Observations from the 35, GSU edition

Gorgeous day and a game that went almost exactly as expected.  The offense screwed around for much of the first half, but there was little doubt that Georgia was going to put up points.  Once the defense adjusted to the real-game speed of the triple-option, this puppy was over.  In all, it was what we hoped for – a good tune-up for Georgia Tech.

  • There was a certain amount of poetic justice in watching the first half turn on a chop block penalty.
  • I was a little puzzled why Georgia used its last time out in the first half when it did, thinking it might need to hold one in reserve in case of a sack during the one-minute drill.  But Bobo got the offense across the finish line with four seconds to spare.
  • Speaking of time outs, calling one with eleven seconds left in the game down by 31 was a dick move.  Which is why I loved Georgia calling one after the GSU offense set up.
  • I know he has to appease the god of balance, but the way the Eagles sold out with constant blitzing, I’m not sure why Bobo ran the ball as much as he did.
  • Between Conley and the tight ends, what was it, something like nine or ten catches?  Good use of making up for the losses of Bennett and Brown.
  • Christian Robinson, excellent game, sir.
  • My favorite defensive call of the day came on GSU’s first turnover, the quarterback fumble.  It happened because he double-clutched when he saw that his receiver was double-teamed.  I have no idea why Grantham was looking for a pass there, but he sure had it covered.
  • No, Georgia Southern isn’t better or more talented than Georgia Tech.  But I’m not so sure Tech has a better B-back than Swope.
  • Gurley still is a work in progress when it comes to pass protection.
  • I think we can say that Ogletree has completely shaken the rust off.
  • There were stretches in the third quarter when the defense was literally playing the triple-option perfectly – nailing every assignment, containing the play and swarming to the ball when GSU committed.  Just a pleasure to watch.
  • I bet Grantham’s pissed about that fourth-quarter scoring drive.
  • Congrats to Welch and Scott-Wesley for their first collegiate scores.
  • Give Jarvis credit.  It wasn’t the kind of game where he was going to rack up gaudy numbers, but he played his role well.  And damned if he wasn’t held on Southern’s one pass completion of the day.
  • You don’t see field goal attempts returned every day.  I presume from the way the GSU player danced when he caught the ball and that the play was reviewed there was a question about where he fielded the ball, but I didn’t have a good angle to judge.

No serious injuries and so the focus now turns to Tech.  All in all, an excellent day.



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18 responses to “Observations from the 35, GSU edition

  1. Turd Ferguson

    “Speaking of time outs, calling one with eleven seconds left in the game down by 31 was a dick move. Which is why I loved Georgia calling one after the GSU offense set up.”

    One of my favorite moments of the game. He may have lost the goatee, but Evil Richt’s still in there.


  2. AthensHomerDawg

    Thanks for the early post Senator.
    The time out at the end was indicative of Monken’s ego. He made a monkey of himself with his temper tantrum over the chop block. I bet his dad was proud.
    Southern may not be as talented as the gnats but they were plenty quick.
    Gurley whiffed big on a few pass protects.
    The missed fg return was heads up ball. Kudos to our kicker on making the tackle. That was an athletic move when the runner tried to juke him and he adjusted and wrapped him up. He got his hat on the pile during a ko return as well. Maybe not the best idea there


  3. James Stephenson

    I was moving up the steps in that end zone when the kick was made. I saw the guy back there and had a good view, I watched his feet, he did a good job of staying in bounds. I could see green between his shoe and the white.


    • WF dawg

      On TV it looked like he stepped out. But from where you were, you were closer for sure.


      • Newt

        And the ref under the goal post to that side was about 5 feet away and staring at the returner’s feet to make sure he stayed in bounds.


        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          Yeah but it was really close and I thought the replay showed part of the returner’s foot on the back line. It was one of those “not indisputable evidence” situations where the ref’s call wouldn’t get reversed either way.


  4. While Gurley is still WIP on pass protection, I noticed he did a great job of picking up a blitz on the corner/fade TD to Conley. He was on Murray’s left and slid to pick up either a LB or safety coming from the right of the formation. Murray then threw right into that window. Still freshman growing pains.


    • Lakatos Intolerant

      From what I’ve seen in the last few games, Gurley is doing an average to above average job identifying the unaccounted for rusher. I’ve seen him slide across the line a few times to pick up the blind side edge rusher while originally max-protecting to AM’s left. He just needs to execute the block once in position, and he understands that. He has the frame, physicality and athleticism to stand up to a bull rush…even if he gets knocked back a couple of steps, his goal is to give AM an extra second or two to find an open receiver. I have to admit I had flashbacks of Clowney hurdling Gates & Co. when Gurley whiffed on the attempted cut block.

      Simply put, I’d be a lot more concerned if Gurley was having issues identifying the blitzer and outright missing the assignment as opposed to executing the block.


  5. fuelk2

    How can we have a summary of the game that doesn’t mention the GSU player’s broken finger (probably because only a few of us watched on TV). There are screen shots out there if you do a GIS. I don’t know how to insert pictures or I would. One of the grosser things I’ve seen in a football game.


  6. Griff

    We used the last timeout before the half because the chop block occurred on a running play. The clock would have started and I would assume Southern would have run it down to below 40 seconds.

    Of course, if you were just kidding and referencing our awesome clock management skills at the end of the Ole Miss game please forgive me for missing the sarcasm! 😉


  7. Macallanlover

    Good summation Senator. Robinson did have his best game ever, and Swopes is a tougher runner than we will see this Saturday. JJ is totally unselfish and that hold on the pass compltion was in an open area where it could hardly be missed.

    I was also struck by the timing of when the bell went off on defensing the TO. We have worked against it for years, worked on it all week in practice, and had all of the 1st half to adjust but it was the 3rd Qtr before it looked like we got aggressive and then it was just perfect. There have been several games this year where the defense doesn’t seem to make the adjustments until after the break. I don’t recall this from the past under CTG, seems like we made adjustments earlier on the sidelines in prior years. Nonetheless, it was obvious the plaers were drilled about what to expect because disciplined, assignment football seemed better than I can remember.


  8. Ubiquitous GA Alum

    Another dick move for GSU … the on side kick after they scored their second TD with 6:40 to go. That was on the drive where we scored the last TD.

    Kind of think the TO w/ 11 seconds was related to the Welch to Scott-Wesley TD … Monken got his britches in a wad because we were throwing it down there, IMO.

    Richt addressed the pass in the locker room show … Said that we ran it up the middle several plays and they were blitzing both safeties so he called for a pass to protect our players … result TD.


  9. austintwo

    Agree with all the above.

    Hope this isn’t “jacking the thread”, but Tony Dungy was asked this AM on Twitter who he’d pick #1 in next NFL draft if he were KC’s GM – stated he’d take Aaron Murray if he comes out.

    I have heard no talk about Murray coming out – seems we all have assumed he’ll stick for 4 because of his size – he looks big enough to me, but I know that watching from stands isn’t the same as measuring the way the pro meat market does it.

    Also, have heard zero Heisman talk on Murray, though SC and UF performances probably explain it I suppose.

    Any thoughts?


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      I’m thinking Murray’s gone after this year and have felt that way all season long. Plus, the decision likely was made before summer camp began. That’s the only way how they are treating the Mason situation makes any sense.


  10. SouthGa Dawg

    I just wish we had let Aaron Murry attempt an extra point after the last touchdown.