Who gets Trooper’s hat in the divorce?

When’s the last time a head coach got canned two years after winning a MNC?


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44 responses to “Who gets Trooper’s hat in the divorce?

  1. El Dawgo in El Paso

    He gone…

  2. Rebar

    Saw in another report that all the assistant coaches were fired also and that they could re-apply with the new head coach.

  3. HVL Dawg

    Just another footnote to Aubie’s “We are family MNC”.

  4. gastr1

    All in/All out.


  5. UGAcubs

    Poor auburn….. Not that’s what cheating does for you. They spent all their money on cam they couldn’t afford anyone else Go Dawgs we always get the last laugh on aubum

  6. BMan

    Does he get to keep all those cool short sleeve warm up jackets?

  7. Rusty

    I bet you could get Chiz’s book real cheap in the bargain bin. It would make a great Christmas present.

  8. Have no fear smith is here

    “Working with Jacobs on the search committee are noted Auburn alumni Mac Crawford, Pat Sullivan, and Bo Jackson, the statement said. ”
    Lets hope bo doesnt lead the interviews /questioning- that could take a while.

  9. Keese

    Chizick is gonna have to find a new stick of gum

  10. mwo

    Karma is a beyotch!

  11. Brandon

    I hate Auburn as much as the next guy but it is really scary to think that we were not far from their level of derpitude a few years ago, all we needed to have was an offensive coordinator who was actually as bad as many people thought Bobo was. The main difference between us at our lowest and Auburn was our ability to score points, but we had an element of fans trying just as hard as they could to run off our coaches on our competent side of the ball as they could.

    • Scott

      It is a thin line I fear. I think Auburn’s problem is with player development and strength and conditioning. From Heath Evans’s comments, it sounds like they did little or nothing, and it caught up with them.

  12. uga70

    Chizik gets $7.5 mil in monthly installments over the next 48 months. It’s going to be tough living on $156k/month.

    • rugbydawg79

      that is the real story–hard to feel sorry for him–and I don’t-we had a special brotherly rival–now we don;t

      • Normaltown Mike

        Agree. I used to have a warm regard for them but I think Saban has turned them a bit deranged. This is evident in the # of posts that read “I’ll always appreciate CGC for that magical 2010 season…” Or better yet: “he’s a good man that made a bad hire with Loefler but Jacobs is the real problem…”

    • AthensHomerDawg

      you think he will see it….

    • BMan

      Jim Donnan has a whole warehouse full of stuff that Chizik may be interested in for investment purposes. And a whole freezer full of popsicles.

  13. charlottedawg

    This is a sad day for Bulldawg Nation. Auburn was a guaranteed W for the foreseeable future with that guy on the sidelines.

    • 81Dog

      there’s no guarantee that the next guy will be any better than Chiz. The same dopes who hired him are hiring the new guy. Chiz couldnt help that the economy cratered and their money guys all went bust. It’s hard to hire new talent when you suddenly dont have the same big budget that brought you Cam Newton.

  14. Scott

    Crazy fact about Auburn’s last 3 coaches.

    Terry Bowden fired from AU 4 seasons after 1993 undefeated season,
    Tommy Tuberville fired from AU 4 seasons after 2004 undefeated season.
    Gene Chizik fired from AU 2 seasons after 2010 undefeated season.

  15. Scott

    If you were to offer me an undefeated season and a BCS title– with the caveat that that our team must then fall off a cliff for 2 seasons causing our coach to be fired as a result– I still think I would accept the offer of a magical season and a BCS title. Nobody remembers the the 9-3 and 10-2 seasons, it is the titles that we treasure. Chizik and a BCS title and 7.5 million coming to him. Hard to feel sad for him.

  16. Tired Old Dawg

    But who will coach the team for the bowl game?

  17. Always Someone Else's Fault

    So how much would Chiz get for a tell-all?

  18. Nope…had to say everything the date it was signed.