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“I’ll be glad when the season is over.”

“Epic fail” may be too kind a phrase to describe Auburn’s fall from grace in just two seasons.  But that doesn’t mean it’s not accurate.

Auburn is an Iron Bowl loss away from posting the worst record during the Associated Press poll era by a team within two years of claiming a national championship. Michigan State went 3-7 in 1967 and TCU went 3-7 in both 1939 and ’40. Auburn would be 3-9.



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“Your assistance in this matter is appreciated.”

You may recall some spirited discussions we had over the summer about what I saw as Mark Emmert’s procedural overreach in the Penn State case. Admittedly, I was in the minority, as most of you felt that what happened with enabling Sandusky’s monstrous behavior there clearly made for an ends justify the means situation for the NCAA.  And no one seemed particularly concerned about the long-term consequences of Emmert’s actions.

So I’m wondering how those of you who were untroubled before feel about this turn of events.

CBSSports.com has confirmed the existence of a letter from the NCAA that it will consider former Miami players guilty of violations in the Nevin Shapiro case if they do not cooperate with the association’s investigation.

The Miami Herald first reported the letter – apparently sent to the players’ attorneys — that sets a Friday deadline for the players to contact the NCAA or the association “will consider the non-response as your client’s admission of involvement in NCAA violations.”

While the NCAA cannot penalize the former players, the implication is that non-cooperation could lead to harsh — or harsher — NCAA penalties. It is not known if the tactic has been used previously by the association. The NCAA has no jurisdiction over players who have exhausted eligibility or coaches no longer employed by NCAA member institutions.

Isn’t that peachy?  As somebody Bruce Feldman spoke to put it,

“I’ve never heard of anything like this before,” said the source. “This seems like a total bullying tactic and sounds like a desperate move. They’re basically saying they’re taking the word of a billion-dollar ponzi schemer over some guys who may have taken a few steak dinners? It looks like the NCAA has spent a ton of money and time investigating this and they’re trying to cover their investment.”

They’re just making shit up as they go along and hoping nobody calls their bluff. Helluva way to occupy the high moral ground. But it’s for a good cause, right?


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“I’m obviously pulling for Coach Johnson.”

StingTalk alert!  Tech’s secret sauce this week has been discovered!  Here’s where the Jackets will get their edge Saturday:

What was likely of greater benefit was a phone call between Johnson and Georgia Southern coach Jeff Monken, who worked for Johnson for 15 years and brought the offense with him to Statesboro when he became the Eagles’ head coach before the 2010 season.

“I think the one thing you can get is who played these certain kinds of blocks the best, in the secondary, who was their best cover guy, who in their defensive line did you think was easier to knock off the ball than another guy,” Monken said. “Who was real stout and you had real trouble getting movement on. Just those things that you can’t see on film. I think those things are valuable.”

As the Yellow Jackets prepare for Saturday’s game against Georgia – a game that Johnson said will require their best game of the year just to have a chance – Johnson is scouring for every advantage. That includes tapping the resources of his former assistants.

Hopefully Monken can give his mentor some special insight into what he can gain from calling a time out in the last few seconds of a game with his team down by thirty+ points.  Lord knows, that wouldn’t be the first brilliant move the genius has pulled off at the end of a game.


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I’m always thankful when it’s 6:09.

Tech fans have their hype video.  We’ve got ours.

I hope everyone enjoys a fabulous Thanksgiving.  We all bitch about things now and again, but when you get down to it, life is pretty good.


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