Egg on their faces

A.J. McCarron uncharacteristically threw a couple of picks in the TAMU game, which means the top passer rating in the SEC now belongs to…

Aaron Murray, at 170.66.

That number is good enough for third in the country, by the way.

That probably comes as a bit of a surprise to the Dawg fan sitting in front of me Saturday night, who was absolutely, positively certain that the redshirt was coming off Hutson Mason when Murray had to sit out a play.


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29 responses to “Egg on their faces

  1. Timphd

    Senator, you must choose your seats more wisely. Clearly you are sitting with morons lately. Guys bitching about Bobo and hoping for Mason? Really?

  2. What fresh hell is this?

    Burn a redshirt during a drubbing of the barn? Clearly a fan with his finger on the pulse of his team.

  3. I didn’t hear their discussion, Senator, so I have no idea what they meant. However, I submit to you that it’s at least possible that they weren’t advocating for the replacement of a healthy Aaron Murray but perhaps instead thought Murray was hurt and might not be returning to the game, in which case they probably share my trepidation about putting the season in Christian LeMay’s hands. I haven’t seen anything from him that makes me think he’s ready to take over, and the fact that Parker Welch is the first man in after Murray these days only confirms it. Given the choice between burning Hutson’s redshirt or putting a game to clinch a division championship in the hands of Parker Welch or Christian LeMay… well, welcome to the game, Hutson Mason.

    • stoopnagle

      I think either one of us could manage to give the ball to Gurshall, but as it turns out, it doesn’t matter.

  4. HVL Dawg

    I really think we are beyond burning Hutson’s red jersey. I don’t think CMR is going to screw Hutson out of a year to win the conference or our bowl. Remember how he said he didn’t feel any different after winning it all at FSU? It isn’t CMR’s style to screw a player to give the fans something they want.

    Last year we felt like our future rested in LeMay’s hands. Now we are already looking forward to seeing Brice. We need a year with Hutson in between.

    • Jrod1229

      Eh.. if we’re in a tight game against Bama in the dome and Murray is out the remainder of the game.. you can damn well expect to see Mason brought it. You gotta give it all to get the ring (hopefully more than one).

      • Gravidy

        Yes, I would expect that as well. I doubt Mason’s shirt would be burned in a relatively meaningless bowl game. But in the SECCG with the outcome in doubt? Yep. He’s coming in. Also…if by some miracle UGA finds itself in the MNC game, he’s coming in that one, too.

        • Cojones

          I disagree with all those trying to bring Mason into the game. You haven’t seen LeMay do anything except carry out the plays given to him. He doesn’t deserve anyone on his back. Quit setting his table with nonsense before he has a chance to play long enough to prove himself. These coaches can play anyone they know will do the best for this team at this time. Some of you are setting the stage to rip into the coaches if they don’t put the person you predict into the game.

          I have speculated that LeMay could be going through some type of punishment, but that won’t include bringing Mason in at the first opportunity. LeMay can do the same things as the other QBs plus he can run as good as Manziel. I want to see him play and you sad sacks can sheath your advice knives until we need them. The coaches have already decided what they are going to do at QB. Some of you aren’t starting another “I’m a better coach with better advice than our Sec and ACC-experienced coach and staff” are you? And they don’t need any of us pushing any superfluous agenda. Let LeMay play such that we can judge freely whether we support his being in the game and quit trying to sink him before he starts.

          • Gravidy

            Uhhh… I’m not sure if you were including me as someone who is “trying to bring Mason into the Game”. If so, you need to calm down and reread what I wrote.

            Iwas merely interpreting what I read in an article which quoted Mason’s account of his discussions with Bobo. Just last week there was an article (by Emerson, I believe) where Mason was extensively quoted about what the plan was for the Auburn game. The plan was for Welch to come in immediately if Murray got hurt. Then if Murray couldn’t return (and the game was still in doubt) Mason’s shirt was going to get burned.

            Once again, Cojo, I’m not cheerleading for Mason or criticizing Lemay. I was taking what Bobo said about the plan for the Auburn game and giving my interpretation of what I thought that meant for the SEECG or MNC. Nothing more.

          • AusDawg85

            In an emergency situation, I actually think a rotation of Welch and Lemay could be pretty effective at this point in the season.

          • rugbydawg79

            Sic em Cojones–well said sir !!

  5. Normaltown Mike

    what does it say about Lemay that Parker Welch has surpassed him on the depth chart?

    If Lemay was at Bama, Saban would be announcing that he was released for medical reasons this off-season.

  6. Rocket Dawg

    Gawd we have such stupid fans. There is a section of our fan base that is just a complete embarrassment.

    • Just Chuck (the other one)

      Think you’ve put your finger on the downside to having the success we’ve had. You attract a lot of “fans” who really don’t know much about the game or the team but think they do because they had the good sense to pick a winning team to cheer for. I think Auburn has a lot of folks like that and we saw how much they know or care about their team Saturday night.

  7. HobnailedBoots

    Murray still has to prove that he can play well in a big game. If he has another performance against Alabama like he did against Florida or South Carolina, we’re toast.


    Folks just need to STFU about Murray.

    DGD that boy is.

  9. deebflop

    Truth is, when Murray plays like he did this past week, we are unstoppable. When he plays like he did against the Gamepenises. We are… well, stoppable; but we are 9-1. We are the 5th ranked team. We have two gimme putts left on the regular season schedule. We could potentially finish the entire year 13-1.
    Thirteen and one.
    Sure, Murray makes me a little crazy sometimes… but, seriously, not that crazy.

    • W Cobb Dawg

      Agree. The flipside of some fans bitching about AM is the fawning other fans lavish on him. The former comes out after he has a bad game and the later comes out after a good game. He’ll be tested in the secc and bowl games – and it’d be great if he gets his first postseason win in one or both.

    • W Cobb Dawg

      Agree. The flipside of fans trashing AM is the fawning praise other fans lavish upon him. He’s a good QB who’s 25-12 overall, including 0-3 in the postseason. I hope he’s saving his best games for the upcoming secc and bowl.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        I come neither to bury Murray or to praise him–but merely to point out that the QB himself does not win or lose games, teams do. Murray doesn’t call the plays, field punts/kickoffs, catch passes or run with the ball (except on rare occasions) and he most certainly doesn’t play defense. If you analyze why the Dawgs lost games in 2010 and 2011, none of those losses can really be laid at Murray’s feet anyway. For the most part he did a good job at QB even in the games we lost.

  10. Cojones

    I’m amazed how some blog posters just turn stupid for no good reason when the table is set for the fans to feast. Unbelievable.

  11. Is there anyone in sports more disappointing than the ridiculous Dawg fan? And they never seem to be more than a row away.

  12. JaxDawg

    Gee, I thought Collin Klein was the BEST EVAH!

    Seriously, Holtz said Murray was the most underrated QB in the country, fwiw.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      I heard Holtz say that too but I took it as a form of Dawggrading. Sort of damnation by faint praise. An insult couched to appear as a compliment. Sort of as if someone in authority at ESPN had spoken to Holtz about always being negative about Georgia so he begrudgingly complied by saying something nice–but not too nice.