up and listen to you answers.

    • I hate to say it, but I think MR wanted to make sure he had the message sending locked down this week. Georgia beat OM by a wider margin than Alabama did and I don’t think he wanted to risk that.

      It sounds silly in a way, but given that 35-7 blowout on the resume, I think he felt it was necessary to give the pollsters and computers something else to consider.

      • JG Shellnutt

        In the stands yesterday, I pointed out to a buddy that CMR had taken his foot off of the gas at some point….but then floored it again when they showed that ND might get a loss on the big board. It seemed like he knew we needed a decisive win for the pollsters eyes, not just a ‘Mark-Richt-close-enough-win.’ Evil Richt anyone?