ESPN – we’ve made it what it is today.

Which is rich as shit:

But Disney is grateful for those $6.1 billion in affiliate fees from ESPN that help stabilize revenues each quarter. Ad revenues at ESPN, now $3.3 billion, can fluctuate depending on the economy (total ESPN revenues, including the networks, magazine and website, are $10.3 billion). Affiliate fees, paid by cable companies to channel owners each month, have steadily grown 8% annually at ESPN in recent years. ESPN and ESPN2 are both in more than 100 million homes and command $5.13 and $0.68 per month, according to SNL Kagan. The next highest among widely available channels are TNT at $1.18 and Disney Channel at $0.99 says Kagan. The average fee for basic cable channels is $0.26.

ESPN is worth $40 billion according to a research report this summer from Wunderlich or barely ten times earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization of $3.9 billion. Disney as a whole is currently worth $84 billion (Hearst owns a 20% stake in ESPN with Disney owning the rest).

That is some serious market clout.

Be grateful that we dodged a bullet that Michael Eisner fired, though.

He told the New York Times when the merger was announced, “We know that when we lay Mickey Mouse or Goofy on top of products, we get pretty creative stuff.” Eisner added. “ESPN has the potential to be that kind of brand. ABC has never had our resources, and we haven’t had ESPN. Put the two together and who knows what we get.”

How ’bout Lou Holtz and Goofy?  Or Mickey as ESPN’s Game Day guest picker?  (Or regular panel picker, for that matter?)

Although I have to admit that Minnie Mouse might make a better sideline reporter than some of the folks the WWL trots out.



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13 responses to “ESPN – we’ve made it what it is today.

  1. Cojones

    That Minnie! Sure got a set of gams. That would be Mickey with Holtz and Goofy giving the game picks. Kinda a better matchup, don’t you think?

    “And now we have that tail-waggin’ goof that we all love, Eri…..ooops….forgot she’s gone bye-bye…Goofy!


  2. The984

    You would think Georgia would get more love from ESPN given it was ours and Oklahoma’s lawsuit which opened up college football on TV back in the 80s. The college game has to make up a sizeable chunk of ESPN’s revenue, especially when you look at all the college games they broadcast.


  3. Macallanlover

    My old company bought a corporation that had a sizable portion of ESPN, wish I had been smart enough to have a strategy of how we could keep them and exercise control. Wouldn’t have been any Holtz-like characters around. Don’t really understand how a company could put him in a visible position like that, reflects badly on them; folks are laughing coast to coast.


    • Russ

      Apparently they’re still watching, though, and that’s the key. Same thing with reality TV and Judge Judy.

      I used to enjoy ESPN waaaaaay back when they showed Australian Rule Football, and before every game was televised. Then, they actually just showed the sports highlights instead of producing events. I haven’t actually watched Sports Center in ages.


  4. Dante

    But isn’t Goofy is already on Game Day? I thought he was the one who put the mascot helmets on when making his pick? Then there’s Pluto. They gave him the name Kirk Herbsteit for broadcasting purposes. He’s like Goofy except he can’t speak intelligently and doesn’t wear pants.


    • gastr1

      And in other news, it turns out the real Holtz has been holed up in a South Bend nursing home for years now…Eisner had Donald Duck wearing a Granny Holtz suit all this time


    • Kirk looks much better than Pluto and I wish you had not said he did not wear pants. I will never be able to look at him again without that image. I was already distracted enough by his good looks.


    • Cojones

      Yeah, but I’m a little leary of mixing these animals in close with these guys. I’ve already heard that Herby was friggin’ Goofy.


  5. Gravidy

    On average, Disney’s cast of characters is MUCH less irritating than ESPN’s, and I go so far as to say they know as much about sports in many cases.


  6. Heathbar09

    As far as your last comment, I could stare at Erin Andrews/Samantha Steele all day long, regardless of their reporting quality.


  7. Dawg19

    I would pay extra to watch Saban’s face as he’s forced to be interviewed by Minnie going into halftime…