Gone, but not forgotten.

Actually, I imagine a few of the assembled did.



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8 responses to “Gone, but not forgotten.

  1. Rebar

    Well, they won’t have Dooley to kick around next year; I wonder who will be taking this abuse next year?


    • The Lone Stranger

      I’ve got a weird feeling ol’ Mr. Motorcycle Lovin’ will have some hunter’s Urnge chaps to fully outfit the Hog of Love down Knoxvegas way next season.


  2. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Yeah, I’ve got a question. How do I get a gig like you got at UT? You get paid $2 Million per year for 3 years, fail, then get paid $6 Million to leave. Is this a great country or what?!!!


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Do the math. The guy gets $6 Mil fo r 3 years work then another $6 Mill to leave=$12 Mil for 3 years’ work. That’s $4 Mil per year and he didn’t win any SEC games to speak of……Geez, how stupid are the Vols?


  3. Macallanlover

    Heard the Haslam boys are driving/funding the search committee and willing to spend what it takes, Peyton also involved in assisting the group. Seems they feel this program is at a crossroads and cannot afford to make another mistake because they will slip further than they can make up. Probably not too far off on that assessment, lot of newcomers making a name for themselves and TN hasn’t been relevant in a while.


    • Brandon

      When you think about it Tennessee lives solely on reputation. They have no in state talent to speak of. Georgia, Florida or LSU can be down for a while and bounce back because they are sitting right on top of that in state talent, even if they don’t get all the best players in their states they still get enough good ones that a good coach can come in and when pretty quick. On the other hand there really is no limit to how far Tennessee can fall, they can be Kentucky or more accurately Minnesota (a school with a championship past that fades into irrelevancy) if they stay down too long. I hope their new hire blows up in their face, their program has been run for years in a manner that is so bereft of integrity that they truly deserve a fall.


      • Macallanlover

        That is the biggest fear they have, with other programs passing them by, it gets even harder. Why leave California to go to Knoxville when Oregon is much closer? Or even UCLA? TN has to be careful, today’s recruits were toddlers when they won their last SEC title, and they haven’t been getting the primetime, featured games or attractive bowls in the past decade either.


  4. Brandon

    If they really wanted to troll the Tennessee audience they should have said “anybody with a question for Coach Gruden”, that would have gotten the black helicopters and faux sightings swirling even more in Knoxville (if that’s possible).