My SEC Power Poll ballot, Week 12

It was Cupcake Week, so there weren’t any outright upsets, although Ole Miss smelled one for a while.  The SEC did lose another head coach.  He probably won’t be the last one to go this month, either.

  1. Alabama.  Nick Saban doesn’t have time for his team not to be in the national title picture.
  2. Georgia.  Funny, but those lopsided wins over Ole Miss and Vanderbilt look a lot better now.
  3. LSU.  If there were a press conference component to this power poll, the Tigers would be kicking ass.
  4. Texas A&M.  You know you’re in a good place when you’re letting your starting quarterback fool around with kicking an extra point.
  5. Florida.  It’s a good thing the Gators defense is as strong as it is.
  6. South Carolina.  The ‘Cocks are losing key players faster than a vintage Jaguar loses engine parts.
  7. Vanderbilt.  James Franklin claims his first coaching scalp.
  8. Mississippi State.  Nothing like a game with Arkansas to put a program back on the right track.
  9. Mississippi.  These guys have become masters at losing a game in the last two minutes.
  10. Missouri.  Blowing a fourth-quarter lead against a mediocre Big East opponent in a game you needed for bowl eligibility isn’t the best recipe for coaching longevity, Gary Pinkel.
  11. Arkansas.  To think John L. Smith started the week believing he had a chance to return next season.  He sure has a strange way of making a case to keep his job.
  12. Tennessee.  The Vols are giving up over 40 points per game in conference play.  That, more than anything else, is why Derek Dooley is out of a job today.
  13. Auburn.  Opened as a 34-point underdog against Alabama, the largest margin in Iron Bowl history.  Does anybody besides Gene Chizik think the Tigers will cover?
  14. Kentucky.  If you’re Derek Dooley, wouldn’t you want to stick around and coach against the ‘Cats?


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5 responses to “My SEC Power Poll ballot, Week 12

  1. JasonC

    Don’t know if you read Chris Low’s article on the state of Tennessee, but according to him, SOD’s scalp actually belongs to Joker, Franklin just held it up for all to see.


    • Eh, that loss was bad, but let’s not forget that SOD came back this year and was also allowed to sign Sunseri to a multi-year contract as the new DC. If the Vols had won eight games this year, the orange pants would still be on the UT sideline.


    • Saint Johns Dawg

      UT should offer Franklin the moon to shun Vandy and move on up George Jefferson-style. The guy can coach and he would have them competitive again very quickly. Problem is, they’ll try to go all “Bama” in their next hire (find a big name and offer big cash) and it will likely keep them mediocre in the long run.


  2. AthensHomerDawg

    When Wilcox came to UT he was told to put in the 3-4 (Boise’s). He told SOD he did have the personnel—> too slow. He cobbled together a D that he thought would work and did a good job of it. In the end he just figured young Dooley didn’t have what it took to be the man and moved to a familiar spot with some security. Just watch the you tube. SOD is way in over his head. Not a CEO.


  3. God love him….I am surprised those hillbillies have not put a cap in his a__!