Steve Spurrier, ladies and gentlemen. He’ll be here instead of Atlanta all week.

Zing! (h/t MrSEC)

South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier wrapped up his comments for the week with a plea to Gamecocks fans Thursday.

“We need you Saturday,” Spurrier said. “We need you. We need to treat Arkansas as if it’s Georgia…”

Um, about that analogy, Coach… wouldn’t that mean beating a team head-to-head, only to watch it go to the SECCG instead of you?


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45 responses to “Steve Spurrier, ladies and gentlemen. He’ll be here instead of Atlanta all week.

  1. Debby Balcer

    Zing is right!

  2. Timphd

    Poor Stevie, can’t get the Cocks to hate us as much as he does. I am counting on the Dawgs whipping Auburn so Steve has to watch the SECCG with tears in his eyes, wishing it were different.

  3. Bevo

    “Um, about that analogy, Coach… wouldn’t that mean beating a team head-to-head, only to watch it go to the SECCG instead of you?”

    I’m not particularly proud of this from a Georgia perspective — we were utterly pathetic that night in Columbia. But seeing the OBC squirm is a wonderful treat.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      Cocks were equally as pathetic against the gators.

      • Bevo

        Okay, but what’s your point? If anything, that reflects even worse on us.

        • AthensHomerDawg

          Maybe so but I think it says more about how hard it is to get a team up week after week to play in these high emotion game. uSC played lights out against the Dawgs but couldn’t repeat the effort against the Gators and were lucky that Tyler Bray fumbled in Knoxvegas. He is energizing a team that sees it’s championship hopes slipping away and dealing with an injury to their best player. Yeah he is trying to pump them up.. Early on the week prior to the UGa/uSC game gamecock fan was posting here a lot about who had the best opp to win that game. I responded that they might beat Georgia and I wouldn’t be surprised. But he wasn’t gonna get LSU and UF as well and would likely get beat by both of them. I thought Saban would get bumped off my LSU. Didn’t happen cause in the last seconds of that game a screen pass went 38 yards for a score. Oh lady luck just looked down on Little Nicky and laughed out loud. Good teams, good coaching, consistent energy level and concentration and Oh Lady Luck wins games.

  4. Irishdawg

    Please, Coach Richt, get the team fired up to thrash this asshole next year. I want to see him choke on that douchey visor. Prick.

    • Carolinadawg

      I think you mean, “Please, Shawn Williams, get this team fired up…”

    • Cojones

      “Getting the team up ” will have to be done in the summer and by the players since we play SC first game next year. Better start with those players early- like before they get suspended when they should have been practicing football and practicing campus values during the sum…. no wait! Ixnay on the ampuscay aluesvay! Most of the students will probably be enjoying a dooby with their friends.

  5. Treat Arkansas as if they were Georgia? Please , OBC….as if….

  6. Castleberry

    Before next season, I fully expect Spurrier to propose record against Georgia as the sole method for determining the East champion.

  7. Skeptic Dawg

    Yet again, Spurrier’s statement only stings because it is true. The guy hates Georgia with a passion.

  8. rusty

    It is somewhat of a consolation to know it galls his keister…Now if we were to mess around and beat Bama…..

  9. Erskine

    Recommend taking up a collection to buy the OBC a ticket to the SEC Championship game because that is the only way he is going to get there from here on out.

  10. Careful Brad

    To paraphrase Patrick Roy and what is my favorite smack talk line of all time, It’s hard to hear what Spurrier says because our two SEC East championship ring from the past two years are plugging my ears.

  11. KornDawg

    So he wants Cock fans to start whining about Arkansas’ schedule, too?

  12. ScoutDawg

    Can you tell me the best site to troll, please sir?

  13. JG Shellnutt

    Isn’t this kind of a compliment, or am I just reading it wrong?
    It sounds like he’s trying to put the importance of this game into perspective for the fans, saying that this is as important as Georgia or Clemson. He’s trying to get them to be as loud and frenzied as they were when they played us (I was at WBS that night and it was crazier than I’ve ever seen it there).

  14. While there probably is a slight at Georgia in here, you’re reading this out of context. I can you tell you that Spurrier has been talking up this game against Arkansas all week. He said something on his call-in show yesterday to the effect of, “it used to be Georgia, Florida, and Tennessee that gave us the most trouble here, but now it’s Arkansas that whips our butts. We’re going to try to change that this weekend.” My impression is that he really wants revenge against Arkansas this weekend, and that he might really run up the score if he gets an opportunity. He’s been pumping up this game much more than you’d expect against a struggling team.

    As for myself, I would have loved revenge against Petrino, but John L. Smith just doesn’t amp up the hatred meter for me.

  15. Chunky A

    I hate Spurrier as much as the next guy, but I actually think he’s trying to get the fans motivated like they were for the UGA game….as though this game is as big as that one was…..not trying to tell his players to do something similar…..although I doubt he’d mind that either.

  16. ChilliDawg

    Mark Richt has lost control of the OBC’s rants.

  17. Gravidy

    Wait…no, no, NO! Wasn’t Arky the team Visorhole bitched like a 12 year old girl for the last year about having to play?!? You can’t have it both ways, asshole. Either they are tough or they aren’t. They can’t be tough all year long and suddenly morph into a hapless bunch which requires a pep rally for the fans to take them seriously.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      I hope Arky beats their sorry asses so they end up with 3 SEC losses. I also am pulling big time for Clemmons.

  18. This is what teams and Coaches who don’t have shit to play for do. They create fake hype. Spurrier just knows that this game means nothing because they (meaning the deadcocks) aren’t going anywhere and the fans ain’t going to be real excited about a mid-level SEC team playing a bad SEC team. This is what USC does, they pump “Sandstorm” into the stadium really load so it sounds like they have good fans and good teams.but its all smoke and mirrors.
    It strikes me that Arky may actually have a chance. Without Lattimore is Shaw a capable QB? I have my doubts.

    • Cojones

      So far Shaw has been doing OK. “Fake hype” sure stoned our ass. Why wouldn’t he do it again since it worked so well on us?

      Ark is to SC as Aub is to us today. Talented members of teams can always make game-winning plays. You never get away from that thought no matter who you play.