William Faulkner might have made a good recruiting coordinator.

“The past is never dead.  It’s not even past.

No doubt Hugh Freeze is thrilled.


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  1. Silly Black Bears…..They will always be Rebels at heart.

  2. David

    I’m absolutely positive that the majority of people in the South that have a problem with President Obama know very little of his policies and hate the man simply because he’s black. There are of course many smart Conservatives and probably a lot on these forums that have intelligent reasons for disagreeing with him. However, the rednecks across the rural south simply can’t believe their country looks like it does today.

    • Let’s leave politics out of this…please. I have worked very hard for the last 4 months in this arena and want to move on. Please let us discuss Georgia Football and what we are going to do to Auburn this weekend.

      • 202dawg

        First of all, the Senator’s post was politically tinged whether you want to believe it or not.

        Second, granny used to have a saying; ‘a bit dog always hollers’

        • Gravidy

          So because JRD made a plea to discuss football, she was “bit” and therefore “hollered”. Congratulations. You get one too. Wow.

        • My statement does not imply any political affiliation or reason for you to accuse me of being a “bit dog that hollers. I simply responded to David’s comment.

    • Gravidy

      Wow. Let me say that again. Wow. Wait… I think that requires a third one. Wow.

      • Merk

        Yeap…I love all the a-holes who think they are holier than thou and try to say “if you didn’t vote for Obama, then you did it because u are a racist.” Grats on showing us who the real racist is here guy.

        • David

          Well if it makes you feel better, I feel just as strongly that an even greater number of blacks love him for no other reason than he’s black.

          • 202dawg

            True statement.

          • Jeff Sanchez

            Right, because African Americans hardly ever vote Democratic…

            • Cosmic Dawg

              And southern whites NEVER vote GOP if there is a white Democrat running…sheesh.

            • Cojones

              Good thought, Jeff. Few understand that African Americans constitute 17% of our U.S. population and that 33% more people (double the AA pop) voted for Obama. Instead of being defined as the brightest President we have had in our time, he and the Democratic Party principles and planks are defined by many as racial and sucking on the Washington tit instead of reaching for future change that benefits us all.

              Faulkner, with his writings evident in his short story, The Bear, has described the qualities that any team would like to possess as their mascot. It seems to escape many people why they chose to change to Black Bears. It does honor to one of their state’s intellectuals and is a fitting image to symbolize their strength and their past. Faulkner describes intermixing of cultural forces as well as natural ones and his story could have been written yesterday with the same accuracy toward both.

              I sincerely hope for the better element of Miss to stride forward and prevent this from tingeing cfb, especially in the SEC where the greatest societal cultural changes have occurred because of black athletes’s participation. We cheer for individual players and teams composed greatly of black athletes. The fact that they are perceived as individuals in our society is a testament to the good will of good people overcoming their heritage. I am conflicted by my need to celebrate that Heritage that many died for who didn’t own slaves. Their heroism individually should be recognized in any society worth it’s salt. I don’t recognize that statement as living in the past any more than I would celebrating and honoring Veteran’s Day (next week).

              Having grown up in a deeply segregated part of the country, certainly is a huge mind change from the past that this old fart welcomes and hopes continues upwards. Never forget that we have stumbled in this societal journey and will continue to do so , but I believe that this journey of many physical steps has to be translated into a journey forward in our minds. Overcoming the mindset placed in many of us since childhood is the toughest hurdle we have to get through in this open (?) society, otherwise the fairness and democracy we are known for all over the world will never occur for many of our citizens before we all die.

              • The Lone Stranger

                Cogently stated, Cojo. And as others have stated ably: “To Hell with the Barn!”

                • Cojones

                  Continuing that thread; and the friggin’ horse that they rode in on. The attempt to cripple Aaron should be remembered by us all for a damned long time.

    • tduga1

      As a the first born American in my family I have to say what you said is a sad and pathetic view of your fellow citizens. Based on your opinion someone like myself should be experiencing bigotry and discrimination on a daily basis yet I rarely do. This is not to say I never have but I refuse to fall into the trap of victim hood and placing my successes and failures in life on the backs of others. Are there people in this country who voted against the President because of his race? Sure. I would submit to you, however, that their were a greater percentage who voted for him because of his race. Racial bigotry and hate is a two way street and the racism cry is a sign of intellectual bankruptcy.

      When I look at the president I don’t see a color. I see the policies that my parents chose to escape from 40 years ago so they could pursue their own entrepreneurial ambitions.

    • Hackerdog

      I agree David. People couldn’t possibly disagree with Obama’s policies. Runaway deficits, growing government, decreasing freedom, millions of pages of regulation to make business in this country untenable, wars that will end sometime after the next election. What’s not to like? Damn racists.

      • Jeff Sanchez

        You must have missed the “racial slurs” part of the article…

        • Hackerdog

          I wasn’t commenting about the article, but about David’s stupid comment that the majority of people who don’t like Obama must be bigots.

          I did see the article. And I think it’s a typical article. Around 1% of the student body of Ole Miss staged a protest. Although there are legitimate political reasons to protest Obama’s election, some of that 1% were shouting racial slurs. Therefore, some fraction of 1% of the student body of Ole Miss is bigoted enough to publicly shout racial slurs directed toward the black president. It’s 1962 all over again.

          Let’s just hope that fraction of the 1% of the Ole Miss student body doesn’t re-institute slavery or Jim Crow laws. Because that’s a real danger.

    • stoopnagle


    • Cosmic Dawg

      That must be why they voted against Mondale, Kerry, and Gore, too.

      I agree there is some percentage that votes against Obama because he’s black, but you have any theories on why 95% of the black vote goes for Obama?

      You will recall that there were liberal voices cautioning (threatening?) there might be riots if Obama lost.

      I’ll join with you and The Senator in condemning this display, but let’s please dispose of the hypocrisy that either of these parties or their voters are without prejudice.

      I’ll also point out that race has been severly misused as a political lever by both parties – and recently the Dems have been the bigger offenders.

      • Cojones

        Although I view your opinion as one sided (I didn’t hear “cautioning” from some public Rep figures who outright advocated taking up arms if they lost-in writing!), I , somewhat like Voltaire, will fight to your death your right to say it.🙂

        Cos, you are one of my favorites to read on here. Even though we may disagree politically, that won’t change.

        • Cosmic Dawg

          Backatcha Cojones – enjoyed your thoughts on Faulkner and The Bear elsewhere in this thread, I dumbly never made that connection between Ole Miss and the story…one of my favorite authors, but imagine that’s not unusual in this comments section.

          In the cold spring and summer cfb offseason, we ought to encourage the Senator to start a GTP book club on Tuesdays and a GTP political pie fight on Thursdays…:)

          • Cojones

            I don’t mind if the piefights start immediately after Sat’s games and continued through midweek. They are stimulating to us all; they bring out the best and worst passions in us all to discuss and see; we are challenged in placing our thoughts into writing; they all can be tied into our favorite subject, CFB. While learning a lot of football, the tie-ins to other subjects that impact our world is great when seeing their expression from fellow widely disparate fans who have a common cause, The Dawgs. May we have this sort of forum forever.

      • Dog in Fla

        “any theories on why 95% of the black vote goes for Obama?”

        Here’s one:

        “Here is the thing that Team Mitt and Team Wingnut failed to understand: that when you insult folks and dismiss them, they tend to get mad and they tend to want to kick your ass.”



        • Cosmic Dawg

          Let me quote from the blog link you posted:

          Mitt and the Wingnuts have run a four-year campaign that is only a blond hair’s width away from calling the President a nigger every single day. They are focused like a laser beam on promoting white rage and using every dog whistle they can think of to get the message across. White folks heard them and so did people of color. Team Mitt is surprised that African-American turnout increased over 2008, but that is only because they are incapable of thinking of these folks as people.”

          I’m going to let your endorsement of this line of thinking speak for itself.

          • Dog in Fla

            “No, Republicans Don’t Have a Lock on Racism, But….[f]or the past 40 years, Republicans have opposed virtually every effort to address racism in the legislative sphere. Politically, this has been suicidal for their standing in the nonwhite community, and it’s safe to say that they wouldn’t have done this unless there was a corresponding benefit for them among whites. Quite clearly, appealing to white resentment of minorities is an important part of the Republican brand in a way it’s not for Democrats, even if plenty of racists still inhabit the Democratic Party.”


            • Cosmic Dawg

              I am not going to keep refuting other authors’ arguments. I am guessing you don’t want to own the quote I offered above from your first set of posts.

              Regarding the quote from Kevin Drum, I am not surprised to again disagree with his facts and his logic – the quote above ignores every possible motive for GOP voting habits save the most abominable.

              This is hardly surprising, given Drum is contending with EJ Dionne and Krugman to be the most unserious writer of red meat for the screechy, preachy left.

              I’m done with this for the day, but want to leave on a positive note – best to you, DIF.

    • fetch

      First of all, I have a problem with your generalities. I have a problem with Obama and know his policies very well. Second I this is only significant because it’s Ole Miss. I guarantee you can go to many campuses in the north or the south and find 200 idiots.

  3. McTyre

    But for the grace of God go I. We’ve got our share of drunken and ignorant students in Athens. Historic rep makes Oxford even more susceptible to recruiting blowback though.

    • Governor Milledge

      I had brunch in Athens this past weekend with a girl I knew from undergrad who came out as a lesbian after graduating.

      She said her and her girlfriend were scared of wandering over on the other side of Lumpkin Street because they didn’t know what sort of reception/things could happen. Goes well beyond race, in terms of people treating others as sub-human

  4. Irishdawg

    That’s it David; we’re all racist because we oppose Obama; let’s ignore wholesale that people like Allen West are greatly respected by Republicans. No, they’re still racist. What an asinine goddam thing to say.

    • That’s not what he said. He said (and overstated) that there are some that are racist and don’t like Obama cause he’s black and some that put race aside and disagree with his policies. If you fall in the latter category there should be no need to be defensive.

      • Hackerdog

        That’s not what he said, either. He said that the majority of Southerners who dislike Obama are bigots who are ignorant of his policies. It’s perfectly reasonable to comment on how stupid that belief is.

      • Cosmic Dawg

        Wrong. Re-read what he wrote. He said he’s “absolutely positive the majority of people in the south” who have a problem with Obama “hate” him b/c he’s black.

        You want to defend that nonsense, fine, but don’t change it first.

    • J.R. Clark

      Allen West is a disgrace to the US Army officer corps. The Army imposed an Article15 punishment on West and forced him to retire. This is the equivalent of a dishonorable discharge for a senior officer. I have known West for over 25 years. We served together as junior officers in the 325th Abn Inf and were classmates at CGSC. His behavior fell far short of the high professional standards the Regular Army expects of its battalion commanders. West was given a chance to clear his name by requesting a court-martial; it is very telling that West preferred to accept the Article 15 proceeding. He would not have been exonerated. If the US Army decided Allen West did not have the professional judgement to command a battalion, then he has ABSOLUTELY no business holding national office and making decisions that impact the US Army. I am disgusted that the state of Florida offered him a teaching position when it is a matter of fact that West makes bad decisions with respect to violence and the use of force.

      Several of West’s peers and myself, after hearing about West’s assault of the civilian and the investigation that followed, joked that the Army should have done West the same way it did Chuck Connors in the TV show “Branded”: strip him of his insignia, break his weapon in half, and turn him out of his base camp in Iraq to fend for himself.

      I am relieved that a disgraced former Army officer is no longer in a position of political power.

  5. TheLifeOfReilly

    The reason why southern conservatives are accused of being racist for not voting fir Obama is because of Nixon’s Southern Strategy which has been used as part of the republican playbook in the south since Nixon. Go check out the choice words of Lee Atwater (Bush Sr.’s Campaign Manager) regarding the Southern Strategy as cited on his wikipedia page. Being a southern white voting against a half black democratic presidential candidate is not racist per se, but it is true that the republican party appealed to racist whites in order to gain and hold the south.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      Meh. Racism is not just a white thing. Having lived all over the world racism is not hard to find. Every population has them. Somehow it does seem to garner more attention when they are white.

      • TheLifeOfReilly

        It garners more attention because racism was the republican strategy for locking down the south.

        • Cosmic Dawg

          Hmm…before that it was the Dem strategy.

          Do you want to argue there’s no similarly cynical strategy for rallying the black vote using Obama’s race?

          • TheLifeOfReilly

            So I guess blacks can’t vote for the half black guy without it being racist or a cynical strategy by dems. Blacks have had to vote for a whole lot of white guys over the years but when a non-white guy gets nominated don’t vote for him it would be racist. Reverse discrimination is a brilliant strategy when the other side finally starts making gains.

            • Cosmic Dawg

              You brought up a race-based strategy you didn’t think was fair. I brought up a similar race-based strategy and asked if you thought it was fair. We were not addressing prejudice among voters, we were addressing campaign strategies. I’m curious if you think the Dems focused on black voters and used “code” to turn out the black vote.

              I have not actually heard a whole lot of GOP whining about Obama’s capturing such a high percentage of the black vote. But it certainly seems fair to point out the hypocrisy when Dems start complaining that the GOP is either equating “angry white voters” to “angry racist voters” or encouraging the former to become the latter.

              I am pretty sure the Dems are using whatever tactics bring them success, including those that specifically use blacks’ feelings of anger and disenfranchisement toward a “white power structure” in order to get them to the polls. And yes, it is likely just as subtle and cynical as the GOP. If you don’t believe that, well, we’ll have to disagree.

              I’m not GOP, btw.

        • Hackerdog

          The Southern Strategy was a real thing 40+ years ago. It’s not anymore. Republicans appealing to racists is just liberals using some Da Vinci Code logic on politics. Maybe there is some sort of Republican Priory of Sion that invents racist political messages that are so obscure and incoherent that no one could possibly decipher them. Except for the millions of southerners who see through the veil and give their votes to Republicans, irrespective of their policies. Since we can’t prove this secret society DOESN’T exist, then maybe it does.

          Reality is much less interesting. Blacks like big government. White men like small government. Since economic self-interest isn’t very sexy, racism must be involved. We’ll sell some papers if we print those theories.

          • Blacks like big government. White men like small government.

            Oh, puh-leeze. Everybody (okay, maybe except for the small groups of libertarians who are intellectually consistent) likes big government. The difference between left and right is what they like big government for.

            • Hackerdog

              Fair enough. Blacks like the party that says it wants big government. White men like the party that says it wants small government. I think that’s more accurate.

              Either way, there are legitimate reasons for racial groups to prefer different parties that have nothing to do with racial animosity.

            • Mayor of Dawgtown

              +1. Both parties are now “tax and spend” parties or as a friend of mine is wont to say, “borrow and spend” parties. The differences are in what they want to spend the money for and how they dole out the cash to their supporters. The Democrats give hand-outs; the Republicans give tax breaks and tax credits. Both are forms of vote-buying. We desperately need a real alternative third party in this country.

            • Dawgfan Will


            • SCarolinaDawg

              I’m fairly young and decided not too long ago that I most likely have libertarian leanings. With that said, I’ve come to learn that trying to be an “intellectually consistent” libertarian is like trying to shove Phil Fulmer through a doggy door.

            • fetch

              There are is no democrat vs republican, only democrat vs democrat lite. They claimed Romney was going to take away everything and set the country back to the 50’s. For God’s sake, Obamacare was based on the Romney model.Time to let the two parties join and let the libertarians be the second party. Maybe they won’t be marginalized then. And that, my friends, is the last of my political speech for the year,

          • TheLifeOfReilly

            Lee Atwater admits to using it in the 1988 Presidential election. He was Bush’s campaign manager. I know your response will be “that was 24 years ago” but people remember these things at that is why the repubs have this bad reputation that they cant shake.

            • Hackerdog

              So, you’re willing to dismiss the Democratic party’s history with the KKK, yet condemn the Republican party’s history of recommending balancing the budget, which happens to coincide with the economic concerns of some bigoted upper middle class southerners? OK.

              • TheLifeOfReilly

                All I am saying is that the Republican Party has a more recent crappy reputation then the dems. That is why their people like david that make overbroad remarks. Wait 20 years if the repubs don’t do anything stupid race-wise then that reputation will be gone

              • … the Republican party’s history of recommending balancing the budget…

                As opposed to actually balancing the budget…😉

      • Meh. Racism is not just a white thing. Having lived all over the world racism is not hard to find

        Having traveled this great world of ours, that’s a pretty accurate statement. Hell, they were throwing bananas at black players on the field at the UEFA Championships in the Ukraine this year. Four countries’ Football associations were fined for the racist acts of their fans during the Championships.

        /done with spidery topics for the day

  6. NC Dawg

    The portion of the post that was troubling was about the students using “racist terms.” If that’s true, that’s a big problem, no matter who you voted for. Protesting against the president and his policies is fine and laudable in a democracy. That was a story that cried out for more reporting: what racist terms, specifically, were used? If the terms were merely anti-Obama, that’s not racist.

    • You know what racist terms were used. Also please google “Jezebel, racist, twitter” and read that article which shows dozens of insanely offensive tweets about the election.

      Ps – anyone who ascribes that level of bigotry to the Republican Party as a whole is a joke and an asshole. Most conservatives are caring, tolerant folks. But everyone (both sides) should be outraged by the Ole Miss protests and those that openly show bigotry.

      • Hackerdog

        Offensive tweets exist on both sides. Here’s a link of tweets by Obama supporters promising to kill Romney voters. Ignorant and offensive. Yawn.

        I agree that the tone shouldn’t be inferred to be shared by larger groups.

      • Cosmic Dawg


        Is that more or less than the number who think Romney is a space alien?

        I personally think we need a break from being outrageous everytime an individual or small group of people, with no authority and representing nobody, does or says something stupid.

        • Cosmic Dawg

          Outraged. And did not mean to diminish your conciliatory tone towards the GOP, of which I am no fan, btw.

        • The article quotes dozens. I have no doubt there are many many more out there.

          I can’t not be outraged (offended, saddened, etc) by tweets like those and this small group of dumbass backward Ole Miss students. Why anyone passively accepts stuff like that is something I don’t get, but I understand your point about not getting our panties in a wad evertime some ignorant dumbass decides to spew hate publically. Perhaps both positions can be correct.

    • Debby Balcer

      Unfortunately young people hear the N word used over and over in music and even spoken among friends so that word isn’t as awful to them as it is to my generation. I am sad that name calling was a reaction but not surprised. “Trash talking” was a big part of the campaign.

  7. Irishdawg

    No, the reason southern conservatives are called racists is because the Democrats call any opposition to Obama racist. It’s cheap racial demagoguery and an intellectually empty way of responding to opposition arguments without actually responding to them.

    • TheLifeOfReilly

      I think saying “any opposition” is a bit broad. Did you read the Atwater quote? When top republicans say things like that or that they “arent generating enough angry white guys” (quote by Sen. Lindsey Graham), what type of message does that send? It certainly plays into a perception that they are courting racist votes.

      • Hackerdog

        Is this the Atwater quote you mean?
        “All you have to do to keep the South is for Reagan to run in place on the issues he’s campaigned on since 1964 and that’s fiscal conservatism, balancing the budget, cut taxes, you know, the whole cluster.”
        That’s your proof of a racist Republican strategy? Talking about balancing the budget? Color me less than horrified. Now, granted, Atwater admitted that bigots may be more attracted to balancing the budget than blacks. But are you saying that supporting the same policies that racists support, that have nothing to do with race, makes you a racist? I’m not ready to make that leap.

        • Are you trying to pretend you’ve never heard the most famous quote attributed to Atwater?

          • Hackerdog

            No. But even Atwater was commenting on how removed the Republican platform was from overtly racist policies. He was acknowledging that there was some overlap that would benefit Republicans. And that interview was in 1981, when race was still an important element of political policies like busing.

            Thirty years later, you’re saying that promising to cut taxes is still a cynically racist tactic used by Republicans to pit whites against blacks? I disagree.

            • TheLifeOfReilly

              Key words: “overtly” and “overlap”.

              • Hackerdog

                Fair enough, so you’re saying that supporting non-racist policies that are also supported by racists makes you a racist by association. I’ll just say that I disagree.

                • TheLifeOfReilly

                  No my original point was that don’t act all aghast when people like David make unfair remarks about ALL republicans. The Republican party has a crappy reputation in race issues.

                  • Hackerdog

                    I disagree. On important issues, slavery, civil rights, the right to vote, Republicans have a much better track record than Democrats. What you are complaining about is recent, much less important, race issues.

                    Arguing that voter ID laws are racist, or that certain minority students (just not Asians or Jews) should be held to lower academic standards, doesn’t strike me as important as the big issues that Republicans were on the right side of, and Democrats were on the wrong side. And arguing that tax cuts are racist just strikes me as downright loony.

            • Thirty years later, you’re saying that promising to cut taxes is still a cynically racist tactic used by Republicans to pit whites against blacks?

              Nope. I’m saying Lee Atwater was a race baiter.

              • Hackerdog

                Perhaps he was. If so, he was fairly subtle about it. This election saw the Vice President claiming that the opposition wanted to re-institute slavery. That’s overt race baiting. Recognizing that a non-racial issue like tax cuts might be popular among both non-bigots in the North and bigots in the South just doesn’t get my dander up.

              • Mayor of Dawgtown

                Correct. Race was what the Willie Horton ads were all about, not crime.

    • As a democrat, I can tell you what you just said is an absolute fabrication and does nothing to help the debate. Your efforts to couch all democrats as reverse racists is absolutely as bad as the ills you claim.

  8. Russ

    The story makes me want to puke, regardless of who I voted for. And the president of the University confirmed racial slurs, not anti-Obama slurs.

    Shame that a handful of Ole Miss students cast the entire school in a bad light.

    • +1

      Nobody thinks those ole miss kids represent all republicans or all ole miss fans. And everyone should be sick at what they did.

    • HahiraDawg

      Agree Russ,
      for the record, I’m libertarian and socially very conservative. I have not voted for a democrat beyond my local level since maybe ever.
      However, I celebrate the fact that Obama is not caucasian. Not presently, but I have worked for several years on HBCU campuses in Alabama, and although I disagree with his politics, I have celebrated with my African-American friends about the triumph of the American Dream that a minority could be elected President, and a female minority could be Sec. of State, and a hispanic could be Attorney General, etc.
      I don’t find a problem at all with celebrating the successes of minorities and the hope and encouragment this gives to many who have felt, real or imagined, their own vulnerability and hopelessness in society. I don’t have to agree with those succeeding to celebrate their success. I also don’t have to like the sometimes petty (in my opinion) reasons why many prefer what and who they prefer, in politics and elsewhere. Yes, many of the minority students (most of whom are good friends) that I celebrate with, I also try to persuade my reasons for opposing Obama and my critique SOME of them in their motives in prefering him for reasons merely of ethnicity. However this motive is not insignificant in and of itself, I just argue that it shouldn’t reach the level of sufficient for your vote.
      At the end of it all, we remain friends, often find deeper sources of agreement or often times remain in disagreement.
      In closing, the 1% of the 1% here that taints Ole Miss…I find unhelpful and disgusting.

    • Yep. And it shouldn’t be forgotten that every Ole Miss head coach from Billy Brewer on has complained about at least the appearance of racial animus at the school.

  9. Irishdawg

    Is that a fact? When a sitting Vice President makes the kind of shameful racial pander as that toothy cretin Joe Biden made with that “ya’ll back in chains” bullshit; how does that help the debate? I’ve heard countless prominent Democrats imply or state flat out that opposition to Obama is based in racism. That’s lifting the discourse? Spare me the fucking sanctimony. We’re ready to discuss things like adults whenever you are.

    • DawgPhan

      And I have heard countless republicans say that anyone who cast a vote for Obama is a lazy bastard suckling on the government tit.

      That whole adult thing, you aren’t doing it right.

    • Look man, I don’t know you and you don’t know me. I’d never pretend to think you voted against Obama cause he’s black unless I knew something about you to suggest as much. Please don’t act like you know me and put words in my mouth, like saying I think you’re a racist if you voted against him. And certainly don’t do it because you think “prominent democrats” have said as much, or your interpretation of the Biden quote.

      If I’m going to be labelled an asshole everytime Biden says something dumb, then I’m just fucked.

      Can we focus this hate where it belongs now? I’m speaking about the subhumans at Auburn.

  10. DawgPhan

    Also I hope that something like this happens in Clemson to improve our chances of signing RN.

    • SSB Charley

      Damn, I was just getting ready to post this. Election being over, I simply want RN to think that Ole Miss is overrun by a bunch of redneck racists such that he and Mama want him heading to Athens. And let’s beat Auburn. Because Auburn sucks. And cheats.

      • Cojones

        By the way, the deciding factor of playing with his brother: How many more years does his brother play ball? His brother has already played at Ole Miss without Robert and if he went there, he would be playing without his brother certainly beginning with his second year. So, is he really “going to play football in college with his brother”? Don’t see it in the family sense projected. If he goes there, he always was going to go there.

        Hope he gets to UGA, but he has been fair in telling us in so many ways that he isn’t coming here.

  11. diving duck

    what is dead may never die

  12. Irishdawg

    Spence, this whole thing started because David said that the majority of southerners who voted against Obama did it because he’s black. I generally stay out of the political arguements here, but that pisses me off and I’m sick of hearing that shit. You seem like an alright guy, and I’m going to cool off.

    And screw Auburn.

    • I think David was trying to separate out two camps and didn’t say it like he could have. And I know everyone is sensitive (me included) about politics and race, and it’s easy to find things out there the frustrate us, especially with the sensationalism of the media and lack of honest policy debate on tv.

      You seem like an alright dude too, and I hope we can share some bourbon before a game sometime.

      And Auburn can kiss my ass.

  13. Newnan Dawg

    There will always be a 1% of the 1%, because some people are just stupid, crazy, or both. The really sad part is that this has gotten so much attention that it has 40 comments on a sports blog, while people like Louis Farrakhan and “the new black panther party” are not only tolerated in their extreme racism, they are often looked up to and are now allowed to be poll workers.Their behavior is only condemned by some, while racist whites are condemned by almost all. Why can’t we just condemn all racism equally?

  14. Newnan Dawg

    Oh, and I hope Aaron shows his chin scars off and gets us ready to humiliate Auburn! Go Dawgs

  15. Uglydawg

    This whole thing is unfortunate, and I believe counter productive.
    I voted for Romney because I believe Obama is leading this nation down the primrose path. I don’t give a shit what color either one of them is.
    We are now two nations in one. This division is the result of one party deciding it is an acceptable price to pay for them to have power.
    Get used to this kind of banter. We’re divided. We are. If I can’t disagree with or vote against someone without being called a racist then have at it…call me what you want.
    As far as Ole Miss goes, this could happen anywhere, including Athens, Ga.
    If anyone can address the situation there and calm it, it’s Freeze. Like CMR, his outstanding character will give him standing when he speaks.
    I pray for Obama every day, mostly because I don’t want anything happening to him with Biden standing in the wings. The only thing worse than a radical running the country is a stupid radical running the country.

  16. mg4life0331

    I would like someone smarter than me to explain how hes looking out for me. Im a student and he got rid of year round pell grant. This year I have to shell out around $2000 on insurance, (assuming it doesnt go up from the last time I had it) at my job. Hes doing what now for me?

    This post was not sarcastic nor in any pejorative manner. I stated facts, but I cant see how hes helping me. Im middle class trying to make it to the 250,000 that everyone else seems to hate.

  17. Cojones

    Although I really love it when Bluto runs thought-provoking subjects that are tangential to the game, it all matters to us little when it’s in someone else’s camp. We have quickly veered away from the great thought repast that The Senator has prepared for us. Like filings to a magnet, we quickly are pulled to one side when it comes to defending what we perceive as distortions of our words while, at the same time, we respect each other’s football opinions anonymously. Ain’t we something?

    It would be great if we all could revisit The Bear, discuss it’s meaning and place those meanings into a rationalization for Ole Miss embracing the old and the new with their new mascot name, we probably would get the main course digested as it was prepared for us -in one sentence. We don’t often talk about the elephant in the room whenever we discuss SEC football. Tieing Faulkner’s writings into what is happening real time in the South with football and society is beautiful and appears on no other CFB blogs.

    Thanks Senator. You done good.

  18. NC Dawg

    I grew up in Georgia during the Lester Maddox days. There’s plenty of racism still out there, some of it far too close to home. But not ALL criticism of the sitting president stems from racial bias. A lot of people just don’t buy into the same philosophy of government. A lot of others just don’t like change — and the country has definitely changed over the past 25 years. Demographically and culturally, we’re a very different melting pot now than when the Dawgs won the big one. At Ole Miss, that change seems to be coming a lot slower, and with more friction, in part because of some traditions there that have always seemed to be straight out of the 19th century. Still, it’s almost hard to believe this kind of stuff could still be going on in 2012.

    • Cojones

      To push the point further, even Lester Maddox and the former Gov of Bama who “stood in the schoolhouse door” both changed their minds as to their racial stances after leading millions in the direction of racial hatred and obstruction of social change.

  19. Cojones

    Indeed, “The past is never dead”. Hugh Freeze and other SEC coaches are certainly out to bury it before we all return to the era of Big10 football when racism was used to attract the best players of the game nawth.

    Freeze has an unusual problem to overcome: How is my school less racist than other SEC schools such that CFB recruiting generally and my school isn’t hurt? Yep, the troublemakers aren’t even in the minority of the minority, but they get media coverage like crazy, sorta like black athletes and CFB players in general whenever they break the rules.

    With apologies to Bluto, I’m going to overlay this societal specter with another that may intersect CFB societally: Recreational pot smoking legalized in a couple of states. Whooee, what’s a coach going to do when pot smoking is legalized and is no more different than slamming down a few beers after reaching the age of 21? How you going to keep them down on the farm after they’ve seen “Paree”? Put that problem into your CFB smoking pipe and inhale.

    Smoke’em if you got’em.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      “Recreational pot smoking legalized in a couple of states. Whooee, what’s a coach going to do when pot smoking is legalized and is no more different than slamming down a few beers after reaching the age of 21?”
      Put the bong away Cojones that just ain’t gonna happen. Pot smuggling in Mexico is a 6 billion dollar enterprise. And Mexico needs that 6 billion. Any stateside legalization will cut into that cash cow. The cartels use that slush money to cash flow other operations AND to bribe officials. Obama hasn’t said anything about what the federal gov is going to do about the Washington and Colorado attempt to legalize it. I betcha the Mexican gov is all over him to make sure it doesn’t get legalized. Obama is pretty sensitive to what the Mexican government wants. The Latino vote really flexed their muscles this past election. We’ve talked about racism and such here today. Every group just wants a fair advantage. They want a slice of the pie and the bigger the slice the happier they will be. Politicians slice the pie up whichever way is best for their elections. I don’t know how many here have gov jobs and with golden parachutes. I’ve been in business all my life. I’ve dealt with budgets and time lines. You don’t spend more that you make. That debt ceiling looks uncomfortably and dangerously close. I’m glad we live in a country where anyone can become president. I just don’t think just “anyone” should be president. “Hope and change” won’t pay the electric bill.
      just sayin’

      • Cojones

        Excuse me, are you nuts? Obama has already shown that he believes Fed authority should overide State authority (and let’s don’t get started on States Rights) and has already raided fields in Calif and interceded in the medicinal mj program in Mont. I don’t, however, believe I have ever heard the “Obama Mexican Pot Conspiracy” theory which smacks with a Karl Roveian set of lips onto my liberal buttocks.🙂

        I’m sure you mean well, but you may have beaten me to some of the best THC content weed in the Southern States if you believe that political swill. And you don’t have any idea how most pot purchasers work. Mexican pot is bottom of the list in quality. “Home- grown” can apply to any plot within 10 miles of where you reside, not from certain regions like N.Calif. You always go for the best “home-grown” over all others, no matter how cheap the “bad stuff” is. Now I want to see how you can hatch a plot where Obama controls the “Home-grown” pot in America. The question is: When is the U.S. going to legitimize pot and realize the tax benefits from what is now being sold under the table like booze during Prohibition?

        Freedom from Made-Up Shit; ain’t it wonderful? is an ongoing internet piece that encompasses all the rumors and theories out there, investigates and reports whether they are true or not and gives their evidence for you to research as well. I suggest that we should repair to one of those sites and confirm this Obama/Mexican Pot Connection Conspiracy Theory.

    • The Lone Stranger

      Mark Richt has lost control of Washington and Colorado now. Where will it end?

  20. Noonan

    “We’re rednecks, we’re rednecks. We don’t know our ass from a hole in the ground.”

    Randy Newman, 1973

  21. Slaw Dawg

    Having lived in multiple parts of the country and overseas, I’m among those who can vouch that group hatred exists everywhere. But those other places are not my beloved Southland. What always kills me about stuff like the Ole Miss incident is that for a great majority of non-Southerners, it reinforces the absolute worst stereotypes of the South generally–and Mississippi in particular. They’ll read the headline and think “there they go again,” and it’ll take a huge Ole Miss effort to overcome the blow–and it’s definitely a blow. My daughter has Ole Miss on her college applicant list–as an aspiring writer, Oxford has its attractions. But after yesterday, Mrs. Slaw Dawg isn’t so sure that’s a good place for her progressive minded, ambitious daughter to be.

    I’ve also just got to chime in regarding the notion that Pres Obama’s detractors are knee-jerk racists. Now, there’s just no denying that some of those detractors have said some outrageous things about him, down to questioning his very right to be president. But Obama hasn’t done too much worse, so far as I can tell, among Southern white voters than Gore or Kerry did, so I don’t see a basis for ascribing racism to most of his detractors among that group. And it’s worth noting that Obama didn’t seriously try to make a sale to white voters in the Deep South, so it’s no wonder no sale was made. I think it’d be a great thing if he was to spend some quality time in, say, Albany, GA or Greenwood, MS so that all concerned would be revealed as being without horns or tail. In fact, he might do a world of good by making a visit to Ole Miss, escorted by Haley Barbour.

    • Cojones

      Slaw Dawg. We were separated at birth. Where are you? I grew up near Albany, lived and saw first hand the actions that some took to integrate/ keep segregation in Sowega. I was expressly proud of the civic leaders not allowing anyone to get hurt in what could have been (and nearly was) an explosive time. The Albany Police Chief, Laurie Pritchett along with b&w civic and business leaders, organized for and kept the public safe, unlike recent events (at that time) in Ark, Miss and Ala. Martin Luther King, James Farmer and other Movement leaders were bailed out by local business leaders when rumor of Molotov cocktails being hurled through the jail bars surfaced. They were released in secret (at night) to their organization reps at the county line who signed that they were received unharmed.

      The point? This occurred almost exactly 50 yrs ago and people, even in that caldron of social pressure, acted civilly to defuse it all. Would that we could do that 50 yrs later.

      • Slaw Dawg

        Yeah, Laurie Pritchett was the one guy to defuse a potentially ugly confrontation in the civil rights era by simply reading up on MLK and acting politely and wisely. Sort of the anti-Bull Connor. He’s one of the overlooked fascinating guys of the time. In fact, someone could write a good book about the sane progressivism of that part of the state, which could include Millard Fuller, Clarence Jordan and Sanford Bishop.

        Me, I grew up in NE GA, where I have roots going back more than 2 centuries, have lived in 4 states as an adult, now in New England. Have fam in Athens and do business in Georgia, so get there a lot. Kids mostly grew up here, but both aspire to Southern college life and who I am to argue?

        • Cojones

          You can add James Gray at the top of the list because, at that time, he was Editor of the Albany Herald. Last I heard, Pritchett leap-frogged his Albany success to Charlotte, N.C. C.O.P.

          Children: As students or teachers? Anyway, they’ll love it like we all have.

          And I won’t comment on the book.🙂

  22. Billy Mumphrey

    Bravo, David. Bravo!! You really sparked one here. Troll of the year!

  23. NC Dawg

    Please, somebody tell me that the KAs in Athens don’t still have that Old South Ball with the Confederate uniforms and hoop skirts.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      If they want to dress up and play Gone with the Wind so be it. It doesn’t bother me. I had a roommate that was a history major and one of the most liberal guys in our group. Still he loved the confederate soldier dress up and reenactment of battles. Wasn’t my thing but he seemed to enjoy it.

    • Cojones

      Can’t tell you that, but I can tell you that the Pi KAs are still putting tubes up their ass in protest to undrinkable wine.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      At Georgia the SAEs still have Magnolia, a similar event and I think the Sigma Nus still have Alamo Scout, also somewhat similar.

      • Alamo Scout is western not Confederate.
        It’s all perspective I want to see a different Headline ,”Black Elected President,No Whites Riot or Burn Cars”

  24. DawgPhan

    No mention that Robert Nkemdiche actually did decommit.

    beat Bama in atlanta and he heads up the road to athens.

  25. The Lone Stranger

    What a consumate drive-by bomb thrower!!! Where did that “David” character go for the past 10 hours? Excellent stuff!

  26. shane#1

    I was opposed to Obama this election as I was in the last election. Not because of his color, but because he had never done a damn thing. He was a Junior Senator that had never even co-written a bill and a community organizer, (whatever the hell that is) so IMO he was in no way qualified to lead the largest economic machine in the world. He has wasted the economy through his ignorance and will probably lead the country into a depression. With that being said, Obama is Commander in Chief and I will respect the office. You salute the insignia, not the man. America will survive this President as She has survived all others, no matter how incompetent.

  27. evolveddeepsoutherner

    This is the best Blutarsky thread ever. I read several political blogs – in fact, this is one of the few non-political blogs I read – and I come over here to get away from it. But I guess I have always wanted to see this crowd mix it up in one big political slap fight. Thank you all so much. And now that we’ve all got that out of our systems, I hope everybody can check that shit at the door on sure-enough game threads.

  28. 81Dog

    this is the worst Blutarsky thread ever. We can all agree that the “protesters” at Ole Miss were ignorant fools. Beyond that, the gleeful fingerpointing by Obama supporters that this is somehow proof that most of us ignorant rednecks hate the President because he’s black is pretty ignorant, followed up by more ignorance that Mitt Romney is clearly a racist.

    Look, you want to talk politics, there are a million places for that. I hope this place doesnt become another place where tolerant liberals feel free to remind everyone who disagrees with them or their policies or their candidates what backwards, ignorant, racists they all are. Cant we all just stick to disagreeing about football?

    • The whole point about my post was the effect that scene would have on recruiting, which has been a problem that has impacted Ole Miss for the better part of the last two decades, at least if you take the comments from a series of head coaches there at face value.

      Surprisingly little discussion about that, though…

      • 81 Dawg +100. Senator, funny how no one surmised that. I knew it was related to recruiting or something SEC FB.

      • 81Dog

        I dont blame you, Senator. It was certainly a legit SEC post by you. I meant, and should have more specifically indicated, the comments which took an unfortunate political turn and quickly went south from there.

        besides, it’s your blog. If you want to turn it into a politics included thing, that would be up to you (although I dont think that was where you were going here with your original post.)

        I think everyone would agree that the actions of the OM students making trouble, comments, throwing stuff, etc was stupid, ignorant, and rephrehensible. It should be dealt with quickly and firmly by Ole Miss admins and the authorities. Beyond that, I dont think any wider conclusions can fairly be drawn (not that you did), and I dont see any real point in doing what several responders have done.

      • Cojones

        I alluded to it at 11:19 yesterday. My posting at12:20 presaged the 12:44 posting that was directly at the point you made (or so I thought). There was surprisingly little ditect subject (main course)discussion, but there was a lot of food laid out at your feast. You wouldn’t expect less of this bunch for tasting a little of everything, would you?

    • Dog in Fla

      “Do I even live in America anymore ?”

  29. NC Dawg

    I think everyone knew your point was about recruiting. The posts were mostly trying to go deeper into why this sort of thing happens at all in this day and age. It was an accurate point, that Ole Miss is condemning itself to more years if not decades of recruiting woes because of things like this on its campus. The readers were mostly incredulous (mostly, I said) that such a thing could happen on a university campus in 2012.

    • Cojones

      I found it difficult to think of other schools in the SEC going to rec ruits and outright using it in recruiting(the old “our fans/students are better than their fans/ students argument). That point was declared mute Wed eve when a crowd of over 700 students and faculty had a candlelight vigil to protest the few who had acted callously at Ole Miss. Reports of that display can be placed in front of all recruits and potential recruits to negate the inherent numbnuts.

  30. NC Dawg

    I don’t thinik they have to use it outright. The culture at Ole Miss has been well known among recruits. This just perpetuates it. A counter demonstration doesn’t wipe the board clean.