Hate Week opening line

The online sports books have installed Georgia as a fourteen point favorite against Tech.

What do you think – too much, too little?


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39 responses to “Hate Week opening line

  1. OKDawg

    I’m not putting money on this game, but if I was I would pick UGA to cover that with relative ease. I expect a win by closer to three TDs. But it will be interesting to see if Richt pulls players earlier than usual (even with a modest lead) to keep them fresh for Bama. No style points needed now.

    As an aside, many acknowledge the element of luck needed for a NCG run. Well, lady luck shined on the Dawgs last night, and the rest is in our team’s hands. That’s a nice feeling.

    • rugbydawg79

      nice OK oldladyluck made me think of Larry—and thats a good thing !

      • Macallanlover

        Don’t think larry doesn’t have a hand in this good fortune. 🙂

        I think the line will go higher and UGA will still cover it. Agree with other poster that GSU is better at defense than GT this year. We will score as needed. Now GT is more dangerous than GSU on offense simply because they wil keep us more honest with passing. Weather looks good, UGA pumped and motivated for the opportunity/dream they still have available to them. GT motivated because this season has been embarrassing and this is their one moment to do something significant in football…they will bring all they have. I see UGA winning by 3+ TDs

        UGA 48 GT 24 (could be more if they get shut down by our D and allow our offense to have the ball more).

    • DawgFaithful

      I am betting on UGA and the line is just right. You better get it now before it goes up.

  2. Rick

    About right, I think. Terrible defense, decidedly not terrible offense that milks clock. AU was about the same, and they are awful on both sides of the ball (though admittedly probably not quite as bad on D as Tech).

    While CPJ is running that scheme in Atlanta, this game does and always shall give me the willies.

  3. Rick

    Also, take a look at that Iron Bowl: -34 Alabama.

    That is a lot of football points.

  4. Irishdawg

    This game is always nerve wracking; we could win by 4, or by 31. We don’t turn it over, and contain the triple option in the first half, and we roll.

    • BMan

      My thoughts exactly, Irishdawg. Keep the option in check in the first half and shut it down entirely in the second half. Aaron Murray and Todd Gurley getting off to a quick start would make me very happy.

      • adam

        After watching what North Carolina did to Tech’s defense, I think that Murray and Gurley having big days is pretty likely. Georgia Southern’s defense is probably better than Tech’s. And I sincerely mean that.

        • Will (the other one)

          Their tackling was worse than Auburn’s. (Although poor UNC gave them a run for the money. Two weeks off and they couldn’t stop the dive play..)

  5. TennesseeDawg

    Dawgs will blow the doors off the nerds. Tech defense is horrible against bad teams

  6. Malcolm Newton

    We are all counting our chickens before they hatch. Making me nervous. Line is too much

  7. Stoopnagle

    Ha. I’m not falling for that. Tech has turned a corner and will present our toughest test since Jacksonville.

  8. DawgBiscuit

    That’s a tough call. If we play the game for 60 minutes there’s no way Tech stays within two touchdowns of us. But Coach Richt has to avoid injuries before the SECCG, so he may pull some offensive starters when we get a decent lead. He also has to be mindful of Fish Fry’s dirty chop blocking offense so it’s possible he may pull some defensive starters as well.

    I’m still leaning toward UGA covering because I think we can build a big lead in the first half, and the clock should run fast enough in the second half (with us and Tech running the ball every down) that they won’t have time to pull back within 14 against our backups.

    • DawgBiscuit

      Take my opinion with a grain of salt, as I am 56-64 (151st out of 273) in the Fabris pool, including a 4/10 showing this weekend.

    • adam

      People seem to have forgotten that this Tech team lost to Middle Tennessee State. We should be able to score literally as much as we want on offense. Defense should be just fine. I think we should get out there and score a bunch as quickly as possible (like Oregon typically does) then sit back and get sacks and interceptions when their “genius” coach starts trying to throw the ball every down in a panic. We need to get up big and get out before their dirty scheme hurts somebody.

  9. Always Someone Else's Fault

    Depends on many scrubs get playing time in the second half, resting starters for the SEC-CG. It will blow open early then close late. How much? No clue.

  10. Timphd

    In the immortal words of Al Davis “just win, baby!” Couldn’t care less about margin of victory. Just beat the nerds with no major injuries and I’m one happy Dawg.

    • Cojones

      You bet! Plus, if they go in with a diffident attitude, it will be certain loss. I think the straightforward approach of going for the throat the entire game may serve us well. I hope they can get a hate on that will have to be restrained after the game from going to Atl and burning their tower down.

      If we win, that will get the Medicare Corps up waving red pom-poms and I don’t mean the 40 mm type. If we win , the old farts can start waving at their Tech acquaintences using all their gnarled old fingers.

  11. Uglydawg

    I honestly don’t know. I feel like Georgia should win and win convincingly, but the nerds are going to want what would be a monumental win for them.
    I would feel better if Reggie were playing. Frankly, I’m not confident enough to not be nervous. I think it comes down to if Murray is hot or cold and if we can avoid the turnover. A lot of the Nerds are saying Georgia will beat them down, down, down. I’d settle for down.

  12. We cover. Georgia is gonna ride that a$$ like a two dollar wh*re!

    • toggle

      That saying has always confused me. Wouldn’t a more expensive whore provide a nicer ride? In my experience with horses, that’s always the way it goes. Although, I’m not riding them in the same way.

      • Don’t think a more expensive hooker would be interested in that kind of ride! In my experience with horses; it does not matter much about the price of the horse but more about how the horse is trained.

      • rugbydawg79

        now that was funny !

      • GaskillDawg

        Another old saying I do not get is “Can’t have cake and eat it too.” What is the purpose of cake if not to eat? I am not going to bother acquiring foods I don’t, or can ‘t, eat.

  13. The Lone Stranger

    I’ll be plenty surprised if that Line does not perambulate upwards to settle in at around -17 by Noon Saturday.

  14. charlottedawg

    murray has historically OWNED Tech. Here’s hoping that trend continues.

    • Will (the other one)

      88th ranked pass D. But they also gave up a 200 yard rusher to some kid at MTSU.

      Here’s hoping the offense starts out stronger and crisper than they did against GASouthern

  15. Cojones

    Saw that we stayed 3rd in the BCS as well as the polls. Go Dawgs!

  16. ChicagoDawg

    This game scares me for a couple of reasons…
    – Temptation for players to be distracted, looking ahead to Atlanta (or more), over-confident — despite the best efforts of the coaches
    – Risks of injuries that impact the SECCG

    Georgia should be able to score at will against GT and win going away, but the best teams doesn’t always win.

  17. All I know is I need to sell some t-shirts if I’m going to keep the gurshall.com domain.

  18. Amen

    Richt’s got me believing in Jesus.