Your Auburn stat of the day

The Tigers’ defense is last in the nation in interceptions with one – count it, one – in nine games.



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18 responses to “Your Auburn stat of the day

  1. Harrogate

    Willie Mo, say it aint so


  2. Joe Nails

    The Munson in me says that number will be higher after this weekend. Just sayin’.


  3. William

    Don’t they say that for rivalry games, you throw out the stats because anything can happen? I’m not channeling Scorp or anything, but really…..need to take this game serious enough to blow doors and make sure they (the college football world) takes notice. Granted beating a team as bad as Auburn is isn’t news worthy. But struggling with them is. Just saying.


    • charlottedawg

      Not that the 2006 Georgia team was this bad, but upsets that demolish the favorites’ season or at least give them a scare (sees 2010) are VERY common in this rivalry. Georgia needs to take Auburn seriously, we are playing for the East here.


  4. stoopnagle

    I like trucks.


  5. Gatriguy



  6. Sashko1943

    3rd and Willie just got a new side-effect: heartburn.


  7. Joe Nails

    Seriously, can we for once have the opposite feeling when 3rd-and-Willie happens? I certainly hope so!


  8. Cojones

    Auburn player during game: “wait! I’ve got it!”. Doink!, the ball bounces off his hands that are shaped like two round rocks and bounces into Tavarres’s hands for the td. The second half is played by the UGA O WRs stationing themselves just behind the Au D backs and having Murray deliberately throw to them in order to get the automatic bounce into our waiting WRer’s hands.

    They haven’t had a backfield D for 4 years. Lemonier is out along with Kirtzenkucher(?) , the only two players on their team. What’s not to like? Our past D coaches haven’t done so well this year trying to cobble together a D versus poor offensive teams. How can he start now? Crap, I hope we unleash outlandish plays never before used in our O scheme and blow their fannies out of their own stadium.


    • JayBird

      Cojones..that sounds about right. I have seen every AU home game up close and personal this year, and being blown out of our own stadium is a distinct possibility. Maybe more than the blowout last year in Athens that I witnessed….however, I will have a house full of all of my UGA friends, and we are going to have one helluva party this weekend…thankful for that, because it’s all I’ve got to hang my hat on.

      War Eagle anyway.


    • Will (the other one)

      Wait, Lemonier is seriously out? He was by far their best pass rusher.


  9. Irishdawg


    I’m pretty sure Maker’s Mark makes commemorative “fan misery” bottles; get yourself a liter and try to numb the pain. That’s what I did after the South Carolina game.


  10. Mike

    So you say there is a chance?


  11. Jackie

    They’ll have 3 by Sunday, but still zero SEC wins.


  12. Seriously, the Dawgs should have about 8 more picks this year. It’s been a trend for the DBs/LBs to drop balls for a while now. I had hoped this habit would head West with Willie, but there are still hands of stone in the Dawgs’ secondary.