Nooner: Georgia-Georgia Tech

Per the official Georgia Tech Twitter feed:

That’s six or seven hours less to prepare for the genius.  Hope Grantham’s up to the task.


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  1. stoopnagle

    Georgia Southern runs essentially the same offense as Tech, right? The major difference would be the talent levels of the two teams.


  2. Newt

    Screw tech for being so uninteresting we have to kick off at noon.

  3. HobnailedBoots

    Noon kickoff? Booooooo. Guess the tailgate food of choice will be Thanksgiving leftovers.

  4. The984

    The Buffalo game was a 12:21 kickoff. It and Georgia Southern are the only other games which had kickoffs before 3:30. This means that the Georgia Tech game is our single earliest kickoff this season.

    Way to bring our kickoff time down, Jackets.

  5. Come on Guys…No one cares about this game but us. I cannot see National Advertisers wanting to sponsor a game on Thanksgiving weekend that is of such little importance.

    • 202dawg

      Correction: No one cares about this game, INCLUDING us…

      • 81Dog

        if you think that’s true, see what happens if we lose. Tech nerds will be gnawing on our hedges like rats in a cheese factory, and some of our best fans will probably demand that our whole staff get fired.

        Nobody may care much….as long as we win.

        • that is totally correct ,as has been said in the past beating them may not be the greatest thing but losing to them is the worst

          • Macallanlover

            Which makes the case, it isn’t a proportionate risk/reward. Everyone always uses this position but I would trade losses to GT for a win in the SECCG the next week EVERY year. The game will always mean more to GT, we want to win every game, but it makes them a real program again.

    • Debby Balcer

      ESPN cares they are televising it.

  6. Puffdawg

    “That’s six or seven hours less to prepare for the genius. Hope Grantham’s up to the task.”

    Or, 6 or 7 hours less time for the genius to come up with a game plan based on whatever exotic scheme grantham shows against ga southern’s triple option.😉

    • Will (the other one)

      By “exotic scheme” you mean “use the d-line to shut down the dive, and have someone hit the QB as often as possible” right? Because that’s about all there is to it.
      The NATS put up big numbers against UNC, but UNC was giving up 5 yds a pop to the dive. I’m skeptical of that happening against Big Bad Jon Jenkins and co.

  7. Macallanlover

    That’s a pretty good point, The Genius is one who needs to step his game up, we have proven we can stop the TO when we are strong in the middle. He will learn more about us than we will learn from GSU. Still believe, this is a game that needs to be taken off the home and home schedule, they really aren’t worth the problem. Maybe by playing in the light of day the refs will see their dirty blocking schemes. Doesn’t this game have ACC refs this year? If so, they may be tired of the injuries by now from GT.

    • Puffdawg

      Mac, I was being snarky. Johnson’s got 3 years of head to head film to go on. He knows what we’re gonna do. We know what he’s gonna do. The difference is we get a live scrimmage against a specialty scout team the week before with another whole week to work on the shortfalls.

      I was mainly making fun of Stingtalk for pushing that idea.

      • Macallanlover

        Got it. The basic way of defensing the TO doesn’t change dramatically, but I still think each defensive unit is comprised of unique individuals with various strengths/weaknesses so I think PJ will have a week to make “adjustments” in how he attacks us. Jenkins and Kwame are pretty stout (in multiple ways) in the middle so I feel OK with us against both GSU and GT. Our pursuit speed only needs us to stuff the A dive, force the play to the perimeter while protecting the cutback lanes. I worry about the chop blocking on double teams against our nose more than anything in these two games.

        • Will (the other one)

          Yeah, the risk of injury against tiny, cheap-shotting OLinemen is my biggest worry. Meanwhile Alabama gets the equivalent of two bye weeks going against Western Carolina and LOLburn.

  8. Sanford222View

    Ugh! That makes my drive from NC down to Athens have to start that much earlier. I was really hoping for a 5:00pm or so kick to allow me to take my time getting to the Classic City and lessen my dog house stay with my wife for leaving the family Thanksgiving vacation.

  9. Uglydawg

    Rhetorical comment….
    I’l love to drop Tech and schedule Notre Dame. We’d get prime time and if we win, most years we will have beaten the most highly (and this is snarky) regarded team in America. I would give a lot for us to be playing the Irish in two weeks.
    What does it behoove Georgia to play GT (besides the satisfaction of beating them up)?
    Dropping them would send the UGA fixiated nerds into a frenzy.

    • I’l love to drop Tech and schedule Notre Dame.

      … and, a pony.

      ND isn’t scheduling another top FBS opponent after cutting its scheduling deal with the ACC. In fact, it’s going to have to cut a couple of schools because of that.

      And I’ll ask this again: why does anybody in our fan base want to dump a series against our in state rival in which we’ve seen our team win 10 of the last eleven games?

      • Macallanlover

        If it is just about the win Senator, why not play GSU, or Ga State, and pick up another home game every other year. Beating Tech gets us no real props so why not take the risk out and get the cheap W. Nothing wrong with adding a top flight challenge with four OOC opportunities. I just don’t understand the overpowering drive for scheduling so many uninteresting Ws, Ga Tech included. They are a less compelling Vandy to me, without the conference benefit.

        • If it is just about the win Senator, why not play GSU, or Ga State, and pick up another home game every other year.

          Who said it’s just about the win? It’s Georgia’s traditional in state rival. There’s a hundred years of hatred behind the series.

          How would you respond to a Florida fan from, say, 2009, who made a similar argument?

        • hailtogeorgia

          How does it get us no real props? It’s a win over an ACC opponent. That’s a hell of a lot more than Georgia Southern or Georgia State offer…not to mention the fact that it makes work in Atlanta much more enjoyable.

      • Being an Atlanta Native, I think this game is very rich in tradition and means more to the State of GA than you realize.

        • Macallanlover

          Not more than I realize, more than I think it is, which seems to vary with your point of view. That is fine, everyone has their opinion. I will ask you, if it means so much to the city of Atlanta, why don’t the 4 million+ citizens gobble up all those tickets at BDS. The only reason the game is even a sellout is UGA fans. Where are all the GT/Atlanta fans? Hell, they couldn’t even sell their minimal ticket allotment to a UGA game an hour away. Their small, hard-core base of fans don’t even care, much less the citizens of Atlanta.

          The “big game” in this series is now a memory, one that died years ago thanks to Bobby Dodd. Frankly, the memories are the best part of this series. It is like watching Joe Louis, Willie Mays, Joe Namath, Hank Aaron, etc., after they were past their prime. Better to live of the good memories, because it was huge “back in the day”, a game that got everyone’s blood circulating faster. While a few old timers still wait for this game every season, but no one argues in the coffee shops around the state any more about this game. In fact, few fans even give it a thought more than one week a year (I am one of those). Next week I will think about them, but mostly I wil wonder why they belong in such a special place on our schedule. Why should we help them by blowing oxygen into their lifeless body?

          • hailtogeorgia

            The reasons the Atlanta folks and the Tech fans don’t gobble up the tickets are twofold: many of those 4 million metro-Atlanta residents are transplants who don’t care about Georgia/Georgia Tech. Of the Tech grads, a lot of them don’t stay in Atlanta…they move back home to New York, or DC, or Chicago, or India, or wherever they came from to attend Tech. The other group…the fans in Atlanta who do get the tickets…are the Dawg fans, which, for some reason, you exclude from this equation. There’s a reason the Dawg fans generally outnumber the Tech fans…the game sells out, just sells out with Dawg fans…why is that a bad thing?

        • Will (the other one)

          Yep. Also it gives Atlanta area fans and alums who may not normally go to an away game with a surefire easy ticket outside of Athens every other year.

      • Uglydawg

        What an irony. We enjoy seeing Tech wallow in mediocrity, yet resent them for not being competitive when they play the Dawgs.
        I suppose there are some that would like to see Tech as champs of their division so the annual ass whipping would be even more satisfying.

        • If things break right, you do realize we could actually be facing Tech as a division champ, right?

          • Puffdawg

            And they won the ACC in 2009 and played in the title game another year. What’s bad about having an instate rival we beat every year that has a moderate amount of success in their own BCS conference?

    • Macallanlover

      That last statement is meaty, they need us to be relevant in their own camp. And playing in that little band box of a stadium, in a dangerous neighborhood, is really worthless. Much rather have a legit team for a home and home (earlier in the year), get a better trip and the national audience would respect the wins we get. This is only a significant rivalry for a small group of fans in the state of Georgia, that is why you see the 12:00 time. Florida gets a chance to play an in-state, OOC rivalry that means something nationally.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        So, Mac. Are you advocating that Tech get better so as to really be a threat to beat UGA like FSU is a threat to beat Florida?

        • Macallanlover

          Actually, I would prefer that. UGA could use a schedule boost, I prefer to be a part of the game everyone talks about in CFB. Let’s face it, this is rivalry week and we are as far down the ladder as they can bury us. I will look forward to watching the FSU/FU that day, I think fans around the country will. How many will even care about our game at this critical time of the CFB season?

          • How many will even care about our game at this critical time of the CFB season?

            Seriously, why does that matter? Georgia’s in the SECCG and with a couple of breaks could find itself playing for a national title. It’s in line to get plenty of national attention.

            Georgia’s playing – and hopefully kicking the ass of – its in state rival. Why do I need ESPN to validate my feelings about that?

            • Macallanlover

              I am certainly not saying I need ratings/polls, or the WWL to validate UGA. Of all the people on this blog I am the guy who says it is all about the SECCG. So that is an incorrect interpretation of why I made that comment. Consistently I have stated I always want to play better, more compeittive games against bigger name teams. It is you who keeps saying “how can anyone be against a game where we have whipped them 10 of the last 11”. That is I why I responded that I wasn’t just interested getting another W. Doesn’t matter, my opinion is just that, and I feel there are many great reasons to change this no longer great tradition, and have stated them. You have your own reasons, No harm.

              We can be 9-3 and win the SECCG and I am very happy, especially if those games were against top flight, interesting teams. Better than 11-1 against weaker competition, imo.

              • In any given season, there are at least two teams on the schedule significantly weaker than GT. If all this is about is creating a tougher schedule, your point still doesn’t make sense to me.

                • If we dropped GT, we would have to change the words to our fight song. There’s just too much history here and it is a great family tradition for many of us. My Mother was a GT Majorette in the early 50’s .

              • Mayor of Dawgtown

                According to many of our brethren on this blog that means you want to “settle for mediocrity.”

            • 79Dawg

              Could not agree more – since when is the time ESPN decides to televise a game the arbiter of what is important or not? Who gives a crap what ESPN thinks of us? As Rhett Butler famously said….

      • hailtogeorgia

        Since 2002, there have been three noon games, a one o’clock game, four 3:30 kickoffs, two 7:45 kickoffs, and one 8 o’clock kickoff. Basically, seven out of the past eleven games have been a good broadcast spot…are you sure this is a game that no one cares about?

  10. Debby Balcer

    I don’t want to see the game dropped for all the complaining about weak opposition at least GT is in the ACC. Dropping GT for GA State or GA Southern would make us look afraid of GT. The kickoff time does suck.

    • Macallanlover

      First of all, we would never look afraid if we made that move. Not with the series domination, and especially with the recent outcomes. So that isn’t an issue for us if we were to make that move, and particuarly if we pick up other/better teams (which I feel we should do.)

      My recommendation, which will not happen for another decade or more I think, would be to play GT occasionally, just like we do GSU. And only in Athens, just like we do GSU. There is no reason to give them a home game, none. Just demand that, and let them go crying back to the hood if they don’t like it. GT is no position to demand anything in football any longer. So we woul dstill play them for those who still thing that is important, but it will be more special to everyone one, and they might not have as many losses 3 of every 4 years. Maybe they could pick up Valdosta or W Ga. and beat them them most years before 12,000 screaming nerds. Note they have yet to play GSU so I expect it would have to be someone they could push around.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        I think we should continue to play Tech on an annual basis but in Athens only just like the Georgia Southerns of the world. (They would never agree to that however, no matter how many $$ we waved at them. Pride.) If you recall this was my idea more than 2 years ago.

  11. Uglydawg

    Would THIS be do-able?
    Schedule …For that last game, schedule, for instance UGA, Notre Dame, Georgia Tech and Louisville (just for the sake of making my point).
    After week 8 or 9, match up the two that are highest rated to play in Atlanta…the other two play wherever…This would give the higher ranked teams a better shot at the BCS…it would almost qualify as a playoff game…and it would give the other two (lower ranked) teams a more competive game.
    You can schedule that late if you know the possible matchups..It’s done every year in the conference playoffs.
    It would also cause one heck of a lot of interest in the four teams yearly plight. Of course, except for UGA and GT, you could change up the other two teams every year or two.

  12. stoopnagle

    Serious question: Stokan tried to get a UGA-Tech game for the CFA kick-off. Tech would like to “flip” the home-and-home: basically play UGA at BDS in even instead of odd years because of their ACC home/aways. UGA never wanted to do that because a) ha, screw you Tech and b) we like the way COFH fits our SEC home/aways. Now, UGA-Auburn has flipped (we’re going back to Auburn in ’13).

    How? Instead of playing at BDS in ’13, play at the Georgia Dome, then play at BDS in ’14. Figure out how to split the gate so everybody is happy, then kick the shit out of em again.

    • Will (the other one)

      We’d have better odds of that happening if UNC had bothered to tackle at all. No way they fire The Genius if he gets them to 6-6.
      Though in the bathtub of mediocrity that is whatever ACC division they’re in, Duke winning isn’t totally impossible.

    • Otto

      UGA GT is for Thanksgiving weekend on the repective campus, end of story.

      As an up side GT is usually even easier late in the year as they have lost depth.

    • Gt doesnt really care about the rotation. What they wanted was to play us in game 1 when their depth isn’t as pathetic. If they played us in game 1 they would NOT be 1-10 vs CMR. And they wouldnt have been 3-7 in the 3 prior decades either.

      All the other talk is a smokescreen

      Btw – GT can build a winner. But they are a new coach and a few years away. It would take a perfect hire executed flawlessly. They have no margin for error. It’s a brutal job. With no chance of retaining the guy who builds the winner

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        I disagree that the guy wouldn’t stay at Tech if he built a winner there. Think about it. The ACC is not the SEC–no good teams except for FSU and Va Tech which makes it a whole lot easier to win games. A lot less pressure than playing the likes of UGA, LSU, Bama, Florida, South Carolina and now Texas A&M on a weekly basis. Hell, Mississippi State and Vandy are getting to be pretty good now. Plus Atlanta is a large media market. The Techsters would have to open up the bank vault, though, which they have not shown a wont to do in the past. Cheap bastards that they are.

  13. cube

    Dump this game! We get nothing out of playing them.

    • Otto

      I’d rather see Bufallo, FAU, or Ga. Southern dropped than GT with the 1st 2 getting top choice. I do disagree with McGarity’s UF style of scheduling and FSU does get more respect 90% of the time than GT.

      Keep GT and add 1 big OOC game like Okie Lite, Boise, Clemson etc. is my request.

      • The Lone Stranger

        It’s a nice idea about adding a respectable OOC foe, but I think Mr. Red Panties soured alot of people on that scheme after the Dawgs could not deliver in ’09/’11.

  14. Otto

    I maybe in the minority (but I doubt it) GT is now 4th on the list of UGA games I’d like to go see any given year behind, Auburn, UF and UT.

    If scheduling forced UGA to drop 1 of the top 4 rivals I’d rather play Auburn or UF (in Jax) than GT. UT doesn’t have the tradition of the other 3.

    I expect a UGA win over GT atleast 70% (historically) of the time and with the decline of the ACC in general it has gone up to 80%+.

    With that said I don’t think GT should be dropped but I do think UGA should pick up 1 big OOC game a year.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      +1 to you for the sentiment. That said, there is a problem. If we play the type of team you want to play as a practical matter it has to be home and away. We play the WLOCP in JAX every year. We won’t have enough home games some years if we play another OOC game home and away. I would like us to start playing the best teams we can get but only if they will come to Sanford Stadium. There are some that would do it–Boise for one. I say stop playing one cupcake and schedule one significantly better team to come to Athens each year. We might be able to get even Boise to do it for several years.

  15. Russ

    I’ll never get tired of whipping the NATS asses. Just the way I was raised, I guess.

    Beating your in-state rival (and tradition, not W-L record, dictates that for me) is one of the things I like about CFB, Dropping such games (like Texas vs A&M, or Nebraska – Oklahoma) is one of the reasons I hate all the changes that are turning CFB in to NFL-Lite.

  16. OldDawg55

    Mac, understand your usual..but it’s like my family arguing what to have for dinner on Thanksgiving..younger members start asking for prime rib roasts vice turkey but TRADITION dictates otherwise. My Dad was a UGA 31 grad and my grandparents raised me to hate Tech..had an old 78rpm playing Glory to Ole Georgia forever..drop the FAUs but never, never get rid of Tech…to hell with Tech!!

    • Macallanlover

      I understand that whole tradition thing, and the family get togethers (and splits because of it), I really do. But as much as I liked drive-ins, bench seats, and fresh air coming in the windows, there comes a time to move on to new and better things. This game has changed, and it was GT that made the change which altered the value of the game forever. That was a crummy decision, and has cost them much, we are still letting them get their cake….even if we are stuffing down their throats annually. Just not as satisfying as it once was.

      I care about winning against them that one week only, but never look forward with anticipation to it compared to the majority of our schedule. Vandy and Kentucky are more interesting to me. now. Except for this blog, I don’t even think about them 51 weeks of the year.

      • Russ

        Come on, Mac…beat the rush. Hate Tech early!

        • Macallanlover

          I don’t like them, they just aren’t significant enough to hate. Can’t work up enough intensity to get a “hate-on” for GT.

      • The Georgia vs Georgia Tech game will always be every year home and home and nothing you all say will change that.

        • Macallanlover

          Oh it will change. Not because of what those of us here say or think, pro or con, but this will get roadplowed. The rapidly changine landscape of CFB will continue, and this is a miniscule rivalry compared to the losses we have seen already: Texas/Texas A&M, Oklahoma/Nebraska, Notre Dame/Michigan, etc. Difference is, the UGA/GT rivalry , as you said earlier, isn’t of national significance already, and every year there are fewer who care much about it. You see UGA and GT fans becoming less infatuated with the game every year; certainly not everyone, but a growing list that would make changes very quickly.

          • No it will not. Care to make it interesting…..:)

            • Macallanlover

              Mmmm, a win/win type of bet in a post that has “nooner” in the title. I could be “all in” on a bet like that. Of course, it will be so long before we would know the answer to how the disputed point plays out we would have forgotten what the bet was. 🙂

              Ok, enough excitement for the day, backk to hating GSU and hoping for no injuries.

              • Backing out are we? Speak for yourself. I remember everything.

                • Macallanlover

                  No, I just don’t like to take advantage of fine Suthn Ladies. I said it will take time, but that it is inevitable. Fewer people feel as you do each year that passes. I appreciate your position, just feel differently about the significance of GT in this century.

          • Cojones

            Joy is corre ct. I won’t attempt to wager until you and she get it done and I always respect the first person to happen on a sure thing.

            Mac, you are old enough to remember the nationally televised games that we had each year at Thanksgiving and that was followed by the Ok/Neb game for our Nov fix on CFB. At one time, before Freshmen could play in their first year, a Freshman game was held prior to the big game and it was just as feisty as the Varsity Game. Just because all of this is no longer a tradition, it doesn’t take away from the big hurts we put on each other when we had great seasons ruined by the other team. What do you do with a team that gives you and the SEC the stiffarm as if they were too well known to play(along with ND) and waste their time on such an unappreciative conference that didn’t bow to their history because we had a better history ?

            Every chance you get you beat the snot out of them like a red-headed step child, that’s what you do.

            You are just bored with the W we get from a lower-rated team than we usually faced, but that shouldn’t affect the visceral hatred that
            some have for the NATS game that does not pale with time. Please go and read the “Good Old-Fashioned Hate” book on this series. Many of us don’t have to manufacture our animosity and you should respect that it is heartfelt. We aren’t manufacturing “juice”.

            • The first College Football game for me was the GA GT game. My Grandfather took me and my brother when it was played at Grant Field as we called it back then. The year was 1960 or 61, I don’t remember anything except how much fun I had and how dressed up we all were. It is a very special Thanksgiving tradition and as a child I sang. “Yell to hell with Georgia like my Daddy used to do”. Now it is…”And to hell with Georgia Tech”.

  17. rusty

    Play them every year. Beat them every year until they cry uncle…or just cry. Make them want to dump us.

    • A lot of them already do. As for me, I was sitting in BDS for the ’99 game, just a few rows up from the end zone Jasper Sanks didn’t actually fumble into . . . and after the way the Tech fans acted after that tainted victory, I say play them every year for eternity and beat them by 50 every time. Beat their asses until they move down to Division II just to not have to play us anymore.