After all, ESPN has its journalistic integrity to maintain.

Regardless of your opinion of SportsByBrooks, this is some funny shit.


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5 responses to “After all, ESPN has its journalistic integrity to maintain.

  1. Brandon

    Gruden says no to UT on espn, but of course he really means yes. Big Urnge Nation is collectively just a few notches below the delusion level of suicide bombers right now.


  2. Tom

    I no longer watch SportsCenter. Don’t miss a thing.


  3. James

    I’m torn on these things. It’s sports, for starters. Secondly, it’s not exactly an actual report. “Not quite Grade A program wants Grade A coach from Grade A football program, that they’ll never land.” File this one with “Exclusive: Rutgers wants to join the Big Ten.” circa 2011.


  4. Darrron Rovelll

    Why would ESPN give credit to Brooks? They don’t give UGA any credit and Brooks is UGA grad & former walk-on