VanGorder’s Job One: keeping the lid on

For Auburn to have a real shot today, it seems to me that it’s going to have to do something about big plays.

We all know Georgia’s story on offense about that – the Dawgs are currently ranked third in the country in offensive plays of 20 yards or more.  (Texas A&M, which destroyed the Tigers 63-21, is first.)  But when you run through the full comparisons on big plays, it looks especially grim for Auburn:

  • Auburn – 73rd on offense; 96th on defense
  • Georgia – 3rd on offense; 25th on defense

What makes those numbers even worse from Auburn’s standpoint is that one thing Georgia’s defense has done well all season is force three-and-outs.  It ranks third nationally forcing 50 three-and-outs, an average of 5.5 per game.  Meanwhile, Auburn is 121st in the country in third down conversion percentage.  That’s not a good combination if you’re the Tiger offense.

It’s hard to see how Auburn keeps things close if VanGorder can’t find a way to keep Georgia’s offense from breaking off a few big plays.  The Tigers lack the offensive firepower to trade punches.



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14 responses to “VanGorder’s Job One: keeping the lid on

  1. RomanDawg

    I want the Dawgs to convert at least one 3rd & Willie just so the Aubies can experience the pain of that little dagger twisting between their ribs. If it leads to the TD that starts an avalanche of scoring, even better.


  2. AusDawg85

    I don’t think the Aubie’s understand the phrase “trading punches” the way you meant it….


  3. CoachSpurlock

    Just re-watched the lowlights from the 2010 game, AKA the Nick Fairley cheatfest, and I got pissed off again. Hope the players have been watching it. Hearing their fans sing the “na na na na, goodbye” song at the end made my blood boil. I’m going to the game tonight with the goal of not turning into a douchebag, but I’ve got a feeling the water is contaminated over there, so I may not be able to avoid it. PLEASE give us the opportunity to sing it back to them tonight. It’s going to be cold tonight, and revenge is a dish best served that way.


  4. The other Doug

    I like driving in my truck…


  5. Brian Dawg

    Here’s hoping that the oak trees remain unmolested for yet another Saturday.


  6. Paul Webber

    Does anyone really know why Van Gorder left UGA? I heard it was because him and CMR couldnt get along