It could have been the mother of all drinking games.

After reading this, this and this, it occurs to me that Uncle Verne haz a sad face because CBS didn’t grab the Georgia-Auburn game.  Talk about your target-rich environment!  Among other things, the opportunity to bring up the two Davids and Cam in the same broadcast would have been irresistible.

So easy, the drinking game rules would have written themselves.



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  1. Normaltown Mike

    Any drinking game this w/e must be centered upon “record at Iowa State” and “record at Auburn without Cam Newton” as well as “only two years after a National Championship”.

    Though if the object is to truly get housed out of your gourd, it could be the number of times a backwards hat or towel wave is observed.


  2. AlphaDawg

    Danielson isn’t bad, but Vern needs to retire. I’m still amazed that they still give him primetime games when there are several really good guys who could do so much better. So many times recently, you can tell he hasn’t prepared for the game, he just repeats tired cliches.


    • Macallanlover

      Danielson is the 2nd best color man in CFB, behind Todd Blackledge, imo. He may get annoying on a subject or two over a four hour period but he nails the nuts and bolts (see what I did there?) of the game on the field. Rarely misses anything that causes a play to work, or get blown up. His style may not suit everyone but I don’t get the constant complaints on Danielson’s work. He earns his money for what they pay him to do, and adds to my understanding of the plays because he sees the whole field.


      • My problem with Danielson isn’t how he calls a game. It’s how he’s turned into a blind supporter of the SEC and a blind denier of the success of the spread offense.


        • Macallanlover

          Maybe he is like the NFL Cover 2 defense guys and just hasn’t had enough exposure. As a former NFL QB he has decades invested in the pro-style attack and may just be like the rest of us aging wonders who think we did it best back in the day. Granted, in his position he should be more open than that but he may truly believe running an offense that is a training course for NFL development is the only way to go. It is certainly the reason we have ended up with some of the QBs we have gotten since Richt came to Athens.


        • Dawganova

          Sho nuff. My problem with Danielson is purely aesthetic. I realized it when he said the words “Cam Newton” over and over during UGA-Auburn. Ultimately its his nasal, droning, but in addition, I couldn’t help shake the thought that Danielson wanted to give Cam the reach around so much so that he couldn’t give a clear analysis of that game, in particular how dirty it was.


          • Macallanlover

            I think ignoring the obvious controversy beneath the game’s storyline is almost automatic. CBS has a contract with the SEC and they aren’t going to get in the middle of what should be the Slime’s role. No different than a radio announcer on any school’s broadcast will not speak too critically, or a salesman talking about their product in front of a customer. Cam deserved a lot of praise as a player, as did Tebow, not uncommon for the media to hype them but I agree, that one season was enough. Certainly the history requires some references to years past so I guess you are referring to the quantity of them. It is very tiring, mostly for the other teams’ fans. I never seem to get too tired hearing about Herschel after 30 years though. I suppose Aubie fans need something favorable to keep them tuned in because they ain’t gonna like what they see.


  3. as for the drinking game….uhhh….aside from Gary saying he has to earn the nickname “johnny football”, how many platitudes you think will be thrown his way on gameday????

    we could all go on “rants” about the topic because so few announcers (both play-by-play and color commentators) do any real work nor provide any real insight. They don’t look at any advanced statistics and tend to spout cliches. Danielson is on the better end, but his “preparation” is watching practice and sharing marginal pieces of information that the coaches shared with him.

    The PERFECT example of this is the new found fascination with “johhny football”. Yes, he is putting up “numbers”. That said, he plays in a horizontal offense that requires him to run the ball. When those running lanes are shut down, he is basically a dink passer. Is there anything really unique about that??? While SOME have made the point that UF and LSU shut him down, they make the point parenthetically. In addition to the obvious reasons why we need Bama win, I could handle a little less “johnny football” talk.

    Yes, before you type it…I suppose one could chop up Aaron’s performances against better defenses, but aside from the UF game this year, in most of Aaron’s worst performances, he lacked any support from a running game. That is not to excuse bad throws or bad decisions. In fact, he actually played pretty well in the second half against UF, and I am hoping that should we make it to the dome, he has his signature game where he makes good decisions, is accurate, and leads us to victory and renders the point moot.


    • Macallanlover

      Bingo! Murray success is linked to the running game for two reasons, our reliance on play action and being able to run the ball menas our OL isn’t getting abused by the guys in front of them. Kentucky is an example where AM carried the load and the groun dgame never got going but that is the exception. Sucks that it is pretty simple for most football teams, especially those in the SEC, but your success is tied to your OL performance. We had one massive shut down thisw year and it led to the only blowout game. Same will be true in Atlanta, if we come up with a way to stop the penetration our offense will be as good/better than theirs.


      • Cojones

        Correct. And the O line problems get solved by putting help on the line. Why do we wait until halftime to do that? It is a serious question that I think has a serious answer from the coaches.


        • Macallanlover

          Waiting until halftime at SC was well after the hirse had escaped the barn. I can advise them in advance that Lil Nicky will watch the SC game for defensive ideas, and any game except Vandy on how to move the ball through dinks and dunks.


  4. Dawganova

    I figured out Danielson’s voice doppleganger: Ned Ryerson. This pretty much sums up how I feel when I hear Danielson commentary, even though it is on the whole, pretty solid.


  5. WarD Eagle

    A pitiful Auburn team makes this game a disappointment for the networks, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be watching. Too bad AU won’t be competitive.

    I leave you with the words of one Lewis Grizzard from 1972

    And because I really enjoy Lewis Grizzard, I give you the following:
    The following is a column written by the late Atlanta Journal-Constitutional syndicated columnist Lewis Grizzard. It was entitled “Lewis Grizzard on Auburn”, and was written and published in December, 1972….the year of the Amazins’.

    I must admit the fact an Auburn man once saved my life has something to do with all of this. And I must admit further what follows will be completely biased. I simply couldn’t allow the opportunity to pass without saying a few more words in behalf of the 1972 Auburn football team.

    And in behalf of Auburn itself.

    I got my first taste of sin at Auburn; 16, or close to it, with a bottle of Old Something an of-age friend had purchased at the state store up the road at Opelika.

    As I recall it now, I wound up in a lonely stall in the third-floor restroom of a fraternity house while the party roared onward downstairs.

    There, as my life flashed in front of me and, being grateful I had at least heeded my mother’s words not to smoke, a kind Auburn student, a veteran of such incidents, wet-toweled me back to health.

    I never got his name, but I have been forever grateful, and I have held a warm place in my heart for Auburn ever since, although I sought higher education elsewhere.

    It is with that preface I hereby state I do, indeed, hope Auburn wins its Gator Bowl game against Colorado, and that is the signal for all my poison pen pals from down the road in Tuscaloosa to start buying stamps.


    I think of purity for some reason.

    Of nothing to do but go to Toomer’s and talk about what you talked about the day before and the day before that.

    Of a low hippie ratio on campus. Of real grass growing on the football field. Of grown men in sweaters and open-collared shirts with 50-yard line seats.

    I think of Gerald Rutberg, a friend of mine, who edited the college newspaper at Auburn and used to ask me every day how I thought “The Big Blue” would do against whomever.

    Of Bottle, Ala., which is actually a suburb of Auburn.

    Of the Yearouts. Of Pat Sullivan, still the most exciting college football player I’ve ever seen.

    Of Shug Jordan.

    There are two remarks that still stand out in my mind concerning Shug Jordan, and those two lines say it all.

    I once asked Harry Mehre if he thought Shug would quit coaching amidst the illness and the rumors.

    “Shug will coach as long as he can. He still loves the things most coaches don’t think about anymore. He still loves the rah-rah part of this thing.

    He walks onto the field and hears all that War Eagle business they do down there, and Shug knows it’s all worthwhile,” said the old coach.

    The first time I went to Auburn on business, I asked former Journal colleague, Tom McCollister, what kind of interview was Shug Jordan.

    “Talking to Shug,” Tom replied, “Is like talking to your daddy.”


    I think of the basketball coach, Bill Lynn, who looks and sounds like a hard-shelled Baptist preacher.

    Of journalism professor David Housel saying, “Auburn is in the best interest of the American dream.”

    Of Buddy Davidson, who has never found either of the two topcoats I have left in the Auburn press box.

    Of Bill Beckwith, the worst golfer in history ever to score a hole-in-one.

    Of a golf tournament they had at Auburn once and the beer they carted to you on each tee, and of shooting 95 after being one-over through seven holes. That damn beer.

    Of Randy Walls.

    Randy Walls was the quarterback in 1972, Sullivan’s successor. He was the number four quarterback at the end of spring practice.

    “It wasn’t what Randy did for us this year,” said an Auburn coach. “It’s what he didn’t do. He didn’t make mistakes.”

    Actually, he did make one. So excited was he about starting Auburn’s first game, the young sophomore went out for the pre-game warm-up with his jersey on backwards.

    In the Georgia Tech game, Randy Walls didn’t do anything right but win the football game. “I didn’t know Walls could run like that,” somebody in the press box said after a 30-yard jaunt that resembled your grandmother going after the mail. “He can’t” was the reply.

    He can’t. But he did.


    I think of the pasture land adjacent to the campus. Of my favorite Auburn line, “What do you get if you cross an Auburn man and a gorilla?” A hairy county agent.”

    Of not being able to smoke in the Auburn Coliseum. Of the old Sports Arena and Layton Johns. Of Terry Henley.

    “Them FSU players bit me on the leg in the pile-ups,” said Terry Henley, college football’s answer to Will Rogers.

    “They must not have had their pre-game meal.”

    Did Terry Henley get tired carrying the football 25 times a game?

    “Hell, no,” said Terry Henley. “I carried it 50 times a day in spring practice.”


    I think of unlisting my telephone number after an irate Auburn fan, a woman, called my home and said she hoped poison darts rained down on my body and I died.

    Of a fellow from my hometown writing me and saying to never come back because “you stink, stink, stink.” And all because I wrote Pat Sullivan was bush for not talking to writers after losing to Alabama.

    Of picking against Auburn all year long, except once –the LSU game. ,

    Of Owen Davis’ line, “Jordan waved his hand, and the Red Shirts parted.”

    Of Auburn students covering the whole town in toilet paper after the Alabama victory and somebody saying, “You mean they used both rolls?”


    It went 9-1 when it wasn’t supposed to win three; defeated three top 10 teams, stopped the nation’s longest winning streak three times, got a bowl bid, and did my heart a lot of good.