Doubling down on the triple option

If it makes you feel better to fret about today’s game being a trap game, obviously, I can’t stop you.  But in reality, it’s not.  Georgia Southern is a FCS team, albeit one that runs a pesky offensive scheme, and that only goes so far.

One thing I very much like about this week’s preparation is that with the physical practices and the grumbling about cut blocking, Richt’s at least got the defense pissed off at the right target, instead of getting starry-eyed about the SECCG.  And one thing I hope Grantham’s not worried about is how long he needs to play his starters to get that really low defensive score, as he did last week.  This is a game to get up a big lead and get the starting front seven out as early in the second half as possible to prevent unnecessary wear and tear on… well, let’s hope it’s just the players’ shins.

I don’t see the point spread of almost forty being covered today, for two reasons.  That triple-option is going to eat some serious clock and I don’t see GSU throwing the ball even if the Eagles get down by four scores.  And I don’t think the defensive backups are going to handle the option as well as the starters will.  Georgia’s offense will score, and probably at will.  Look for something like 56-21.

Consider this your trusty, reliable game day thread.


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53 responses to “Doubling down on the triple option

  1. Timphd

    I will happily take 56-21.

  2. Macallanlover

    I agree with your assessment, and concerns. I do hope we let our backup offense run the offense, not just kill the clock. This isn’t to earn any style points, we should always let them have their chance to shine and get quality game reps.

  3. Brandon Miller

    Why isn’t Herrera playing?

    S. Williams was right by the way, guy should never leave the field

  4. Hogbody Spradlin

    Bo Wallace just faked 11 guys out of their jocks for Ole Miss’s first TD. 7-0 there.

  5. Hogbody Spradlin

    LSU answers with their tank of a fullback. Glad we don’t have to see him. 7-7

  6. Tronan

    Your prediction wasn’t far off, Senator. The offense took a while to get on track (our OL in particular tends to start slowly) and the defense wasn’t wrapping up as well as it should have early on, but I’m otherwise pleased with the Dawgs’ play.

    There was never any doubt we’d win this game, but – despite the final score – GSU isn’t a bad team. I thought they were well coached and played hard. But, if you run a 4.6 40 and your opponent runs a 4.3 40, then coaching and enthusiasm will take you only so far.

  7. Nate Dawg

    Hell yeah Parker Welch! Go Dawgs!
    Time to start the hate!

  8. Hogbody Spradlin

    SB Nation seems to be entirely down

  9. sniffer

    This just in:

    ” The win gives Spurrier his 64th and ties him with Rex Enright as the most wins in school history.”

    That’s some tradition they have at Carolina. 64 wins gets you to the top of the coaching list and who in the hell is Rex Enright?

  10. W Cobb Dawg

    Kansas State goes down. OSU too? – maybe.

  11. gastr1


  12. PatinDC

    Woot. KSU and Oregon go dowm. Luv College Football.

    Just win UGA!

  13. The Lone Stranger

    O.M.G…. ! There is a God (and hope).

  14. BR Dawg

    Richt has lost toltal control of the BCS!

  15. The Lone Stranger

    How’s about this: what if ND drops the game next weekend royally, then the Dawgs nip Bama in a tight SECCG. You know, with how much the pollsters just adore lil Nicky, perhaps there is the outside surreal chance that we see another all-SEC Title Game. That would beat the band, that.

  16. gastr1

    The end of that Stanford-OU game…man. TD catch in the corner by about inch; Ducks hit the upright on the FG; Stanford QB fumbles and somehow the Ducks don’t fall on it; Stanford FG just creeps inside the upright for the win. Karma, God, Allah, or something was not on the Ducks’ sideline tonight.

    And I love it.

    • The Lone Stranger

      You’d better believe that little Mussolini Phil Knight was however (well, allright, more likely in a posh multi-million $ cabana in the sky). And he got to swallow it hard.

    • Cojones

      We all loved it and will see “sugar plums” tonight that go by the names of Baylor and Stanford. Stanford did it the old fashioned way-with grit and determination and luck- while Baylor just stuck a needle in KSU’s football brain.

      How far down will they ride in the polls? Oh,no! Dawgpolling and Dawgpoling will now commence. Think they will wait two weeks before they canonize a team that we beat even before we may go 11-2? If we lose to Bama , the shithead pundits will try to insert an 11-1 FU above us. When we beat Bama, do they suddenly discover that several computers had hanging chads of illogic such that a correction is due midstream? And the logo of the team that gets screwed before the entire country?

      Or maybe we go to a position to watch ND lose and then what?

  17. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Just beat Tech and win the SECCG against Bama and we’re in!!!!!

  18. Scott

    GT, Bama and then Notre Dame,. We control our destiny once again.

  19. The Lone Stranger

    And I just glanced at the BCS standings — it is not statistically impossible that the Dawgs could meet the Gatahs is the BCSNC!

    • gastr1

      HFS, I wold welcome the chance to beat the ever-loving snot out of Notre Dame. Let’s get real, though…if ND loses and KSU and Oregon and us all win out, it will be us against Oregon.

      Bottom line is I just want to get in the dame MNC game, don’t care against who.

      • Scott

        espn crew thinks Oregon would go over FLA in that situation

      • The984

        Oregon winning out still requires Stanford to lose to UCLA in the regular season. If they both win next week, Stanford wins the Pac-12 North and has a chance to play for the Pac-12 Championship, not Oregon.

  20. gastr1

    And by the way…Barkley likely out for ND.

  21. gastr1

    And one more thing–how about the Vols spitting the bit like that. Dooley finally lost them after the Missouri meltdown.

  22. Debby Balcer

    GO DAWGS!!!!! One game at a time. Beat Tech and then the SECC.

  23. Heathbar09

    In the words of Lloyd Christmas, “So you’re telling me there’s a chance!?”

  24. Can any one think of a better final three games to win the entire thing? GT, BAMA, ND!!! My God, this could be one heck of a finish.

  25. HottCheese

    The best part about this season? Ohio State is undefeated…and nobody gives a shit. SUCK IT, CORCH!

    • gastr1

      I really wonder who would give a shit anyway playing in that awful conference. Well, other than Corso ans Herbstreit, that is.

    • The Lone Stranger

      And the irony is thick, what with how the 2002 season played out vis-a-vis the Dawgs being nipped at the wire by an undefeated tOSU team.

  26. Cojones

    Suddenly, after watching all the other teams shit the bed, our Dawgs and Staff look friggin’ amazin’. Thanks! you guys and coaches. Methinks we have to build more seats for the bandwagon.

    • Similarities are starting to come into focus… Herschel and Gurshall having heisman type freshman years while team achieves the ultimate goal…! against Norte Dame? One can dream a lot more after tonight.I’m loving the fact that AM gets the chance to prove he can win the big game! Jarvis Jones for Heisman!!!

  27. HahiraDawg

    If ND goes down next week all BChaosS will result. Should we beat UA and FSU beat UF, could we play FSU? Oregon might not even win their division, and we know what that means right Herbe?!?!

  28. Bulldog Joe

    I don’t like Georgia Tech.

  29. Brandon

    LMAO, rumors of the SEC’s death were greatly exaggerated.

  30. W Cobb Dawg

    SOS must be having a freakin heart attack! Ha! Ha!

  31. Uglydawg

    What’s really sweet is watching the espnidiots trying to swallow it this morning! This could actually be a LSU/Bama type situation where two SEC teams that have already played each other (UGA?FL) play for it all. LMAO!
    Kansas State…..EXPOSED!!!!!
    Bayor had a losing record until it beat the hell out of KSU….if the pollsters were so wrong about KSU and OREGON, what does that say about ND?
    They’re ranking the SEC so high ONLY because they have to with the computer formula……
    Bottom line….I believe it will be UGA or Alabama vs ND in the National Championship game. Love it! The espnidiots thought they had it fixed.
    Got to get to church now….one more thing to be thankful for..(but in the big scheme of things, this is one of the less important things, yet I am very, very happy today!)
    OH I ALMOST FORGOT….SEC division champs vs ACC division champs coming right up….Hunker Down You Hairy Dawgs!