So much for due diligence.

It’s almost too easy to mock SOD for the news that Deion Bonner is the sole suspect in a campus theft of a cell phone.

“Deion, we did a lot of diligence on the situation. Deion was incredibly truthful, he was incredibly remorseful and I don’t know of a high school player who had to pay the piper more for what they did than what he had to go through. Had an absolute public disparagement.

“Everybody stopped recruiting him, and it was tough. It was incredible the maturity level that he showed. I believe that he can come in and represent Tennessee the right way and learn from his mistakes and be a great example.

“Certainly, it’s not the norm, but we felt like given the diligence that we did on him and, of course, he’s a good football player. Let’s don’t deny that at a key position. We felt willing to take the risk.”

Doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do it, though.  Should be another feather in SOD’s cap when he sits down with Dave Hart for his postseason evaluation.

Oh, and expect Bonner to go if the suspicions have legs.  He’s not playing on defense.  I suspect Alabama State’s about to get itself another refugee.


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15 responses to “So much for due diligence.

  1. The other Doug



  2. toggle

    A serial cellphone snatcher?


  3. Keese

    I will miss SOD. At some point UT athletics is going to realize how ineffective he his


  4. Why can’t those Tennessee alumni take care of these little needs that these boys have. They need laptops, phones etc. for learning.


  5. ChicagoDawg

    As SOD was welcoming Bonner to campus Papa Dooley was talking in the press about Richt cleaning out bad-apples (Crowell)… and he seemingly did it with no sense of irony….


    • AthensHomerDawg

      I thought the same thing. Two of SOD’s biggest proclamations: “we are going to change the culture around here” and “you won’t have Tennessee to kick around anymore” kind of withered right along with the bamboo crop. At least this will put to bed the concerns that all the hillbillies had about Georgia sneaking into Knoxvegas and wooing SOD to the Classic City. All the misfortune that UT is experiencing just isn’t funny anymore.


      • No, it is not. I want Tennessee back up in the ratings. It is just no fun having a rival team in such shambles. I do adore SOD, but he has got to go!


        • Cojones

          I prefer that he stays one more year. Does this mean that I’m insensitive when it comes to beating the snot out of them. We haven’t done that yat according to my satisfaction. And that goes for Auburn’s ass too.


  6. TennesseeDawg

    He leads the SEC in electronic interceptions


  7. We all know due diligence means rewatching the game film. How bad do we need him?


  8. RomanDawg

    “Yo Deion! It’s Cro! Can ya hear me now?”