Mess with the ‘Horns, you get the bull.

Mack Brown thinks opponents flashing the upside-down Hook ‘Em Horns sign is “disrespectful” and something the Big 12 Conference should discuss.

Mack Brown is losing it.  Although I admit that would be a fun meeting to give a listen to.


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  1. Gatriguy

    This sounds eerily similar to the “Florida can taunt all game long with the chomp, but it’s a penalty if anyone else does it” logic. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Get over it.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Except that the SEC refs actually DO call it on UGA players when they do the “chomp” and DON’T call it on Florida players when they do it.

  2. David

    In this day and age of college football where they’re calling back touchdowns for taunting I’m sure it will pass. And they already do this in the SEC. Tim Tebow can run all over the field Gator chomping his arms after big plays and Gurley does a half-assed version after a touchdown and gets flagged. However, it’s the sort of weasel shit that you’d expect Urban Meyer to bitch about. Mack Brown should focus his frustration on making his team better.

    • 202dawg

      I think Gurley’s flag was a combination of the chomp and what appeared to be a half-hearted throat slash (although he did it about chest high)…

      • That’s the way I saw it as well.

        • Joe Schmoe

          But this is exactly why this is a completely ridiculous rules. It is so arbitrary and completely in the eyes of the beholder.

      • Cojones

        I called it the double garrote move and thought it was great to strike fear into their souls at the start. Jarvis ripped out their hearts and threw them into the dirt. They didn’t give him a flag, although at end of a game like the wonderful FU game, it would be nice to see a few yellow flags go up all around Jarvis in celebration of how miserable he made them.

        Mack Brown is a sensitive soul and the worst mistake he ever made was to let his opponents know that the symbolism gets to him. They could make a trident symbol with the middle finger sticking out, but I’m not sure he would take it that way. Would think he would prefer those symbols to having Bevo nutted and everyone flashes fake balls at Mack when he looses. Of course, no harm would come to the animal if they just painted butcher markings for the cuts of meat on Bevo’s hide.

        These dish-it-out guys can’t take it when it’s dished back. I’m thinking of suggesting we have life-size dummies on wheels dressed in the opponent’s uniform and everytime we score, we let Uga leg-hump the dummie. Anyone think he will take to old gold nicely?

  3. TennesseeDawg

    Oklahoma destroying you by 41 points is also disrespectful to Texas fans

    • Bevo

      Very true. Texas’ rivalry with OU during the Mack Brown era has been a lot like the Cocktail Party for Georgia, though hopefully those tides are turning.

      I should think that Georgia fans would be in a position to feel Texas’ pain. Getting blown out by superior programs with a nice guy coach that you want to love but sometimes doubt.

      At the moment, Georgia is trending up because we beat Florida. Had we not, Mack Brown and Mark Richt would be in very similar positions.

  4. Rebar

    Good Lord, shouldn’t that fellow have a little more on his mind than that! How about winning some games, people will stop with the foolishness then.

    • Bevo

      Well, the issue with this whole post/thread is that Mack Brown is not being granted the benefit of context by a lot of media reporting this as well as GTP.

      The “disrespectful” part came as part of Mack’s statement on the double standard that led to Mike Davis getting a flag for “guns down” while the Texas Tech players were allowed to “Horns down” without a penalty. Basically, other teams can taunt Texas but Texas can’t mock them back.

      A little more picture:

      […] Monday morning at his press conference, Mack Brown said it’s inconsistent that opponents can throw their horns down without penalty while other similar gestures are not allowed. “That’s something we ought to talk about as a league [Big 12],” Brown said. “The horns down are disrespectful for players on the field. If horns down are OK, we ought to have guns down be OK.”

  5. Well, you could discuss it in a committee. But you know a sure-fire way to keep people from flashing the upside down horns signal at you, Mack? BEAT SOMEBODY.

  6. DugLite

    Senator……does Barry Manilow know you raid his wardrobe?

  7. AthensHomerDawg

    Too bad Gurley didn’t get let off with a warning.
    “Davis reportedly made the “Guns Up” sign and then holstered it after his two touchdown receptions in the Longhorns’ 33-21 win Saturday at Texas
    Tech. Davis was warned the first time and penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct on the second.”

  8. Macallanlover

    SEC needs to address the uneven way the chomp is dealt with bu officials, there is no logic to the way they are handling it. Imagine what they would do if UGA players barked in the face of opponents, or Bama rolled their arms over each other, or Vols raised an imaginary musket to fire from their shoulder, etc. It is a form of taunting as it is being used by Florida, pure and simple.

    Mack Brown is losing it, similar to SOS except Spurrier’s record is still decent even though he has problems in big games these days. Spurrier’s public comments have become bizarre in recent weeks while Brown’s issues are more on ther field. Brown has never been a top coach in any way but compensation and has let the Texas program fall off the radar despite having an advantaged situation relative to his rivals. I am really surprised something wasn’t done to move him aside before now. Money and powerful alums have never been in short supply around the Austin Campus, they have been very patient with Mack.

  9. rugbydawg79

    What time is it in Texas ? It will always be 10 to 9

  10. Rocket Dawg

    They could just give them the middle finger instead.

  11. jbryan94

    Mark Richt has lost control of Mack Brown.

  12. stoopnagle


    But I disagree with Mack here. It’s a form of respect when your opponent and their fans focus on your traditions instead of cheering their own team.

  13. Bevo

    All this said, much of it funny and much of it true … don’t feel too bad for Texas yet. Your pity might be misplaced.

    Maybe we Georgia fans should start to pity Texas a little more when Georgia wins a national championship or plays for a couple of ’em. Or when UGA has it’s own TV network. Or when we at Georgia take our combination of athletics and academics to the next level.

    ‘Till then, I’m not going to pity the Horns too much.

    • Macallanlover

      I trust you aren’t really comparing the ease of bullying other conference members, or dominating the Big 12 in football with doing the same in the SEC. If Texas wanted to establish that network in the SEC they would have had to pull a Bobby Dodd and bolt. And winning the Big 12 with the priviledged position UT has against that level of competition should guarantee them a spot in the Top 5 most years. It is a short step to get a BCS bid awarded from there. No comparison with the good fortune needed by SEC members.

      Texas has an edge in academics but it isn’t that great, at least not so much that it is relevant to this discussion, imo. (By definition it is hard to objectively measure academic performance anyway.) Also in my opinion Texas, as a whole, has many advantages over any state you compare it to, But none of that justifies Mack Brown falling on his face to me. Regardless of our difference of opinion, Iremain surprised that the powerful alums are sitting on their hands.

      • Macallanlover

        And I don’t pity them at all. Used to like Texas as a program but their arrogance drove me away. When I lived among them for a while it became much easier to root against them.

      • Bevo

        I’m not sure we have a difference of opinion on the comparison at all. Those points were for effect, not to create a true or accurate comparison of two very different situations. The point is this: Maybe we at Georgia should remember who and what we are before we start drafting snarky pity about Texas.

        However, I do have a difference of opinion with Georgia fans that put positive spin on Richt’s recent years — usually relying on the promise of the early years — but seem to forget their arguments when they look at Mack Brown. So I am not as surprised as you that the alums have cut Mack a lot of slack. National championships and several BCS bowl wins tend to do that. And, like Richt, Mack is a good politician. He is popular with some important people.

        I’m not saying the Texas boosters are wrong or right. I don’t know any better. I’m just saying — for me — it’s not a difficult exercise to understand why Mack has enjoyed the benefit of the doubt.

    • Russ

      Eh, I wouldn’t hold up the Longhorn Network as a sign of success. Of course, all 12 people that currently subscribe to it may disagree.

      What’s one thing we’ll never hear during a commercial for an upcoming SEC game? “Call your cable provider and ask them to carry it.”

  14. AusDawg85

    My two favorite teams every Saturday…UGA and whoever is playing Texas.

    • Bevo

      You an Aggie bro?

    • Russ

      I pull for UT since my wife and her family went there. Plus, once I moved to Houston and learned that football and school spirit didn’t exist until the Aggies invented it, I came to dislike A&M. I have many good friends that went there, but the school and their eleventy billion “traditions” get a tad old.

      I was an Ag major at UGA, so I can understand the school, but the team, not so much.

      • Bevo

        I hear you. I live in Houston as well. Lots of Aggies and lots of engineers in this town. I have lots of friends among the moderate Aggie crowd — good folks and sharp people. But the loony Ags are a special breed of weirdos.

        • Russ

          Where in Houston, Bevo? I’m in Clear Lake (which is neither).

          • Macallanlover

            LOL. I think most Aggie fans are pretty sharp too, and damned good CFB fans with a healthy respect for its traditions. We all have the loonies so that is almost a draw (except for the state of Alabama and you include the F-Bomb group of Tide and Barn fans.) I am glad TAMU joined the SEC and hink Sumlin may put a helluva product on the field within the next 5 years. (Not dissing the current group, just think there is another level they are capable of and that could make them UGA/LSU/Bama/FU good for a long time. Gig ’em!!

            • Bevo

              I hear you. They are a pretty civilized and decent bunch, except the male cheerleaders thing, etc.

              I appreciate that they’re bringing up the SEC’s academic average as well. A&M is a legit research school with a lot of great students.

          • Bevo

            I work downtown and live near the Museums. Makes the city feel a little smaller than it is.

            I don’t know Clear Lake but I hear it’s a nice place to live. I play golf on the other side of 45 (Friendswood) sometimes.