It’s ACL season.

Marlon Brown is lost for the year with an ACL injury on the play at the 1:33:00 mark.

I really hate it for him, as he was finally having the kind of season many expected for him coming out of high school.  Georgia has depth at receiver, but it’s a little troubling that Murray’s two biggest targets at the position are gone.



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  1. hunkerdowndawg

    I hate this! He was breaking out this year. As you said, now our two biggest receivers and downfield blockers have been lost.


  2. fuelk2

    This seems like a huge loss to me. Seems like our remaining options at WR are really guys who do their best work outside the numbers. I was encouraged to see Wooten catch a couple of balls on Saturday. We’re going to need him to step up.


  3. That was a dirty play by the Ole Miss corner and I wish someone would suspend his ass. Sadly, in our system of college football, the play probably earned him a “secret handshake” from a booster.

    I hate this for Marlon and his family. Hope he recovers fully and can make an Nfl roster.


    • Macallanlover

      I have heard this allegation but your comment seems out of line unless you have proof of what you are charging. Many players do make stupid, dirty moves in the heat of the moment but to make a charge of there being a bounty paid by boosters is totally ridiculous.

      As to whether the injury occurred during the play, or after the whistle, I am sure MB knows when he felt the pain. I am for actions against dirty play but shouldn’t there be some evidence to support a charge like that? Other than the usual intertube crazies I have heard nothing else about this.

      Like others, I hate it for marlon, he developed into the receiver we needed during his time at UGA and was the most physical WR we had for the stretch run. I hope his rehab goes well for him and he gets his shot at the next level. Someone has to step up and play bigger and we need to increase our use of the TE and fullback in the passing offense.


      • Keese

        Are you serious….? First thought after seeing that play…and again after the 20th….Trey Elston tackled and then flipped while twisting on his foot. Cheap play by the freshman


    • deebflop

      Yeah… I’m not gonna say that was intentional. Granted, that guy was riding Marlon’s leg like a bungee jumper, but that could have easily been attributed to momentum on a hard play. Could have been on purpose, but the video is inconclusive.


      • Hackerdog

        Anything is possible. But, if they were going to intentionally take out a player, why not focus on Gurley? He’s a more critical cog in our offense than Brown.


  4. Brian Dawg

    All of a sudden, it’s dangerous to be a WR at UGA. Go figure.


  5. Bevo

    Those guys (Marlon and Bennett) were arguably our best blockers at the position as well. They will both be missed,


  6. Normaltown Mike

    Hate to see this happen. He really has rounded out to be the stud we thought we were getting many years ago. Strikes me as a latter day Reggie Brown. I hope he recovers and has a fine NFL career.


  7. uga70

    Definitely sad for Marlon and Michael but like the Lady Sportswriter, I think Rhett McGowan is a sleeper. He seems very confident on the field at both receiver and in punt return. He plays smart and has good hands and seems to run good route to get open. Although smaller he reminds me a little of Michael Bennett and I think he will step up even more in the coming weeks. He’s not particularly muscular but is tough and a scrapper, reminding me here of Conner Norman. God knows we’re going to need some of these other receivers to step including Chris Conley.


    • Cojones

      We are solid for receivers. Concur with your assessment of McGowan. He is a new asset stepping in when needed. We will see a lot more of him.


  8. Bulldog Joe

    Very proud of Marlon Brown’s season.

    Would love to see an NFL team give him an opportunity in 2014.


  9. WF dawg

    Man, I hate this. This was finally Marlon’s injury-free year, and he was displaying all the potential we saw in him when we signed him. He’s worked hard, stayed out of trouble during his time in Athens, and improved as a downfield blocker. His performance last year against Vandy was the difference in winning and losing that game. He’s a DGD in my book. Hate it had to end like this for him. Still, one thing is certain re: that 2009 class: we got the better WR from TN. Marlon > DaRick.


  10. Chuck

    I have heard the intentional allegation, but after looking at it several times, I don’t agree. There isn’t much to be flagged there, iyam, and if that is where you want to go you may as well lobby for flag football. ACLs are funny – I have torn one swimming believe it or not. I hate it for Marlon, but I think it is more a freak occurrence than anything else.

    Also, like others I love McGowan and we are still pretty deep at receiver. But, I bet we have seen the last of MM on defense, and if we are lucky, the last of him on kick returns.