Observations from the 35, “Khan – I’m laughing at the superior intellect” edition

It’s tempting to say the turning point of yesterday’s game was the opening kickoff, but I admit it’s not completely fair.  After all, the Jackets were driving for the tying score when Tech’s midget A-back generously consented to let Bacarri Rambo play with the ball for a moment.

The reality is that this game was all but over beforehand.  That’s because the brain trust that comprises Tech’s defensive staff decided their best chance lay in playing a passive, cover-two scheme with their safeties way off the line of scrimmage.  When Georgia came out in three-wides, Georgia Tech left a total of six defenders to guard the box.  The Dawgs offensive linemen must have been pinching themselves over the opportunity to block without worrying about a defense loading the box or blitzing steadily.  I kept waiting for the Tech defense to adjust and start bringing a safety in to get better numbers, but it never happened.  So the Dawgs just kept carving the Jackets up.  There wasn’t a scoring drive in the first half that took three minutes off the clock.  When Bobo switched to I-formation, it didn’t seem like a tactic as much as it did an act of kindness.

I can’t say that Georgia Southern’s a better team than Georgia Tech is, but I sure can say that Tech’s coaches earned a more lopsided loss than the Eagles took.  That should sting a little.

And now, your bullet points.

  • There are a ton of talented players on that Georgia defense.  But there’s no doubt that a fully engaged Ogletree and Rambo elevate that bunch to a totally different level.  Both played smart, physical football.
  • Boy, say what you will about Christian Robinson’s game, but he sure seems to thrive playing triple-option offenses.
  • They are getting some terrific production out of the tight end position these days.
  • Yesterday’s karmic moment was brought to you by Tech center Jay Finch, who you may remember for this.  He went out with an injury.  Shortly thereafter, he managed to snap the ball over Tevin Washington’s head for a big loss that ended Tech’s first possession of the second half.  His backup had the big hold that negated the Vad Lee TD pass later.
  • I’m really digging Georgia’s newfound competence on kickoffs and kickoff coverage.
  • I think I saw more offensive holding plays called yesterday than the rest of the season combined.  Now if ACC refs could figure out the mysteries of offensive pass interference, they’d really be on to something.
  • Beginning with that last drive against Florida, Aaron Murray has played lights out.  I saw very few miscues yesterday (the most glaring being holding the ball too long on Tech’s only sack) and a lot of excellent decision making and solid mechanics.
  • Gurshall.
  • Tech’s offensive line played pretty well, I thought.
  • Vad Lee looks like a good athlete who’s not a very good quarterback.  Impaler, my ass.  Washington outplayed him.
  • Tech’s receiving corps is every bit as awful as expected.  Their A-backs aren’t bad, although I thought they missed Orwin Smith.
  • Can’t get enough of those body slams.
  • Loved all of Johnson’s maneuvering to get a field goal attempt to cut the score to 28-6.  Loved the missed attempt even more.
  • The sideline body language between the genius and Lee after Tech’s abortive fourth-quarter touchdown drive was scuttled by a holding penalty was priceless.
  • The most fun thing to track yesterday was the complete disconnect between the score and time-of-possession stat as the game wore on.

It’s over.  It’s done.  FIAR, B!  Eleven of twelve.  Et cetera, et cetera.  On StingTalk, we can hear the lamentation of the women.  Meantime, it’s on to the biggest game of Richt’s Georgia career.  So far, I hope.


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59 responses to “Observations from the 35, “Khan – I’m laughing at the superior intellect” edition

  1. Brandon

    Wrath of Khan reference + 1,000

  2. heyberto

    My favorite GTP headline ever. Any Khan reference is usually money, but never has it felt so apropos. Outstanding Senator.

  3. Puffdawg

    Go Dawgs! 11-1, ho hum. Hope we come ready this week!

  4. Brandon

    P.S. The discourse on stingtalk is middle school level, it was truly something to behold, people calling to drop the game from their schedule, people calling each other feminine body parts and hygenie products, people hurling the most juvenile of insults at Georgia players and fans, complaining that Mark Richt was running up the scor (when practically every objective writer I have seen agreed he took his foot off the gas or it could have been much worse), living vicariously through what they hope happens in the Alabama game, saying that they should start recruiting thugs instead of the class acts they have now, whining about academic standards, hating the genius/loving the genius, it just went on and on, the next time the DSM comes out I’m thinking being a GT fan should be classified as a mental illness.

  5. cube

    That take out of Mike Thornton was total bullshit. Go back and watch the replay Senator. Very, very dirty. He was engaged with one offensive lineman when another o-lineman dove at his knee. It was as dirty as football gets.

    This crap has got to stop.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      I don’t want to be accused of heresy ….. but it appears the initial blocker had released his block on Thorton and was pulling toward the sideline eyes away from Thorton when the guard clipped Thorton at the ankle. Cheap shot indeed but was it legal?

  6. Always Someone Else's Fault

    I listened to the Alabama-Auburn game and Georgia post-game based on radio reception as I was winding through the Ocoee and Nantahala gorges yesterday. Sounds like Alabama is still shuffling personnel in their secondary and trying to figure out coverages. If they can’t pressure Murray (and they can’t), Aaron is going to pick them apart.

    • Charles

      Have you seen our O-line against capable D-linemen (e.g. USC game)? They most certainly can pressure Murray, and they will. We’re going to have to pin our ears back in this one. It’s going to be an all out war in the trenches.

      • Always Someone Else's Fault

        USC plays a 4-3 with a future NFL all-star one end and a NFL-capable talent on the other. Alabama, who deploys 3-4 more often than not, has loads of talent on defense but, oddly, no one who can consistently beat blocks in pass rush. They depend on scheme to pressure. They couldn’t get to Mett against LSU, and LSU had a lot of back-ups playing in their O-line that night. Last but not least – Alabama’s secondary leaves huge holes when one of their blitzers doesn’t force the pass out early. Add it all up, and I think Georgia’s offense has all of the tools it needs to expose every weakness in the Alabama defense.


      • Dawgwalker07

        I think USCe’s pass rush was far more than “capable” and it is better than Alabama’s for that matter. Not that that means well have an easy game, I don’t think that at all, but I don’t think we’re going to struggle against Alabama the way we struggled against USCe when it comes to pass rush.

        • Mudcat's Impala....


          JMO, but I think we match up much better against Bama’s front 7 than we did vs. Scjr or even UF. I’m sure Murray will get racked a few times by timely blitzes by the Bama LB’s, but overall he should have more time in the pocket to pass…

          Our D vs. Bama’s O is where the game will be won or lost..

          I think we can score 21-24 on Bama, but can we hold them to less??

    • ETennDawg

      How were you able to get radio reception in the Nantahala gorge? When I was growing up there it was a media vacuum! I used to read 3 day old news papers for Braves info in the early 90’s. Still loved growing up there though…

      • Always Someone Else's Fault

        Mainly gleaned morsels of information from the static, but the atmospherics were pretty good last night, better than usual. No idea why.

        • Macallanlover

          I live between the Ocoee and Nantahala, Sirius/XM is my friend…except for 3-7 PM during the week, of course.

          • Cojones

            There is a bit of warranted optimism in everyone’s posts and this crowd doesn’t tolerate misplaced bullshit. I certainly feel the same way. This game is ours for the hard ass taking that this team is capable of playing. The game can be won or lost on a lucky break, but we are outright capable of winning.

            By the way, what were the Vegas odds when A&M played them?. Jus sayin’.

  7. heyberto

    What’s the word on Jenkins’ injury?

  8. D.N. Nation

    Hey, Sting Talk? That you had a chance to ruin Georgia’s season only speaks to the fact that Georgia was having a good season. Not that you actually had a legitimate chance to ruin it.

  9. SouthGa Dawg

    I loved that when there were shots of CPJ, He just looked like a man who had just come to the crushing conclusion that this gimmick thang just ain’t ever going to work with this level of Jimmies and Joes on the field. Priceless.

  10. Rocket Dawg

    That sorry bastard Finch got what he deserved. I wish we could line up for one play and cut block the shit out of them just so they get what it feels like. Cut blocking is a douchebag move by a douchebag program. God I hate Tech, wish we would have hung 100 on them yesterday. Sniveling little Nerd bastards.

  11. cube

    37-12 in the last 49 years. And the beat goes on…

    • The Lone Stranger

      And of course the beatings, but then that goes without saying. But I enjoyed saying it just the same.

  12. I watched the game with my father-in-law and after the 2 body slams we put on the nerds he commented that we needed to “be careful” with that crap as Mike Slive had suspended someone for nearly that very same kind of thing earlier in the season.

    Thats all we need. Having ‘Tree suspended for a legal hit…

  13. cube

    We should schedule Georgia Southern for the week before Tech every year for as long as they continue to run this gimmick offense (i.e. as long as PJ is their coach). There is no doubt that helped us prepare.

  14. 81Dog

    Ironically, Botany Bay CC may be the next stop for the genius after FSU thrashes them. If not this year, next.

    Mazel tov, PJ.

  15. TCD

    Senator, Finch actually made it back into the game and was the one to snap it over Washington’s head. So Karma still applies🙂

  16. Will Trane

    Tech’s O-line ran 86 – 88 plays against the defense. Some think Tech’s O line played well. If numbers are the basis for that argument, well, it has merit.
    But Tech’s O-line ain’t Bama’s O-line. And the basis for that argument lies in the Tide’s titles and records the past 3 years.
    Dawgs’ defense have not seen a QB like Bama’s. For damn sure he is no midget or like any ACC qb. He can play.
    Concern. Can the Dawg’s defense man up to Bama? Georgia Southern and Tech’s O lines ran a lot of plays against the Dawgs the past 7 days. Practice will be back to normal this week in Athens.
    How many 3 and outs iwll we see from Todd’s defense? Or turnovers? That will be important for the Dawg’s offense. At least Bobo has begun to see the use of Marshall. He has the speed. Those two injured WR’s will be evident in game.
    Have SEC East title, The State of Georgia cup or title, and one lose [but there are several in the SEC with that number and ranked]. BCS game, yes, but more important than all of that would SEC champs.
    Find a way or ways to get it. Time for play and no talk.

    • D.N. Nation

      Hey, it’s Will Trane! Tell us again how Florida is “marching straight to Atlanta” or whatever, Will.

      • The other Doug

        I don’t see Florida falling to the Peach Bowl.

      • Rocket Dawg

        Now we just need Skeptic Dawg and Muckbeast to make an apperance and tell us how we should Fire Richt !!!111!!! if we don’t beat Alabama and Notre Dame, or how Murray can’t win the big game, or how Honey Bobo sucks (should I continue?)

  17. charlottedawg

    Here’s an observation from the last three years. Aaron Murray absolutely OWNS the Nerds as do our tight ends. it’s the same show every year, Murray just carves these guys up, and whether it’s Charles, Rome, or Lynch we’re good for at least three big catches a game from the TEs followed by at least one poor undersized loser from their secondary getting absolutely trucked as he tries to make the tackle.

  18. Scott

    Should I be worried that those “body slams” could lead to punishment from the SEC?

  19. Scott

    The Techies are really upset that their bowl streak is about to be snapped with an FSU loss. They just can’t swallow the fact that a 6-7 team should be ineligible for a bowl.

  20. Uglydawg

    With Georgia’s thrasing of one ACC division champion, and Florida’s beating the other….given Georgia’s win over Florida, does that make UGA ACC champions?..not that it’s anything to crow about, but the claim can be made….in fact, I’m making it…..UGA 2012 ACC Champs, SEC E Champs and finalist for outright SEC Championship and semi finalist for National Championship.

  21. Great points about their defensive scheme. If I was a Tech fan the thing I’d be most upset about, other than everything, is why Paul Johnson sucks so much at fielding competent defenses. Perhaps all he focuses on is the offense, but when a head coach fires a defensive coordinator, one would think the head coach would take an interest in the interim defense. Playing a soft cover 2 with nobody in the box WAS absolute madness and begging to let us run all over them. If he’s such a goddamn football genius, how could Paul Johnson let that happen?

    Tech fans put up with PJ because they’re very familiar with claiming to be geniuses and arrogantly and rudely defying anyone who says otherwise. I say, more power to them.

    • 79Dawg

      One of my partners actually describes people fairly regularly as, “he’s like a Tech person, often in error, seldom in doubt….”

    • Will (the other one)

      He all but admitted his defensive players weren’t smart enough to understand the 3-4 concepts Groh was teaching them, thus the dumbed down defense.

      • pantslesspatdye

        Outside of his absolute arrogance, I used to like Coach Johnson – I still think he is good for the college game at a lower level. I absolutely think that Groh is a good coach sans the complete lack of size and talent. Firing him was desperate.

  22. Aaron

    I love the Conan the Barbarian reference

  23. Cojones

    Yep, Bluto, ain’t nothin’ pretend about your GOF Hate. Do you mind if I wallow in it like an old Dawg?

    Further, When is the last time in a two year stretch that we are 8-0 against all 4 rivals? God, this feels good. And with a shot at the NC by this team? Someday when I have a stroke and my caregivers try to establish a communication, they can just run that stat by to get a big jabbering drool fest of cognition with crinkled eyes pleading to thank them. If the medics are really on top of their game, they can have a Tech orderly clean my Depends several times a day.

  24. RomanDawg

    Can someone translate FIAR, B! for me?