A fish rots from the head down.

Brian VanGorder’s defense may have given up four touchdowns and 310 yards on Georgia’s first four possessions, but that doesn’t mean he’s doing a bad job.  Just ask him.

“We’re not built. The defense is not built with size, strength and power right now,” VanGorder said. “That becomes obvious against teams like Georgia, the first game with Clemson. It shows up. Players know. We talk about it.”

Asked whether guys have lost some of their edge since week one, VanGorder acknowledged it’s a plausible theory.

“I think that’s kind of natural when you’re having the kind of season that we’re having,” VanGorder said. “But not to a degree where it’s concerning to me. Bottom line is you work hard and you hope some good things happen and you hope players make a play here or there. We’ve not been able to do that this year…”

Shocking, I know.

Not too surprisingly, Gene Chizik is puzzled by the comments from a man whose defense is actually underperforming Ted Roof’s.

“I don’t really know how I interpret that,” Chizik said. “I think that there’s some obviously some positions that we feel like we need to upgrade in terms of productivity, but other than that, I’m not really sure exactly what all that means. We can always be bigger, we can always be stronger.”

Willie Martinez is simply grateful nobody is pointing a finger at him these days.



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20 responses to “A fish rots from the head down.

  1. gastr1

    This is where the rubber meets the road: Van Gorder is no longer a fit for college football because he runs the wrong kind of defense. And if he had stayed and Martinez not become DC, we’d probably have had to run him off for similar reasons.


  2. sniffer

    It’s going to take a HazMat team to clean up the mess when the fire is out. We may be seeing the beginnings of a “scorched earth” catastrophe.

    “Remain calm, recruits, the line forms up at I-85 North.”


  3. Bard Parker

    Willie Martinez is simply grateful nobody is pointing a finger at him these days.

    Don’t you mean two thumbs?


  4. Bulldog Joe

    VanGorder looks pi$$ed and Michael Adams looks shocked.



  5. Chadwick

    Some posted a photo of Richt and Van Gorder pre-game. Looked like those guys have burned some bridges. Also looked like Richt knew he was going to scorch Van Gorder and Van Gorder knew it. Glad that gypsy is not our DC.


    • Go Dawgs

      Saw that picture, and It was a trick of the lens. Richt was standing about ten yards or more away from VanGorder and they were both watching their own teams warm up. From the angle of the photo and the compression of the distance it looks like they’re not happy with each other, but that’s all it was.


    • Ah, you stole my thunder… post going up with the pic as a caption contest soon.


  6. deebflop

    Van Diggler has been done ever since he left the Jacksonville Jaguars. Everyone is just figuring that out now because he’s always managed to stay one half step ahead of the executioner’s axe.


  7. Cojones

    Does this mean he’s not coming back to recreate the worshipful years(to some fans who lack any football sense) here? Gosh, he and Sabin look plumb human and with human-like teams. Where are all the talent comparers when holding them up to Richt? All of those coaches proposed to replace Richt are sitting at his feet looking up right now.


  8. Lrgk9

    Dudes – Roof and Van Gorder can coach. It’s Chizik and his program that is rotten.

    Johnny Majors gave Chizik his first college job, you should hear Major’s opinion of Chizik. Unkind is putting it mildly. He spoke at the Macon TD club a couple years ago and pretty much predicted such a demise…


  9. Irishdawg

    Is Georgia’s offense getting any credit for that exsanguination Saturday? Because regardless of how bad AU’s defense might be, what Georgia’s O did was damn impressive.


  10. bulldogbry

    I’m unclear on something. A defensive coordinator isn’t any good unless he “shows some fire” according to….almost everyone on the Bulldog interwebs for the past seven years. So is that Van Gorder’s problem? He didn’t show any fire?

    Nevermind, don’t answer. I’ve been tired of hearing about BVG for a long, long time.


  11. Scott

    Roof had 3 seasons at Auburn. BVG hasn’t been there long enough to judged. Grantham wasn’t exactly an instant success at UGA. The problems with Auburn began long before BVG got there.

    Did you guys see what Heath Evans said about the AU program a few days ago:

    “I saw this coming and nobody wanted to believe me,” Evans said. “It was a scary off-season for me, that off-season of 2011, because I do, I bleed orange and blue. I love that school. I love those kids, and I love what an Auburn man is supposed to stand for. It’s hard to watch (Auburn) football now on a Saturday afternoon.”

    What did Evans see during his workouts? What was and is missing from the Auburn program?

    “Discipline, structure, accountability, and most importantly, mental and physical toughness,” he said. “It’s non-existent. It’s absolutely pathetic, and I know those are harsh words, but see, the thing about mental and physical toughness is, they’re created. They really are. I can show you the man that looks the biggest and the toughest, and most likely, I can put him in some circumstances where he’d crumble. Great coaches know how to make great men, and they’re built. You don’t come out of the womb with great character, great discipline, great emotional and physical fortitude. Those things are created in you by great men. …

    “Do you have to do it the Nick Saban way? No, but there has to be instant accountability for every breath you take.”


    • gastr1

      I read a few comments about AU not really having much outside of Fairley and Newton n 2010, that they didn’t have the same athletes many of the other top schools did.