“I’ll be glad when the season is over.”

“Epic fail” may be too kind a phrase to describe Auburn’s fall from grace in just two seasons.  But that doesn’t mean it’s not accurate.

Auburn is an Iron Bowl loss away from posting the worst record during the Associated Press poll era by a team within two years of claiming a national championship. Michigan State went 3-7 in 1967 and TCU went 3-7 in both 1939 and ’40. Auburn would be 3-9.


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  1. Dawgfan Will

    Hmm. I wonder how much Michigan State and TCU paid for their quarterbacks in those days.

  2. Keese

    Add to that the fact they’ve been in the top 10 recruiting for the last several years. Just awful coaches.

    I kept telling my auburn friends for years that Chizik was a bad coach…but a good puppet figure for the “Auburn Way”. Cheating is the only thing that school excels at. Athletically and academically

  3. Macallanlover

    I like a strong SEC and a good schedule of competitive games but there is no sympathy for Auburn. They cheated, period. They played dirty, and celebrated that, period. And their fans/coaches/administrators all endorsed it publicly, and loudly. I hope they burn in NCAA Death Penalty hell. The dirtiest program I have ever seen in the SEC. That is all.

  4. Lrgk9

    Chizik inherited from Tuberville, whose final class in 2008 saw 12 of 28 signees never play a down and only five exhaust their eligibility. But Chizik’s recruiting compounded the problem. From Chizik’s first two classes, 29 of the 60 signees (48 percent) are not on Auburn’s roster today.

    H/T Priceville425

  5. This cosmic karma for sCam Newton and all the grade changing, job for Mother’s getting BS they have done for YEARS. Maybe the ACC wil take them?

  6. Go Dawgs!

    Couldn’t have happened to a nicer bunch of guys.

    I always bought into that friendly rivalry crap until Chiz and Trooper and Fairley showed up and their fans celebrated their malfeasance. Roll Tide. No backups.

    • JG Shellnutt

      . They always cheated but I never hated them. It DID always seem like a mutual respect, friendly rivalry…until 2010. Since then, all bets are off. I hate them. Trooper’s dumbass running around with his hat backwards, corralling/ congratulating Fairley. Cam grinning ear to ear knowing he is a cheating-ass SOB. The cheap shots. The dirty play. I hate them now. I want to beat them 70 – 0 every year and make their fans hurt. They were “all in” and I want them to all live with what all in means. They make me sick. Watching their misery makes me grin bigger than Cam’s dumbass.

  7. All you say is true concerning Cam’s dumbass. I love my friends who did not know this was happening until now. So don’t hate the fans. Not the old, old fans who are delightful people.

    • Hill Dawg

      Were your auburn friends out of the country when Farley showed what a class guy he is?

    • JG Shellnutt

      So, everyone knew it except old Auburn fans? That makes no sense. They were all ‘all in’ and now they can ‘all in’ go to hell for all I care. They were cheating and celebrating trying to hurt Aaron Murray. To hell with them.

      • Look…just say this prayer at dinner today. Gracious and loving G-d, we give you praise and gratitude for you many kindnesses to us. In love you have sought us and adopted us into your family. You cover us with your steadfast love and faithfulness. Fill this home with that same love. Forgive us when we deal with those closest to us with impatience or neglect. In these days may our family gatherings be marked by mercy and reconciliation, sharing with others what you have so freely given to us. LORD be our shelter and refuge so we can be that for each other. By your spirit make us a truly glad and thankful people. Barookh ‘ Atah Adonai’ Elohaynoo.

      • They were not all in. You do not know these people.

        • JG Shellnutt

          We all have friends that pull for other schools/ teams. They are still our friends. I get it.
          Crying on a Georgia blog about the few good Auburn fans is just asinine. By and large, Auburn fans were blinded by their zeal for winning. They ignorantly stated Cam was clean then said Fairley wasn’t playing dirty.
          There is just no place for them 2 years later when the chips are down to claim they didnt know something was wrong at the time or were skeptical all along.
          ‘There are some good fans’ at every school but Auburn, on the whole, lost my respect 2 years ago with the way the overwhelming majority of their fan base (except of course your old friends in Birmingham) acted, reacted, and responded to questionable events in 2010.

    • Bryant Denny

      The head-in-the-sand approach used by Auburn fans over the last four years has been something I just totally don’t understand.

      Look, when all of the stuff went on with Bama in Memphis, most of the Bama fans I know obviously didn’t like it, but also didn’t consider it out of the realm of the really possible.

      Auburn fans – 100% of the ones I know – have been 100% delusional about the last few years. When discussing their problems, they never acknowledge the dirt bags they have out recruiting for their school. Never.

      My only regret about Auburn’s situation is they are too awful. They’ve lost so much and so badly that they have to make a change. I wish they would soak in mediocrity for the next 100 years.

      Have a nice day,


      • BD you are right. What we must do is take down the NCAA. They have got our money,indirectly as it came to them. Ask Karl to help. He would love to if ya’ll wanna do it Tide and Dawg style.

  8. My old friends do not go to the games anymore. Why, when you can watch from the comfort of your own home. After about 40 or 50 home games you only go if you have to. Especially if your team s___s.

    • JG Shellnutt

      I can watch from the comfort of my own home too but I choose to go to Athens 6 times a year, not because I have to.
      I’ve been to more than 40 or 50 home games and keep choosing to because I love it with every fiber of my being. In fact when I can no longer walk, I’ll go in a wheelchair. I go, not because I have to but because I want to.
      In fact, I go to both Columbias, Jacksonville, Knoxville…wherever the Dawgs go because I love the Dawgs, not because I have to.
      I have sat there cheering them on in good seasons as well as bad. I love the Dawgs, even when they suck, as you said.
      And I guess that’s why I get so angry at an entire team, school, administration, and fanbase (except of course your friends who are the only Auburn fans on the planet who said ‘we paid Cam, Fairley is dirty, we’re not all-in, we don’t like what’s going on here in 2010’) when I feel any slight against my Dawgs.

      • Um… what auburn said that? I don’t know any.

      • You are a Georgia Fan. I love the Dawgs more that you do. There are other ways to show your love. Do you all really hate people you do not know because of where they received their education?

      • Do you need a Care giver for when you go to games in a wheel chair? That is one of my chosen professions. Got hate in your heart? Let it out man. Let it out.

        • JG Shellnutt

          Letting my hate out is what I was doing but was oddly interrupted by your pleas not to hate your friends. I do hate Auburn now and what I perceive to be the majority of their blind fanbase.
          We all have friends that are Auburn fans and guess what? They are still our friends. Aiming comments at entire fanbases, though, usually excludes our own personal friends.
          What none of us need is the misguided and incessant notes regarding the fact that you have some Auburn friends and not to hate them. WE ALL HAVE AUBURN FRIENDS. And by definition, we like our own friends. You don’t have to convince me to like or not to hate your friends.
          I appreciate your concerns about me in my wheelchair days…I’ll be fine.
          Further, for someone giving advice about judging people you don’t know, you may want to reconsider your odd assumption about loving the Dawgs more than I, since, you know, you don’t know me at all.
          This is a place where we express our feelings about the Dawgs and college football in general. Please ease off on policing statements as they apply to your personal friends. Again, we all have fruends that pull for Auburn.

  9. Cosmic Dawg

    I hate Auburn pretty good, for all the reasons stated above – that 2010 scene with Fairley running down the field with Trooper chasing him was an embarrassment to cfb. However, we must tread lightly, as we have had players get those hundred dollar handshakes and extra um…academic assistance. I am a red-blooded American capitalist, but I wish we could keep the dirty, dirty money out of the game.

    Since we can’t, I’m all for giving the kids some pocket money.

    Ah, what was the topic, again?

    • Well if you are in Atlanta come on down to Covenant House Georgia. 2488 Lakewood Ave.30315 and let’s give some kids some pocket money, or as my Poppy use to say, “Coca Cola Money”

  10. Bryant Denny

    For the record, I don’t think we will cover the spread, but I sure hope we do.

    This is the weirdest Iron Bowl week I’ve ever experienced. I’m a glass half empty football fan, and last year I was almost 100% sure we would give them a beat down – and we did.

    This year, there’s no doubt about who will win (again, I don’t think we cover). So much so, I want to buy tickets and take my Auburn friends so that they can savor the experience.

    I just wish I could give the pre-game speech. There’s so much burning anger inside of me over 2010, the unabashed cheating, and just plain ole having to live side by side Auburn people….

    • I wish you did too. I would love to hear it. Oh..your gonna cover. Your a__. better cover. Nick ain’t got time for nothing else.

    • Macallanlover

      BD, I have taken both UGA and Bama today and laid the points. I normally wouldn’t have done this given the double digit spreads but both teams are clearly better than their rivals this year, more so than most, but they also have to be concerned about how they win. A lot of anti-SEC sentiment is out there, and it is building. With UGA and Bama having one loss, and neither playing the top teams in the other division, the drum beat has begun because there are other quality, one-loss teams to consider. Not saying this is fair, but UGA fans found out in 2007 how quickly the votes can switch when the WWL and other media loudmouths put their total effort behind pushing their agenda.

      For me, it is all about beating the Tide in Atlanta, I trust nothing else beyond that, but for those who are concerned about going to Miami, better roll them…and make it decisive.