Some people are turned on by old man football.

Like Alabama defensive end Damion Square.

“Big, physical guys up front, the powerful ball they’re trying to run, it’s football the way it’s supposed to be played,” Square said Tuesday. “Tight end, pro-style formation, running iso, that’s the way the game’s supposed to be played.

“They run it, and they run it well.”

Funny, but that gets me more pumped up for the game than swag talk does.  GATA, fellas!



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23 responses to “Some people are turned on by old man football.

  1. William

    That makes me a bit nervous actually. Sounds like they are licking their chops. I hope the O-Line is doing the same!


  2. DugLite

    There is gonna be some hard hittin’.


    • I just found this in the house. I Pray Heaven To Bestow the best of blessings on this house and all that shall hereafter inhabit it. May none but Honest and Wise Men ever rule under this roof. John Adams: Prayer White House State Dining Room Mantel 1809. Wow…..


  3. Derek

    Football is primarily meant to be a battle of wills not a battle of wits. Line it up and see whose “man enough.” If you want to see whose “cute enough” go to a beauty pageant or a Washington State game.


  4. sUGArdaddy

    Well, sorry Senator, but I think we’re going to come out with 3 and 4 wide, go a million miles per hour and sling it all over the place and sneak Gurley in there. The great, great thing is that Rome creates serious match-up problems and can play the slot and TD. Zander can bust heads AND play that little close slot and is serviceable in the passing game underneath.

    We haven’t seen #4 split out wide yet, but we might Saturday. That could create some matchup problems. We look like we’re going I-formation, but we split Keith and Rome out and leave Zander in to block…now THAT gets me excited.


    • Newt

      Had the same thought earlier today. Do we see Keith Marshall used as a “Marshall Faulk-type” mis-match to go 4-wide when they’re in their base D? It’s intriguing.


    • Sanford222View

      I think we went 5 wide earlier this year before Bennett and Brown got hurt. I think it was the Tennessee game. It was awesome seeing Bennett, Brown, King, Wooten, and Mitchell running around together. Am I not remembering this correctly?


    • Keese

      But I’d like to see Murray rolled out of the pocket with pass option. Running QB’s will create problems for Bama’s D.


  5. Always Someone Else's Fault

    Alabama does not have enough athletes on the back end to defend the entire field, and it doesn’t have enough of a pass rushing threat to make anyone pay a consistent price for sending out max receivers. Murray will spend all day dumping the ball to RBs and TEs underneath in the space vacated by blitzing LBs – or he will find the guy being covered by Johnson or Dix. Then the big question becomes simple: can the Dawgs convert in the red zone? So no, I don’t think we’re going to see much in the power department.

    The more I look at this, the more I think Georgia has more ways to sustain (O) and end (D) drives than Bama. Hopefully, Georgia can remain even in the turn-overs.


  6. Cojones

    Square is competent in his analysis of the sport he is playing. He admires the Dawgs for the same things we admire. He is not fooling himself as a player.

    He is the most dangerous player we have ever faced; smart, knowledgeable and knows his craft well enough to give his opponent due credit. That makes him the most dangerous kind of player that we can face. I’ll be looking his number up.


  7. Spike

    I’m taping my ankles and putting on eye black!!


  8. DB

    Is it too early to start tailgating??


  9. Macallanlover

    All this real football talk instead of negative attacks, philosophy is invigorating, even this early in the week. Been resisting buying those tickets (I bought 4 last year for the price of what one would cost today in the same section. Couple of scotches and that will begin to look like a bargain.) but all the serious football talk is making me waiver. Good weather forecast though has me thinking about building that outside fire, grilling that bone-in ribeye, pouring some Macallan, lighting up a cigar, and sitting on the porch for 4 hours. Yeah, that is a better idea. Just have this feeling it will be a really good SEC football game that goes late into the game before being decided. Big time, this game is getting bigger as the week goes along.


  10. Normaltown Mike

    I’ll be nervous if we try to “line it up and run right at ’em”. Power run game hasn’t been the strenth of UGA football under CMR.


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