Last night’s “oy, vey” award goes to…

Really, I’m having a hard time deciding who’s the bigger douche nozzle:  do I go with Bobby Hebert for getting kicked out of the press box for excessive cheering, or Nick Saban for bringing SEAL Team Six into the mix on his team’s win?

Tough call.


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  1. Em, King here

    In Bobby’s defense, he was probably drunk:)

  2. gastr1

    The problem I have with Saban’s comment is less with Saban and more that I suspect this kind of analogy is used far more often than we hear about. I also wonder if it we should be as outraged by players and coaches using it as we are. Surely these players, and many of the coaches, can feel like they are defending a country given their intense fishbowl and pressure to perform; and they are risking their physical mobility, if not exactly their lives, with every play. Certainly they also risk their potential personal livelihood with every play as well.

    Mind you, I do not want that it is so.

    • gastr1

      But that it is so seems a little closer to the bone than perhaps we care to admit– and we’ve no doubt contributed to the situation with our obsessive fandom (me too, yes).

  3. sniffer

    ‘Eybare’s antics should surprise who, exactly? I am surprised he is still allowed on the property after last years drunken rant on WWL.

    I’ll give Saban a pass on his remarks. Where would a coach/developer/trainer go for life lessons and examples of teamwork, achievement and heroism if not the military? Coach K took his Duke squad to Ft. Bragg to scrimmage an Army team and said, something to the effect, “I want our kids to learn about being a team from the very best team, the Army”. Other than the obvious life or death issues regarding war, I have no problem using the military as an example of bravery, honor and teamwork. And, no, I was not in the military so throw stones if you want.

  4. DawgBiscuit

    Speaking of douche nozzles, I’m waiting for all the Florida fans, who said UGA didn’t really beat them and only escaped because we were +3 in turnover margin, to say UF didn’t really beat Mizzou yesterday because UF was +3 in turnover margin (4 for Mizzou to 1 for FU). Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

    • SouthGa Dawg

      Get this…If UGA loses in the SEC Championship game-close or not, the “experts” on the four letter say that UF goes to the Sugar Bowl (provided they only have one loss at year’s end). Wouldn’t that suck?

      • sniffer

        Yes, it would. FL will get a BCS bump from playing FSU and we’ll get herpes from playing Tech.

      • DawgBiscuit

        We shouldn’t have to worry about it as I think FSU will once again beat UF, sending the remaining Florida fans who haven’t switched to Alabama into hysteria over Willie M’s 0-4 record against their biggest rivals.

  5. Anon

    It’s an ANALOGY. Is Saban not allowed to take examples from a famous military event? It’s not like he was saying the team’s game was more important or heroic than the Navy SEALs. I think backlash for this is outrageous.

    • Ben

      So if UGA beats them in Atlanta, it will be okay to liken it to a SEAL team being shot out of the sky by a band of rebel fighters from the east?

    • Macallanlover

      Agree, there is nothing wrong with a military analogy with a team sport;s efforts to win and work together for a mutual goal. It is not over the top, an if the military used a sports analogy it wouldn’t be trivial. Everyone knows the difference in the stakes involved. You just want to do all you can to make your point, so long as you don’t pretend the significance of achieving the goal is equal. Much ao about nothing, imo, and no one takes the role of the military or US security than I.

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  6. Ben

    Also, is that what they’re talking about here?

  7. Bryant Denny

    If somehow I slipped into the press box as a “media member” I would probably act just like Hebert.

    • Bryant Denny

      Also – hats off to LSU. Great game plan and great execution. Glad to escape with a win.

      • Macallanlover

        That was a “great escape” BD. Not sure whether you should be more indebted to The Hat or Chavis but both blew a great effort by their defense and QB. What the hell were they thinking?

        Regardless, that was a wonderful prime time CFB game last night. Congrats.

  8. I’m impressed. The cajun bananas kicking ANYONE out for being drunk…man must have been D-runk. Much less one of there own. That’s like UF kicking out someone for being smoking too much weed. Or Auburn kicking out someone for paying their players too much. Or Bammer’s kicking out someone for being too much of a douch-bag.