We’re from the Hive and we’re here to help.

A Tech fan posts that he’s planning on attending Saturday’s game, asks for advice on how to cope and the results are both predictable and amusing.

Actually, the tales they spin are a little… well, bland.  Where are the stories about Georgia people putting ground glass in the drinks of Tech fans when they’re not looking (probably because they’re worried about getting cold-cocked from behind)?  How about the times Dawg partisans tossed Molotov cocktails into open vehicles driven by Jacket supporters?

I mean, I don’t know about you, but I personally can think of at least three times while I was tailgating on North Campus when I held a weapon to the head of an adorable muppet wearing white and gold until I forced the child’s parents into shouting “Tech sux!”.  And made ’em do it twice for good measure!

I suppose I should feel quite badly about that, given how kindly I’m treated by the locals every time I visit good ol’ Bobby Dodd Stadium, but there you go.  I’m evil like that.

Please feel free to share your stories of terror in Athens in the comments.  Don’t hold back any details, real or otherwise.  It’s called Hate Week for a reason, you know.


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  1. Dawg in Beaumont

    My favorite message board form story are the ones where a violent act was oh so close to being perpetrated (either against an elderly woman or 8 year old girl), but then a gallant Don Quix-Techfan-ote steps up to the evil UGA fan and stops what would have inevitably been a monstrous act.

    I’ve been to roughly 100 UGA games and honestly never even seen a fight take place. Tailgated with Tech fans every year they come to Athens and never seen anything more than mocking/ribbing occur.

    I’ve had jackasses yell “To Hell With Georgia” close to my face at Bobby Dodd, but, while annoying, that isn’t worthy of the melodrama that Tech messages boards give to these barabarians in Athens who go around campus stabbing 6 year old girls in cheerleader outfits.

  2. @Gatriguy

    Piss on Tech. That is all.

  3. DawgFaithful

    Whiny pussies.

  4. fuelk2

    The best I’ve got is a buddy of mine throwing a piece of ice from slightly left of the middle of our student section and hitting a Tech band member squarely in the face with it. Not too impressive until you realize that he pointed out the guy he was going to hit before he threw it. Damn impressive accuracy. But those were different times….

  5. truck

    Aw, we used to have a little fun at their expense back in the day. But nothing worse than our standard kidnap/rape/murder/suicide scenario…..you know, your typical youthful hijinx on a fall Saturday.

  6. Beer Money

    This all really happened…the 2001 game set a precedent for out of control fan behavior out of my group. Here are some highlights.

    We were tailgating at the Physics building right beside the street. As we are standing there, the Ramblin Wreck drives by and their typically classy fans/owners of the car drive by and yell “F*ck Georgia, Georgia sucks.” In typical Tech fashion, they do this only AS THEY ARE MOVING AWAY FROM US, but then pull up to a red light immediately. One of my friends noticed that they were dragging a little stuffed animal Uga dog behind the car. Another friend who brought his knife for obvious reasons in Atlanta, walks out to the stopped Wreck at the red light and proceeds to cut the stuffed animal loose with his knife. The driver gets out and says “hey what are you doing?” as if he were gonna do something. As my friend looks up (knife in hand), the guys says “whoa, there fella,” as if he just had a knife pulled on him. He looked like he was about to shit in his pants! He got back in the car and politely pulled on off.

    Tech has these golf carts that security rides around on. Well, one of these clowns pulls up to go talk to somebody at a nearby tailgate and leaves it with the keys inside unattended. I think you know where this is going. One of the guys near us goes and jumps inside and drives off like it’s the General Lee. The guy come sback and is petrified since he has now had a GT vehicle stolen. As the security guard runs around looking for it, the guy who was joyriding in it pulls back up and leaves it there as if nothing happened. It was perfect timing.

    The morons made the mistake of not only leaving their buildings open for us to use the bathrooms, but also most of the classrooms were unlocked. They discovered several sophomoric comments about Tech written on the dry erase boards when thy got back to class on Monday. But the best part was that they left out a bunch of Scantron sheets which Dawg fans then decided to use as signs for the game. How appropriate is the use of Scantrons at the GT game? There is one point in the game (been years since I watched it all), but you can clearly see several pieces of paper being held up in the crowd in the lower level Dawg section.

    Inside the game, a friend of my family somehow convinced a ticket taker to let him in or gave him $50 or something. But the ticket taker made it a point to let him know that he was bending the rules and not to do anything to draw attention to himself. Not long after, he was kicked out for coming up or humping Buzz from behind down by the field in front of an entire section. Buzz being violated…hahahaha!

    The rest of that night was glorious as well and more stuff happened, but after 47 beers and however much brown liquor, it got a little blurry. Plus we ended their little streak that they cheated for and order in the universe was restored.

    • ScoutDawg

      Second best story ever!

    • Go Dawgs!

      Oh wow, dude, I totally saw your friend that assaulted Buzz! Or at least, I saw another Georgia fan do the same thing. Buzz was walking by the fence in front of the Georgia section at BDS (the section where if you sat straight in your seat, all you saw was the side of the old temporary stands in the end zone) and he got too close to the fan in question who reached across and grabbed Buzz, dragged him backwards and started pounding on the back of his head.

    • I actually know the fellow who humped Buzz. He is a friend and quite a character. Another quick story about him, in Athens, at a game, some drunk Tech guy got in his face on the walkway behind the Tech bench. My buddy hit him square in the nose and then picked him up and threw him over the hedges into the Tech bench. I kid you not.

    • SemperDawg

      Your story deserves to be published! It would win awards…

  7. So many of those posts over on their board say they were “assaulted” without details. Hilarious. I’ll yell “NERD” at any Tech passer-bye, and have seen their frat boys on Techwood yelling “CLEAN MY POOL.” Most of that stuff is pretty standard. I’m fairly certain that’s the assault they speak of.

    Now in 2009 when we left Bobby Dodd screaming “Overrated!” and “ACC Champs!” and I got sucker punched by a Tech fan who ran off… that was a different story. I may have deserved an ass kicking, but it should have at least been a fair fight. Cowards.

    • Funny, but I never have to shout leaving BDS after a win. I find that just walking around wearing red and a shit-eating grin is enough to gin up unspeakable amounts of anger from certain parts of the Tech fan base.

      • You’re much wiser than me.

        • Irwin R Fletcher

          Me too…I stood on the North Ave. bridge over 85 yelling “Swarm” at any person in a Tech shirt (Swarm was their defensive slogan at that time, I beleive…like a swarm of bees…which of course is stupid because yellow jackets don’t swarm, but whatever, they are all smart and stuff).

          I also chanted “Mus-tard Yel-low…clap clap…clap clap clap” …that seemed to get a rise out of everyone.

          Needless to say, it worked so well, I found a spot at the Spotted Dog (now Firehouse) and continued to chant well into the night before riding Marta back to the homestead along with Rennie Curran’s wonderful and patient parents.

      • I am ashamed of all of you!!! This is some low rent stuff. 😦 😦

  8. McTyre

    Worst I ever saw from Tech fans was leaving Dodd after the storied ’97 game. My buddy got shoved nust leaving our row. there was a fight nearly every block outside the stadium – a couple of them were Techies ganging up on Dawgs. It’s clear that loss – Bees get their first lead with 58 sec remaining and lose – STUNG a bit.

    • Steven

      After that ’97 game (I was sitting in the GTU student section), I had a nerd come up to me and yell, “Well, AT LEAST WE ARE SMARTER!!!” and scurry away…classic.

  9. Go Dawgs

    I know every fanbase thinks its fans are saints and all others are barbarians, but as a former Redcoat I can Bobby Dodd is the worst place to watch a game as an easy target in a brightly colored wool coat. I’ve been shoved in Columbia and spat on in Auburn, but I’ve literally bled on North Avenue. It’s not a rare occurrence to be pelted by batteries and cell phones ( who the hell throws a cell phone?!) in that hell hole. But it’s okay, you know, because we deserve it. After all, when their fans come to the Classic City we tend to punch the Tech elders and steal their canes, physically assault their infants and such.

    • DC Dawg

      As a former Redcoat as well, I can corroborate everything this guy said. Columbia sucks and so does Auburn, but the trade school is the only place where I’ve ever been concerned about losing an eye. I actually made a collection of all the crap I had thrown at me in my two trips there with the band.

      • That is absolute bull shit! I do not believe any of this.

        • Go Dawgs!

          … are you serious?

          Have you never been to this game on either campus? Seriously, let’s take off the happy glasses and address the real world, this is a nasty rivalry on both sides and the debate can rage as to who started it or who is worse, but if you don’t believe that their people throw things at our band and every band that visits Bobby Dodd, then I can’t help you. Ask the Maryland band about Georgia Tech. Get real.

          • Not so fast….I was raised in Techwood.. I have been to more games at Grant Field and Athens than will see in your lifetime. I scalped tickets when I was 12 years old. Moved on to bigger things when I arrived in Athens circa 1976.

            • Peteydawg

              Tech fans can be brazen in a huge group. Although they still get their asses beat. Hell my grandfather when he was fifty cold-cocked two early 30 year olds on the plains lol

        • adam

          I was in redcoats too.

          I saw a grown man start shoving sousaphone and trumpet players and try to storm his way through the band, only to be pushed back and confronted by a bunch of angry college kids and the band director. I’ve seen them throw bottles if all different shapes, sizes, and compositions at the band. I’ve seen shakos (the hats the band wears) and plumes (the feathers that stick out of the shakos) be stolen by the tech students in the endzone. I’ve seen a grown man threaten band members right in front of his own elderly mom with his kids right behind him. I’ve had tech apparel thrown at me and my friends (we lit a tech hat on fire in the stands one year and posted it on top of a trombone slide and waved it in the air). I have no reason to doubt the stories of other redcoats. Tech is the WORST place by far. They’re childish and insulting. The next worse are Florida, Auburn (only when they’re winning), and Columbia, SC. I assume LSU is pretty bad, but when I was there with derbies, we were literally surrounded by an escort of policemen from the bus to the stadium.

          I’ve seen redcoats say some terrible things back to Tech fans, but they never did so without provocation from Tech fans. The band uniform makes you a huge target wherever you go and no one is more petty or pathetic than Tech fans.

          • gastr1

            “no one is more petty or pathetic than Tech fans”

            Quote of the century.

          • Coweta Dawg

            Another Redcoat here. I was hit with beer bottles in Columbia, and was there in Auburn when they broke out the hoses, but Tech was the worst of all. Don’t know about the “clean” part, but definitely old fashioned hate there.

    • Another Redcoat here. Yeah, Columbia and Auburn were bad, but BDS and Clemson (I know I’m dating myself here) were the two stadiums where I was actually afraid. My senior year a girl standing near me on the sidelines right before half-time was hit in the shako by a Jack bottle flung from the stands. That silly hat probably saved her life. Two years before, another friend had their instrument damaged so badly, they couldn’t play. At Alumni Band every year, we compare dents.😉

  10. Tronan

    Some of my fraternity brothers (I was always out of town when the shit went down) used to go to the very nerdy GT chapter once or twice a year to loot it. Having their charter on the wall (lower than ours, of course) and their (one) athletic trophy and composites in the entryway was a nice complement to the tavern brothel decorating scheme we employed.

    Of course, these were different times, when pterodactyls filled the skies and REM was a young, up and coming band.

  11. Brandon

    “Don’t take the women or kids.” LOL, I am sure the “women” in question did not go to Tech as there are only about 100 living women known to have attended Tech and are probably Georgia fans. The guy who comments that he got beat up at the Jasper Sanks game is priceless, although I am not generally the fighting type I think I would have had to start some shit after that game. He had two knees and an elbow down, sons of bitches.

    • Careful Brad

      So much wrong with the result of that play. Why spot it at the 2 when the guy that recovered the ball ran into our endzone and was wrapped up by Jonas but everyone stopped because the WHISTLE BLEW THE PLAY DEAD! It was either our ball or a safety. That was my first game in person for the rivalry and that is why they are the team I want to beat the most every year.

      • Scott

        The SEC officiating crew got suspended over that play. The worst I ever felt leaving a game was that GT game in 1999.

  12. sniffer

    Went as a family in 2000 to tailgate and brought our white, English Bulldog, Duncan, with us. Of course, he was a hit with everybody. Walking across the bridge towards the Varsity, several fans told us there was a family at the BP with a bulldog dressed in a yellow jacket outfit. Our kids wanted to see, so we make our way there. Sure enough, this Tech family had dressed their dog in a rediculous outfit with wings and everything. The two dogs looked and sniffed and seemed to not care less (typical bulldog temperment). As we are leaving, the “jacket” dog gets playful. Bulldogs dont play well, and he kept coming at Duncan. When he realized he couldn’t ignore this anymore, Duncan proceeds to have at the “jacket” dog. Yes, there was blood, a torn ear and a destroyed yellow jacket outfit and angry but defeated owner. As we pulled Duncan away, the cheers rang out. Almost a sad story, but the smiles on our kids faces didnt go away for days…

    • BeardDawg

      Best pet story EVAH!

    • Lewis Grizzard

      Great story, but the 2000 game was in Athens. You must me thinking of 1999 or 2001… if the “bridge” and “Varsity” to which you referred was on North Avenue in Atlanta. Just a heads-up for future tellings.🙂

  13. Rick

    Personally, I find the best pre-game for Tech is to round up a few good ‘ol boys in my jacked up truck, and cruise around town looking for folks in yellow to teabag (only for five seconds at a time, don’t want to catch ‘the gay’). I’m magnanimous in victory, though, and try to be a good host once the the game is in hand (and post-game is obviously reserved for celebratory cock fights and making out with our cousins).

    • Irwin R Fletcher

      Since Mark Richt got to UGA, Georgia’s record against Tech is the same as Tech’s record against Duke.

      Using that logic, at some point, we should move Tech to the homecoming game, right?

      • gastr1

        It’s logical, but I have to say, I hate rivalry games in the middle of the season, like Stanford-Cal and Texas-Oklahoma. Seems anitclimactic, The really nasty, ugly ones– like Ohio State-Michigan, ours, Alabama-Auburn–those are saved for the end of the year because they mean something.

        Used to be Kansas-Missouri and Texas-Texas A& M could be on that latter list, but the bastards went and f*ed it up. Kansas-Missouri was the nastiest, ugliest rivalry the rest of the country knew nothing about, and it was glorious in its mutual total hatred. It is a sad time in college football that that game is gone.

        • JC

          After living in KS for a year while my wife finished KUMed, I learned of the hatred between those two. Truly underrated.

  14. fetch

    Last time in Bobby Dodd, I was attacked by these ninjas ==>> http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v711/drkbatman1/funny/y.jpg

  15. TheLifeOfReilly

    I think this reference is an accurate representation of how over the top Tech fans are when it comes to describing a visit to Athens.
    Hedley Lamarr: Qualifications?
    Applicant: Rape, murder, arson, and rape.
    Hedley Lamarr: You said rape twice.
    Applicant: I like rape.

  16. It’s just a game, dawg…

  17. Spike

    1978 game. The best there ever was.

  18. Brandon

    I have seen the North Avenue angels throw things at the Redcoats on more than one occasion.

  19. mwo

    Tech fans bring this derision upon themselves. Remember seeing the flagboy on their flag corps? I swear they had a dude in the halftime show performance. I think it may have been the early 90s or early 00s.

    • Babyfarts McGeezax

      I’m 90% sure that this was during the epic 2001 beat down. They were all really mouthy before that one too, then they all left by the end of the 1st.

  20. Four tickets, four hot dogs, four cokes

    After the “we run the state” game, I saw a 50 year old UGA fan and his teenage son yelling “why are you leaving?, give us your lunch money, nerds” Oh, it was me.

    They are the worst. Period.

  21. yurdle

    I’ve seen plenty of assualts on Tech people (both in Athens and even more so in Atlanta) at games in the past, but they always seem to get resolved by these funny guys wearing stripes and blowing whistles. And, for some reason, the assaults stop when some clock reaches zero.

    I think our Hive friends are suffering from transferrence.

  22. ChicagoDawg

    In a fit of unprovoked Bulldog rage, I once yanked a catheter bag out of elderly Jacket fan. Call me petty, cruel or childish, but I she had it coming.

  23. 81Dog

    I love all the comments by the tough talking nerds on the Hive PBM indicating they’re “not going to take any crap, or they’ll have to get physical.” Whatever, nerds. You sissies would be a double digit underdog in a rematch with the girls in the Maryland band.

    95% of the visiting fans at ANY stadium who have problems are the ones who run their mouths. Occasionally, one sees people who are minding their own business and quietly watching the game set upon by mouthy drunks favoring the home team. Like I saw in the club seats at the Joke in 2005, when two slobbering drunk Tech women had to be pulled away from a couple of older UGA fans who refused to move to different seats than the ones they paid for so said mouthy drunks could pile in with some friends. F-bombs and threats of violence filled the air that night, my friends. I guess Zima really can make you crazy. The old guys never said an unkind word, and the drunk girls (I would say 35-ish) were drug to the aisle by a couple of girls with sense, while their boyfriends stood around looking alarmed.

    stay classy, Tech fans!

  24. Jeff Sanchez

    Didn’t their fans scramble with the Maryland band a few years back?

    And lose?

  25. reipar

    Only real story I have is being involved in letting the air out of that stupid bee twice. Once at the football game in maybe 1993 (the one with the huge brawl in the corner endzone) and once a couple years ago at a baseball game.

    The one at the baseball game actually made a mention in the AJC the next day. Obviously a slow news day.

  26. Jeff

    My sophomore year at UGA, there were some nerds trying to pass out yellow pompoms to everyone that walked by, including UGA fans. This was down in the Legion Field lot (before you had to donate 200 million dollars to tailgate there). But anyway, when we walked by and they tried this, my buddy Steve grabbed the box of pompoms and chucked ’em into the creekbed. Month later, we walked by there and they were still there…rotting. Hell, they’re probably still strings leftover 18 years later.

  27. Hunkering Hank

    I sat in the Tech student section with my Georgia gear one time – mid-90’s. Buzz grabbed my hat so I punched it and tore the eye halfway off it. I was very drunk and very belligerent. The bee gave my hat back and left. True story.

  28. Comin' Down The Track

    I was at BDS one very cold night several years back holding a sign which read “Yellow is the color of piss and cowardice.” This enraged an elderly nerd with Grecian Formula hair and mustache, he resembled William Conrad come to think of it… Anyway, as he was leaving his annual beatdown a little early, he saw my sign and challenged me to fisticuffs. At first, I didn’t understand what his apoplectic jabberings were. I then realized what he wanted. I said, “Wait. You’re wanting to fight me? Hahaha. Look, man, I’m either gonna lose a fight to senior citizen or end up kicking an old man’s ass. Either way, I lose. So, no, I’m not going to fight you, but have a nice night.” He kept walking toward the exit.

  29. Slaw Dawg

    I’ve always thought the most brutal thing you can do to Techsters is to say with a big smile, following the usual Georgia beating, “Well, there’s always next year!” That was a damn good line in 1980 after a freshman named Walker ran up and down Sanford on them.

  30. Bryan kirkland

    Heres one for you……Back in 03 I received my first of many season tickets to the dawgs. My section, (since moved) was on the visitors side usually right next to the band. Ive been sitting there all year and knew everyone around me. Now, I like to get a little tipsy, and really get into the games. I try to tone it down alot when kids are around. All year there was these two fellows who were father/son-in-law that sat in front of us. Really nice people, they always made insightful comments, but they were what you would call “little guys” . Last game of the season, I came in pretty drunk and a few minutes late. As I sat down in my seats I noticed a scuffle going on in front of my seats. Some older Tech fans, (He must have had money, by the jewelry he was wearing) and their wifes were arguing with the little guys about what row there seats were on. Finally the big tech a-hole pushed the kid out of his seat and into my lap saying “This is my seat Ill sit where I damn well please. Wrong words Cap!! I flung the little guys behind me and got into the guys face and proceeded to cuss his old ass out. I told him that I would beat the shit out of a grandpa, and I cant believe he would act like that. I then told his dumb ass that being from Tech Im sure he could count, or at least read numbers. I showed him my ticket with my row, and then told him how to count down two rows to his tickets. He moved and didnt say anything else………..Hopefully he wont be back at our beloved Sanford Stadium…….People like that dont deserve a seat to the game.
    Bryan Kirkland

      • Peteydawg

        Hey I two once had to tell a tech fan to zip it or I’d break his 90 yr old hip. Luckily, some decent ones behind me were totally on my side in the classlessness of the tech fans and resulted in some 35 year old harpy women and the old man being ejected.

    • GaskillDawg

      In 2003 you, his group and the kid had plenty of room to spare at Sanford because we played Tech in Atlanta. We play st Tech in odd numbered years.

  31. X-Dawg

    As we were leaving the stadium in 2006 having just squeaked out a 15-12 win, I actually heard a GTU fan say to a buddy that he felt good and counted that as a win. The other guy said “Yes, that was a moral victory”.


  32. Spike

    The Emerald Bowl really misses these guys…

  33. Dawgstradamus

    I’ll never forget the covert ops mission we ran in college after the Techies destroyed our hedges. We left on the Friday evening the following weekend and traveled directly to a frat house where one friend’s old high school buddy lived. They were partying it up and having a grand old time still celebrating their victory from the weekend before, so they barely noticed our entry. We went room to room securing all the stolen hedges and then returned as their bonfire got going really well. They cheered for us as we tossed their living area furniture into the fire, but I have to assume the next day they realized the big fire wasn’t worth the lack of couches…

  34. ScooBoo


  35. Scott

    My favorite memory of GT hate isn’t even football related.

    During the height of our nations hatred of the Soviet Union and while still in the Cold War (in the mid-1980’s), Georgia Tech played the Soviet National Team in an exhibition basketball game at GT’s arena. About two hundred of us UGA students organized and traveled down to the game with signs and shirts and cheered boisterously for the USSR throughout. I will never forget the puzzled looks on the faces of the Soviet players, who must of thought there was hotbed of Russian basketball fans in the area. I can’t even remember who won, but I fondly recall a GT fan approach us and say “This is just wrong!”

  36. ChicagoDawg

    In ’98, I pushed a wheel chair bound Jacket fan down a flight of stairs near Tate. Not one of my prouder moments, but the John Dewberry jersey was too much to endure.

  37. stoopnagle


  38. Four tickets, four hot dogs, four cokes

    One more. In 97, we were standing in the corner near the Buzz. When tech scored, all of a sudden 1000 nerds started running down the steps so they could get to the nerd student section and party. My Dad (about 65 at the time) tripped one up and they all kind of rolled into each other. Priceless And then when Bobo hit the pass at the end of the game, we were the ones partying. A great memory with my Dad and about 5 friends. tech just sux

  39. Russ

    great posts by all! This is why I hate tech. Plus, having an engineering degree from UGA, I could always trump their argument that I’d work for them. Great football team and an engineering degree. Woof!

  40. ChilliDawg

    Techfans bee haters!

  41. ChicagoDawg

    At the ’02 game, in the upper deck, I purposefully tripped a 10yr old kid as he was carrying his hot dog and coke back to his seat. Needless to say, it ruined his #14 Joe Hamilton jersey and his 5th grade school picture.

  42. Scott

    In the mid-1980’s. in the height of the Cold War and back when we all truly believed the USSR was the evil empire, about 100 of us UGA students traveled to GT to watch their basketball team play the Soviet National Team in an exhibition game. Of course, we all carried our Hammer and Sickle and USSR signs and cheered hard for the Soviets. I will never forget the puzzled look on the Russian players when they realized they had this loud cheering section. I fondly recall a GT alum approaching us and saying “This is just WRONG!”

  43. Just Chuck (the other one)

    Just read some of the tech posts about things they think will happen to them in Athens. For proper interpretation, look up the Freudian defense mechanism called Projection.

  44. BeardDawg

    I just sauntered on over to StingTalk, and saw the epitome of Techness. What started out as a thread for one nerd looking for “ammo” for an internet fight, quickly devolved into two nerds arguing over who had the hot girls in a Tech shirt avatar first! Perfect!

  45. BuzzNTickle

    As a former member of the Swarm (a semi-secret society that you have to be initiated into as a Tech student, but then you get to wear matching yellow, I mean gold t-shirts to basketball games and football games when you go to them), and a Tech legacy (my dad was a Tech grad, just like me, and so was his dad – and I know this for certain because the sperm donor records I found in my mom’s panties drawer says so and those records are official), I have FIRST-HAND knowledge of the atrocities that routinely occur in Athens. While it is true I have never been to Athens,I know first-hand Tech fans that have, or that know other Tech fans that have. My friend Orwin told me during a sleepover about the time that he and his dad went to Athens to watch Tech kill the mutts and his dad got castrated in the bathroom by like 10 rednecks with the rusty lids to their dip cans. And five or six years later they were in Athens again and his 3-year old litle sister got punched in the mouth by Hairy Dawg. It was on the TV and everything beause that was the game when Hairy Dawg got busted for using meth on the sidelines and the UGA police didn’t even arrest him or anything.

    Plus Orwin’s cousin, who didn’t go to Tech but had this really cool uncle who went to Tech and once got to ride in the Rambling Wreck and said he almost scored with a Tech cheerleader but he couldn’t understand her “r”s from her “l”s so things got messed up; anyway Orwin’s cousin’s uncle went to a game in Athens and after Tech lost he was beating up like seven UGA fratboys at the Varsity (that’s where they hang out) all by himself until this group of rednecks, including some UGA cops, hit him repeatedly over the head with billy clubs. So when he came to, he had been stripped naked and thrown in a dumpster and there was this box next to him in the dumpster and he opened it and found his best friend’s head in it like in that movie Seven.

    In addition Orwin knows this cool guy who used to live down the street from him and who helped him make this incredible replica of Darth Vader’s sleeping quarters from the Death Star in the basement at his mom’s house (I swear it looked just like the real thing even though it was made out of cardboard, a tent and some sleeping bags), and so this cool guy was at COMICON in Atlanta when Georgia was playing some football game at the Georgia Dome. Even though this was not in Athens it still counts. So he was walking downtown dressed like a gnome warrior – totally original costume with a cross-bow and everything – and these big redneck Georgia fans were drunk as usual and laughing at him, so he yelled “trailer trash” at them and ran away but then he tripped over his cross-bow and they caught him. They tried to break his arm but before they could do it a transvestite prostitute saw it and saved him and chased them away. Some of those transvesite prostitutes are really strong I’ve noticed.

    Finally there was this other guy who shared my mom’s basement with me for a few months when I was in my 20s, named Garth (which was pretty cool because it’s close to Darth and he could totally do a good impression of how Darth Vader breathes), and he was a student at Tech for a couple of years and went to Athens for the game we won. You know the one where George Godsey had like a 50-yard touchdown run going like a 4.3 in the 40-yard dash. Anyway, he was sitting in a Georgia section and was getting ready to hook up with this totally hot but really dumb Georgia girl, when all of a sudden he got hit in the head with a pig fetus that was thrown from the upper deck. When he got up he yelled “to hell with Georgia” and shook his fist like in that movie Planet of the Apes (way cool, I know). But then the whole Georgia section where he was sitting turned crazy on him and started punching and kicking him – even the girl he was going to hook up with – and he had to run for his life.

    So yeah, I know a thing or two about real thugs and rednecks in Athens. It’s real and you can’t deny it. But like all Tech fans, I’ll have the sweetest revenge in the end, when I get a promotion to manager of the IT department where I work and I’ll totally be real slow in responding to any Dawg fan’s calls for support or even mess up their Outlook or something after they’ve left the office for the day. Tech Rules – ACC Division Champs, again, baby!

  46. BulldogBen

    *golf clap*

  47. BulldogBen

    I’ve honestly never experience any more hostility than I have at your typical Florida game. Still, I do remember the year they beat us in Athens when Godsey was QB and the whole team were ripping out parts of the Hedge and putting it in their mouths. I remember walking out behind their bench towards the bridge and their fans literally spitting on people. WTF?

  48. BulldogBen

    I also remember the year we beat them and went to the Sugar Bowl (to play Hawaii) and holding up 7 fingers for out 7th win in a row and the guy behind me, a 60 something gent in a 90’s Tech Starter jacket calling me “classless”. FOR HOLDING UP 7 FINGERS. Guess we have a different definition.

  49. Uglydawg

    Well, it’s supper time and I’m famished. I spent the day visiting old folks homes and purging them of anything GT. One old lady really put up a fight when I held her head under the water in her tub, but she was subdued after a minute or two and after getting her to renounce all things yellow I allowed her to return to bed. The hospital was a little easier. The Tech fans in intensive care are pushovers. Honestly though, nobody got hurt and I did it all for their own good.

  50. TennesseeDawg

    “Yeah, there were horses, and a man on fire, and I killed a guy with a trident.”

  51. I live in Jax, so in 2006 I went to the ACC Champinship game (GT vs Wake Forest). Tech lost 9-0. Anyways, I got some complemetary tickets, went in and the stadium was half empty.
    So my buddies and I went down and sat in the lower north end zone and proudly waved a “G” flag whenever Wake Forest got a 1st down or something good happened.
    By the 3rd quarter I had tens of angry Tech fans cussing at me, asking me if I really graduated from UGA and various THWG type chants.
    Drove them crazy when they showed us on the Jumbo-tron in the 4th quarter :>)
    Joe Tereshinski Sr was there. His other son (not JT III) played TE at Wake Forest. He calls me down to his seats and says “Nice Flag”. We were waving it when his son jumped into the stands after the game.
    As I was walking out of the stadium a lady asked me “Why would you come to our game in UGA gear”? I told here I lived here and the tickets were free. What else was I going to do on a Sat afternoon?

  52. TiftonDawg

    My favorite memory at BDS came last year. My cousin and I were seated right beside the Redcoat band, with the Tech student section on the other side of the band. After numerous beers it became apparent that there are actually no Americans in attendance at Tech these days. As the game got quickly out of hand, the demoralized student section was terrorized by a constant call of “Taxi” from the UGA fans in my section. The look on their faces was “priceless!”

  53. Peteydawg

    Those that haven’t seen fights are simply forgetting that we haven’t lost in a decade. Hard to get riled up at a joke that your team you just beat the breaks off on the field.

  54. Class A

    Everything at BDS is over the top. I quit going a few years ago. Question, do they still put sanitary cakes in the urinals that say “piss on the dogs”?

  55. Bulldog Joe

    I’ve seen my share of games at the Joke dating back to 1979, including some Thursday night games with the UGA three-pack tickets I couldn’t sell.

    Never seen Tech win there.

    Check that… I saw Virginia Tech win there last year.

  56. PHDawg

    The worst thing I’ve ever experienced at a Tech game was in 2010 when a UGA fan mistook my sister (JD ’10) and me (BA ’03) for Tech fans. His wife smacked him because we were clearly dressed in red and black, but the experience of being mistaken for a Tech fan has never, ever left me. It haunts me to this day.

  57. indemnitor


    some lonely tech fan needs a friend to man up and dare to enter the forbidden zone….and then maybe go to the game …[rimshot ?]

  58. Oh, I forgot…..I also was in attendence when GT played Notre Lame in South Bend a few years back. One of my buddies has a brother who lives in Indy and had tickets. I was donned head-to-toe in Red/Black. Even had a few Tech fans take pictures with me at the Game. Tech won but it was priceless to see the faces of all those Tech fans when I walked by.

  59. As an Abuse tactician of some experience I have had many run in with the Nerds. I’m so old I think we use to call them slide rule jockey’s. One year in Athens I foolishly gave up my students tickets to the Tech game but as the game approached I realized missing the game was wrong so I put out the call for tickets and my girlfriend ,who was living in Atlanta at the time,somehow scored Al Ceraldo’s (Tech announcer at the time)guest tickets . This places me in the middle of the visitors section in Sanford Stadium dressed in Red and Black overalls and with a very attractive young lady on my arm. Needless to say I was not a welcome addition to the Tech section.There was a lot of ebb and flow in in the Game so there was the trash talking when we took a lead and then Drew Hill returned the kick off for a TD even a little old lady in front of me was giving me shit . Eventually Buck hit Amp Arnold for a score followed by a two point conversion for the win. I was in heaven telling the assembled geeks that neither they nor their school had any redeeming qualities. The little old lady in front me informed. me ,and I quote,”young man those 4 Tech Men sitting in front of me are taking offense at your behavior”
    To which I quickly resounded,” you know I could tell they were Tech Men because they don’t have dates. The little old lady and her husband got up and left and the best part was so did the 4 Tech Men.

  60. Claw

    I have a bit of a different type of Tech story. In 2010 I scored seats right next to Tech’s band. Shortly after my friends and I were seated, two of the biggest Tech fans I have ever seen came and sat right next to us. They were drunk and looking for a fight and were immediately cussing any Georgia fan that looked at them. I even overheard the biggest one say to the slightly less big one “We’re going to jail tonight aren’t we” to which the latter replied in a matter of fact tone “Hell yeah” (the tone of his response was a concession of inevitability rather than a pumped up battle cry). I hate Tech as much as the next guy, but I know my limits. I ended up befriending the behemoths, and by the time Tech allowed Washaun Ealey to score the final TD the biggest one had his head on my shoulder as I was patting him on the back telling him there was always next year. The pinnacle of the night came when the biggest (also drunkest) one picked a fight with a fairly large Georgia fan about three rows down. The Dawg fan had done nothing wrong, and was simply trying to enjoy the game with his girl, furthermore you could tell he really didn’t want to fight. But the Tech fan insisted that the two come to blows, so after reapeated failed attempts the tech fan shoved the georgia fan in the face. In an act of defense the Georgia fan turned and pushed the guy with all his might, the strength of the shove combined with the effects of brown liquor sent the tech fan sprawling across the aisle right in the lap of a GT trombone player. He was subsequently kicked out of the game, the dawgs won and all was right with the world.