There will be run.

Todd Gurley knows what’s coming today.

“We start off with the run mostly every game,” Gurley said. “We try to get it going, get the line good confidence. If you start off running, it just makes them feel good and then keep moving on and on.”

This should make David Andrews feel especially good:  Ole Miss freshman nose tackle Issac Gross is 6-1 and 254 pounds.

But that’s not the only reason Georgia wants to establish the run today.

That seems especially important, given the status of Ole Miss’ secondary.

Ole Miss will likely be without starter Senquez Golson (concussion) today, as well as top backup Wesley Pendleton (ankle sprain). That leaves Ole Miss looking at three reserves, including Dehendert Collins (converted this week to corner from huskie) and freshman Anthony Standifer. Defensive coordinator Dave Wommack said Thursday afternoon he did not know who would start opposite Charles Sawyer.

You may remember Wommack, by the way.  He was Georgia Tech’s defensive coordinator in 2009, when the Dawgs went into Atlanta and upset the then #7 Jackets behind 339 yards of rushing.  Bobo should be in a comfort zone today.

I’ve seen plenty of pre-game analysis that focuses on Georgia needing to be worried about Mississippi’s offense.  It seems to me that the opposite should be an even bigger concern for the Rebel Black Bears.



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23 responses to “There will be run.

  1. Keese

    Pound em with the rock and get those 3 and outs.


  2. Glory Glory to ole Georgia…sing it with me guys…Happy days are here again……


  3. Macallanlover

    That is the way I see it too, Senator. Our offense should enjoy a successful day on the ground and through the air. Georgia will put up 30+, just a question of which defense shows up since we now know there is more than one. I think something along the line of 38-17. Fans should be excited after last week, the weather will be great, and this is just one of two obstacles between us and Atlanta. Good times indeed.


  4. heyberto

    The only outright concern that seems to be in everyone’s minds is just that old demon, lack of focus. This shouldn’t be a game that creates much concern for fans, otherwise.


  5. Lrgk9

    Runs Runs and RUns and let’s practice some screens.


  6. SouthGa Dawg

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Murray and company airing it out to start with then pounding the run. We have the capability to throw the ball all over the field with our wide outs, TE’s, and backs out of the backfield. It would be a good change of pace to the game plan. Honestly, I think we can run and pass vs this team. The question does keep going back to the defense keeping their offense off the field.


  7. Where in the world is Scorp? Talk to us ole wise one. We need you.


  8. Scorpio Jones,III

    Oh please, God, let the local CBS affiliate in Hartford, Conn. not be lying to me when they advertise Georgia-Ole Miss.

    Oh Please God.

    I brought all my hats, two shirts and a couple of totems.


  9. AthensHomerDawg

    After playing against Boise and their smallish defensive front I hope we don’t get too overconfident.


  10. W Cobb Dawg

    Would love to see Gurley have another huge day. Would also like to see Lynch get back in the groove with a catch and rumble into the endzone – leaving a few rebel black bears sprawled on the field in his wake.


  11. rugbydawg79

    agree–would like to see our tight ends gain confidence—go Mizzo–so far giving uf all they want