Fabris Invitational inquiry

As I’m sure you’ve already surmised, this week marks the last regular season set of games for the pick ’em.

The good news is that there will be a pick ’em for the bowls.  My question to you guys is how big a bowl pick ’em pool do you want?  Limit it to ten games as we’ve done?  Put the whole 35-game shooting match out there?  Something between those?

I’m pretty agnostic on this, so if there’s a clear majority on a particular number, I’ll go with it.  Let me know in the comments.



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38 responses to “Fabris Invitational inquiry

  1. dawg92

    all bowls


  2. I’m for putting all the bowls in. Hell, I get all tingly thinking about who to pick in the Beef O’Brady’s bowl…


  3. Macallanlover

    After Christmas bowls would save a lot of research of the MAC, WAC, and Conference USA teams. But I am in for whatever the majority wants. On bowl games only, I find just picking the winner can be humiliating enough (don’t need the point spreads…just a suggestion.)


  4. Dog in Fla



  5. reipar

    All bowls.


  6. The other Doug

    The best ones I’ve taken part in were all the bowls, no spread, and weighted values so the more important bowls were worth more points.


  7. BeardDawg

    I’m with Mac. All bowls, no spread.


  8. Rebar

    Agnostic? We don’t care what your religion is Senator but sure do like your site!


  9. SouthGa Dawg

    Put em all on there. I’m nuts about the Emerald Walnut Bowl.


  10. Russ

    All the bowls. That’s one of the reasons I get excited about the Advocare 100 Independence Bowl brought to you by Poulan in Shreveport.


  11. I really don’t care one way or another either on the amount of games. Picking bows (for me) tends to be a bitch for some reason but I’m always up for a challenge.

    But please keep them against the spread. I saw one guy said straight up but I don’t think we should change the pool format just for the bowls.


  12. This is what I think….10 Games like always. Only the ones we want. Senator, you know the ones we want. I don’t want to be concentrating on too many games at once. This is what it will take to keep Joy around. Ask our friend how little it takes to keep me happy.


  13. HottCheese

    All bowls w no spread.


  14. 10 bowl games only please, my luck is going to run out sooner or later.


  15. Wade Wilson

    All bowls. No spread. Not weighted.

    Just straight up please.


  16. Derek

    Do all the bowls with the spreads so that we will have at least some passing interest in all of the games.

    I also think that the regular season winner should be determined on Saturday night. The bowls should be a seperate competition. One reason to do it that way is that the picks will have to be in three weeks or more before the last game with no way to adjust if some teams star gets injured or suspended.


  17. siskey

    Lets do all the bowls.


  18. Dawglicious

    All 35, please.


  19. Cosmic Dawg

    If you do all the bowls, doesn’t it make it like a huge Fabris playoff and the regular season means less? 😉

    For selfish reasons only, I vote the bowls are a part of the regular season and count toward the existing totals…and what the heck, do ’em all!


  20. JD

    All 35 please!


  21. Southern Dawg

    Just the top 20 most interesting games nothing else.


  22. Cojones

    !0-15 games with spread. I agree that the spread makes it more interesting, otherwise everyone takes the team giving points and it will be one humongous tie of copycats. Picking spreads separates the men from the boys and….what do you mean I’m already in the boys group?….oh…tied for 90, eh? Hell, that’s short of the top third.

    Spread; it’s what’s got us here.


    • Macallanlover

      Me thinks you have not been in many bowl pools, they are very difficult on a straight up basis. I don’t care whicch way the Senator selects but bowls are a whol different animal when it comes to handicapping. Try it yourself and see if you can beat 65% of all bowls with no points.


  23. What fresh hell is this?

    Full Monty with the spread please.


  24. wonderdawg

    Regular season champ dtermined Saturday night (so that body of work is not wasted ) All bowl games no spread/weighted..so the rest of us have a second chance at glory