If Dragon*Con and Georgia Tech football had a baby…

this is what their mutant offspring would look like.

Some things are truly beyond parody.

The bats flying out of the Tech tower are a Chantastic touch, though.

Oh, this – the blade is named “triple option”.


UPDATE:  As a bonus, enjoy the first thirty or so seconds of this clip.  Good times on the Flats.


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42 responses to “If Dragon*Con and Georgia Tech football had a baby…

  1. DugLite

    I have never seen a football bat before.

  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    Number 2. How fitting.

  3. Brandon

    A Georgia fan who was posing as a Tech fan and deliberately trying to make them look as idiotic and detached from reality as possible could not do a better job than they do to themselves. “Beyond parity, just sad” should be the motto of Georgia Tech, just translate it into Latin and put in on their seal.

  4. SCDawg

    I kind of like how the blue devil is holding a lacrosse stick.

  5. Lrgk9

    To obtain Bowl Eligibility and Beyond…

  6. Bulldog Joe

    Isn’t Duke already bowl-eligible?

  7. Will (the other one)

    You’d think a school with “Technology” in its damn name would be able to find someone capable of halfway decent Photoshop skills. That makes it even funnier.

  8. Will (the other one)

    Best thing about the video? The timelapse “filling the stands” montage doesn’t even get to halfway full. Not even close.

  9. Uglydawg

    It speaks volume’s that the Duke game looms as the challange to a successful year for the nerds. Only a genius could so lower expectations and still avoid the sack. Go Nerds, Beat Duke! It will help the Dawgs in the BCS standings.

  10. This running meme that playing Georgia Southern the week before Georgia Tech is an advantage for them because Paul Johnson will get extra film to scheme against Georgia is just stoopid for a group of people that pride themselves on being smart. Paul Johnson has three years worth of tape on how Grantham’s defense is going to operate against an option attack. If Tech fans feel that an extra week of tape is going to be the difference because of the chance for Johnson to throw in some trickery or whatnot, then they’ve got far larger problems than they can admit.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      ” Paul Johnson has three years worth of tape on how Grantham’s defense is going to operate against an option attack. ”
      2 years. CTG is in his 3rd year….. but who is counting?😉

  11. deebflop

    It’s not that I don’t want to comment… It’s just that I’m speechless… like when you see the Redwood Forest for the first time. A sense of overwhelming quiet takes hold of you, and you just want to be in that moment forever.

  12. Dawgy45

    The time to obtain greatness?
    The time to obtain champion status?
    The time to obtain immortality?

    Nope…time to obtain mathematically average plateaus.

  13. Bevo

    Great post. Thanks for sharing these.

  14. stoopnagle

    Gettin’ the hate on early. I like it.

  15. cbauga

    Lol @ :21 seconds into that video…damn

  16. ChilliDawg

    Did I miss the Middle Tennessee St part of that clip?? Yep… greatness.

  17. as inspirational tributes to 5-5 seasons go with losses to Sun Belt teams that have given up 40 or more points 5 times, I have to say that is a tour de force. I can’t imagine being a tech fan and NOT getting chills down my spine being so uplifted by a collection of highlights that have absolutely zero significance in the realm of the 2012 college football season. Well done Techies. 😉

  18. Spike

    “Duke stands in the way….”. Doesn’t that say it all about Tech, and the ACC?

    • Bulldog Joe

      With only two games remaining in the season, the ACC Coastal division is Duke’s to win or lose.

      I kid you not.

      • Cojones

        In addition, there is a subdued rivalry that has existed between these two teams for some time. It goes back many years and may have begun with Spurrier at Duke. Through the years and selecting the right game, I’ve made a little money beating the Vegas odds on this game. Each time I bet on Duke. Not foolproof, but I’m ahead overall. Think I’ll lay something on this one.

        • AthensHomerDawg

          Careful huveo. Don’t go to the well to often.

          • Cojones

            I have to be or the Amnesian will cut both huevos off. They hang down so low that you could call them “rich targets” for her chosing. The accompanying part has already taken cover.

            • AthensHomerDawg

              I had to think about Amnesian for a bit. Greek? Didn’t compute. But I have spent too much time in Asia and you once posted you married in the Phillipines.
              Amerasian? I still can curse a bit in Tagalog.😉
              Always enjoy your posts!

  19. Spike

    And another bowl loss… The Emerald Bowl really misses those guys…

  20. Ok first of I have REAL issues here. If the blade is named ‘triple option’ then why not THREE blades? So disappointing techies.

    As for the video, when I read the epic ‘The time has come….for bowl eligibility’ dear god that was funny. I haven’t laughed out loud like that in the office in a long time. The most EPIC clash between unranked teams in a third rate conference you will ever see!!

    • Cojones

      Yeah, but didn’t the heroic music get you in the mood? Not.

      Hope our band has a few numbers by Wagner that we can play at halftime. I want to see their women lamentin’ again. Both of them.

  21. Bulldog Joe

    Ok first off I have REAL issues here. If the blade is named ‘triple option’ then why not THREE blades?

    Because the Techie can choose between the blade, the wing, or the handle.

    • Cojones

      Yup. Holding it by the blade and swinging the handle is the way they use that triple op…..uuhhh….spread.

  22. BMan

    If Tech fans weren’t real, you couldn’t make them up that way and have anyone believe it. They are the gift that keeps on giving.

  23. AusDawg85

    No…really?! Techsters did this? C’mon man…Duke?! You’re hyping Duke?? To be “bowl eligible”?

    At the crossroads of ineptness and suckitude lies Tech.
    I don’t often make fun of pathetic teams, but when I do, I make it Tech.

  24. The Lone Stranger

    Bad pun time: “If Dragon*Con and Tech had a baby they’d name it Spock and LOL.”

  25. The only reason I made this was because my friend asked for people going to his tailgate to submit event photos containing Vad Lee. I made it in 5 minutes as a joke and didn’t think it would blow up on the internet. Thank you all for your criticisms, but as I graduated GT in 2009 I am not longer obsessed with college football. I have an actual social life, and really didn’t spend time making it photo-realistic. I save things like that for my actual job.