There are a lot of programs looking for one-dimensional coaches right now.

The Hive does unintentional comedy.  Killing, Jerry.  Killing.


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34 responses to “There are a lot of programs looking for one-dimensional coaches right now.

  1. stoopnagle

    Woo hee that’s some trollin’ rite thar.

  2. BMan

    If cheating is counted as one of the dimesions, then count Auburn all in.

  3. DugLite

    I have a question that does not pertain to this post…….so please forgive. What side will Georgia be for the SECCG – home or visitor?

  4. BeardDawg

    I love the Hive. The 4 page arguing over this is great.

    I’ve been watching it on loop all day!

    • Tronan

      That’s right up there with Marcus Howard treating Colt McCoy like finish line tape.

      • Nate Dawg

        I think you mean Brennan but I certainly don’t want to curb your buzz…at any rate – Go Dawgs!

        • Merk

          I still remember them talking about how Brennan blew off Tebow warning him that our front 7 did not play around when it came to hitting the QB. 3 qtrs later he can barely stand after the hits.

        • Tronan

          Yes, I meant Brennan. I got my Irish and Scots-Irish confused. I’m still buzzed, though (pun intended).

    • Merk

      They say it is the exact same tackle the Bama guy did, but the Bama guy stopped and gathered strength before he threw him over his head….Ogletree threw him to the side in one motion and as he fell the guy whipped around because he is not a big guy.

      Either way…chance of injury from that play is remote….chance of ending someones football career by knee injury is pretty high with cut blocks, but they will never admit to that.

    • Merk

      Hey look, one of them actually uses their physics degree to understand the thing:

      “Ok, I will give it a shot. Look at the clips more than once.

      It is hard to tell on the 2nd video as it is in slow motion, but the Ogletree hit was a continuous hit, spin and tackle which although appearing vicious because Godhigh ended up head first into the ground was not flagrant or unsportsmanlike and the running back was not defenseless as defined by the rules. In the alabama clip, the MO ball carrier was wrapped up and forward momentum stopped, albeit briefly. However, the play continues and you can actually see the defender take a small crow hop to set up the MO player for the suplay (not suplex as previously described) maneuver. BTW, the suplay is not allowed even in greco roman wrestling at the collegiate level as it exposes the player to undo risk of injury. In the umpire’s opinion, the runner was defenseless and excessive force was used and therefore the penalty.”

  5. The other Doug

    I can’t believe they are even debating this. God, they are morons.

  6. Barry Von Cholo

    “I am not so sure that [the UGA game] should be a measuring stick anymore with the obvious advantages they have. I think that if we compete for the ACC half the time, beat UGA 2/10, and go at least .500 in bowl games, you’d have to consider that a coaching success … all things considered.”

    Reading comments like this one is almost as much fun as woodshedding Tech on the football field. Almost.

    • Governor Milledge

      They’re already resigned to *celebrate* ensconced mediocrity.

      And a 2/10 rate is even below their past 30 year win rate (8/30, or .2667).

      You’ll see, of course, a few people referring to academics as holding them back… why don’t the nerds try comparing themselves to Stanford or ND if it really is all about academics then?

      • deebflop

        Not to mention that 2/10 isn’t actually the truth. Expanding the 1/5 ratio into fantasy 2/10 makes them truly, truly pathetic.

  7. Tronan

    Barring some extremely unlikely conversion (Damascene, even), CPJ has obviously peaked at the FBS level. And, that peak is Kennesaw Mountain, not K2. He should have stayed in either Annapolis or Statesboro, but I guess his ego (and need for a major market’s mansiere selection) wouldn’t let him.

  8. Cosmic Dawg

    GTRambler Wrote: “I don’t think anyone wants CPJ and his offense. That said, I do believe CPJ and his offense fits Georgia Tech to a “T.” And I hope he never leaves.”

    GTRNR Replied: “Unfortunately UGA fans are of the same opinion.”

    They are actually more realistic and sensible over there than I remember…

  9. JG Shellnutt

    I’ve never looked at The Hive before, but followed the link today. I am surprised that they are that delusional. It is really beyond me.

  10. Paul

    “If we had an in-place AD, then I am sure there would be one or two contacts/inquiries to the AD. I am not sure a coach under contract can be contacted directly without permission.”

    LOL. Yup. Gotta be the reason.

    • stoopnagle

      Well, see, if CU hires Calhoun, then Air Force will need a coach…

    • BosnianDawg

      That comment reminded me of Muammar Gaddafi claiming he wanted to spend the night with the protesters but couldn’t because it was raining. Right.

  11. fetch

    Anyone think GT might make a run a BVG for DC now that Auburn has broke up?

  12. Skeptic Dawg's Better Half Relative

    You seriously can’t make up comedy to this level. The Hive is just rich with comedy for the outside viewer with any real perspective on college football and cfb coaches.

  13. X-Dawg

    GTU guy at work (no joke): “I was pretty impressed with our yardage and time of possesion. We beat you in the first category and crushed you in the other. If we hadn’t fumbled early, the Bulldogs would have been ours for the taking”.