You don’t see quotes like this every day.

“When Alec slammed that dude, his feet went right by my face so you have to imagine how high he was,” Georgia outside linebacker Jarvis Jones said.

If you watch the replay, Jarvis actually has to jump out of the way to avoid being clocked with Godhigh’s feet.


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10 responses to “You don’t see quotes like this every day.

  1. This has got me worried guys. Mike Slive can suspend at will even on a legal play…


    • DawgPhan

      Right when i saw it live I thought that he might be missing the next game for that hit. Then there was no flag, then he did it again, and no flag..and again. and again.

      I really hope that we dont get hit with a penalty, but did think about it when I saw it.


  2. Scott

    Here is Alabama’s LaMichael Fanning’s body slam against Missouri:

    Its much more flagrant than the Ogletree slam, and the SEC took no action, as explained in the following article:


    • JasonC

      I was a little worried about a possible suspension also. It is exciting when your team is doing the slamming, but both plays were dangerous- probably more dangerous that a lot of the crap the refs now call in the name of protecting the players.
      For all the talk about chop blocks injuring players, giving a guy neck trauma is a serious issue and should be avoided.


  3. We just slung their A-backs around like ragdolls all day long. I was just waiting for the PWG penalty to be called by the ACC crew.


  4. Uglydawg

    Slive should be looking at a lawsuit if he continues to interfere with what was ruled fair and legal on the field. He’s gotten himself into a mess and he needs to publicly bow out of the judge business right now. If I were Georgia and he suspended a player, I’d ignore his suspension and let him meet me in court..where he would promptly lose. Tyrants are seldom appreciated.

    I suspect Georgia’s “extra effort” was partly a reaction to having their legs and knees constantly chopped by a dirty offensive scheme.


  5. As expected, there were some guys on Stingtalk bitching and moaning about how unfaaaaiiiiiirrr it was that our defenders were slinging their players around like that, but for the most part they seemed to be shouted down by the posters shrugging their shoulders and saying “That’s what we get for recruiting smaller guys.” That, to me, is one of the biggest signs the Tech fan base is on the verge of just plain giving up in this rivalry. In past years, the ratio of whiners to realists would’ve been something like 80/20; right now it’s 50/50 at best.


  6. Dawgy45

    Last year, Terence Moore warned the Dawgs that tech would be mad about seeing Christian Robinson planting a big “G” flag on the 50 yard line in Atlanta. Somehow, I don’t think having a miniature tech flag face-planted on the 50 in Sanford is the response Moore had in mind.