Garrison Smith gets clocked in the heat of battle by a Florida player:

So that’s what everybody meant about how Georgia would handle getting punched in the mouth.

(h/t Radi Nabulsi)


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18 responses to “Pain

  1. rugbydawg79

    another reason to dislike uf—lets make it 3 in a row—hope they keep for the locker room next year—come on Dogs hunker down beat auburn

  2. King Jericho

    I’m sure he dove in fist-first by accident.

    • uga70

      The Orlando Sentinel described it as “Georgia player intentionally slams his jaw into fist of defenseless Gator”.

  3. Yeah, but we’re the thugs because once upon a time a bunch of Georgia football players ran into an end zone and danced. Alrighty.

  4. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Where’s Slive and his new policy about suspending players for dirty play even if the refs didn’t catch it and call a penalty during the game?

  5. MGW

    Awesome picture.

  6. Comin' Down The Track

    You know what though?


  7. Cojones

    Guess this is a compliment to Jordan Jenkins and his life in the opponent’s O line and backfield. But an outright fist to the face should get a time out. This photo gives us an idea of how easy it is for the players to get right back and line up for the next play. Not!

  8. adam

    Man. I hate Florida.

  9. bulldogbry

    Not only did he get hit in the face, look how quickly his helmet got turned around once it left his head. Was Coach Boom staring at it or something?

  10. Beer Money

    Whatever, as the photo clearly shows, that poor UF player got head-butted in the fist. Classless UGA players.

  11. Hogbody Spradlin

    I trust somebody got even for that.

  12. E dawg

    Looks like what I did to some punk sae at Hoyt street festival 93

  13. Scott

    Maybe Garrison had a big zit and the guy was just trying to pop it for him.