“Anybody want to talk about Georgia Tech?”

Coach, we’ve got your back here at GTP.  By all means, let’s talk about this week’s game.

First topic of note – contrary to the talk before last Saturday’s game, it now seems that there’s a feeling that playing Georgia Southern was helpful preparation for the genius.

“Seeing it live in full speed in a game right before playing Tech, it definitely helps us,” Georgia cornerback Sanders Commings said. “Our scout team offense can only simulate it so well. They do a great job, but seeing it live from an offense where that’s what they do every week, it will definitely benefit us.”

You could see it as the game progressed and the defense grew accustomed to the speed of GSU’s offense.  As Ching noted, the defense completely dominated the third quarter:  “The Bulldogs limited the Eagles to 31 rushing yards on 12 carries in the third quarter, resulting in three punts and a lost fumble by fullback Dominique Swope.”

I’m sure Johnson will have a few playcalling tricks up his sleeve, but needing a shorter period to adjust to the timing of the execution of Tech’s offense can only help the Dawg defense this week.



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24 responses to ““Anybody want to talk about Georgia Tech?”

  1. timphd

    I will say it again, “Just win, baby”. Go Dawgs


  2. ETennDawg

    Could this also help Tech as they see how we react to certain formations/sets? I dont know much about his offense, but as time goes on, I think he may be able to use some of the things he saw on sat against our defense.


  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    No matter what the question, the answer is “Tech Sucks.”


  4. TennesseeDawg

    Tech will throw the ball a lot more than Southern


  5. NCT

    We’ve been doing all right in the third quarter this season. I would like to see us make up for 2008’s third quarter in grand fashion this weekend.


  6. OhioDawg

    So, I live in Ohio and am managing to make it to my first home game in 6 years this coming weekend. It will be my wife’s first experience at Sanford Stadium and I’d really love for us to make it to the DawgWalk. Anybody know what time that would be for a noon kickoff?


  7. tbia

    Tech just won the Coastal.


  8. Beer Money

    Let the tickle pile begin. Tech fans better hurry over to Stubhub as the tickets are going for the hefty price of $6. If they don’t hurry they may have to pay $9 or $10.

    The whole thing is one big pathetic joke.


  9. DawgPhan

    nothing matters without beating tech. There will be a prime rib cooking on river road during the game. After the game we either feast or it goes in the garbage. I want to eat.


  10. Spike

    Avoid the rush. Hate Tech early.