The regular season strikes back.

In a year in which we’ve been inundated with tales of selection committees, unheard of television riches, access bowls and other playoff wonders, I hope the irony isn’t lost on anyone that if Alabama, Georgia and Notre Dame hold serve next week – and all should be favored – 2012 will go down as a season in which the BCS did its job flawlessly.


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  1. Chris

    If Bama/UGA win next week, the winner of the SECCG will have 1 loss just like, Oregon, KSU, FSU or UF, and Clemson could as well. It would come down to who is the best or most deserving of the 1 loss teams. I wouldn’t exactly call that flawless system.

    It will be interesting to see if Oregon drops below the Dawgs this week with a 3 point overtime loss to a top 15 ranked opponent compared to the Dawgs ugly loss earlier this year. Of course it doesn’t matter with the SECCG, but I like watching voter perceptions.

    • Russ

      Even if Oregon is ranked ahead of us this week, we would most likely jump them or anyone else by virtue of beating the #2 ranked Bama team. As long as we keep winning, everything else will take care of itself.

    • Governor Milledge

      Alabama lost the prior weekend, right? Besides the SoS ranking (I’m not sure where they/KSU/Oregon lay on that continuum), the 1 week timing difference seems to be the differentiator.

      Great, compelling football to watch on TV, sure. But not sure how truly different Alabama’s A&M loss is versus Kansas State’s or Oregon’s. FSU I know has a weak SoS and has not passed the eye test, and I’m not sure if Clempsun even bears mentioning

      • The Lone Stranger

        Which is why the Dawgs must do the honorable and noble thing by squelching any claim that Alabama has on Dec. 1.

  2. David

    Tell that to Oregon who will likely lose once (in overtime) and then could win it’s conference championship game. And Kansas State as well who will also have lost once and then could finish conference champs. Oh, and Florida State as well who could also finish with a similar resume. We’re in the SEC looking down on everyone else, but the rest of the country is sick of it. I’m not saying it’s wrong we have an advantage but I get their frustration.

    • The Lone Stranger

      Don’t pity the Ducks and their malevolent benefactor. They won’t have to worry if The Tree sticks it to UCLA next weekend to cruise into the PAC-12 championship.

    • Coastal Dawg

      If Stanford beats UCLA next week, Oregon doesn’t even get to its conference championship. The better comparison is them to Florida.

  3. gastr1

    The BCS is always flawless when you’re in the mix at the end.
    Perspective, it’s a bitch.

  4. Not for me it won’t have. I’ve got Notre Dame about 5 on my non-existent ballot. If Barkley can’t go and they beat USC I’m going to be distressed. Unless we beat Alabama, because I really think Notre Dame’s about the best opponent you can hope for in the National Title game this year.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      +1. ND is a paper tiger and we match up against them perfectly.

      • That “paper tiger” has beaten Stanford and Oklahoma.

        I yield to no one in my contempt of the Irish, but they field a credible team this year.

        • Oklahoma ran hot and cold like us this year, but their hot wasn’t all that hot. I felt like Stanford scored on that goal line run, but the refs made a bad call. Plus, they changed quarterbacks since then. All in all, if ND beats USC they’ve got the resume for the title game. I just think they’d take a beating from Alabama and Oregon for sure. And maybe from FSU, Clemson … K-State I’ve also felt was over-rated. I’ll leave us out of the mix … though I’d rather play Notre Dame for a national title than anyone else in the top 10, I think.

          • Macallanlover

            Agree, under this system you cannot deny their resume. I feel they are the weakest team in the Top 10 but that isn’t enough to keep them out. Big Game Bob gave them their ticket last month and they haven’t stumbled yet. I don’t see this USC team beating them, but we all know that is always possible. If I were a Trojan fan and Junior loses 5 games there would have to be some serious questions about how that level of talent performed all season long.

        • rugbydawg79

          +1 Senator

        • The Lone Stranger

          … But was gifted (and I suspect with “official blessings”) three wins, by my count.As an aside, they played only four ‘Road’ games and will not be compelled to compete in a conference playoff.

  5. SouthGa Dawg

    Wow, watched every minute last night. Just one week ago, the national media and the 4-letter rejoiced that the SEC would be shut out of the MNC. We now a week later, it looks like the SEC is a lock for the MNC. As far as which SEC team – Dawgs…just focus on Tech – Beat Tech!

  6. charlottedawg

    If Stanford wins this week doesn’t that leave Oregon out of the Pac 12 Championship? THAT should be interesting.

  7. Bobby

    I don’t think the BCS ever works flawlessly. There are certain season scenarios in which even the BCS can’t screw things up. In those scenarios, the regular season actually works as a playoff. However, my problem w/ the BCS is when you get to the end of the season and you have a bunch of teams w/ equal claim to the Championship game. It’s worked out this season, but I don’t think anybody would have been happy to see Kansas State playing in the National Championship.

    The National Championship set-up never works because of the BCS; it only works despite the BCS. While I don’t think an extensive playoff is the cure, the plus-one is certainly an improvement. Possibly, an 8-team playoff might be an even bigger improvement. Under the current model, there have been too many piss-poor Natl Champ match-ups and too many teams getting robbed of a well-deserved opportunity. Of course, it will be a moot point soon enough.

    Hell of a Saturday. What a feeling. Now we just gotta get after Tech. As I’ve been saying all season, Bama is not bullet-proof. What a feeling.

  8. Everyone bitches about the BCS before the season is close to over by complaining about potential problems ,how this team or some other team might get screwed. Quite literally thousands of man(and woman) hours are pissed away on the this blog alone trying to fix a system that ain’t broke. If it ain’t broke why are we fixing it? If you love playoffs go root for the NY Giants and leave my college game alone.
    Getting ahead of myself here(I know we have to beat the Bees first)but I’m worried about UGA getting screwed If we lose to Bama is da Gata going to get the Sugar Bowl instead of UGA?