This is what peaking at the right time looks like.

I know Alabama will get the lion’s share of glory this week leading up to the SECCG, and deservedly so.  The Tide’s been remarkably consistent this season and the defense leads the country in scoring and total defense.

But look who leads the country in scoring defense this month.

Also, this.


UPDATE:  Or to put it another way…


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  1. HahiraDawg

    Wow. That passer rating # is impresseive. More than 20 than the 2nd best. Way to go AM, way to go Dawg.

  2. 11.7 yards/att with 0 int is insane.

  3. JG Shellnutt

    These guys are certainly coming into their own right now. Unfortunately, the WWL did not get the memo. Has anyone noticed their incessant lobbying for Florida? All this is in violation of the Herbstreit doctrine, just like last year’s MNC game was as well.

    • gastr1

      They’re too busy creating memes to worry about getting memos.

    • The Lone Stranger

      F*&% ’em! But you know when the Dawgs take down Bama there will be a full month of full-strength ND glorification (even if that doesn’t qualify as a word).

      • OKDawg

        The ND slobber fest began last night. Ole Musburger called them “the team of destiny.” I guess Bama should just concede crystal now and be content with SECCG trophy they are guaranteed. Who is Bama playing anyway in that meaningless game?

    • Cojones

      This should provide a good lesson about would-be prognosticators and the hype trhey build to buttress their weak-ass opinions. Remember LSU/Bama buildup last year, “Bama is in a higher tier” this year (until A&M didn’t get the message and showed them, alas, as being on the mortal tier).

      This team knows different and approaches this as the next game without the hype Pome ‘d Rue stuck in their ear. This is shaping up to carry us back to the time we relegated the ’65 Bama NCs to the SEC world of the beatable opponents right along with Tech. Jack Lescouly(?) , Sports head of the Today Show, played the hook and ladder play over and over for several mornings beginning the Mon after the Sat game. We reveled in it. It was just a good team of Dawgs who figured that Bama put their trousers on the same way they did. This team should do the same with the same resultant.


  4. gastr1

    I think the defensive performance is most impressive…we played some very good offensive teams in November (along with Awbarn). In addition to the excellent 8.5 ppg, two of the TDs allowed were in garbage time. So it’s really effectively lower than that, even.

  5. Not to take anything away from what UGA has done, but it’s worth noting the quality of the four games being compared here. Alabama played two top ten teams. UGA played no one who finished at or above .500 against the FBS. Of those four, both teams played an FCS team and AU (so two FCS teams).

    • I wanna Red Cup

      That is an excellent point. But the fact that we took care of business in dominating fashion when we could have played down to the competition is why many of us Dawgs are encouraged. Was most Bama like. Congrats on a good season and we look forward to getting it on with the Tide Saturday.

    • Not to get too deep into the woods with you on this, but when you break it down, ‘Bama played one top-five offense (TAMU), one middle of the pack offense (LSU) and a 1-10 FCS team. Georgia played a top-25 offense (GT), one offense better than LSU’s (Ole Miss averages about .5 more per game than LSU) and a playoff bound FCS team that is top-ten in scoring on that level. Auburn, of course, is a wash.

      If there’s a gap, it’s not that big.

      • Merk

        But but but, Miss St was undefeated when they played Bama….They were so good that they decided to go ahead and lose out the rest of their games. Including a game to the same Ole Miss team UGA ripped apart.

        When you look at common opponents, UGA and Bama were pretty similar. Ole Miss, Auburn, and Missouri.

        Either way, I am getting ready to be fed stats from the last 4 years that point out how crappy UGA really is…cause ya know we paid off the SEC for that schedule.

        I wonder how well the great Bama would have fared with our schedule if you pulled 4 of their best D starters for the first few games?

        On the upside maybe the players will just be sick and tired of hearing about how crappy they are. Maybe they will show up and improve on the first half of last years SEC-Champ game. I could live with playing 4 Qtrs without the other team getting a first down.

        • Cojones

          I think that you and the Senator have adequately blocked the hype generating machine from making a dent on the Dawg fan’s psyche and I think that this team is savvy to the horseshit also. The most damning evidence for the hype meme are the Nov stats that were provided today. Hope they don’t put all of that together in Vegas. If we end up favored, it would warn Bama.

          Naw. I want the team to just lay low, perfect their mice plays (the ones that frighten the elephant) and turn them loose in Atl.

        • I would encourage you to look at common opponents. They were both 4-0 but Bama’s margin of victory was 38 points better. Feel free to compare losses, too. Against the top 25, Bama was 3-1, UGA 1-1. I realize from a pep rally standpoint, choosing the four most recent games is a great way to convince yourselves everyone else is ignoring you. But if you look at actual bodies of work, there’s a genuine reason the majority of the world favors the Tide this weekend, and it’s not because people failed to notice what the Bulldogs did against a 6-6 ACC team. Can the Bulldogs win? Absolutely and not just in the “any given Saturday” sense. Georgia is a great football team who has accomplished a lot this season. But the feigned insult at not being the favorite in this game is a bit much.

          • Macallanlover

            I agree tidefan, there is no reason to spend much time on whose is bigger, we are going to find out when the lights go on in Atlanta. I think Bama deserves to be the favorite, and I feel most here feel the same way. The reaction is more about not even be acknowledged in a contest that looks to be very close. Some of our folks are like yours, they get bent out of shape when people treat them conservatives at a network media show. Doesn’t matter to me, I want the betting line as high as they can get it and the Tide players buying into the UGA doesn’t belong philosophy. We may get beat, we have weaknesses, more than you, but I think our A game will push you as much as you want.

            Not to get into the argument above but I would remind you what Ga Southern did to your front 7 last year, guess what, they are better this year. And Tech is as good offensively, just not as good as GSU defensively. Old Miss is decent on offense as well. Schedules were pretty equal but I think the two TO teams give us a slight edge…and that means very little when the ball is kicked off next Saturday.

          • gastr1

            I think most of us understand why we’re not the favorite. What we’re mostly trying to do is convince ourselves that we can win.🙂

          • Will (the other one)

            Trying to figure out who that 3rd top 25 win you’re claiming is. A mediocre Michigan team that gameplanned against having their running QB run? Or a Mississippi State team that could only beat SEC teams that fired their head coaches?
            Yeah, you beat common opponents by more. You also got Auburn at home, Tenn without their leading rusher, Missouri in a monsoon (and with a dinged up QB).
            Plus you got to pad your stats because Saban didn’t call off the dogs as early as Richt did against Auburn.

            • Surely if we can discuss the merits of Georgia Southern without winking, we can mention wins over Michigan and Miss State.

              As for the rest of your points, they conveniently omit several things. For instance, if getting Auburn at home is an advantage, why not mention where you played Tennessee? And for when Saban called off the dogs, that’s inaccurate. The first team played one series in the third quarter. UGA had their first team in for two series. Which ignores the fact that Bama only needed two quarters to score more than UGA did in four.

              • X-Dawg

                Nothing against your post (this is for both sides), but only in the SEC do we split hairs and argue about which victory against shitty teams is better.

              • pantslesspatdye

                Cheers to you good sir on the picture. Georgia fans respect Alabama. And we think, with all things clicking, we can win. I personally think that the game-breaker will be whoever has better QB play – both are capable.

                • Thanks! Little guy is actually 10 months old now, but I never got around to changing my wordpress gravatar. The pic is a joke because a Vols fan accused Bama of using former players on the cover of SI during the hurricanes to over-dramatize the moment. So that was how I announced we were expecting.

                  I do agree with you about QB play. I think the pressure will be a little higher on Murray, just because it should be easier (though not easy) for the Tide to run, but McCarron can’t make the mental mistakes he made against Texas A&M.

          • The Lone Stranger

            “…the majority of the World favors the Tide,” smacks just somewhat of some entitlement thinking I tells ya! Bring it Bammers.

      • It seems a bit unfair to refer to Ole Miss’s .5 point difference as better but consider A&M’s 8.2 point advantage over Tech as not significant, especially when you consider the caliber of defenses those were earned against (outside of UGA, the Jackets faced one top 50 defense and that was #49 Clemson).

        • Normaltown Mike

          Nobody gives a shit about your opinions. We have a regular Tide poster that is here year round and is always welcome to jaw. Trolling a blog game week is better served at AJC where you can join a host of nits.

          • Cojones

            And that goes for your friggin’ elephant too. I still say having a mascot that parodies Ala Walmart shoppers is not cool.

            Senator, why don’t we have a BD invite this week for us all to talk SEC football?

    • X-Dawg

      It will suck being dawgraded next week, won’t it.

  6. OKDawg

    I’m puzzled why Murray isn’t even mentioned for Heisman consideration. Please explain.

    • X-Dawg

      See gastr1’s comment above at 2:11.^^^^^

    • Turd Ferguson

      He plays for Georgia?

    • Rusty

      Fair or not, I think SC hurt him. On a couple of other occasions he has been not very stellar ;)…I love the guy, just saying what the perception may be.

    • Dawgfan Will

      South Carolina. I’d say it unfortunately is that simple. If he has a good game in Atlanta, who knows, maybe he could get an invite.

    • Merk

      Trophies dont mean sh**. They just sit on a shelf and collect dust. You know what means something? Being the guy that is referred to as the standard. Murray is killing pretty much every UGA and several SEC records. He will be the QB they talk about when looking at stats of the other QBs.

      • HVL Dawg

        See Tom Brady.

      • Cojones

        True. We don’t know where that will end yet since he just entered the domain of top10 QBs of all time. He won’t ever slip lower on that list because of some beauty contest vote.

        Heard during an afternoon game yesterday: “Manziel will go to NY to pick up his trophy”, “Manziel, the Heisman trophy winner….” The hyping to make it true was sickening, as if they were the only ones to decide who wins the Heisman. Bama was mentioned only as the opponent to ND, otherwise UGA is mentioned only slightly less during the carnal heads’s smiling rituals that they usually put on when selling the priciest car.

    • The Lone Stranger

      It is all the stranger when you consider that UGa has one of the better Sports Info Depts. around.

  7. Slaw Dawg

    It’s fine with me, and more importantly, I bet it’s fine with Mark Richt, if the great majority of the attention and pre-glory this week is on Bama. I’m sure the sports media talking heads are giddy over the prospect of an Irish-Bama MNC game and the R&B will rate only obligatory or condescending mention. Personally, I intend to enjoy the sheer underDawgishness of our situation, and I’m betting Coach Richt will, too–while using it as a whole new “chip on the shoulder” motivation for our Dawgs. You know what Mr. Jones says–he’ll do his “jawjacking” on the field.

  8. The Lone Stranger

    And the Wagering Gods have spoken: Bammers at -8 with an O/U of 51. Dawgs and Over for this hombre.

    • HobnailedBoots

      WHERE is the “double digit” or “two touchdown” opening line that I was promised that Alabama would be favored by against us all season long????

    • Cojones

      I was 9-1 and tied for second in the Fabris Poll this week. Seems like more than the team may be hitting it’s stride right now. Time for the old sauce to lay a bet before Vegas sees the Senator’s Nov stat spotlight.

      • Uglydawg

        The bamer retards will be running up the spread by betting heavily for their team. This means the spread will increase..I think…

    • WF dawg

      Am I the only one who thinks 51 is way too high? I’m seeing a 17-14 or 21-17 kind of game here.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        51 is only a 27-24 game. That’s not a track meet.

      • Macallanlover

        I think that over/under looks pretty spot on, maybe a tad high. Too close to bet for me, especially in a close game where it could go to overtime. But I do like that TD+ and the Dawgs. Certainly no lock, but I think they teams are pretty close so points is a good thing. Even better if it is low scoring.

  9. Keese

    Senator please no! Im taking the Munson doctrine on this one…Dawgs have no chance! May the gods of mercy be on our side

    • charlottedawg

      Your are correct, I was convinced we didn’t have a prayer before the Florida game and look how that turned out! In all seriousness, we have MAJOR work cut out for us against Bama. We’re going to need murray to be the complete opposite of what’s he’s been in big games, namely not amped up and panicky. If he does a multiple turnover number similar in big games past we’re on the wrong end of a blowout. Also no freebies on Defense or Special Teams. There is zero margin for error. Alabama should be favored, they’ve proven themselves in the recent past and I don’t care what the polls say they’re the best team in America.

  10. Uglydawg

    Beating Alabama would be very sweet even if it does mean losing some of Athen’s oaks.

  11. Uglydawg

    Oh you better watch out, you want to know why
    Something is happening here, by and by
    The Game-day turds are coming to town

    They know that Bama’s playing
    in the Big SEC game
    But for the world they just can’t mention
    the Tide’s opponent’s name

    Corso will be there, with Herbie in tow
    To tell everyone how the big game will go,
    The Game-day turds are coming to town.
    Oh the laughter will flowing
    There’ll be much bull shit and guff
    because old Lee and Herbie
    are simply full of all that stuff

    Oh you better watch out, when he puts on that hat
    Will it be a big “G” ? Please, don’t let it be that!
    The Game-day turds are coming to town

    When you see that wooden indian
    reach under neath his chair,
    you can rest assured that Santa’s left a
    hounds-tooth fedora there.
    And when he puts it
    on his old goofy head,
    Bama fans will cry “NO, tis a curse it is said!”
    For the Game-day turds to choose you to win.

  12. Ptc dawg

    Roll Tide roll, round the bowl and down the hole

  13. AusDawg85

    Munsberger Saturday Night: “You’re looking live at the Georgia Dome where the Alabama Crimson Tide takes the field for a tune-up scrimmage prior to meeting Destiny’s Darlings, the fighting Irish of Notre Dame.”

    Herbstreit: “Brent, Georgia has no chance in this game. Shouldn’t even be playing in it. The computers say it should be Florida in this playoff, and Steve Spurrier is correct that only divisional records should count. I think it’s a great statement by Nick Saban that he’s agreed to this scrimmage before we all head down to Miami to celebrate the Irish’s amazing season.”

    Please let us be this overlooked all week…Please.

    • charlottedawg

      Uh CBS is giving up the SECCG over their dead body

    • cube

      Uh…the game’s on CBS.

      I know how you feel though. And I think these bozos don’t even truly believe half of the crap they spew. I think they’re puppets who say what they’re told to say from their producers and higher ups for ratings purposes. Actual objective college football analysis is hard to find.

  14. Always Someone Else's Fault

    Sports media opinions are sort of like political media opinions – accuracy is less important than telling people what they want to hear with more convincing aplomb than the next guy.

    Now, if we can just get someone from ESPN protesting on the air with Alabama down 9 with a minute to go that “thing is far from over,” and an anchor to look at said analyst and ask, “Is this analysis, or is this just something you’re telling yourself to make yourself feel better….” That would be sweet.

  15. Scott has Notre Dame a 2.5 point favorite in a matchup against UGA in the BCS title game. The same site has Alabama a 6.5 point favorite over Notre Dame.

  16. Jim

    Noticed the line came down 1-1.5 after initial posting. Curios to see if it changes throughout the week.

  17. Jim

    Comparisons to the 1980 Dawgs: UGA beat Notre Dame led by true freshman Herschel Walker no. 34. (2012 Dawgs have 2 true freshman no.3 and no.4, “Gurshall”. Alabama won the national championship last year. Guess who won the 1979 championship……Alabama.

  18. Don’t do that. It really freaks me out; almost as much as The Wisard of OZ