You say it’s your birthday.

WordPress just reminded me that GTP turns six years old today.  Yay!

A sincere thanks to all who have stuck around for the ride so far.  It’s been a gas and it wouldn’t be the same without you.


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102 responses to “You say it’s your birthday.

  1. Really enjoy it. Congratulations.

  2. Rick

    Inspired by those back-to-back wins over #5 Auburn and #15 Tech in an otherwise blah year, I guess? Glad you were.

  3. TomReagan

    The best blog in all of college football.

  4. JC

    Best site for UGA and general college FB news on the web. Everyday reader here.

  5. The other Doug

    Thanks for keeping me from the less important things in life.

  6. X-Dawg

    Wow! Time sure flies! Happy Birthday GTP! My birthday was yesterday and my Grandmother’s is today too…..a good week for me!

  7. Mudcat's Impala....

    Happy Birthday to “Get the Picture”… My favorite blog, Congrats Senator…

  8. Chris

    Congrats Senator, and thank you for the small sliver of UGA football talk on the internet you give us that isn’t full of filth and trolls.

    • Matdawg

      Congratulations Senator!!..thank you for your creativity,wit and endurance. Great body of work

    • Chuck

      “the small sliver of UGA football talk on the internet you give us that isn’t full of filth and trolls”

      You know, that is a good point. I don’t know why that is true, because I don’t think the Senator does a lot of censoring, but it is also a point I should have made below.

      • WFdawg

        I think the Senator has set a consistent tone for the blog with his posts, and over time, he’s attracted a readership that is interested in discussing Georgia football on the same terms he is. When newcomers (or veteran commenters, for that matter) cross the line, the community now acts as enforcer so that the Senator doesn’t have to. It’s a formula that has worked.

        • Chris

          Too bad it doesn’t work like this on rest of the interwebs. I swear, the product of anonymous internet communication makes me question the theory of evolution at times.

  9. Dawgfan Will

    Wow, I must have been following this blog almost literally from the time you started it. Cool!

    Congratulations! Keep up the good work!

  10. Chuck

    You may not be the oldest, but you are definitely the best. Good writing, lots of fun things (Mumme Poll, Lexicon) without being overly cluttered. Very we’ll done and much appreciated.

  11. AusDawg85

    Another 2 billion served! ESPN buy the Mumme Poll yet?

  12. Coweta Dawg

    I really don’t remember what I used to do or where I went to get my Dawg fix before this blog. Quality blog with quality contributors. Thanks for the time and the passion you pour into it, Senator.

  13. defactodawg

    Happy Birthday to GTP. The source for intelligent, well-reasoned, discussion on the Dawgs. Continue the great work. Thanks for the effort.

  14. Just Chuck (the other one)

    Congratulations. The one blog I read on a regular basis. I even know a Syracuse fan who is a regular reader. He just loves football.

    Would have bought you a gift but I spent it all on tickets this year.

  15. Russ

    Congrats, Senator! You have the best Dawg blog (and probably the best CFB blog – but I don’t read the other teams so what do I know?) out there. Thanks for your time in doing this.

    Oh, and curse you for posting the link to your first post. Now I’ve got a few years of catching up to do.

  16. NC Dawg

    Only blog that’s a daily must for me.

  17. DA man

    I agree totally with all the good things said about GTP. I do not start my day without first checking in with the Senator. Thanks!

  18. Keese

    Thanks Senator, enjoy reading everyday!

  19. HVL Dawg

    I guess I’ve been looking in daily for about 5 of those years. Way back in the early days of the interwebs, PWD had about the only blog going.

    Holy crap, I’ll never forget the time Ally and I got into it on here. (I hope she has forgiven me.)

    I’m grateful that you have the time and desire to share thoughts and analysis with us.


  20. Happy Birthday! As others have said, this blog is a must read not only for Dawg fans, but also for college football fans in general. From its inception, it was obvious that GTP was different from the rest, and it’s a testament to the Senator’s knowledge, passion, and sense of humor that it has reached the heights it has today.

  21. Go Dawgs!

    I have a great idea for what Mark Richt can give you as a belated anniversary gift…

  22. Easily the best Dawg blog on the net and a daily stop for the bulldawg nation! Thanks for keeping it coming… Heres to another 6 years and a trip to Miami in Jan! Goooooo DAWGS!!!! SIC EM!!!!

  23. gastr1

    Man, you do an amazing job. The things you write and link to are just so much more interesting than what I can find anywhere else. Thanks, and don’t ever leave me.

  24. Chris

    Happy birthday! Kit turned me on to your blog several years ago and I have been a daily reader since then. Thank you for giving us your time and effort!

  25. Dawg521

    Longtime reader, occasional commenter, GTP is my favorite blog on the interwebz for fair, insightful UGA analysis and college football news in general. Yours is truly the only one I look forward to reading everyday. Thanks for the time and hard work you put into it! GO DAWGS!

  26. Charles

    Happy birthday, and bless you for this tiny corner of Dawgly goodness. ‘Preciate ya!

  27. Four tickets, four hot dogs, four cokes

    I started going to UGA football games with my folks when we played under bleachers. I was pissed when I didn’t get to go to the Alabama game in ’65. In other words, I’ve been around a loooooong time.

    GTP is by far, my go to source for UGA info. Great work. Enjoy

    Now let’s beat those turds Saturday.

  28. Multiple visits a day for a few years now. Thanks for pulling me off silly message boards and pay sites for real thoughtful analysis and for the most part a hilarious and thoughtful comments section. Nothin’ like it Senator.

  29. CLT Dawg

    Congrats Senator! Keep up the great work.

  30. Rebar

    Happy Birthday GTP!!!

  31. Dub

    Happy Birthday to the best damn DAWG blog there is!! Give em hell on Saturday boys!! SIC EM

  32. The other Doug

    I tip my hat to the folks who posted responses to the original blog post. Well done.

  33. HahiraDawg

    A big Happy Birthday to my most oft-visited non-work website. About 5 years ago I started posting as MontgomeryAlDawg, but after being able to come back home to SoGa bout a year ago I’m now posting as HahiraDawg. By either name, I appreciate ya.

    • The Lone Stranger

      I’ve been missing your erudite palaver, stranger! Come on back. Your vinegar is needed to take down the Crimson menace.

      • Cojones

        Count me among Red B’s fans. Was going to comment earlier, but didn’t want to say that I had missed earlier postings. Thanks for making up my mind and we share the reason why.

  34. FitzDawg

    Happy Birthday Senator! Best Blog Anywhere! Reading that second post was a little surreal….

  35. charlottedawg

    Great job Senator and keep this thing going, feel lucky that we as georgia bulldogs have the best college football site on the interwebs, yeah I said it, best. site. period. Also would be remiss if I didn’t say thanks to the commenters who make this place what it is.

  36. Smitty

    I check this site every day when I get up. Even before the Drudgereport and all the others! Thanks for all your work.

  37. Brandon

    Keep it up, you really do a great job. I found this blog through dawgbone, I don’t even know if there still is a dawgbone because I haven’t been in so long, I just come here instead.

  38. MT Dawg

    Congrats! A great, daily read.
    Keep up the great work!

  39. Ginny

    By far the best college football blog on the web. And it ain’t even close. What’s so refreshing is that the conversations are actually intelligent and educated. Thanks for all the time you put into it.

  40. Dboy

    Brilliant and Prolific. My days wouldn’t be the same without GTP. Congrats Senator.

  41. Connor

    Happy Birthday, GTP. Keep up the amazing work, Senator.

  42. Bob

    Congratulations. This is a great site Senator. I appreciate all the hard work put in to make it so. Go Dawgs.

  43. Congrats and Happy Birthday GTP.

  44. What fresh hell is this?

    Congratulations and Thank You, Senator.

  45. LODawg

    Happy B-day Senator………..1st thing I read everyday!
    Great work and GATA!

  46. Biggus Rickus

    Partyin’, partyin’, YEAH

  47. Tronan

    Congrats, Senator. This is a football blog I heartily recommend to people who don’t even care about Georgia. I tell them there’s much more to it than that – and, so far, they’ve agreed.

  48. sniffer

    Senator, many thanks for the time and effort you put into the research, editing and content building of this outstanding blog!

    Looking forward to reading about and commenting on a football national championship in the near future.

  49. Mike, Not Gator Mike


  50. william h

    It’s my birthday too (not a joke) . I’m 34 (mentally I’m 6 also not a joke) so we are kinda the same age.

  51. Dawg with no fleas

    Congratulations senator, best UGA related blog in existence.

  52. IndyDawg

    Found your blog pretty dawggone close to the launch 6 years ago. It quickly became my go-to Dawg site. Frequently it’s the 1st and last site I check every day. I recommend it to every UGA fan I come in contact with. Well done, Senator!

  53. Macallanlover

    Echo everyone’s congrats for all the work you do here, and how you do it. You set a bountiful table every day of the year, always something to munch on for us CFB fanatics. Slow down a little bit in the off season so we can all catch our breath. Like our RBs, you can only take so many hits (well, maybe not in this business) then it begins to take you down. Best CFB dialogue I have found on the interwebs. Thanks.

  54. Rusty

    Well, Happy Birthday GTP. I was drawn to this Blog by the surreal cover picture. I stayed for the excellent coverage and conversation. It has to be out of love, because obviously a lot of work goes into it. Great Job! Best Blog out there.

  55. Debby Balcer

    Best blog by a long shot. I learn from your posts and everyone else. It is also the most pleasant places for a woman to read and comment. Happy birthday GTP.

  56. stoopnagle

    I find this to be my favorite UGA blog and pretty much the only one I look forward to every day. I thank you, sir, and especially so for having new content posted early each morning so I can read before emerging from the house for the day. (I actually get disappointed if I’m up before the new stuff goes up).

  57. Rock on, brother! We’re going to Miami!!!!!

  58. DawgPhan

    this is my second stop every am. thanks for a great UGA blog that doesnt suck. helps that you basically see things the same way I do…but probably that is why I am here.

  59. Gravidy

    Senator, this blog is the home page on all of my various devices with web browsers. That should tell you what I think about your work. Thank for what you do. I know it isn’t as easy as you make it look.


  60. Slaw Dawg

    Congrats, but most of all, THANKS! Based on what I’ve seen of other college football fan sites, we Dawgfans are blessed with a great collection of well written, intelligent and informative sites, and yours is the best (with apologies to Garbin, Bernie, the Lady, and the folks at Dawg Sports, Leather Helmet and Georgia Sports Blog–I swear, it’s a wonder I have time for a life at all!). It probably helps that I’m in violent agreement with you about playoffs, 9 game schedules and Mike Bobo! Keep up the great work.

    • Cojones

      News Flash: Today Slaw Dawg decommitted from the Old Farts Div of gtp in order to possibly commit to the Crumbsnatchers Div. Let’s wish the old curmudgeon well as he undergoes treatment for his insane dislike of Tech, and becomes one of the “WTF!- Tech’s a Rival?” skirtpullers.

      • Slaw Dawg

        Yes, and I’ll be “all in” for a 16 team playoff, home and away for the UF game, the Designated Hitter and even unsweetened iced tea. It’s all part of my mid-life crisis as our daughter prepares her application for UGA.

  61. TennesseeDawg

    I’ve been hanging around for several years (maybe 5?). One of the best blogs on the interwebs. Congrats

  62. jay

    I have not commented before and I am normally content to read your postings and the lively dialog that inevitably follows. However, I wanted to thank you for your work and echo some of the comments above. Your blog is a daily must-see for me and I appreciate the work you do to maintain it and the insight you and your commenters provide.

    Go Dawgs!

  63. Comin' Down The Track

    For purely selfish reasons, I wish you many happy returns.

  64. Cosmic Dawg

    Happy Birthday, GTP! +1 bone to all the above.

    Reading all the comments let me see all the names of the regulars…what a nice feeling to read through that and consider what a great bunch of people assembles here. GTP is the virtual “Cheers” for the thoughtful , civil Dawg.


  65. Scott W.

    Thanks Bluto for all that you do!

  66. Tyler

    Bon anniversaire, Senator! About a year and a half ago, my buddy Rob suggested I check out your site to get my daily UGA fix and I’ve been a daily, voracious reader ever since.

    What a joyous time to be a member of the Bulldawg Nation. Cheers and merriment abound: your blog turning six, an 11-1 record, SEC East champs, on the verge of the national championship playing the most important game in 32 years.

    I said, it’s great, to be, a GEORGIA BULLDOG

  67. Thank you Senator. Did we do anything about that Carolinadawg? Cause, I don’t like anger. It is one of the Seven Deadly Sins and he makes me angry. On Thu, Nov 29, 2012 at 11:15 AM, Get The Picture wrote:

    > ** > Senator Blutarsky posted: “WordPress just reminded me that GTP turns > six years old today. Yay! A sincere thanks to all who have stuck around > for the ride so far. It’s been a gas and it wouldn’t be the same without > you.”

  68. Ogeecheedawg

    The witty topic headings alone are worth the price of admission. The civil and insightful comments are a bonus. It can’t be easy to put all this together every day.
    Happy Birthday!

  69. Benedict Wong

    feels weird as a florida fan to have followed a UGA blog for 3 years

  70. Timphd

    Happy Birthday. My first bookmark each morning, and several times per day. Enjoyed always.

  71. Rocket Dawg

    Congrats Senator! My first stop in the morning everyday. Quality articles and a (mostly) knowledgable and civil comment section.

  72. TCD

    Thanks for everything you do, Senator. Must read every day.

  73. DB

    Simply the best.

  74. I seldom post, Senator, but put me down as signing well-wishes in your guestbook here. Love the hell out of this blog.

  75. The Lone Stranger

    Damn glad to have drifted by back near the inception. Oh, and …. Alabamus delenda est!

  76. I wanna Red Cup

    Happy BD GTP. Thanks Senator for the commentary and good times.
    Like the others, I, too, read your posts first thing every morning and many times throughout the day. Much better way to spend my time than work.
    We all look forward to many more years. And we will have to break out some excellent bourbon Saturday night and in Miami, brother.

    • The Lone Stranger

      Affirmative … this season has acquired a notion of serene inevitability , at least for this pistolero. All hail, mysterious football Timing. And, extra cap tips to Richt for his damned commitment to the G.

  77. As a blogger, It pains me none to say this is hands down the best blog ever to grace the intertubes. Hyperbole? Not really.

  78. Chuck

    I felt special when I emailed to ask about the Mumme Poll last week and got a quick reply from the Hon. Senator. But it’s that same respect for his readership that shows through on this blog that makes it the favorite for so many of us.

    It normally is the first thing I check on the interwebs in the am, but I confess I checked the Powerball numbers first today. You’ll be back in your usual slot tomorrow.

  79. papadawg

    I get to be the 100th comment and I say Thank You, Senator. You consistently produce quality insight as well as entertainment and, for my money, are the best college football blogger – hell, best college football writer – in the business.

    Here’s to many more years!