We blew a 17-point lead to the division winners and all we got was this lousy Championship Game berth.

Congratulations to Georgia Tech for the mother of all back-ins, as Miami elects to self-impose another postseason ban in the face of the NCAA investigation.

Needless to say, this is Chantastic.  I wonder if it means the genius will rest his key starters this Saturday.

The good thing, if you’re a Tech fan, is that you can blame the loss on the team looking past Georgia to the game in Charlotte.


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32 responses to “We blew a 17-point lead to the division winners and all we got was this lousy Championship Game berth.

  1. Dawg in Beaumont

    If you’re scoring at home, the first, second and third place teams in the ACC Coastal are all currently on probation (Miami, Georgia Tech, UNC). Literally half the division.

    Let’s take care of business, watch the Noles curb stomp the Jackets, then watch Paul Jowls Johnson do what he does in bowl games…bada bing-bada boom, Tech winds up with 8 losses.

    That is assuming we beat them and they go for the appeal that UCLA had to get last year. (A 6-7 team being allowed to make a bowl).

  2. defactodawg

    Imagine the clamor that will arise for a 6-7 team fresh off two straight smear jobs. Can you say hello Shreveport?!?

    • tbia

      Actually looks like the UCLA loophole has been closed, and losses to both us and FSU will leave them at home.

    • Comin' Down The Track

      It is still possible for the N.A.T.S. to make a bowl game after they take their whoopings. However, since the UCLA team at 6-7 made a bowl over teams with more wins, that has become more difficult. It would be nice to see them beat Duke (hah!) to qualify and then un-qualify by getting smoked by UGA and FSU.
      From: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2012%E2%80%9313_NCAA_football_bowl_games
      1. Teams finishing 6-6 with one win against an FCS team, regardless of whether that FCS school meets NCAA scholarship requirements. Until now, an FCS win only counted if that opponent met the scholarship requirements—specifically, that school had to award at least 90% of the FCS maximum of 63 scholarship equivalents over a two-year period. In the 2012 season, programs in four FCS conferences cannot meet the 90% requirement (56.7 equivalents)—the Ivy League, which prohibits all athletic scholarships; the Patriot League and Pioneer Football League, which do not currently award football scholarships; and the Northeast Conference, which limits football scholarships to 38 equivalents.
      2. 6-6 teams with two wins over FCS schools.
      3. Teams that finish 6-7 and lose in the conference championship game are next.

      • Will (the other one)

        The ACC’s lack of bowl-worthy teams may work for them. Though whether they’re better off 6-7 and no bowl or 6-8 with a bowl is a debate they can have (and I can read, and chortle).

        • Ed Kilgore

          One of ESPN’s “analysts” has the Dirt Daubers in the Belk Bowl (#5 ACC pick) against Cincy; the other has them all the way up at the #3 bowl, the Russell Athletic, against Louisville. Other fine options would be the Military Bowl in a cold, grim RFK stadium against some CUSA team, or yes: Shreveport! where the most likely foe would be LaTech. That would probably wind up 72-56 or something, and my money would be on LaTech.

  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    Wow! Tech is equal to us, a division champion. Tech sucks.

  4. Careful Brad

    The 790 morning crew was doing there best Sting Talk impression this morning. “You have a chance to get the biggest win in the history of the rivalry, then beat FSU, and then win a BCS bowl!”
    I think Dawg in Beaumont’s scenario is much more likely. When did beating UNC and Duke become like going through the SEC gauntlet?

  5. Jrod1229

    I have the privilege of working with a bunch of tech fans.. so I took the lead and decided to do a screen capture of stub hub for both events..

    Long story.. the most expensive ticket for the ACC Championship ($311) would barely buy you admission to the SEC Championship ($300).

    I’m actually jealous.

  6. Brandon

    This just in…Tennessee is in discussions with the ACC to replace Maryland, who is jumping to the Big 10. Mike Hart quoted as saying: “for God sakes even Georgia Tech can win a division over there and they don’t recruit worth a f$&k, most of them (the ACC teams) need to cheat to be .500, look what Cutcliffe’s doing with Duke, Duke!”. A source close to the Vol program confirmed that although this move may come as a surprise to some it had been on the radar of Knoxville’s powerbrokers since Tennessee’s game with N.C. State. Developments in Tennessee’s season since that time have only worked to persuade the Tennessee administration of the sense of the move. “We would look to continue our long standing rivalries with Vanderbilt and Kentucky” Hart went on. Tennessee’s annual tilts with Alabama, Florida, and Georgia will likely fall by the way side. “It’s all about balance.” Hart said. This latest development in Knoxville may not be the game changer the Tennessee fans were expecting but it is a game changer still the same and far more likely to produce a renaissance of football power on Rocky Top than the potential hiring of Jon Gruden .In reference to the Gruden situation Hart said “That’s a f$#*%g pipe dream, do you think Gruden cares that his skank @&%#& wife went to school here!”. In other Knoxville knews city officials announced the closure of the Sunsphere Gift Shop.

    • timphd

      Now that’s funny Brandon! You know it does make sense though. They would have won the Coastal this year.

      • Brandon

        Tennessee to the ACC makes every bit as much sense as the Jon Gruden to Tennessee rumors do that is for sure, more actually. I distaste all of Georgia’s four big rivals UT, UF, AU, and GT and as life long South Georgian probably hate Florida the worst but I am really delighting in the dumpster fire that Tennessee football currently is. Unlike Florida or Georgia, who have natural talent bases from which to draw, Tennessee has only survived by poaching talent from other states, if you look at the glory years of Tennessee football they usually occur when Georgia is down. Their fans were insufferable in the 90’s, their fall as a result of their poor character as a university and susceptibility to being ruled by the lunatic fringe of their fanbase has been fun to watch.

        • DSLDawg

          ” ruled by the lunatic fringe ” I am sure Richt and Bobo share some of the blame or maybe credit?

        • Ed Kilgore

          UT fans seem to be on the edge of launching a mattress-burning riot if they don’t get Gruden. Any coach taking the job after Gruden turns it down (which still seems very likely to me) should have his head examined.

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            +1. Everybody talks about how the Bammers are a bunch of lunatics. At least their lunacy is reality based. The No-Teeth crowd that makes up the UT fanbase is certifiably insane–they think they are Bama when they are, in reality, closer to UK than Bama. Trailor parks everywhere are in mourning over the state of Vols football. Lets hope they cry for a long, long time.

  7. The only fairness I’ll give to Georgia Tech fans this week..Right now they’re backing in, but if Miami loses against Duke this weekend they would have won anyways.

  8. Paul Johnson

    We now have other fish to fry.

  9. The Atlantic Coach Conference

    November 19, 2012 – CHARLOTTE, NC – Citing weather concerns, the Atlantic Coast Conference announces its football championship game, which was scheduled to be held Saturday, November 24, 2012 at the Bank of America Stadium, will now be moved inside to the regular convention hall at the Time Warner Cable Arena.

  10. Bulldog Joe

    In a related story, Maryland joins the Big Ten. Nobody notices until 2015.

  11. BMan

    Get the tickets while they’re hot! Starting at $7.99. Earlier this morning they were as low as $6.

  12. Macallanlover

    The FSU/GT game will be closer than many think, FSU has no recent experience stopping the TO, and doesn’t have the offensive firepower to exploit the Nerds’ weakness on defense. The HS offense will give trouble to those who don’t face it regularly, and FSU is in no position to spend any time this week working on it. Not saying the Noles will lose, but it could be a long, frustrating day for their defense. Guess they should have scheduled GSU this past week.

    • Trace

      With the way Florida’s offense is playing, they could probably start preparing for Tech this week.

    • Dawgfan Will

      So what you’re saying is we could be just two weeks away from a 7-6 ACC champ? That seems strangely fitting.

    • Will (the other one)

      FSU isn’t great on offense, but Tech’s D will likely make them look pretty good.
      And their front 7 is very good.

      • Macallanlover

        Yes, their front 7 is talented but not used to playing the HS offense they will see. They have no one to prepare them for it. Just not sold on the FSU offense, they got shut out against NC State in the 2nd half. That is really bad.