What’s the difference between Lane Kiffin and a ten-year old?

At times like this, I’m hard-pressed to find one.

And if you think the student manager did that on his own, I’ve still got some choice beach front property in Hahira available.  We should talk.



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43 responses to “What’s the difference between Lane Kiffin and a ten-year old?

  1. Bulldawg165

    Classic. I can’t believe the student manager didn’t just rat out Kiffin though.



    Why all the fuss over Kiffin?

    Otherwise, great blog.


  3. HVL Dawg

    Best story of the year so far!

    And who would have thought there’s somebody walking around during the game testing football air pressure?

    Hey USC, that feeling you are feeling right now is called taint- but it ain’t the good taint!


    • Gravidy

      You can bet the only reason somebody was “walking around during the game testing football air pressure” is because there have been complaints about prior violations. This has been going on for a while.


    • Cojones

      You’ve never heard of Ball-Pressure Checkers?


  4. pantslesspatdye

    In short, 10 year olds dream about Mrs. Kiffin. Laner on the other hand,


  5. tbia

    Great topic on da radio this am….

    Mrs. Kiffin or AJ McCarron’s mom…..who ya taking?


  6. HahiraDawg

    We won’t be neighbors anymore?


    • mg4life0331

      Its the 2nd time Ive seen him refer to the beautiful beach fronts in Hahira. With the new Harveys and that other store that wont ever close (5 Ashes?) how could you not like Hahira.


      • HahiraDawg

        I’ve worried about Fiveashes for over a decade. Ever had your hair cut at Jimmy’s?
        The people at Harveys are great too though. Talking the company more than just that one store.
        Yeah, I’ve seen him mention our beaches before too. Unfortunately they’ve gone about the way of ole Crystal Lake in Irwin County.


  7. 69Dawg

    Heard a former student manager saying it was probably at the suggestion of a WR and the student manager took one for the team.Kind of stupid because the ref’s are handling the footballs all during the game.


  8. Hogbody Spradlin

    A ten year old can be honest.


  9. sUGArdaddy

    I was a former student manager. I can assure you someone else was involved, but it’s very possible it was simply players and the manager. I can assure you Barkley was involved, as you never mess with the game balls without the QBs consent. It’s quite possible the kid and Barkley were all that knew about it. Of course, leave it to Laner to protect his Golden Boy.

    As for the refs, they check the game balls before every game for air pressure and to make sure they’re not old and their suitable. That’s not an abnormal thing.


  10. The other Doug

    What’s the advantage of lower pressure?


    • The Lone Stranger

      I have to believe that the QB gets a more sure grip on the pigskin with a lower pressure. That would have been favorable with the Fightin’ Laners scrambling to make up ground against the Runnin’ Ducks.


    • HVL Dawg

      Easier to grip, therefor easier to throw and catch.


  11. Chi-Town Dawg

    Now “this” explains why a vaunted PAC-12 defense like Oregon would’ve allowed 50+ points to USC 😉


    • Macallanlover

      Right. Couldn’t have been Monte’s weakness, or Oregon’s irresistable force. I am telling you guys, that is not a team to mess with this year, not that I consider it a high probability. They are fun to watch though, even that tires me out (day time or late night.)


  12. Dawg19

    “What’s the difference between Lane Kiffin and a ten-year-old?”

    Answer: The spelling


  13. gastr1

    Just wish I’d seen a headline somewhere about Lame having an issue with his deflated balls.


  14. evolveddeepsoutherner

    Kiffin’s just as flaky – if not moreso – with the media as he is with everything in his life, seems like. Dragging Daddy around and embarrassing him everywhere you go. There was that time he literally ran away from a scheduled presser that included a reporter who had offended Kiffin for ignoring his “no mention of injuries” rule he unilaterally imposed on the California sporting press. Didn’t explain it or anything. Just looked nervous and said “Gotta go!” and ran off after about 30 seconds. I’ll try and find the link. One of y’all probably have it bookmarked.


  15. evolveddeepsoutherner

    Here it is:


  16. I wonder if Lane’s dad ever wishes that he had slapped Lane more.