Wednesday morning buffet

A few morsels to nosh on as we wait for Saturday to get here:

  • The third quarter has been berry, berry good to Georgia this year.
  • Here’s a handy yards per play chart.
  • Mark Schlabach tells you why he thinks Georgia is going to upset Alabama.  So much for that ESPN monolith that hates the Dawgs.
  • Bobby Hebert“I know this and I actually believe this, and people say ‘oh come on;’ but I know I’ve forgotten more football than Les Miles knows…”  Amazing his name isn’t being brought up with all the head coaching openings out there right now.
  • If this report is true, it’s a sign that some Vol fans have too much money.
  • Patrick Garbin suggests that Georgia’s offensive line is doing better than we might think.
  • A heartfelt plea for Georgia to beat Alabama:  “The primary reason I’m hoping for a Georgia win on Saturday is because it would mean we could avoid the snotty, unending pontificating in advance of a BCS title game featuring two of the bluest bloods in college football.”  Amen to that.
  • Georgia players believe they learned a valuable lesson from last year’s SECCG.
  • I don’t think there’s much to this story, but if the NFL were to ban cut blocking, can you imagine Paul Johnson’s recruiting sales pitch to high school offensive linemen?  “Come to Georgia Tech, where we’ll teach you to become proficient in a technique that’s banned at the next level.”


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30 responses to “Wednesday morning buffet

  1. I like the sound of that: Featuring two of the bluest bloods in College Football. Except the color of the blood is scarlet.


  2. Brandon

    This just in…John Gruden also reportedly offerred the right of prima nocte in the State of Tennessee to become coach of the Vols.


  3. NC Dawg

    First thought: It all comes down the the start against Bama. A good first quarter and … no, wait, that didn’t work last time. Maybe the second quarter … fourth quarter… Aaron Murray burying the ghosts (earlier than he did against Florida, please), Gurshall, Rambo and Jenkins. Who the hell knows, I guess. Feels kind of like going into the Florida game. Surprise me, boys, in a good way if you please.


  4. Hogbody Spradlin

    Did Bobby Hebert stay at a Holiday Inn Express?


  5. Tennessee is the gift that keeps on giving. First Kiffin, then Dooley, and now Gruden? Are they even trying anymore?

    Take it, Gruden. You know you want it.


  6. Dog in Fla

    Chuckie would be a good addition to the league. I hope he brings Jennifer


  7. What fresh hell is this?

    Oh please no. I thought Glanville was fun and competant. I want somebody at TN that I can hate. There’s a great old clip of Glanville miked-up on the sideline asking a young ref if he knows what “NFL” stands for…”not for long if you keep making calls like that son.”


  8. Mike, Not Gator Mike

    Mark Schlabach- DGD


  9. Go Dawgs!

    Hebert is a clown.


  10. Will Trane

    Patrick Garbin’s article about the O line is very interesting. Fortunately the O line has been intact most of the season. 31 starts at the beginning of the season had to be a huge concern for many, including me, and the coaches. UT and LSU had the most, but LSU has had injury issues on their line through the season. Johnny Football operates behind one of the best lines in D1. That could explain his success along with this outstanding OC and their scheme. Florida has a talented deep line with another outstanding OC. FSU and Bama took note of those lines in the second half of their games against the Gators and A&M. Both UF and A&M have very physical lines.
    No doubt Bobo and Friend have done an outstanding job. But. They struggled against Carolina and Florida…both of those teams had outstanding defenses. Now comes Bama with Saban and Smart.
    Perhaps that is why CMR through yesterday lamenting about a game plan and Murray not willing to waste his time with the press and looking at the plan and film.
    Not to sound to down, but a lot is stacked against the Dawgs. Concerned about the number of plays the defense had in the previous two games, injuries to WRs, and how the O lined played against Carolina and Florida…those were two of the lowest scoring games by the offense.
    Hopefully we play with no turnovers, the punting game keeps us in good field position, play on a short field, and take advantage of all scoring opportunities inside Bama’s 30. Murray can not put the ball on the ground and have any picks. Think Bama will plan to stop the run and keep the Dawgs behind the chains. Think they will test the secondary at the beginning and on initial downs.
    It ought to be fun to watch the Dawgs and coaching staff in this game.


  11. Macallanlover

    Really hope the NFL adopts that rule change, it would almost require the NCAA to follow suit. How can the NCAA ignore an obvious concern for player safety, not to mention your point of having a significant disconnect with the NFL by allowing players to be trained in a way that could hurt their future? Great move, time to get the HS game out of the collegiate stadiums.


  12. Cojones

    During the Bama game and the NC, a drinking game is apparent. Take a drink every time an announcer says,”This is NOT the team we saw play SC!”.

    Sclabach called our upset of FU and called the SC/ Clemson upset. Somebody better make him chief guru of anything SEC.


  13. Scott

    According to the YYP chart you linked, 45% of Washington States offensive plays go for zero or negative yards. Ouch.