You want some base defense? Here you go.

When you’re facing a team that averages less than seven pass attempts a game, parts of your defensive playbook get tossed out for the week.

Don’t expect to see Georgia play many nickel or dime defensive packages in the next two weeks. The Bulldogs will be single-minded in their intention to defend the run on every down mostly out of a base defensive package.

“We’re really just in one personnel group,” Richt said. “It’s not like Georgia Southern plays a lot of different personnel groups, really. We’ve got to be in run-stopping defense every single snap, I don’t care if it’s third-and-25 or if it’s two-minute drill. When you start playing some defense other than to stop that system, that’s when they get the biggest and longest runs that you could imagine because you’re just not equipped to stop it.”

But some things don’t change.

Grantham said defensive fundamentals, such as playing blocks, tackling, getting to the ball and knocking the ball out, carry over no matter the offensive scheme.

“The way we’re going to do it this game is unlike any other game we’ve played,” he said. “The mindset we’ll play with, the attitude we’ll play with, those kinds of things are still going to be there. That’s the core of your unit.”

That “getting to the ball and knocking the ball out” could be big, as GSU has a problem holding on to the ball.  The Eagles rank outside the top fifty in 1-AA in turnover margin and fumbles lost this season.



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22 responses to “You want some base defense? Here you go.

  1. William

    I don’t care what they do, so long as we win and no one gets hurt. Those are the most importatn things to take away from the next two games. Win’em and stay healthy my friends. Then give Bama everything you’ve got!


  2. sniffer

    I agree with William. Bama doesn’t exactly get to sharpen its skills the next two weeks, either. Pray that no one is badly injured as a result of playing them. Like UGa, there practices are against better talent than they play the next two weeks. At least the Dawgs will have to pay attention to the coaches as they prepare for Southern and Tech. Saban and Smart have their hands full trying to keep their players focused, I think.


  3. Cojones

    It’s amazing how much media talking heads fill fans full of trash that they believe and are never able to discern for themselves. Case in point is the buildup for Bama after they lost many playing years of experience; no one seems to bring themselves to believe that they can compete with Bama. Now, those people who were convinced by the talking heads that Bama players don’t put their uniform on the same way as everyone else, one leg at the time, would have you believe that Bama is still the baddest in the land. Taint so. Dawgs are..

    We have a better chance against Bama than we did with the fast and vastly improved FU team(before we played them). They don’t even give A&M credit, just that Yeldon fumbled what was going to be an end zone drive. Pome d’ Rue! I would rather the Dawgs play Bama than A&M since A&M has grown faster than we were observing FU doing the same, except the talking heads put the spotlight on unbeaten FU and pushed A&M aside as not worthy of upgrading.

    My point? Don’t believe what the dumbasses say and think for yourself. We can beat Bama and not by a small margin. Our D can get to McCarron (who I think is one of the best QBs in the SEC, right alongside Murray) and our O overall is better and more talented point producers generally across the board. Their D is on the level of ours and we shouldn’t forget it nor let anyone tell you they are better. If you want to take the time to study position to position, you can come to your own conclusion. I hope many of you do because I see the careful “sidling up beside them” behavior that fans want us to use to approach an old adversary is obsequious at best. We go frontal assault on their ass or don’t step into the Dome.


    • sniffer

      +1 to you, sir. Literally, I have not watched 30 minutes of ESPN college football coverage and only checked their site for game scores (facts, not opinion) this entire season. IMO, ESPN currently has the lease on college football and will soon own it outright. Their influence is strong now; their control is nearly a fact.

      That is all for now. My cone-shaped, carefully crafted aluminum foil hat is creased wrong and I must replace it.


    • NC Dawg

      Our O-Line is nowhere near the quality of ‘Bama’s yet. Maybe it will be with time. Also, I must point out that getting to the QB hasn’t exactly been a strength with our D. But we’re playing well, improving on a steep curve as of late. Anything could happen. Here’s hoping.


    • rugbydawg79

      Sic em Cojones—I think I would take you in a fox hole–meant as a supreme compliment !


      • Cojones

        I would be glad to share it if you dig it since I never seemed to get them deep enough. Also there will be a lot of loud praying going on.


  4. deebflop

    I’m just going back to my original take. Win this one, and it’s a perfect preparation scrimmage for the next one. Not going to overthink it any more.


  5. The Lone Stranger

    Lo, another reason to love a Dawg! I almost never applaud the forced sidelining of a player, pro or otherwise, but I have to say it is heartening to be reintroduced to Justin Houston. He has rid the Football World of one of its more deplorable examples of media bias and self-absorbed hubris: Potato Head Roethlisberger.

    All hail the new King!


  6. W Cobb Dawg

    Our D is going to see a lot of running plays the next 3 games. Got to wrap up and can’t afford to miss assignments.


    • adam

      In that way, this is good preparation for anyone else. Fundamentals, discipline, etc. We need to avoid injury, but there could be real benefits to playing these kinds of games. Bama runs the ball quite a bit as well.


  7. Uglydawg

    Clearly, as the game progressed, TAM was getting stronger and Bama was fading. I don’t claim to know what it means, but I expect the SEC West had better be on notice as to who is the favorite to win it next year.The great state of Texas is rich with football talent and TAM is now going to get very fat on talent.
    As far as believing the aholes that constantly sell the mantra that the SEC is not deserving a a shot at the national championship game goes, I don’t.
    They have an agenda to get ND into it against a non SEC foe (yes, I am stating the obvious). They constantly ignore or downplay UGA. They ignore the fact that the top ten is filthy with SEC teams. They are simply trying to do, from their pulpits, what cannot be done logically and fairly. This is why I contend that the only way to insure a fair system is to remove all human, opinion and influence from the selection process. It should be done 100% by computer. The one guy I absolutley trust and respect is Todd Blackledge. The rest are dumb, grinding some axe, silly or mediocre.


  8. the problem with computers is no one NOT EVEN THOSE IN CHARGE OF THE BCS know what formulas are used. they have no ability to audit said computers. the computer polls often have produce some strange results that essentially create doubt about their efficacy. even worse, they have been proven to have inexcusable errors in data entry. I love unbiased data as much as the next person, but simply because the data is “unbiased” does not mean it measures the right criteria.

    Ultimately, the biggest problem I see is that there is no agreement on the basis of comparison. there are a myriad of factors that get brought including opponents record, “eye test”, quality wins (however that is defined), number of wins over ranked opponents, etc.

    Ultimately, I think there are two solutions. First, have an 8 and not 4 team tourney. While one could always say that there will be debate about say teams 7-11, I tend to think those would be much less significant than the debate that goes on now with 2 and eventually with 4 teams. Second, I think you form a committee with earnest members similar to the NCAA BBall tourney and give them specific criteria for the means of evaluation.


  9. Uglydawg

    I agree with all of that, but the data entry problem should be fixable.
    On L-1011 airliners, there is (was, the 1011 is all but gone now), a computerized landing system…hands off. Several computers (roll, pitch, etc) take date such as airspeed, temps, altitude, yaw angle, pitch, etc. and “vote” on the data out. There are four “results” that are then weighed against each other and radicals, results with missing data, etc are thrown out. Finally an “average” is selected and the computer accepts the job and begins to control the aircraft. It’s always the smoothest landing ever…much better than a pilot can do. This is early 70’s technology. On the other hand, there are three flush pumps in the back of the plane to flush five different toilets. There is a computer that makes sure the pumps get a roughly equal number of flushes so they wear out slower. It rarely worked. In other words we can land a huge airliner with a computer flawlessly but we can’t flush a toilet reliably.
    Someone should go to every school’s athletic dept and tell them to suggest ten stats or considerations they would want entered into a BCS computer. After you have a thousand or so suggestions, throw out the duplicates and you may have a couple of hundred. Then go back and determine the “weight” that should be assigned to each suggestion…based on how many times it was duplicated. Everything gets entered every week by anyone but a GT guy.
    It’s very doable.
    It’s better than having espndiots spinning the polls.


  10. Uglydawg

    My apologies, Senator Blutarsky. I’m guilty of drifting far off the original subject here. I plead insanity.


    • The Lone Stranger

      Nah … I liked it, what with your juxtaposition of those computer applilcations. Funny how sometimes the most basic functions can be the trickiest to ably pull off. This World, more than ever, demands working toiletry.


  11. This game? I call these “cocktail hour.” Chill and enjoy the Dawgs bringing another win home and get some prep in for COFH.

    Let’s win these next three, then see how it shakes out.


  12. Glenn Bryant

    The blue coaches tower over the practice fields and Eagle Creek. Fair Road. We used to get all illegal up in there.