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Good news for local fans

WSB-TV will broadcast the Georgia Southern game, so some of us won’t have to spring for PPV to watch it.  Woo hoo!


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Garrison Smith gets clocked in the heat of battle by a Florida player:

So that’s what everybody meant about how Georgia would handle getting punched in the mouth.

(h/t Radi Nabulsi)



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Making you look good

Now here’s a trend that’s both fun and timely.

Who’s your candidate to keep that going?


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Luck of the Irish

Not that it’ll happen in a million years, but would I take any pleasure out of this scenario?

Conversation topic from late last night with a bunch of other college football writers: Georgia still has an outside shot to get to the BCS title game. In fact, the Dawgs might even have a scenario where they could overtake an undefeated Notre Dame in the polls. With more Saturday by USC and Michigan State, ND’s potential top wins now may not even be ranked in the top 25 in early December. And if ND, in fact, beats the Trojans USC would be at least a four-loss team and probably unranked. At that point, ND, which just survived triple-OT at home against a bad Pitt team, could conceivably end up with wins over one two ranked teams all season: Oklahoma at Stanford, and ND needs the Cardinal to finish strong. Obviously, the 7-2 Cardinal could do the Irish and K-State and Georgia a big favor by knocking off Oregon in two weeks, then lose two of its remaining three (against No. 13 Oregon State, at Oregon and then at UCLA), David Shaw’s team also could slip out of the top 25.

The other problem for ND is the timing. Everyone else is playing on Championship Saturday but the Irish. I don’t think you could leapfrog a one-loss SEC champ over an unbeaten ND, but I’m not so sure. If Georgia goes out and upsets No. 1 Alabama, there would be a lot of momentum for the Dawgs because voters often get so caught up in the moment.

Yeeahhh… I thinks I might.


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Brace yourselves.

Auburn’s offense is on the move, statistically speaking.

The Georgia Bulldogs do not have to challenge quarterback Cam Newton this time around at Auburn, but they won’t be facing college football’s worst offense, either.

Auburn shook that label Saturday afternoon by racking up 475 yards in a 42-7 dumping of New Mexico State, which elevated the Tigers from last among the 120 Bowl Subdivision teams in total offense (284.0 yards a game) to 113th (305.2).

Kick ass!

Pay no attention to New Mexico State’s national ranking of 107  in total defense.


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It’s ACL season.

Marlon Brown is lost for the year with an ACL injury on the play at the 1:33:00 mark.

I really hate it for him, as he was finally having the kind of season many expected for him coming out of high school.  Georgia has depth at receiver, but it’s a little troubling that Murray’s two biggest targets at the position are gone.


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Fabris Invitational results and standings, Week 10

Another tiebreaker winner this week.  Congrats to dawgs3220.

Standings for Week 10
Rank Selection Adj
W-L Pts Tie
1 dawgs3220’s picks 9-1 9 45-30 (*)
1 mcrice’s picks 9-1 9 41-21
3 POTD’s picks 8-2 8 56-35
3 Rhino1’s picks 8-2 8 49-41
3 BowlDawgs 8-2 8 42-27
3 mantiev’s picks 8-2 8 40-17
3 Sweet D’s picks 8-2 8 38-24

Meanwhile, the season race sees a little space at the top. But not too much.

Overall Standings Through Week 10
Rank Selection W-L Pts Tie
1 4boysbrew’s picks 64-36 64
2 DawgRocker hates the spread 61-39 61
3 mcrice’s picks 60-40 60
3 etdawgfan’s picks 60-40 60
5 UGA-DAWG-in-TN’s picks 59-41 59
6 JonBenet Rams’s picks 58-42 58
6 shadrach’s picks 58-42 58
6 ImOpen!’s picks 58-42 58
6 wonderdawg’s picks 58-42 58
6 Ross Oglesby 58-42 58

Me? Another stellar 5-5 showing. I’ve got you guys right where I want you.


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My SEC Power Poll Ballot, Week 10

Games this week seemed to reinforce general perceptions. I’ve added net yard per game again as a general indicator about which schools are overachieving and which may not be.

  1. Alabama (+195.8).  A thrilling comeback win in Death Valley may obscure the question of what a career game for Zach Mettenberger means.
  2. LSU (+138.1).  Give Les Miles credit for coming up with a terrific game plan, or blame him for taking a series of ill-advised gambles that failed to pay off?  Yes to both.
  3. Georgia (+126.9).  The defense everyone expected to see at the beginning of the season has finally shown up.  Which means the Dawgs will go as far as their offensive line takes them.
  4. Florida (+45.9).  The Gator offense grows creakier by the week.
  5. South Carolina (+68.9).  How ironic would it be if what haunts Spurrier after the season isn’t the scheduling against the West but the loss to Florida?
  6. Texas A&M (+182.5).  Okay, maybe they haven’t shocked the world, but the Aggies have produced a damned fine debut season.
  7. Vanderbilt (+68.9).  The Commodores are doing to others what others have done to them.
  8. Mississippi State (+9.2).  Coach Mullen, it’s not that you did a poor job of preparing your team.  It’s that your team wasn’t that good to start with.
  9. Mississippi (+20.5).  Scheme will only take you so far, Rebels.
  10. Arkansas (+15.1).  Going toe-to-toe with Tulsa has to be almost as disheartening as having to beat two of the next three ranked opponents to qualify for a bowl game.
  11. Tennessee (+2.0).   Racking up 718 yards of offense against a Sun Belt team is one thing.  Needing to rack up 718 yards of offense against a Sun Belt team is quite another.
  12. Missouri (-8.3).  The Tigers wish they could play Kentucky again.
  13. Auburn (-123.5).  Nine games in, Auburn gets its first win in regulation.  Gene Chizik will tell you that’s something to build on.
  14. Kentucky (-122.6).  As final straws go, a 40-0 loss to Vanderbilt is as good as any.


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